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in Sheep's Clothing 





What is Meant by  
"Wolves In Sheep's Clothing?"



The phrase, "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing,"
is a symbolic way of describing crooks, con artists, and
others who have an interest in hiding the truth.   
The obvious meaning of this statement is that
something or someone is not
what it or he/she appears to be.      

If there is such a being as the Devil, 
he would be the supreme master of deception.  
He and his agents would be highly skilled
at being wolves and, at the same time,
skilled at hiding in sheep's clothing.  
Below is a section taken from
An Interview with the Devil  
describing the master of deception.   

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Before I share this next excerpt with you,
I need to inform you that Big D does not fit
the stereotype that humans have made for the Devil.  
At our second encounter, the Devil appeared to me
as an extremely attractive woman.  

At first, I was confused by the versatility and
the continuing changes in mood, style,
tempo, and temperament
that “he/she” exposed to me.  
When I asked Big D about the seeming inconsistencies,
here’s part of the response I got:      





  Excerpt from an Interview with The Devil    


Let me assure you that any preconceived notions you may have about who or what I am --  about how I might look or act are totally false.   I am the greatest master of disguises, illusions, cons, and manipulations your world has ever seen.   I am an actor extraordinaire.   I could win Academy Awards Oscars for best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress all at the same time, and never break a sweat.  

Nobody, and I mean nobody, expects me to be who I am.   Nobody expects me to look as I look.   Nobody expects me to act as I do.   Humans are incredibly easy to scam because they rarely ever think for themselves and because they have a ridiculous, cartoon-character image of me as an idiot with horns and a pitchfork.   So long as I don’t look like that cartoon character, or look otherwise grotesque, most humans never see me coming, and here's why.  

Lies, deception, and cons are my games.  
Depravity, Sleaze, and Corruption, are my middle names.  
Trickery, fraud, and hoaxes are my calls to fame.  
I could sell snake oil to a snake oil salesmen.   

So don’t try to second-guess me or put any expectations between us.   I guarantee that, if you do, you’ll not only be wrong, you’ll also miss the essence of what I have to offer you.    

If you'll think for just one moment,
it will become obvious to you that
no Devil worth his salt would ever come out as an evil one.  
All I have to do to create havoc and destruction here on Earth
is to disguise myself as a promoter of what seems like a good cause.   

I simply gather together a flock of mindless Would-Be Do-Gooders, and then, from a sacred place of trust and power and in the name of righteousness or some other illusion, I shower evil upon all mankind.    

I've pulled this trick off thousands of times in the past, and at this very moment, I'm doing it right now, in dozens of different ways, right under your noses, and the vast majority of humans simply don't see it.   

I'll give you two hints:  
1)   I've hidden the  truth behind one or more degrees of separation.  
2)  Toto had  to pull open the curtain
before ______ could see the Wizard of Oz.    

Look into the concentrations of power.   Look into your governments, your multi-national corporations, and your religious institutions.   Look at what they are attempting to sell you.   Look at what they are attempting to get you to believe, and follow this maxim:  "By their fruits shall you know them."   Look  under the surface facade and  see what things like:   religious fanaticism --The Patriot Act --The Federal Reserve -- the anti-abortion war, the anti-drug war, and several other strongly supported causes are actually bringing to humanity.     






  Confessions of a Con Artist    


The first thing you need to know about a master con artist
is that his mark, his sucker, his target
never ever realizes that he/she has 
(they have) been swindled.  
The ultimate crook is the one who never gets caught.  
He or she is either invisible to the public media or
is thought of as a respected member
and/or leader of the community.   

As an example, see the section below,
Confessions of a Con Artist.   


Confessions of a Con Artist:    

Imagine for a moment, that you have just found the secret journal of a religious preacher named Argy Rodes.   Argy was one of the minority of people who were immoral, unethical, and would do anything to make a buck except work to earn it.   Here's the essence of what you found in his journal:  

When I was still in high school, I got to thinking that the world out there was a pretty tough place.    My dad, on the few occasions that I saw him, told me that there weren't very many life-long, free lunch counters, so I'd better start figuring out what I was going to do to (in his words)  "keep my ass out of the gutter."    I'm not much for hard labor, so when  my dad also told me that working smart was better than working hard, I actually paid attention to him.    

I started looking for a work-smart career.   My dad was a currier for one of the small-time, local crime families, so I saw first hand that crime attracted the attention of guys with guns and badges and jails.   I knew dad's business wasn't for me.  

When I was sixteen, two important things happened to me in the same month and when  I connected the two, a flash of lightning hit my brain.   The first thing occurred when a circus came to town.   I went there with my buddy and lost all the money I had in a slick carnival game.   When my mom found out, she just laughed and quoted P. T. Barnum,  "There's a sucker born every minute."   About two weeks later I saw the film, "Elmer Gantry" which was about a vacuum cleaner salesman turned tent preacher in the 1920's.   Talking and telling stories came natural to me, so when I walked out of that theater, I knew I'd found my career.   

I started reading the Bible and checking out local churches.   Mom thought I'd gotten religion and was pleased.   She started encouraging me.   I never mentioned that I didn't buy into the religious stories because there were just too many things that didn't make any sense.   There was, however, one thing that made really good sense to me.   I saw hundreds of people giving money to people who talked about God.   As a test, I started making up stories that I thought were so outlandish that nobody would believe them.   To my amazement, many of my listeners would respond to my stories with an open mouth stare and say, "Really?"   

The first time I got my hand into a girl's panties by telling her she was doing God a favor, I knew I was going to be a king of the hill.   At that point, I knew that I was headed straight into the religion business; not for Jesus, not for saving souls, or for helping widows, but to make money;  to be a pillar of the community;  to make easy money;  to be safe from those men with guns and badges; to make lots of money;  to "live high on the hog," to have a big home with servants, drive or be driven in luxury cars, drink the finest wines, and have lots of great sex.   

Over the years, I've made millions, hobnobbed with the rich and famous, been invited to places that most people don't even dream about, and had secret sex with more beautiful women than anybody I can imagine except perhaps rock stars and Hugh Hefner.   

There are tens of thousands of dedicated, kind, honest, loving individuals who are leaders  in numerous religious faiths and who are truly working for what they honestly believe are God's wishes.   To walk among them, wearing their costumes and pretending to be one of them,  has been, for me, so simple and so easy that I'm amazed that I don't find very many others like me.   But then, perhaps there are numerous others who are as good at the con game as I have been.   Who's to say for sure what someone else's motives really are?  

As my life nears it's conclusion, there's one thing I can say with absolute certainty:  Religion is the home of some of the greatest con artists on the planet.   I hold myself up as a shining, but still invisible, example of a master of con artist.   I've lived my entire adult life in a lifestyle at a level that is beyond the reach of 99.99 percent of the other humans on this planet and never, even once, got caught at my game.  

So the next time someone starts peddling religion to you, look at his life style.   If he lives a modest life, he's almost certainly genuine, but if he spends large amounts of church money on himself, watch out.   My advice to the world is to simply offer two quotes from Jesus:   "Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing."   and  "By their fruits you shall know them."


In order to believe that there are no con artists
hiding among today's religious and political leaders,
one has to be either, incredibly naive or
believe that Jesus was lying when
he warned about wolves in sheep's clothing.  

The best this author can add to the above quote is
to invite you to apply two rules to your life,
first question your religious beliefs and
second, question every decision that you are asked to make
that triggers an emotional response in you.     







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