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The True Nature of Earth Humans





C S 18-07-16




.Another Cabal Lie    BUSTED

The Cabal criminal pathologic liars
have successfully mind-manipulated
the vast majority of humans
to believe that humans are inherently evil.
They even inserted this lie into Catholic Church Doctrine.
     Humans are born inherently evil.  
     God murdered his only begotten son to fix  evil  humans.

Nobody but a  mindless, mind-manipulated,
mind-controlled slave
would be able to simply accept such absurdity
as if it were  God's truth
and never even question
how murdering one's own child 
can be an act of Llove.  

And another absurdity:
How come God created billions upon billions of everything
and He only created one child..  
We are supposed to  forget about
the sons of God who came to Earth
and had sex with Earth women

As a result centuries of rediculouus mind manipulation,
the common belief is that human nature” 
is essentially negative and strongly disposed
to traits like selfishness, dominationviolence, and warfare.


We are also told the human nature is
*   To compete violently, to rape, pillage and plunder
*   To intimidate, threaten, and murder
     anyone or any thing thqt stands in their way
*   To steal at every opportunity,
*   To destroy our environment with impunity, 
*   That murdering animals is a sport
*   To accumulate, and hoard vast amounts of
     money, power, and possessions
    way beyond anything that a human could ever use
    in even a hundred of lifetimes."

* and Thousands of lies such as
       Humans are separate from God, nature and each other.
       Violence solves problems etc.  
       See The Six Greatest Lies.

That is ALL patently false bull sheyitt.  

We share this with you only
to wake you up to the what is happening
Be aware of this, but, do not dwell on it

Now, Let's have the evidence based truth\


C S 18-06-22


Excuse me, but this section is going to be
more than a bit of a rant.  

I'm no longer willing to allow myself and my fellow humans
to be smeared with false bullshit about
how war-like, how self-centered, and
and how prone to violence humans are.

I speak now to all who peddle 
these false, bullshit claims
about how bad we are.

I speak now to all criminals, all idiots
and to all non-physical beings like Kryon
who peddle this sheyitt  even though
 they have never been in a human body
yet think they know something about
our internal human nature.  

The overwhelming experiential evidence
tells us a very different story.   
Yes, there is presently a huge amount of
violence, and intentional destruction on planet Earth.

In a moment,  I'll expose
The source,
the core cause of violence

Is  Not 
I repeat,
Inherently Evil, human Nature! 


C S 18-06-22




Let's look at the evidence,
first about human nature and then
about the source of the violence and destruction.    

Human nature  has a huge abundance of  Goodness. 
Humans are God Beings.~   
We carry the attributes of God in our genetic makeup,

the most powerful of which are Llove and Compassion.  
God is not angry, hateful, vindictive, violent war-like
or any other of the bull shit behaviors attributed to us.

When humans are free from mind-manipulation,
when we are expressing our true human nature,  
Our god-give natural state of being is:
LLove,   Compassion,   Caring,   Sharing
Kind,   Curteous,   Friendly,     and the list goes on., 

To know ourselves and as God-Beings~
as Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, herself.
Imagine being Go.    That's what humans are!

Our natural state of being is:
To feel Godly,   God-like    Excited    High      Energized  
Eager    Elated   Optimistic   Interested   Interesting   
"Tuned in  Tapped in Turned on"

To feel Joyful   Playful     Frisky   Lloving   Llovable   Worthy Deserving
Connected  Unified   Godly   Self-Aware  

To be Caring    kind   Compassionate   Cooperative   
Wanting to be of service

To feel delightful tactile sensations  often orgasmic. 
Our emotions, our feel good feelings are FahZoom-Ten

To feel   Clear   Clear minded    Here and Now 
One Pointed Focus   Alert   Keen   Sharp  

To feel Calm    At ease    Peaceful    Safe   Secure   
Appreciative    Satisfied   Contented     

We can be Consistent and Dependable.
and yet, our highly creative imaginations
give us the advantage of
being completely unpredictable.

We carry the ability of Perseverance,   Wisdom, 
Sharp Focus,   Laser like Attention,   Intention, 
Curiosity Balanced with Reasonableness,   
Intelligence,  Cosmic-Awareness, 
Observant  ,  Worthy,  
Discerning, and
the. potential to master Fifth Dimension sex and sensuality

Many of us carry such incredible levels of Llove
that at times we are gullible and easy to trick.
We find it hard to believe that others
who seem to be benign are secretly evil.

When we are in our  Vortex of Creation: 
Time stops  
Our hearts sing,    
We take great joy in whatever we are doing
Our bodies move to the music called life.
We Llove walking, singing, dancing, floating is ecstasy

Humans are inherently    Kind,    Trusting,   Lloving, 
Compassionate, Selfless,   Willing to serve,   
Wanting to be of service,    Harmless,   Helpful   
Genuine   Humble   Righteous,   Courageous,    
Patient,   Persistent,   Adaptable,   Flexible,   Creative,  
Intelligent,  with a direct connection to Prime Creator~
and a willingness to forgive even the foulest of violators.

Wake-up!   Stop living as a mindless slave.  
The above attributes described herein are a description of you.  
Are you a cooperating component of your Godliness?
Are you a cooperating component of your Good-hood?
You are a God-Being expressing yourself in physical form.  
We welcome your arrival back into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    


C S 18-06-22


More Evidence.   


How many thousand times have you heard of situations where
humans have risked their lives to save a stranger.
Some even choose
saving others in desperate situation
as their occupation.   Example:  Firemen 

Billions of human  parents make  huge sacrifices
for the sake of their children.

In your daily life, how often do you find people
polite, kind, courteous, and helpful?   
How often do you find the opposite?    

We are trusting to the fault of being incredibly naive. 
We simply cannot imagine
doing the evil that is directed at us and
of which we are accused.   

As a species we are very intelligent,
with incredibly strong emotional power.  
This significantly amplifies our already powerful imaginations 
and gives us God-like manifestation power~
well beyond our galactic brothers and sisters.  
Our bodies are the most beautiful variation
of the human, biological form in the entire galaxy.    

We are the "new kids on the block." 
We have yet to even spread our wings. 
When we truly fly, there will be none
who can even come close to us

We have exponential, spiritual discernment. 
We realize that we are God-Beings~ (Gods)~
experiencing physical form in a Holographic Universe.~
While others strive to grow beyond their physical form,
we bring God into us while we remain in our physical form.  
We are about to take God on a ride
never before seen in the entire galaxy.

We say to all,
once we escape your Invisible Prison,~
stand clear.  
If you ever mess with us again,
we'll set you ass on a hot stove until you wakeup
and then we will banish you from our worlds
until you learn the rules of reality. 

All that is NOT to say we are superior.  
We are ALL God-Beings, all  with the same potential.~   
Either nobody is special or we are all special. 
Each being is presently living as his/ her own
expression/ version of reality.  
All paths lead back to Source/ Creator.  

Earth based humans
are simply blessed to be
the next group
to be the first  to walk
a new path into
Prime Creator's infinite potential.




C S 18-06-22




An Alternative View of Human Nature Kindness and cooperation are more natural to human beings than selfishness Galactic Conn


Worthy, Connected,  Llovable, and Enough





C S 18-06-22




Now to Address   The-Source-of-Violence-and-Destruction:

Have you heard the Biblical passage:
"Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing?

It means, watch our for deceivers, liars, swindlers,
con artists , illusion peddlers, and other people and things 
that are not what, on the surface, they appear to be.?  

Have you ever found any wolves hiding in sheep's clothing?  
Would you know a wolf when you saw it?
Let me give you a touch of reality.

Evil being are living among us
disguised as human beings.
George bush senior is an example
of an evil non-human  being that has been
genially altered to enable it
to take on a human form.  
It was hiding in physical form of George Bush Sr..
To see a physical enactment of this aspect of reality
see the film titled: They Live.~    

Ninety-nine Percent of
ALL the evil activity on planet Earth
is a product of Evil being hiding in
genetically altered humans bodies
These beings are mind-controlled slaves.
Their bodies look human, but they are fake humans.
Their minds have been intentionally programmed
for death and destruction.
The behavior (the personality)
 of the Cabal agents
is based on Lies and Secrecy.

These mind-controlled parasites are NOT HUMANS 
They are completely lack emotions.
They are self-centered, heartless, Lloveless,
compassionless, pain peddling,  sadistic, psychopathic
child-torturing, child-raping, child-murdering,
blood-drinking Satan-worshipers. evil beings,
capable of doing absolutely anything  to anyone
without even the slightest concern for
anything or anyone except themselves.  

To see how these evil beings control humans,
take a few minutes and check this web page:
Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,  
Page Two  The Invisible Prison ~

We share this exposure of evil with you simply
to open your eyes to the fact that
there are evil ones influencing, dominating,
and in all to many instances, completely controlling 
human behavior on Earth.

***1  Until very recently,
the entire Earth  was completely controlled
by Cabal banking criminals..

***2   The Cabal bankers are mind-controlled slaves to
an off-planet species of beings known as
Draco-Reptilians,    aka    The Lizzerdz..

***3   The Lizzerdz are also mind-controlled slaves..
They are mindless, mind-controlled slaves of
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

***4   By following this trail, we see that
AI (artificial intelligence)
secretly controls  our third dimension world..

Be aware that such beings exist and then
ignore them and return your focus to
being of Service to All,~ including yourself.   

Why ignore them?  
Because to fight something is to feed it you life-force energy.  
To focus your attention on something,
no matter what that something is,
is to feed it your life force energy
and give it life and/or make it stronger, 
The concept called Ego is a classic example of this.  

     Fifth Dimension Consciousness tells us that
     focusing on and fighting against what is unwanted.
     is 3rd D,.Sheyitt Consciousness~

The evidence indicates that the cosmic transformation
is raising our vibration so high that
 evil will soon be unable to reach us.




C S 18-06-22

Take me to: 
Adventures  in  Fifth  Dimension  Consciousness






C S 18-06-22





My Faith in Humanity Has Been restored

10 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Watch Full movie Schindler's List (1993) Online Free

Another Example of Compassion       Recorded Nov 10, 2013
Listen to this section of the recording 
Minute 12:00  to 14:00   to 22:20
Sgt. Clifford Stone is coming forward with his story
to assure other people that the are not crazy,
that they are not alone in having ET contacts.

An Alternative View of Human Nature
Kindness and cooperation
are more natural to human beings
than selfishness Galactic Conn

You'll never make a difference
by remaining a mindless slave




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