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The Most Profound Changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in  1715 

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The Teachings of Jesus
Tell Us that 
Humans are God-Beings

The Scientific Evidence
Tells Us that
Humans are God-Beings





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If you want to learn more about this topic,
read the sect0ns below       





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Why Wake People Up    
Concept Summary
The Results Will Be Profound Beyond Profound    

Why Focus on Christians
Murdering Christians     
From Secret Slavery to Complete Freedom 

Separation from or Unity with God      
Are You Inside or Outside of God?   
Conscious Christianity      

From Then to Now     
Do You Believe in the Christian Bible?    2


<><><>   <><><>   

Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of
Conscious Christianity 





   Why  Wake People Up   


life is dramatically different from
what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

No matter how a person comes to this realization,
awakening is going to have a dramatic impact
upon him or her.   
Such an effect is inevitable.  

We are facing an inevitable choice:   

Wake Up or Die! 

<><><>    <><><>  

Thousands of our children
are still being kidnapped, raped,
tortured, and ritually murdered
in satanic blood-drinking rituals.   

           This truth is being intentionally ignored
           by the American mainstream media. 
           To learn the truth
           examine what's being exposed in England, and
           check the links in the section below titled:

           From Secret Slavery to Complete Freedom.  

We are systematically being poisoned
by Cabal-controlled food producers.   

Our environment has been destroyed almost beyond repair.

And some still expect us to wait for
you to get your head out of your ass.  

NO!      NO MORE!   
Enough Is Enough!  

We have awakened into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
We are moving on

This is your final call
You either wake up and come with us
or die along with the Cabal.  

Why to Wake People up




    Concept Summary     


Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is taking Earth
and all of humanity
out of the barbaric, Cabal-controlled
invisible prison of third dimension
fear, pain, struggle,
and secret slavery.   

We are being guided through a
Cosmic Transformation
into the world of the truth,
the world in which
all of us remember who and what we are.   

In October, 2015, Source/ Creator God-Goddess
opened the door to the Fifth Dimension
and invited us in.   

Before that time,
it was too Dangerous for us  
to openly and publically  acknowledge the Teachings of Jesus.

Reference:    Murdering Christians

The transformation of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess 
is inspiring us to become aware that
we are much more than our physical bodies.  
We are learning that we are
also Eternal Divine Beings.   

This sounds fantastic!   I know, but it really is so.
It's in the words of Jesus in the Christian Bible.  
It's also one of the basic-truth-principles of
Universal Spirituality.  
And the most up-to-date,
scientific and circumstantial  evidence
is also pointing to the same conclusion.  

Some say, so what!    Who cares? 
The answer for every one of us is
profound beyond profound.   
I/We explain this in the section  below.   


Our job is to inspire  at least a portion of
mindless Christianity
to see the blessings
that are waiting for all of us.     

Step one in this process is for the Christians
who are open minded enough
to read the bible for themselves
to become aware of
the three passages in the Bible
where Jesus tells us we are God-Beings.   

Step two is for these people to realize that
we really can do what Jesus did.      

Our job is to assist these people in understanding
what this means for them personally
and what this means for every one else, as well. 
See  the section  below.  

To reach most Americans,
regardless of their personal and religious beliefs,
TLC-Life-Center  team has created a Training Manual
for freeing humanity from a mind control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in prison.  

The prison is invisible to the inmates.  
It's made of lies, incredibly sophisticated illusions,
intentional deceptions, mind manipulation,
and false beliefs.  

We refer to our work
among the followers of Christianity as

Conscious Christianity

It's also known in the
secular and scientific worlds as  
Universal Spiritual Consciousness.    

Up to now, all of this has been almost completely ignored. 
Fortunately, Source/Creator/ God-Goddess
has sounded the wake up call.  
I/We are answering the call. 
How about you?

Concept Summary




   The Results Will Be
Profound Beyond Profound  



When we wake up and realize that
we are God Beings having a human experience,
we will also realize that
we have the power and the ability
to create for ourselves and for each other
anything and everything we could ever
want, need, require, or desire. 

When we work together,
we have the power
to eliminate the Cabal criminals,
regardless of what the government
does or does not do.   

We'll show you what is required and
the profound change that solving
one single problem can accomplish. 
See the section below titled: 
From Secret Slavery to Complete Freedom.    
First, here is what we will accomplish:  

The  CIA.will be eliminated. 
The CIA is actually an organized crime ring
of sex traffickers, drug peddlers, 
war mongers, democracy destroyers,
child-rapists and child murderers.
A list of their other crimes
that would fill an entire book all by itself.  

The Federal Reserve cartel of criminal bankers
will be eliminated. 

The Federal Reserve is the greatest, most-lucrative,
longest-lasting financial swindle the world has ever seen. 
Banking will shift from debt-based slavery system to a
debt-free system owned and controlled by We-The-People.  

The Cabal-controlled mainstream media  
will be freed from its slavery to the Cabal Criminals.  
It will shift from being  a lie-pedaling, propaganda machine
into tellers of the truth   and   servants of free speech.  

The entire Cabal organized crime cartel
will be eliminated

The "Cabal" is/was a group of
super-wealthy, sadistic, compassionless, psychopaths
who are/ were attempting to turn America
and all other nations into a one-world dictatorship
with themselves in control. 
These beings and
the off-planet beings
who control them will be completely eliminated.  
They  have held all of humanity in secret slavery
for thousands of years.   


Here are some of the other shifts
that we will experience: 

An end to the child kidnaping! 
An end to child raping!  
An end to the satanic ritualistic
torture and murder of our children,
and the drinking of their blood.  

We will begin functioning as a team.
Our focus will become service to all, including ourselves. 
Imagine a world where seven billion people
are all working for the best interest of everybody
including YOU!  

You will have access to anything and everything
you could ever possibly want, need, require or desire.  

The truth about what is at the South Pole
will be disclosed to the people. 
This will forever answer
some long-unanswered questions.   

The truth about the nature of reality
will be taught to all.   

Humanity will shift:
From secret slavery to total freedom,  
From fear to self confidence, 
From war and destruction to peace and prosperity,  
From fighting  to cooperation,
From self interest to everybody's best interest, 

I/We could go on adding to this list
or at least another hour, however,
you get the message so I/We will move on.
Let's just skip to the bottom line.  

Actually, I/We are going to take you back
to the place I/We started.   
This is profound beyond profound.  

May I/We introduce you to God.   

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23     
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

The Results will be Profound beyond Profound




Why Focus on Christians?  


Here are some of the reasons:  

Because Jesus gives us
the real keys to the kingdom of heaven.   
I'm referring to the world of consciousness
that Jesus told us about: 

Jesus said you are a god
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 
Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23     
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>


He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.     

<><><>   <><><> 

Another reason deals with fear and
mind-conditioning from our past:

Because those of us who follow
the truths given to us by Jesus
already know that we are all God-beings.  
Until very recently (circa October, 2015)
to openly say anything that conflicted with
the slavery consciousness of the Cabal Criminals
was an act of self-destruction

<><><>   <><><>   

The Third reason for focusing on Christians
has to do with combining several  factors:

***  The  number of Christian is in the billions.  
***   They are highly organized.    
***   They have been seriously lied to by their leaders.  

***   Because they believe in the Christian Bible and in Jesus,
         significant number of them will finally realize
        The truth that Jesus is telling them. 
         (A)   You Are Gods.   Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <>
          Isaiah 41:23      John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

         (B)  By faith alone humans can heal and disease or illness.

***   Some of them will actually heal themselves
without relying on their traditional church leaders.  

***   When the word spreads about people healing themselves
by simply following the teachings of Jesus,
this will have a huge impact on Human consciousness. 

***   When they realize that they
have been seriously lied to by their leaders,  
they will no longer be slaves of the
Cabal-Controlled 3d Consciousness 

***   Conscious Christianity will have accomplished its mission. 

<><><>   <><><>

The Fourth deals with our potential future.

The fastest and simplest way
to eliminate the Cabal slave masters and
to experience the joys of our future is by 
  joining together and
speaking with one voice.   Genesis 11:6    

A major milestone in the defeat of the Cabal

will occur the day all homeowners, in-mass,
stop making home mortgage payments
to the Cabal criminal bankers.  

That will take
about 130 BILLION dollars every month
away from the Cabal criminal bankers and    
provide 75 million homeowners
and their families with an average of $1,780
in spendable money every month
To learn the full story 

Why Focus on Christianity





     Murdering Christians 



For centuries, Christians lived in
absolute fear of those in control.  
The people were subjected to
witch hunts, imprisonment, torture, being drowned,
being burned alive, being stoned to death,
and otherwise disposed of.  
Those who did what Jesus did were considered to be demonic.   

In recent times, because
the open murder of dissidents
is no longer tolerated,
those who threatened the Cabal criminal cartel
have been quietly destroyed,
secretly murdered,
or otherwise disposed of.  

The Cabal agents set up and murdered dissidents
and then claimed the death to be
an accident, a sickness, or a  suicide. 
Robin Williams is a well known example of this.  

Also, thousands have been murdered
by externally produced heart attacks,
poisoned (i.e. native American murdered by anthrax) 
or by other diseases, or
secretly and intentionally exposed to lethal radiation,
and the list goes on and on and on.      

For example, the wife of U.S. Attorney General, John Mitchel,
in the Nixon administration, 
was murdered  (silenced)  in 1976 by lethal injection
because she was a whistle blower
during the Watergate scandal. 
Wikipedia omits this truth and
substitutes a cabal-created false story.  

There are two ways to know that she was murdered. 

1) Being Alive at that the time and
following the news stories, like I did.. 

2) Check the Akashic records.  

All that crap is history.  
It's now safe to publically acknowledge our own divinity
and promote the fact that
you are an eternal Diving Being
having a human experience.  

Murdering Christians





 From Secret Slavery  to  Complete Freedom 



Question and  Answer Format  

Rev. Cote':
Remember, you are an eternal God-Being
and not a powerless, inherently evil sinner.   

Truth Seeker: 
What can I do to help humanity to
get rid of what's left of the Cabal criminal organizations.  

You said that they have
secretly stolen control of just about everything
I'm just one person what Can I do?   

Rev. Cote'::  
You have to face a very ugly, despicable, sickening truth
and then, together, we must expose and eliminate it's cause.  

Truth Seeker:  
Can it really be that bad?  

Rev. Cote':   
Unfortunately, it's far worse than words can describe. 
When we expose and eliminate this one problem, 
it will cut the top off the Cabal's entire secret  control system.

It will cut the top off of every major,
government and social  organization
in the entire world.  

Truth Seeker:    
Are you serious.  
What could possibly be that bad and that extensive?  

Rev. Cote':   
Are you sure you're ready for this truth?  

Truth Seeker:    
I think so.  

Rev. Cote':
Well, you had better be, because,
like it or not, and even if you
hid your head in the sand,
this almost unbelievable evil
is already beginning to be exposed.   

Truth Seeker:    
OK, what's' so bad that its exposure
will have such a drastic change.   

Rev. Cote':
The criminals at the top level of control
are NOT normal humans.  

They have been so deeply and thoroughly
hypnotized and mind-controlled that
they are little more than mindless robots
doing the biddings of their controllers.  

They are genetically altered humans. 
The body is mostly human but their consciousness
is is that of a criminally insane psychopaths. 

Their personalities are totally demonic,
No heart, NO conscience, NO compassion, No empathy,
NO remorse, No guilt. NO shame.  No Feelings 
No creativity,  NO imagination.  Can only mimic.  

They are self-centered, ruthless, violent,
deceivers, liars, tricksters. 
They function in secret. 
They Destroy Lives.  
They do NOT openly attack.
They secretly infiltrate and destroy from within. 

Their activities include war, mass murder,
money manipulation, poisons in our food,
GMO, environmental destruction, etc. etc..  

Truth Seeker:    
Are you telling me that genetically altered,
secret psychopaths are running the world?   

Rev. Cote':   
I'm not telling you that. 
The evidence is. 

The major, life altering events  
any where in the world didn't just happen,
they were  pre-planed and executed
by psychopathic criminals.  

Truth Seeker: 
If that's true, show me some evidence.   

Rev. Cote' 
OK.   Are you are aware of
the Fukushima nuclear rector meltdown
that is killing much of the life in the pacific ocean? 

Truth Seeker: 

Rev. Cote'  
That ongoing disaster was not caused by an earthquake. 
The seismic data clearly shows that a  tsunami
was caused by a under-sea nuclear explosion.  .     

<><><>   <><><>

Llove is like a poison to these beings. 
Do NOT hate them, or get angry at them. Why? 
Because to send them negative energy is to feed them. 

They live on the energy that radiates
from a normal human body
when the dweller in that bod is experiencing
fear, anger, pain, misery
or any other low vibration, negative emotions. 
That's why they rape, torture and murder human children
and celebrate the murder by drinking their victim's blood.    

Exposing this fact is going to eliminate about 60%  to  80% of
the top leadership in every major
political, corporate, social and economic organizations
in the entire world.

Major step toward  solution include
eliminating the CIA,
replacing the Federal Reserve
with debt-free money from the U.S. Treasury,
completely restructuring the mainstream media,
and exposing the pedophilia and money laundering  crimes
of the Roman Catholic Church.    

When the corporate criminal leadership
and their top level assistants are gone,
Lower-level management in the the remaining organization
will step in and restructure everything based upon
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's 
Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality

When the secret controllers are eliminated, 
We-The-People  will be free to redirect these organizations
from serving the criminal to serve the people.

Activities like pedophilia will no longer be seen
as simply isolated incidents. 
The evidence tells us that these incidents
are part of  a highly organize,
international network of child-sex trafficking,
the kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering
hundreds of thousand of innocent children every year.   

Don' believe me.  Examine the evidence. 
Here are some places  to start: 

You don't need to be exposed to the gory details.  
Just examine enough to realize that this is very real.  
<><><> .   
<><><>       <

Truth Seeker:      
How come I've never heard of this?  

Rev. Cote':  
You won't find this reported in the mainstream media 
because the mainstream media is owned by the CIA.    

The American people have been conned, lied to, and 
mind-controlled by incredibly sophisticated illusions
and hundreds of false beliefs.  

Truth Seeker:      
Can you give us an example of intentional deception?

Rev. Cote':  
Yes!   I've talked to devout Christian and
they've never been told that: 
Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 
John_10:34, 35<> Isaiah 41:23 <> Psalms 82:6  

He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.        

Are you aware of the  Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality?  
Check this link.  
There you find the future of humanity.  
Our job is to expose this evil and
demand that it be stopped   

From Slavery to Complete Freedom



Separation from or Unity with God   


     Separation from  


Unity with
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess  



John 14:20   
"On that day you will realize that I am in my Father,
and you are in me, and I am in you."

         This is the Conscious Christianity version of
         the universal principle of the unity of everything.      

Matthew 25:40  

"What you do onto the least of mine, you do onto me."
In this passage, where is God?  

Luke 17:21 
"Behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  

          Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <>
          Isaiah 41:23      John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

         Conscious Christianity, clearly and forever
         answers the question,
         "Are you separate or united  with God?"  

The Truths announces 
"The  Unity of Everything."  
All Is Oneness.    Oneness Is All.  

I am God-Goddess.  
I exist. 
I Am That I Am.   

These same principles apply to every human being,
including you, your family, your friends, your co-workers,
even those you think of as enemies, idiots, or fools.     

Separation from or Unity with God / Goddess



Are You Inside or outside of God?


    Are You Inside or Outside of God



The most crucial illusion
taught by both Christianity and Judaism 
is the illusion that humans are 
separate from God, separate from Nature and
separate from each other.   

Jesus said you are a god
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 
          Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <>
          Isaiah 41:23      John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

How can God be separate form God?  

When you  look closely at the above passages  
Separation from or Unity with God
you'll become aware of the Bible telling us that
we are all connected to and are an intimate part of
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess. 

This unity is also supported by the evidence.  

We have a full page devoted to the question,
"Are you inside or outside of God?"
Find it here.       






Conscious Christianity   



You have just been introduced
to the most profound change in Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517. 

What does it mean to be a God-Being?  
Before you read any further,
stop reading and sit quietly in prayer and in meditation,
then answer that question for yourself.   


As a hint, here's a nine minute YouTube video
that speaks to us today.   It's titled:  

Jesus - You can only change yourselves,
but when you do the whole world changes!

Take a few minutes.  Watch the Video and then,
come back to this page.      


If I am a God-being, then so are you
and so is every other human being.  
You, your significant other, your parents,
your children, your entire family, your friends,
your neighbors, the people you use to hate,
everyone of us is a God-Being.  
Look in the mirror.    See God!

We are inside of God, not outside. 
Because we are God Beings,
we cannot be separate from God. 

When praying as an inside-of God-Being,
we pray like Jesus, did.  
We simply state what is (with full confidence).  
And then, say thank you.  

Our faith, our beliefs are the context
in which we live our lives.   
Remember what Jesus said about a mustard seed. 

No more pain, misery and suffering.  
Imagine your talents as a God Being:   

      "Verily, verily, I say unto you,
      He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall
     he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do;
     because I go unto my Father."    
John 14:12    
      Commonly Paraphrased as:   
     "Anything I can do, you can do and more." 

Let me add some additional pieces to this conversation.  
If Jesus were here today talking to us,
this is probably what he would say:

I am God and so are you.    

I do what, to you, looks like magic.  

I am able to do these things  
because I know the rule of reality and
you haven't learned them yet.  

I have activated my godliness and my abilities
and you haven't done so yet.  

You have the potential to do
anything I can do and more.  
To activate your potential,
you must first realize that you are a god
having a human experience.   

This will trigger a greatly expanded view of your life.  
Many wonderful truths, things, and experiences
will begin flowing into your life from this
one simple change in your belief system.  

For example, fairly soon,
you will have one of the Ah ha moments
when you realize and say: 
I EXIST!    I am eternal.  I cannot and do not die.  
To leave our physical bodies is simply
to change our perception of reality.  

Grief, misery, suffering, and hell are all false stories.  
We can do anything Jesus did.   
Let's see, now,
what shall I be, do, have, express, and/or experience? 

<><><>   <><><>  

Here's just one example.  
You'll learn how Jesus Healed.  
Remember, if he can do it so can you.

You'll be like the kitten who just discovered the milk bowl. 
Someone, again, please tell the rules of reality.  

Conscious Christianity





From Then to Now  



Are you aware of early, Christian history?  
Those in control ran a ruthless, violent  dictatorship.  
Drowning, burning at the stake, being stoned to death
were common practices by those
who put the Bible together as we know it today.  

They openly imprisoned, murdered,
or otherwise disposed of
those who threatened their control. 
Everyone lived in fear.  

Until 20o1, this same secret organization still
held iron-fisted-control of all life on planet Earth.  

It was THEY who secretly controlled
which books to include or leave out of the Christian Bible. 
Have read the Gospel of Thomas?   Why not?   

It was THEY who secretly controlled
how the Christian Bible was to be presented to the people.   

It was THEY who secretly said, ignore everything in the bible
that refers to being connected to God.  
Tell the people they are outside of and separate from God.  

It was THEY who secretly said, ignore
the three passages where Jesus says
the people are Gods.  
THEY said, tell the people they are powerless,
inherently-evil sinners who  must
prostrate themselves in the mud
and beg God for forgiveness.  

It was they who said,
give the church leaders a piece of your wealth/money.

This list of violations goes on and on.     

At the turn into the 21st  century,
big cracks began to show up
in the foundation of their control system.  
The truth began to drain the sewer/swamp.  

Today, we stand in the doorway
into a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual world
that is so heavenly we can't, yet, even imagine it.  

Learning, studying, knowing, practicing and
living by the truth is our ticket
to get past the entry and
into the updated version of the Garden of Eden.  

You can learn these truths
from the teachings of Jesus and/or
from the principles of Universal Spirituality.    

From then to Now 



Do You Believe in the Christian Bible


    Do You Believe In the Christian Bible



If you answered,  "Yes, I believe in the Christian Bible,"  
then re-read the above passages,
and ask yourself  this question:  
Who am I going to believe?   
Am I going to believe
those who have a vested interest in
controlling my behavior?   or  
The Bible and the words of Jesus?  

That's not to cast aspersions onto any religious leaders,
but rather to point out that even the best of us
can be tricked and mentally manipulated
into believing things that are not supported
by (or that are even contradictory to) the evidence.  

Sooner or later, a wise and popular leader
in one of the Christian churches is going to speak up and say,
"It's time to re-read the Bible.  
It's time to look at the dozens of passages
that our predecessors so were coerced to ignore. 
(Such as the ones mentioned above.)   

It's time to correct the errors.

Our seventeen-hundred-year-old ancestors
believed many things that are not supported
by present-day evidence.   

It's time to correct the Biblical mistranslations,
such as translating the original adjective describing Mary,
the mother of Jesus. 
The word "almah" translated and preached about
for so many years as "virgin"
actually means "young woman."   

What are the profound implications
of this one simple correction?  
What are the profound implications
of seeking the truth?  
What if we started looking for
the wolves in sheep's clothing?  

What if we invited Jesus to come down
off the "Pedestal of Personality and Specialty" and
again asked him to show us the way?  

The way back to Source/ Creator/God-Goddess
is not by worshiping Jesus as a God,
but rather, to simply follow the truths he taught us. 
(John 8:31-32)

<><><>   <><><>

Here's a statement from Martin Luther,
the man who sparked the Reformation in 1517.

You don't need a church leader to show you
the way or to connect you to Creator/God.   

<><><>   <><><> 

You can do this on your own, or with family and friends.  
(Re-read the twenty passages listed  above.)   
Here they are again, paraphrased.  

   I am God in physical form.  

   I am a spirit being and not just a physical body.  

   I can personally  contact  
The Creator of All That Is   at any time.  

   I can find both God and Jesus  within myself.  

   I can do anything Jesus did and more.  

   God, Nature, and I are intimately inter-connected.   

   I can recognize the liars and the thieves
by what they produce.

   The truth brings freedom.  
Secrecy and lies bring slavery,
including lies of omission. 

   All humans  are all one people. 
We are all God's Children.  
We are all God-Beings in physical form.  
Being separate from God is an illusion.

   By working together,
God, my fellow humans, and I
can accomplish absolutely anything.   

   If I correctly ask God to guide me to whatever I choose,
I can be, do, have, express, and experience anything.

   I know this is true because the Bible tells me so.  

Sit quietly for a few minutes and
think about your intimate relationship
with Source/ Creator/ God,
with Sacred Mother Earth, and
with your fellow travelers on spaceship Earth.  

Look into a mirror and say,  
"I am a God expressing myself in a physical form.  
I know this is true because the Bible tells me so." 
Say it again.   Say it with feelings.  
Say it as if you meant it.  

Do You believe in the Christian Bible?








Although we share a collective reality,
we each see it from our own unique perspective.     

When one becomes focused on the physical world, and
when one believes others without question, 
it's incredibly easy to lose sight of
what both the Christian Bible and
the scientific evidence tell us about
the true  nature of a  human being.    

For example, what the Christians  refer to
as "original sin" is not found in the Bible.  
Rather, it is an interpretation of the Genesis story
about Eve in the Garden of Eden.  

One could look at this story as
gaining the knowledge of good and evil 
or as
getting lost in the illusions of duality --
(the illusion of good and evil).  

Nothing is good or bad except that which
the perceiver believes it to be.    
Romans 4:14 & 4:20  paraphrased. 







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