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Applying Blessings Be . . .
to Your life








The World as Us, Mini-Gods

Choose It to Be 

How do we create our personal world
as we choose it to be?  
We don't fight anybody or anything.  
We simply leave the Cabal criminals
out of our creation process.   
We shift our focus from talking,
listening, and thinking about them,
to focusing on creating our lives
as we would have it be without them in it.  

Here's the   Llove!   Compassion!    Appreciation!    format:  
Whenever, "they (the evil ones) or anything about them"
or any other destructive image comes into our minds,
we stop, take a deep breath, and then as we exhale,
we imagine the thought about them leaving us.  

We release the thought.  
We release any emotional feelings.  
Because it's only a thought.   It's not ours.  
It no longer has any power in our lives.  
We take another deep breath and say:

Blessings Be  _______ !  
Fill in the blank with a word or two that
names/labels how we like our lives to be blessed.  
(example Below)

Then we witness our creation process
by taking a moment to imagine/visualize
our blessing. 

We imagine what it looks like.  
We imagine what it feels like.  
We experience it in our mind as you would have it be.   

For example, Say: 
"Blessings Be My Beloved Is Here Withe Me."
Then, imagine holding hands with
the Llove of your life,
gazing into his/her eyes, and
feeling yourselffilled with
giving, receiving and being Llove.  

Then feel immense gratitude, appreciation
and thankfulness
for your good fortune. 

You are now holding two of the three
most powerful feelings in all of Creation. 
i.e. Llove and Gratitude 
Remember, feelings provide the power
to the physical manifestation process.  

Next, add the third part of the
powerhouse of manifestation,
Think of other people and ask source/creator
to bless others with a Llove of their own.  

Llove!   Compassion!   Appreciation!       




Another personal example:  Say, 
"Blessings Be My Home is a delight for me." 
Then, imagine/think about your strongest wish
regarding your home.  
In your mind, imagine, see, feel, experience that image
as fulfilled and fully manifested. 
Follow the same steps as in the sample above.  

And a social/collective example: 
Say "Blessings Be America." 
Then imagine and visualize America
and every person in it
transforming into
a nation
"of the people,
by the people and
for the people."  

Then imagine, visualize, and feel
what your life will be like
when the American Dream is re-built.  

Imagine your life and the world around you
as you would have it be
if you were God inserting a vision into
The Collective Cauldron of Earthly Creations.

Blessings Be, I am financially free. 
Blessings be Great Sex for me.   
Blessings Be I know I'm God in Physical Form.  

<><><>   <><><>

Well, guess what?  
You are a holographic expression of God.  
You say you want change!  
Here's your ticket to anything you can imagine.  
Begin right now, right where you are in this moment. 
Say Blessings Be and fill in the blank.    
Blessings Be ______ . . .

This activity, if regularly engaged in
by even only a small percentage of us,
will accelerate the cleansing of
our personal and collective lives.  

Imagine the world as you would have it be - 

***  A world filled with Llove,  Compassion,  Mutual Support,
          Cooperation, Kndness, Generosity, and Gratitude.  

***  A life filled with worldly abundance
        based upon Spiritual Abundance,

***  A world where peace of mind and contentment
       are simply a part of every-day life.  







Re Witnessing Your Declaration  

If your  Declaration
Does Not Appear to be Making Changes 

Do NOT repeat the command.  
To repeat a command declares 
that the first command didn't work.  

Instead us the above Blessing be . . .    format and
re-witness   your declared intention.   








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