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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness


The First Twelve Major Chapters / Concepts

Chapters  13 through 25      (You are here.)     
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Chapters 26 Through 39    A work in process

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Welcome-to-the-Fifth-Dimension    ...
.... and
     This chapter offers a peak into
     the aspects of Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness


The overwhelming evidence
points to the conclusion that
gravity is the energy of
the torus field that surrounds Earth.

To verify or refute this theory,
 we are requesting further investigations
from talented scientists that know far more than we do

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     The financial Power Team of We-The-People          ..     ...

     Image a hundred or more, very wealthy, high-integrity people
     all committed to the same goal.

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     We, Robert & AhhHoom, are teachers of  5th-D-Consciousness
     Our Coaching and consulting services available to all.
     on a donation basis

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

     Gets rid of emotional blockages.   It works. 
     It's simple. It's effective.   Fast.     Easy to use

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

     We live in A Thinking Person's Universe.

     There is zero / nada / none / no  objective, external universe.

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Full Moon celebrations of Life and Llove
     Learn about the huge benefits  that
     our monthly,  collective focus  on celebrating Llove 
     has  for everyone    

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     This is the best possible job you could ever have


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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Page Two ---  More blessings from Coronavirus

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Llove is the Ultimate weapon
      Llove is the Cosmological Trump Card 
      It turns out that no matter what the Cabal criminals
      and their Lizzerdz leaders do,
      they are defeated in the end
      by the cosmic evolution of the entire universe.
      Also see:
    ..     .....

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Global-Financial-Reset-Summary    ..     .....

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Here's a-Simple-Way-to-pay-off-All-Debts
     to the Cabal Banking Criminals:

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Learn How to manifest anything.
The key is to  to
Focus on the Feelings 
Know    Intend    See     Feel     Be     Experience
...... .....

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
What Is the Fifth-Dimension?
Fifth-Dimension defined

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R. F.  18-04-01





Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
When you follow the links below,
You'll see new scientific evidence coming to light.

*   The Earth Is     Not  Flat.
*   The Earth is     Not  Round.
*   The Earth is     Convex
*   The Earth is        Inside of a  Torus form ~
*   The Torus form  is    inside of
*   An  Electric Universe
*   The Electric Universe in inside of
*   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Holographic Universe.
*   The Holographic universe in inside  of God
*   God is inside of you.
*   You are inside of God  
*   We are all  God-Beings.   
*   We are all  God / Goddess
*   We are all part of  A Single Unified Wholeness,  
*   Human-Earth-Life
  is a Theater Game
*   We all create and star in our own play called
   our own lives

     and at the same time,
     we play mutually supporting roles
     in each other's lives.  
Welcome Home!

Allow us to show you around in the world of
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
is our front door.
Come on  in.
This Way, Please.~


FahZoom  101

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C S 18-06-22




*   What am I? 
     Who am I?
     Where am I,?
     Why Am I?

*   I am,    We are     We  are all
     on the leading edge of cosmic evolution,

*    I am,     you are,    we all are 
      a singly unified consciousness.
     single Unified Oneness.

*   We are extensions of Source Energy.
*   We are Source Energy....

*   We and everything else are always in motion.
*   Change is the only thing that stays the  same
*   We are consciousness in motion..

I am,    we are      here in physical form
     to Create        Thoughts Create
     to Explore,
     to Express
     to Experiment,
     to Experience 
     to Learn , 
     to  Teach,
     to work/play
     For   Mild   to    Orgasmic-Level     Sensuality
     For Sensual Sexuality
     All for Self-Gratification 
     Because if  I Am,    I Do,     I become,     I creat
     (-----Anything on the above list______)
     I will feel Better.

     To be,  to do, to have,  to express, and  to experience
          whatever I choose to
          be, do, have, express, and experience
     to become whomever I choose to become,
     To Llove,    Laugh,   Play,   and   Have Fun
     To put things together in ways
            that have never been done before,
     to do thing better than they have ever been done before
     for Self-Gratification
     for Self-Satisfaction
     for Self  Fulfillment
     for Llove in physical form

I/you may see our activity as a physical action.
     Realize that everything is also a journey in consciousness, 
     a journey into a new context
    in which,    through which, and/or    by which
     I/we will feel better

*   Consciousness expresses Itself
     as families of vibrations.

*   Everything physical is a family of vibrations
    in the context of Consciousness..

*   Everything physical began as a thought
   in the non-physical world of consciousness.

*   The final destination is  a new context
     in the world of consciousness.

*   Its basis
     is a journey in consciousness
     into a new context
    the new context is:   "Now I feel better.

*   Everything I do has
     a common component. inside of myself.
    That component is the urge to feel better.
*   I do everything I do in order to feel better,
     Either during the activity or after the activity,
     commonly both.

*   I take  action because
     in  and/or after doing what I do,
     I will feel better.

*   I'm here now.   I want to be there ,then /when

This is a Feel-Good Wheel.   (The FahZoom wheel)
Joy feelings inspires pleasurable action in physicality
Joyous action if physicality stimulates feel- good feelings

Please be aware that the opposite wheel is also just  as real
Low vibration actions stimulate low vibration feeling, etc.

*   Simply by feeling better, I move myself closer te
     where I want/intend to be

*   Remember that to get from where you are
      to where I intend to be or to become,
     is a journey, a process,  and NOT a jump.

It's a journey done first in fifth-Dimension  Consciousness
and then experienced in physical form

I see how all the pieces fit together
in one  grand plan for the future of Earth humanity

When, where, and how to begin consciously creating.
     *   Now,   
     *   Right where you are,
     *   look for things to feel god about

 Creating with Emotions    ..     ....
Staying One Step Above Emotional Neutral.

Don't believe any of this..  
Don't disbelieve it either.
I challenge you or anybody else t prove me wrong.
Because in attempting to prove me wrong,
you will prove me right.

Quote from "To Kill a Mokinbird"
    Son:  "I don't believe in magic."
     Father   "You will when you see her."

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I know that I am Pure Spirit.
I always have been.
I always will be.

I know that I am the Universal, Divine Intelligence
that Created All Things .

That Spirit is non-physical. 
 It is in me    and     It is me
I  am a child of the Universal;
All Present.   All knowing.   All Powerful.

The Full meaning of
The Three Magic Words is:
     I  AM  GOD
and the full truth is that you are also God.
The main difference between us
is that I know it and you don't yet remember
the full truth about
What  and  Who  Earth-Humans  Actually  Are.

Remember that what we call human life
is  each of us as God-Beings
experiencing ourselves living a human life inside of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.

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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

*   The overwhelming evidence
     points to the conclusion that
     gravity is the energy of
     the torus field that surrounds Earth.

*   If this is true, there are profound implications,
     However, before we go any further, 
     We are requesting investigations
     from talented scientists that know far more than we do

*   Here's what we know so far:

*   The surfaces of all of Earth's
       oceans, seas and lakes are flat.
       All of the Earth's oceans are on one single flat plane.

The Evidence Supporting the Flat Oceans
 extensive, seven-year, independent, research project
was conducted by the
Dakila Research and the Zigurats Technological Center
in partnership with professionals
from various areas of Brazil and other countries,
such as the United States, Russia, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain.

The resulting  evidence tells us that:
The Earth is    
The Earth is   
The Earth is   
                        See the link below to the
                        Convex Earth Documentary.

This was an extensive collection of
scientists, cartographers, surveyors, mathematicians,
geographers, independent-observers, and
masters in every related field.
All these people, together,
conducted an exhaustive, thorough,
seven-year (15,000 hour) research project.

As you can see,
this was the cooperative effort of
several ,highly-skilled, research teams. 
They used state of the arts equipment. 
They conducted a multitude of scientific tests
to determine the shape of the Earth.

As you probably already know,
they have proven with absolute certainty that  
the surface of the oceans, the seas, the lakes,
all still-waters on Earth are flat!
the Earth, itself, is convex.
The evidence is so overwhelming
that it is irrefutable. 

Watch the
Convex Earth - The Documentary
and see for yourself.
Minute 0:00        to   minute 34:00     The tests conducted
Minute 34:00      to   minute 58:10      The test conclusion
Minute 58:10       to   minute 1:03:10   Scientific evidence
Minute 1:03:10     to   end      Implications and Conclusions.

<<><><>   <><><><>    

Now, as profound as that is,  
There's MUCH MORE!

Foster Gamble and a completely different set of scientists~
have determined that all structures
in the entire Universe, large or small,
all exist in the energy form of a torus.        

So, now we know that all oceans on Earth
are on a single, flat surface,
and that they are inside of a torus energy field.

Still another team of researchers
have provided powerful evidence
that we live in an Electric Universe.

We now know that we are experiencing life
in a Holographic Universe

So, now we have
*   All oceans on Earth on a single, flat surface,
*   The Earth is inside of in a torus structure,
*   In an electric Universe.
*   In Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph

This tells us that the question,
"What is gravity?"  
has met its answer.

The evidence points to the conclusion that
gravity is actually
the energy in the electric nature of a torus

What is next is to find
competent, open-minded scientists to
continue this investigation and
determine the truth or falseness of this theory.

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:   .
     The-Truth---What-Is-Gravity.       ......







Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

Financial power will come to We-The-People
with the assistance of

The Very Wealthy People's Financial-Power Team.
These are very wealthy people who have mastered
the art of making money
without selling themselves into 
service of the Cabal Criminals.

When they work together,
the team combines:
*   Their financial power,
*   Their wealth building talents,
*   Their years of life experiences,
*   Their celebrity status,
*   Their believability,
*   Their power to convince others,
*   Their ability to connect with anyone, anywhere,
*   Their ability, as a team, to do what
      none of them can do alone..
*   Their mission is to produce
     major benefits for
     benefits that none of them can produce alone.

They will be major players in building the
new, Service-to-All Social Structure.
most of them will  donate a portion of
their money that will become worthless
if not used before our present
criminal-controlled economy crashes.

Imagine dozens, perhaps hundreds,  of very wealthy people
all focusing on fulfilling, solving completing
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.
This otherwise inevitable disaster
would be dealt with post haste

Find the more complete details at:

From Site 23   Sep 2020
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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

Robert Cote'   an   Aum FahZoom
We are your Teachers,   Guides,    Healers,   Coaches, 
We are the Ones Who Show the Way.

I/We absolutely guarantee that we can guide you
into a level of consciousness that will make your life
a joy-filled, grand adventure in Llove and Abundance.

Find our support on your path to Joy, to Llove, and to Abundance  at:

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C S 18-06-22




Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

If you are not using the   
Emotional Freedom .Technique,
you're missing major piece in
the process of improving your life.

There are four things I Llove about this technique,
*   It Works  
*   It works fast and the changes are permanent,
      unless, of coerce, you choose to rebuild
     your life of Sheyitt Consciousness
*   Its Versatility   
*   Its  Simplicity

Some examples of on what it works:
*   Reduce food cravings   (Weight Loss)
*   Release pain
*   To change one's self image
*   To release old traumas
*   To release    Fear    Guilt     Anger,    Sadness
     (All negative emotions)

Define   the Emotional Freedom Technique
     "EFT is a form of energy psychology that combines
     the mind, the body, and its energy field
     to treat emotional and physical illness.
          See More below on this page

There is great power in accepting and
     allowing what is to be as it is
*   In order to experience our full human potential,
     we must release our long-held
      and  suppressed emotions,.
*   We do this by going into and through the emotion
     because ignoring itor suppresing it
     keeps it in our subcnscios mind.
*   When we deny and repress feel- Bad feeling,
     they stay with us  and get in our way.
*   So,  Instead of denying what's going on,  
     <>   I acknowledge the truth about myself
     <>   I accept it
     <>   I  allow it to be as it is.
*   I  acknowledge and feel
     my khold-priki  (feel-bad)  feeling
*   For a moment or so,  I'm just there
     with the negative feelings
     and then let  it go
      Using the tapping technique


Nine taping points video
How to Tap with Jessica Ortner: Emotional Freedom Technique Informational Video - YouTube      4:09

Tapping Points
*1   Edge of hand      The Karate-Chop point
      I deeply and profoundly
       Llove and accept myself
       exactly as I am
      regardless of what id going on in my ife.
*2   Center edge of eyebrows
*3  Beside eyes   On the bone
*4   Under the eyes
*5   Under the nose
*6   In the depression below the lips and
       above the protruding chin bone
*7   On the Collar bone
*8   Under the arms
       about a hand width (3 inches)below the am pit
*9   Top of the head

I accept where I am even though it sucks
I remind my body, mind and spirit to feel safe

I am safe and OK
regardless of what's going on in my
I deeply and profoundly Llove and accept myself exactly as I am.

*   Even though I am feeling ___fill in the blank___
      I deeply and profoundly
      Llove and accept myself 
       exactly as I am.


Here are three of things
that this author adds to the basic EMF technique.

*1   Witnessing:
In order for your chosen creation
to manifest in the physical world
it must be witnessed / observed/ imagined in your mind.
Why?   Because e we live in a holographic universe.
Everything is created by thought.

The same Principe applies to releasing something unwanted

*2  The Fire Ball
   In your mind,  place and image of the unwanted feeling
    on a table/ platform in front of you.
     <>   From your heart, send a powerful ray of Gods Llove
          into the "unwanted".
     <>   Imagine the Llove as a ball of fire .
     <>   Watch the fire burning up the unwanted
           until the only thing left is
           a small puff of smoke. 
     <>   Blow on the smoke and see the smoke disappears
          back into God' Llove.
     <>    Say to the unwanted  _________
                 you are a lie, an illusion a fraud.   Be gone.
      <>   Fill the void with Creator's Llove.

*3   The Exact Opposite
*   In your mind,  place and image of the unwanted feeling
    on a table/ platform in front of you.
 *  In you mind imagine the exact opposite of  the "unwanted".

*   Direct your opposite image to merge with  the unwanted.
*   Notice how they cancel each other out of existence
*   Then, fill the void inside of you with Creator's Llove.

We look at the emotional issues from or present and our past.

I achieve new things in my life
by letting  go of underlying g limiting beliefs

What Is Tapping? with Nick and Jessica Ortner -
YouTube    22:41

To release
Stress,,   Trauma,     Limiting Beliefs    Negative Thinking
Pain   Cravings     Anger,   Axiety     Financial Stress

Tapping sends a message to t he migdula part of the brain

Emotional Freedom Technique (Also called EFT or Tapping)

"EFT is a form of energy psychology that combines
the mind, the body, and its energy field
to treat emotional and physical illness.
Research has shown that EFT effectively treats
anxiety, depression, addiction, symptoms of trauma,
and a host of other emotional and physical problems."

"EFT is based on the Chinese theory of energetic meridians.
Chinese medicine believes that we all have meridians,
which are energetic pathways that run through our bodies
(similar to how blood runs through our veins).
When we are sick, those meridians are blocked.
To heal, needles are placed in specific acupuncture points
on the body to unblock the energy to restore health.
Tapping also uses energetic meridians,
except tapping with your fingers is done on
the specific energy points instead of using needles."

Tapping is simple, easy, and effective.
Research has shown that it can actually
improve brain structure and function.
It can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical issues
from insomnia to headaches, anxiety, depression, and truma."

The above text is from:

EFT/Tapping - The Imagine Project

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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter TWENTY

We live in A Tthinking Person's Universe.

Newtonian physics is a Cabal Lie.
There is no objective, external universe
that we come along and experience,

Everything in our external experiences 
is created and managed by one's self, by one's thinking.

Every thought you think becomes a part of
your external experiential reality.
What manifests is a collection, a mix of
your most dominant thoughts

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as We-Create
Monthly, Full-Moon-Celebrations-of-Life-and-Llove


Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
Adventure Number TWENTY-FOUR-B

We want to Hire you.
to work/play with us
as we create our monthly
Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
We are creating a core team of talented people to:
Organize,   Manage,  
Lead,   Learn,  and  
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~
You Are Invited to Participate:

Examine The Lost Seven Secrets of Llove.
If you like what you find,  
contact us. 
It does not matter where you live
Tell us how you'd like to participate.

Here's the Job we are offering you:
Think of the best job you can ever imagine yourself having.
Multiply positive attributes and the benefits 
by about ten times,
 and that's the job we are offering to you.
The Job Description,

All applicants must be aspiring to
reach, live-in, and practice   
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

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 What-Are-Its-Blessings-In-Disguise    7

Part Two
Page Two of
Coronavirus   (COVID-19)

Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
Chapter TWENTY

Let me give you the bottom line for
all of what is presently
going on on planet Earth.

*   Is the Trump Card,   the Winner,  The Final Decider.

*   Beats,  Out-Maneuvers,  Out-Plays   Everything Else

*   You and I and every other Human
     in the entire Universe
     are a all part of God-Consciousness.
*   We are Safe.   You are safe
*   Our Children Are Safe.
     The coronavirus cannot harm them.

Read the full story of
the Coronavirus. at:

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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

 Global-Financial-Reset is a process
       in which all debts are cancelled,
       including, but not limited to:
       Personal debts,
       Home loans,
       Student loans,
      Auto loans,
      all corporate and non-corporate business loans
      All government debts

All Assets held in "promises to pay" 
will be severely affected

When you examine:
*   The cosmic changes,
*   The social changes,
*   The mass-awakening of the people,
*   The public exposure of the six major banking frauds,
*   The huge push by the coronavirus, and
*   The money talk of the co-called, financial experts,
it becomes obvious that
a complete debt cancelation
is inevitable, unavoidable,  and
it's coming soon. 

*   If you are wise, there are ways
     to make significant money
     via the debt-cancelation process.

*   If you are a financial idiot and
      are still holding your assets
     in the form of promises to pay,
     you are about to get financially wiped out.

For full details, go to:    ...

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    Original Section   

From Site 23   Sep 2020
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    Original Section   

From Site 23   Sep 2020
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The List of Major 5th-D-Concepts Continues at:

Find the first eleven msjor5th-D Concepts aur Home Page   

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TO     Tony, Dean, Jenna, and Company

RE:   You Need Me on Your Team

I just watched your
Pivot Presentation to 45,000 people,
Over four hours.
t least 40,000 people left with nothing,
NO new job,
NO potential for new money.

I and my team  can teach you  how to
turn your success rate up to at least 50%,
probably much, much higher.   Chapter Ten

It's time to take your own advice.
Giving  food to a few people
to:       Creating a Food-Creating system
       that feeds everybody.
Thank you.
Robert Cote'   

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Jenna Kutcher

Pete Vargas    Pivot from in-person  to Virtual / online   Chapter SEVEN

Brendon Buurchard    Reads books
General Inquiries

Trent Sheldon       Black guy


Jamie Kern Lima     Makeup master

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TLC-Life-Center is based on:
*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
The Physics of Consciousness
 The Rules of Reality

*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
     Universal Spirituality is a way of looking at
     the source of creation
     as an impersonal consciousness
     that transcends human understanding

*2   The Physics of Consciousness
     Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
     Reality has two sides,   One physical       
     and  One non physical.

     The non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
     There's  NO  Woo-Woo.       It's  NOT  Crazy.
     It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans do  not yet understand.

     Non-physical consciousness follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
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  The huge Positive Impact of  

Mutual Debt Forgiveness 



25 June 2016  

A Quid Pro Quo  
(You do this for us and we'll do that for you)

The Bankers***
forgive all existing loans
taken out b
y individuals and families for their private use.  
The bankers forgive homeowner mortgage debts.  
They forgive all student loans, all credit card loans ,
all auto loans, et cetera.   

We The People forgive the super-wealthy bankers
(the money lenders)
for a hundred years of
fraudulently charging us and
our parents and grandparents,
and great grand parents
trillions of dollars in interest
on the use of make-believe money. 

                  ***   By "Bankers," we mean all corporations
                           that lend money for profit.  

The Financial Impact:      

We use home loans as our example. 
Forgiving other personal loans, such as
student loans and credit card debt,
would significantly increase
the positive results shown here.  

The numbers below are not exact,
they are approximations
based upon Internet searches.  
The goal is not statistical perfection,
rather it is to give readers a sense of
the vast amounts of the money
that is regularly being transferred
from the pockets of the people into
the vaults of the money lenders
under highly unethical, and illegal circumstances.    

According to
there are approximately 75 million home owners in the United states.  
The average home loan is $225,000, and
the average monthly payment is $1,780 per month.   

Regarding the average interest rate, we found a wide range of rates. 
To avoid being accused or exaggerating,
for our purposes we will make an estimate that is
at the low end of the scale and use five percent.       

75 million homes  times   $225,ooo per loan 
equals about 17 trillion dollar in outstanding home loans.  

At five percent interest rate, that's about
85 billion dollars per year in interest payments
being transferred from American home owners
to the banks and other home mortgage  lenders.  

Each month those 75 million homeowners each
pay an average of $1,780 to the bankers --
that's about 133 billion dollars per month
(just under 1.6 trillion dollars per year)
being transferred from the pockets of
the American home owners
into the money vaults of the banks and
other home mortgage  lenders.  

Now let's ask that tough question:    
Who has 17 trillion dollars to loan to home owners?  
hen, where did all  that loan money come from?  

Charging Money for the Use of an Illusion

The financial industry is unique in that
it's the only industry that has succeeded in
lending/selling customers a non-existent product and
charging its customers rent (interest)
on the use of its product.  

The money that the bankers have been, and
still are, lending their customers is non-existent money. 
Do you recall the child's game called "Monopoly."  
Well, the bankers have been lending you
a glorified version of Monopoly money.  
They call it fiat money.   

Borrowers are paying their hard-earned money
(transferring some of their wealth,
their  goods and services)
to the super-wealthy money lenders 
for the use of this fake. phony,
make-believe (fiat)  money.     


Now let's take this one step farther.  
Suppose the bankers forgive all homeowner mortgage debts and
We-The-People, forgive the super-wealthy bankers
for a hundred years of charging us and
our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents
trillions of dollars in interest
on the use of make-believe money.    


What would be the result? 
It would create the ultimate economic stimulus package!  
75 million homeowners would have an average of $1,780 each
to spend each month for goods and service.  

That's about a 133 billion dollars economic  stimulus package
inserted into the economy each and every month.  

Forgiving other personal loans,
such as student loans and credit card debt,
would significantly increase the positive results shown here.  

The home foreclosure problem
would be stopped dead in its tracks.  
The so-called toxic bank assets would simply disappear.  
The results would show up in a matter of days not years.  
It would cause zero inflation.  
It would cost the taxpayers zero dollars.  
It would dramatically stimulate the economy. 
That stimulus would occur at the level of We-The-People.

        This is only one step in the present-day, (June 2016) 
        huge financial, social. political, religious,
        and environmental transformations.     

Mutual Debt Forgiveness