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C S 18-07-16




Because the general public presently
has no collective voice in anything,
the current point of focus of the creators of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

is to  create a We-The-People Advisory Council,

The Council is designed to be made up of
approximated 777 men and women
who hold or are aspiring to be
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

If you believe / know that you are on the leading edge of
humanity's shift into the Fifth Dimension~.
We want you on the
We-The-People Advisory Council

If you are interested in participating,
contact information is below on this page.

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C S 18-07-16





The-Power-and-Benefits-of-Llove-Day Celebrations




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13 April 2019




About Us::  
*    We are the Fifth Dimension, We-The-People Advisory Council.
*    We are the council of 777.
*    We are a Family  of 777.
*    We are 777, 5th-Dimension, Transition Masters.
*    We are a mutually-supporting  team of
      master co creators.
*    We are leading humanity's  shift into
       Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Our Long-term job is to create
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge.
Our short term job is to create
We-The-People Advisory Council.

If you believe / know that you are on the leading edge of
humanity's shift into the Fifth Dimension.
We want you on the
We-The-People Advisory Council.

I/we request that you join with us
and  become  team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

We each have a particular talent that we are contributing to
The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

There are actually millions of us participating in the transition.  
The name, The Family of 777
represents those incarnated on Earth who are leading the shift.

Read our messages of other key players and
*   you'll see what has been requested of the other leaders and
*   you'll see yourself in the company of
     the best and the brightest of the fifth Dimension players.


  Our process includes
       Mutual Support
                Single-Point Focus

                      Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Llove
Imagine 777 of the
*     most gifted,  
*     most powerful
*    most dedicated leaders of our human-awakening
      all cooperating as a single unified team
     and leading all the rest of humanity
     as millions of us 
     all focus on a single idea at the same time,
     each month at the time of the full moon.
*    Our collective creation power will  be
     beyond anything ever know before.

The collective thought power of We-The-People 
has already been proven. time and time again  
Examine the evidence:

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*   About We-The-People-Advisory-Council -1

* ~


13 April 2019



*   The Earth-based portion of the Team
     is headed by the members of the
We-The-People Advisory Council.

*   The off-Earth portion of the team
     is headed by 
The Mysty Crystal Collective.

Together, we have created the master's plan
for waking up humanity.

*   Your part, if you choose to play it,
is to  focus on Llove while learning
We-The-People want,
then to share their requests
with those capable of guiding
and turning of the best ideas into physical reality.

*   The council will represent
*   We guide and suggest.  We do not rule.

*   Our job is to find consensus,
*   to offer recommendations.
*   We ask the people, "what do you want." 
*   We solicit ideas, suggestions, volunteers.

Bottom line:   

We Are the Voice of the

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*   We-The-People-Advisory-Council -2     



13 April 2019




As the new, free for everyone,
Abundance for All system

begins to take over,.
     Service to All~ Will Replaces Service to Self
the wealthy people will soon realize that they have
huge amounts of money that will go to waste
if they don't give it away to someone or something,
such as for the service of We-The-People.
Read the details below:

*   Money can only exist in a system of scarcity.
*   The Service to All Social System is eliminating scarcity.
*   Other galactic civilizations do not use money.

As we create more and more abundance,
money will decline in value until it becomes useless, and
Dead.!    DEAD.!
It will go the way of typewriters,
corner telephone booths,
and  drive in theaters.

This raises some important questions for everybody,
particularly for people like
Vishen  Lakiani,    Sam ovens,     Tai Lopez
and for their wealthy clients:

*   How do you / I / we / they  prepare for

     The Decline, the Demise, and the DEATH of MONEY?

*   What do you do with your excess/unused- money
     Before it becomes valueless, worthless, and Dead?
          Excess/unused- money is the money you own and control
          that is more than you could possibly ever use

          for yourself or for your family.

*     If  you are wealthy and  you not yet prepared for
       the decline, demise , and the death of money,
        we can help you:

Learn  more about the death of money at:
We offer specific suggestions at

Here's how we can help each other:
It's in four-parts.

*1   Dealing with the physical money part is relatively easy.
     We teach people how to secure their present wealth
     within the context of the pending and inevitable
     decline, demise, and death of money.
     and how to do so according to their own
     and their family's long-term best interest.
2   Dealing with the excess/unused- money
     is also relatively simple.
     Excess/unused- money is the money you own and control
     that is more than you could possibly ever use
     for yourself or for your family.
     a)   You  can ignore it and allow it to become useless.
     b)  You can use it while it's still valuable.
           We suggest that you use it to be of service to all of humanity.

*3   This is The Big Question
What are you going to be and do
       in a world of so much abundance
       that making money is an obsolete occupation?

       The world we are headed into can be shocking, upsetting
       and for those unprepared, it can be a huge challenge.

      I am willing to  work with you
       an a one on one basis and coach you into
       understanding and becoming part of
       the first  wave of Earth human to hold
       Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Here's how you can help us do our job 
       It has taken years of dedicated effort
       to prepare for public exposure,
       the master's plan for acquiring
       Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

       Guidance told me
      "Stay under the radar
       until timing is right for public exposure.
       This will  prevent you and this project
       from being destroyed."
       That meant living quietly and avoiding publicity.
       I became pretty much of a mission-dedicated loner.

       During all those years,
       I have had almost zero assistance,
       zero financial support,
       not even a person for website-text-editing..

       I'm good at my job as an author
        and as a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer,
       but at things like, soliciting donations and
       Social Media Marketing, I know nothing.
       If this project is going to survive and reach the world: 
Support from people like you MUST show up NOW.
       Right now, Today.

       Robert and wife, Ryce require
       *   a dependable car
       *   a fully functioning  home
            out of which we can continue our work, and
       *   enough money to take us out of the survival mode.
      Thank you..

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*   Where-Will-the-Money-Come-From





C S 18-06-22



Combined-Focus on-Llove-Produce?



We will let the evidence speak for itself. 

Self Over Situation -- Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati & Dr. Bruce Lipton
- YouTube   1:39:51
Beginning at 57:35  an End 1:05:29
Here' Bruce Lipton telling us
the physics of Collective Consciousness
that we are promoting in our
Monthly Full Moon celebrations of Love


6 Reasons Why Group Meditation Is Awesome!
Here's a quote from the above link:

"Believe it or not, there are studies that prove the existence of
 a ripple effect of peace in the surrounding environment
when a group meditates together."

"According to the unified field superstring theory in physics,
waves of vibration flow from everything in the universe
affecting the collective consciousness.
Groups have the power to enliven that field."


"Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton states in his book
“Biology of Belief” that our consciousness
can change the physical world around us by altering the field." 
     "Field" is the context.
     It's the Energy of Collective Consciousness.
     In other words, Consciousness is the producer
      (the creator) of physical matter


The HeartMath Institute has spent years proving and then demonstrating the validity of
 the Power of Group Consciusness


Want more Evidence
Check this link online
When you go there,
you will find links to
the following websites

1)   The Power of Group Meditation | The Chopra Center
2)   Scientific Evidence on the Power of Group Meditation ...
4)   Research Shows Group Meditation Can Reduce Crime Rates ...
5)   Proof that Group Meditation can Change the World
6)   Tremendous Impacts of Group Meditation on World Peace ...
7)   Effects of Single-Session Group Mantra-meditation
8)   4 Reasons Why You'll Want to Meet Up to Meditate
9)   Meditation: Small Dose, Big Effect | Psychology Today
And More

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*   The-Power-of-Combined-Human-Focus




and the Benefits of
Monthly Full Moon Celebrations of Llove


Here's more about
The Power of Llove and
the Benefits of Celebrating Llove day

The quote below  is evidence
supporting the validity of the laws that  make up
The Physics of Consciousness.~


The quote below comes from
Dr. Deborah Rozman,
President of Quantum Intech.

"Research findings have shown that
as we practice heart coherence
and radiate love and compassion,
our heart generates a coherent electromagnetic wave
into the local field environment
that facilitates social coherence,
whether in the home, workplace, classroom
or sitting around a table."

"As more individuals radiate heart coherence,
it builds an energetic field that makes it easier
for others to connect with their heart.
So, theoretically it is possible that enough people
building individual and social coherence
could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence."

There's much more.  
We encourage you to read  the entire article.

<><><>   <><><>

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence – Collective Evolution  

Reference:   and




F.R. 18-03-09


C S 18-06-22





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*   What-Activities-Are-We-Planning



13 April 2019




first request to everybody
is that we Create and Give birth to
We-The-People Advisory Council.

We Suggest that the Council be made up of
approximated 777 men and women who hold
or are aspiring to be
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

The project is described in detail
beginning at the top of this page.

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*   Creating-the-Advisory-Council




13 April 2019




Our intention here is for millions of us,
perhaps even billions of us
to all focus on Giving Llove~ each month
at the time of the full moon

This is the core of
*   cooperation,
*   metal support and
*   single point of focus

Other than the possible Cosmic Event
that we head rumors about,
our monthly celebrations of Llove
are  by far the fastest way out of the third dimension
and into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

No matter what you choose be, have, or do,
we strongly encourage your to take time each month
and focus your attention of Giving Llove.~

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

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*   Full-Moon-Celebrations-of-Life-and-Llove




13 April 2019




This is our core program for living and being
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

We will create a physical center from which we
can demonstrate a fifth Dimension way of being.

For a detailed description::  
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

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*    Creating-the-Living-Library




13 April 2019

by and for



We are in the process of eliminating
he third major Cabal control tool,
Controlling and manipulating the food supply.
           Lies about the nature of reality
            and the money and scarcity lie
           are the other two..

We are in the beginning stage of creating
 a  We-The-People-owned  and controlled,
profit-generating, network of local community,
food-producing, organic Market Gardens

This will produce several major benefits, including:
*   Food for yourself and your family.
*   Healthy organic food fro everyone
*   A job for those who choose to work
*  As this process evolves we will create
     a new, multi-billion dollar
      We-The-People owned and controlled food industry.

We have an entire page
devoted to describing and explaining what we can do
and some very simple ways to begin.

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13 April 2019




The Council will represent We-The-People
with regards to making arrangements for Galactic Disclosure.

*   Men have been  using a hard, cold, 3rd D., head-only,
     scary,  space ship, macho, military approach.

*   What  will work much better is the soft,
     women-to-women,  mother-to-mother,
     feminine, heart-based approach.

     The first step in introducing humanity to
     our galactic brothers and sisters
     is to introduce humans to themselves.

     We suggest starting with
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

We have written a basic proposal for
Exposing Earth Humans to
other Galactic Civilizations..  

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C S 18-06-22





The Council is not going to create itself.  
As an analogy, it's like a house.
We have to build it before we can live in it.

Someone has to take the steps
to turn this vision of freedom into physical form..

I am a Visionary. 
I often see things long before they take on a physical form.
Regarding the We-The-People Advisory Council,
I'm the vision keeper.
I'll hold this concept in my heart and in my mind
until we loudly and clearly hear these words
"Dear Council Member, We-The-People return to you
our deepest love and our sincere gratitude
for a job well done."

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Business  Legal Structure:
Read a Summary / Overview at:

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Office Management Structure
For day to day business management,
we will us the Sam Ovens system (consulting dot com)

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Financial Path:
The Financial Path   from Scarcity to a   Zero-Money-Society:
Present Status/  June 2019 Scarcity  --  We are all volunteers.
Second Cycle:     Likely in August / September / October of 2019
                           All council administrators  will be well paid,
                                           (retroactive from starting date.)
                           All active members will receive a stipend
Third Cycle:         likely some time  in 2020    
                            The Decline, Demise  and death of money.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Outreach message  
*   An Invitation to Potential Council Leaders
     and everyone else to join with us
     each month at the time of the full moon
 celebrates God's gifts of Life and  Llove,
    Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Potential Council; Leaders:
The Women and Men named below,
you are invited to join the team and to
midwife the birth this council.

Direct your coordination contact to:
    Kendra Divine Purpose  

and to
     Rev. Robert Cote'


*   Ryce Cote'     Artist / Teacher / Actress 
                           (Wife of Rev. Robert)

*   Ashley McCormick    Coordination team
                     (Granddaughter of Rev. Robert)  '

*   Allison Coe    Hypnotherapist

*   Mage
nta Pixie,  Channel for
    The White Wing Consciousness of Nine  ~

*   Esther Hicks   Channel for Abraham ~

*   Alex Collier   Experienced ET contactee ~

*   Kendra Divine Purpose    Spiritual Guide / Teacher ~  

*     Jan Tober /Visionairy / Spiritual Mentor / Spiritual Channel
     Spiritual Partner of Lee Carroll   (Lee channels Kryon)

Merri Penman   channel of Divine will, healer, clairvoyant empath,
     certified life coach

email:  ,

*   Brandy Gillmore   sent  18 Jun 19

   Karen A Dahlman   Creative Visions Publications 
     (her form
) ) Sent 19 Jun 19

*   Monica Berg   Sent  20 Jun 19

*   Nanice Ellis    Life Coach
    Defective address  20 Jun 19

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati   Her Form  Sent 25 Jun 19

*   Celcy and Daisy  The Survival and Self-Reliance Forum 
Her Form

Messages have not yet been sent
to those whose names are listed below

*   The wives / life-partners of the men who are
     777,   5th-Dimension,  Transition Masters

*   Allison Volk   Actress  - publicity spokesperson
*   ?------?  Social Marketing    Media     publicity
*   Aura Strom    Physically handicapped
*   Elizabeth Wilcock

*   Kathy Mccormick   MKLTRA Survivor
*  Alexandra Meadors,  Director of Galactic Connections

Above are the names
that come into my mind as I write these words.
We request that these people be
the creators and directors of the Council
There are many, many  more as yet unrecognized.
We welcome all who choose to participate.
The list of other specifically invited Council members
is include below:      Contact-More-Prime-Players

My delightful, wonderful friends,
your collective womb of creation
has been impregnated with the seeds of a
We-The-People  Advisory Council.
Gestation has begun.

Thank you.  
Blessings   Be Llove
Rev. Robert  Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   
Contact us at
      Please also  contact me by phone. ~


*   Our first public awareness project is
     Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

*   Our first physical building project is creating
     Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
     by, of, and for We-The-People

*   Please do collectively
     what women are masters at doing individually.

     Women can inspire men to do things
     that they won't do for themselves or for another man.

     And, also remember these ancient wisdoms,
     "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned."
Prov. "There is nothing as unpleasant as a woman
      who has been offended or whose love has not been returned."

     Are you aware that 
     a huge portion of the male population is afraid of
     being thought of as being pussy-whipped by women.
     That's what macho is mostly about.
     Replace our fears with inspiration and with Llove
     Begin here
     Thank you.

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C S 18-06-22




RE:   We-The-People's Advisory Council
         ,  We Want You on the Team.

Message from:
Rev. Robert  Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   

We, the Creators of the Living Library,
are creating a
We-The-People Advisory Council.

Because of your unique position in society,
we request that you add
your power, your mastery,
your credibility, and your influence to the voice of
We-The-People's Advisory Council.

As a teem, our voices  and our mastery
are the power of the council
which, in turn, is the Power of We-The-People.

Imagine all of us speaking with one voice

On our website, we have listed the names of
your fellow advisers.

You will also find
the names and the messages of the other key players in
the transition into a Service to all Social Structure.~
We suggest that you
read the messages to them.
This will show you the power of the team
with which you will be interacting.

If you choose to join us,
You'll find yourself playing and sharing with
some extraordinarily people.

The concepts, the projects and
the requests asked of you 
are all explained in detail at

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join with us
and  become one of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

Thank you.  
Blessings  Be Llove
Rev. Robert  Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   
Contact us at
      Please also contact me by phone. ~

P.S.  Please acknowledge receipt of this message.

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*   Message-to-Potential-Advisory-Council-Members





13 April 2019




We are in the process of contacting people
that we found that can be very valuable members of
The Voices of We-The-People.

There are leaders and their support teams
almost everywhere
diligently working to wake up humanity
into Fifth Dimension (5d) consciousness.

That is changing as of right now, Today!  

If you know or have access to these people,
Contact them.  Send them this message:

Hey, guess what I just heard. 
You've been invited to be one of
The Family of 777,

Self-Aware Humans
leading humanity into the Fifth Dimension.
I checked them out.   WOW!
These players are home run hitters.

The List
*   Simon Parks Creator of "Conneting Consciousness"  (his email form) 
Sent 18 Jun 19

*   Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy~      sent if wealthy, you need me 20 Jun 19   sent if wealthy, you need me 20 Jun 19
  sent if wealthy, you need me 20 Jun 19

*   Sam Ovens, Fonder and CEO of      sent if wealthy, you need me 20 Jun 19   sent if wealthy, you need me 20 Jun 19

*   Tai Lopes,  Investor, Entrepreneur, Author

*   Bruce Lipton   --   sent
*   Annie Willis  (Partner of  Bruce)            sent

*   Gregg Braden   --
     P.O. Box 14668, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
     Phone: (561) 799-9337
     Fax: (561) 799-9343      sent
    Executive Director: M. Lauri Willmot

*   Dan Winter   --
    Go to Site to obtain email    sent

*   Jim  Self   and  Roxane  --    sent
      Using Their Form   max 500 ch
     Leave a message: +1 208-297-5785

*   Thomas Campbell    --      sent

Richard Bartlett   --
Matrix Energetics 
4610 200th Street SW, Suite M
Lynnwood, WA 98036    sent
Melissa Joy please email
     Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy's publicist:
     Telephone: (800) 269-9513, Extension 5

*   Darryl Anka    Channel for Bashar   
(His form)   Sent 19 Jun 19

Benjamin Fulford
Marisa-Peer  world renound  hypnotherapist
*   Teal Swan  MKULTRA   Survivor

Joel-Osteen  Profound Christian Minister
Depak .Chopra   World renound Spiritual teacher
S.Childre  CEO Heart Math

There are thousands more.
Find many more examples at: 
All are providing great services

The next step is
*   for 777 of to speak with one voice.
*   Each month, at the time of the full moon,
    we lead  millions of our fellow humans as we
     celebrate God's gifts of Life and Llove

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13 April 2019




We suggest that the We-The-People Advisory Council
be created and managed mostly by women.
Here's why:

Compared to men,
women have a much higher
emotional exchange capacity.
(about seven times that of men)  
(Reference link below.)

In other words, in any given  situation,
women see a bigger picture of the situation.
Women include factors that men simply do not see.

*   Where men see a point of focus,
women see the field of focus.
Men go to a store, buy what they came for,
and then go home.
Women go shopping.  
They'll brows through everything and
in the process they'll find what they came to buy.

*   When children seek parental support,
they much more often turn to
older females and not to males.

*   Regarding reaching self awareness
i.e. Fifth Dimension consciousness,
women are far ahead of men.

*   Circumcised men have their
sexual sensitivity severely destroyed.
Men tend to lack social and emotional maturity.

*   Is the preference for big, female breasts
an example of emotionally immature men
reaching back to what they experienced as a baby?

*   How many times have you heard this distinction?  
     Women lead with their hearts. 
     Men lead with their genitals.

*   Then there's the military training of mostly men.
Humans have a reptilian brain overlaid by a mammalian brain.
Human mammalian brain is  programmed to
be Lloving, compassionate, and to be of service to others.  
To countermand our innate human nature with messages to kill
create s internal conflicts which can and often do
screw up the subconscious mind and
screw up a persons entire life. 
Note the excessive number of veteran suicides.

*   Men are programed for action and competition.
Woman are programed to nurture and support.

*   Women also have a greater capacity
to cooperate with each other
and thereby amplify their impact.

*   With regards to making arrangements for Galactic Disclosure.
men have been  using a hard, cold, 3rd D., head-only,
scary,  space-ship-cowboy, macho, military approach.

What  will work much better is the soft,
women-to-women,  mother-to-mother,
feminine, heart-based approach.

*   Men have been screwing over the world for centuries,
and though we want a gender balanced council,
women are far better at at leading the council
and speaking for the

*   In areas of unresolved controversy
where a decision is required,
we suggest a seven-member executive board
make the decision. 
Let the board member be chosen by We-The-People.

We invite men to do the doing. 
We invite women to show us our social graces.

Untapped Superhuman Capabilities with Emery Smith [VIDEO] Galactic Connection
Reference to women   8:45   to   9:47

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*   The-Feminine-Perspective





13 April 2019




Thank you for the invitation to join the Advisory Council,
I'm quite  humbled by it.
Your plans sound very interesting, thought provoking, 
and offer a unique inspiring way to serve humanity...
And that appeals to me greatly. 
Love, light, & blessings to you,
     Merri Penman
     The Naked Lotus !

<><><>   <><><>  <><><>  
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*   Responses-to-Our-Invitations




13 April 2019

Adv. CNCL.




The Master's Plan -- Present Status June 2019

We-The-People Advisory Council~ 

The Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

More Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

Organic Food Gardens  by and for We-The-People

Overview of How to Prepare for
the Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY

Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge  

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

The Masters Detailed Plan
for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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1   May   2019




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I/We/Rev. Robert Cote   aka   AhhHoom FahZoom
have asked for and have received
a working knowledge of
*   Llove,~
*   How the Universe Functions,~
*   How to Wake up Humanity.~
Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
your own version of a working knowledge of
how to live your own life
in the Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
of Joy, Peace, Llove, and Abundance
     Learn more here.

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The Masters Plan for Acquiring
Fifth Dimension Consciousness    






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TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation
Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal
connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

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Page Title  
       Humans Who Carry 5d-Christ-Consciousness

Page Description
      Human-Christos is the name for human beings who have brought God-Consciousness into their human bodies.

       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    




13 April 2019

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