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You Are a God-Being      How to Maintain Your Natural State of Being

Universe      How the Universe Functions  

False Fear      False Fear of the Coming Changes 

Invitation      An Invitation to Freedom & Abundance  

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Devil   Interview with the Devil - CH-01   


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Environment   Chief Seattle - The Web of Life  

Estate Property Care Manager   Estate Property Care Manager  

Eternal Divine Beings  Humans are Eternal Divine Beings      


Feelings as Vibrations     Feelings as Vibrations   

Galaxy   Message to Galactic Leaders 

Holographic Universe   We Live in a Holographic Universe    

Law of Attraction     Questioning its Authenticity 


Inspired by the Coming Changes   inspired.html  

Llove   Perception on Llove         

Money   How to Solve 27 Major Financial Problems 

Relationships      Relationships or Fantasy Trips   


Sensual Delights   Sensual Delights as Creation Tools     

Source/ Creator  Source/Creator/God-Goddess  

Unity   The Unity of Everything            

Universe   How the Universe Functions 



FahZoom Town    


FahZoom Town    

1)   Fifth Dimension Training Center   


2)   Homes, Farms, and Food    
FahZoom  Town -  Phase 2 - Farms and Food     

3)   Hemp Farming - Hemp Products  
FahZoom Town - Phase 3 - Hemp Farming - Hemp Products 

4)   Nice Play Park    kf4-nice-play-park.html

5   Safe-Haven-Rescue  See the next section below   

FahZoom Business Structure  



FahZoom Town - Part Five 


Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA     

Safe-Haven Rescue - Infrastructure   

Creating the Safe-Haven Rescue Logo  


Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
       A Mission of Disaster Prevention:      

To prevent The California Water Disaster
*   from killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people,  
*   from creating an ecological disaster,  
*   from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
     leaving 25 Million people without
     their major source of fresh water for two years, and  
*   from resulting in a social and economic nightmare,
     and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.  

We call this project   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

UWC - The Ultimate Worthy Cause     

UWC - Area Description 

UWC - Maps-Drawing-Pictures      

UWC - Supporting Evidence      


Creating FahZoom Town - Phase 5 - Safe-Haven Rescue   


Creating FahZoom Town - Phase 1 - Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center   

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The California Economy   

California Super Storm   

Carquinez Strait - Photo      





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