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Now You Can Do

What Jesus Did 






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For 2,000 years,
we've known that Jesus was a catalyst for instant healing
and for other seemingly magical changes.  
What we did not know is
how He did what He did.   

As science and technology reached
its present level of evolution,
answers began showing up for all kinds of
previously unanswered questions, 
including learning the technology that Jesus used.  

This page offers an overview of technology of consciousness,
an overview of the technology of God
that dramatically expands our understanding of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.     




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The Big Question:   HOW?     <

Matrix Energetics     ><>





  The Big Question is    HOW ? ? ? 


The  Answer is not magic.
It's physics that was previously unknown.  

In the Christian Bible, in  John 14:12,
Jesus tells us that anything he did,
you can do and more.     

How did Jesus do what he did?
We have finally found the answer.

There are people alive right now
who are masters of the art of 
intentional, instantaneous healing.
Let us walk you through the waking-up process.   

Do you Believe the Christian Bible?   
Do you believe the words of Jesus?

Jesus said you are a god
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23      
And indirectly, He tells us the same thing
in    John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21 

So here's the bottom line:   Three possibilities: 
1)   The Christian Bible is a fraud
2)   Jesus is lying to us
3)  You can do what Jesus did and more.   

The obvious answer is that Jesus was telling the truth
and we can actually do as Jesus did.  
I spent years seeking answers to the question,
How did he do what he did?  

The first hint in finding the answer came from
both medical science and religion.   
When people self-healed themselves,
medical science labeled it  "spontaneous remission,"  and
then intentionally completely ignored the question
of how they did that.

Religious leaders called it faith healing.   
In faith healing, the person's belief in God triggered the healing.

The conclusion from these two sources of information
tells us that what Jesus did and what we can do
is actually possible to do.   
We knew that faith and belief were involved,
but this still didn't answer the how question.       

The second step in the answer came when
Source/ Creator revealed to us
that we live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  

In a Holographic universe, physical stuff is not real. 
It's a mental, non-physical,  multi-dimensional construct
that appears to be physically real.
The bottom line here is that in a holograph,
what appears to be physically real is actually
a multi-sensory representation of something physical.  
This image is created by thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

This means that we do not need to change anything physical. 
Jesus knew He was a God-Being.  
He knew The Rules of Reality.  
He knew that we live in a holograph illusion of physical reality. 
In this context, when people believed themselves to be healthy,
their bodies expressed physical health.

OK,  how do we do as he did?  
In early August of 2017,
I stumbled onto the work of Dr. Richard Bartlett
and his seminars called Matrix Energetics.  

I immediately realized that Dr. Bartlett
and Melissa Joy Johnson were actually teaching us
how to do what Jesus did.  
They didn't call it religion.  
Let's examine what they do.  







Matrix Energetics    


Matrix Energetics is simply a state of being
in which I am (we  are)
intimately at-one with Universal Consciousness,  
at-one with the pure, Core, Cause, Effect. Record, Memory,
and expression of absolutely everything. 
This is the infinite perfect Truth that Jesus told us about.        


John8:32                                                           John8:32     
Know the truth and the truth will set you free.     

<>Curiosity  The Two Point.  
When using the two point touch,
the points themselves don't matter.  
What matters is the space in between the two points.      
I  didn't do anything to make a difference. 
I simply noticed to see if something was different.   
What just happened here?
What can i learn from this?   
What do I do next?     Why?

The Infinite Un-manifested Potential:  
Everything is a single unified whole.
Everything is consciousness.   
Everything is Llove.  
Everything Is Vibration. 

Everything that appears to be physical
is actually a family of vibrations
expressing itself as the illusion of physical form
in Source/ Creator's Holographic Universe.

Accessing Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess --
The Infinite, Unmanifested, Universal Potential:

Bring your consciousness into your heart. 
Imagine a pink ball of light expanding from your heart chakra 
and engulfing your entire body. 
Feel yourself as the Lloving Being that you are. 

Imagine yourself reaching down from your heart
and connecting to Sacred Mother Earth.  
This is called grounding.   It keeps you safe
and connected to your physical self
and connected to the Earth     

From your heart, expand the pink ball of light. 
See and feel it getting bigger, brighter, stronger
until it becomes so big it matches
Sources creator's infinite unmanifested potential.    

Partials to Waves and Back to Particles:    
One of the basic universal laws states:   
The observer affects that which is observe
Students of Universal Consciousness know this law
as the basis of the Universal Law of Thought.  

Sub-atomic physics ran into this law
when debating whether light was a wave or a particle.  
They found that when there is no observer, everything
is part of the infinite un-manifested unlimited potential, a wave.    
When an observer was present, the wave became a particle, physical expression ( manifested).  

In Matrix Energetics

My job is to get to a neutral point,
a mental state of being where
I witness what is happening as an observer,
with no emotional hook to the outcome. 
I se what is as it is,
without my story about it,
without any ties to theoutcome.

I connect to the holographic awareness ofmy ody

Dr Richard Bartlett and Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems

2point  minute 42

Proverbs 3:5     
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

Remember, your power of creation as a God-being,
is not in you physical activities.  
Physical activity is merely a follow up
to your non-physical power
to create by intentions, declaration, and Emotions.  

When your realize that life on Earth is a only
holographic representation of Life on Earth. 
In and of itself, physical stuff in not real.  
It's a self-created, self-controllable
multisensory perception of physical life.  










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Perception creates your physical reality







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