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The Most Basic Fact of Life     .

+++   The Unity of Everything       

+++   Humans Are Eternal God-Beings     

+++   We Live in a Holographic Universe    

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More -- How the Universe Functions     .

+++   Kaizen Versus Innovation      

+++   What's Missing in Our New 5D Reality?   

+++   The Observer Affects That Which Is Observed>    <><>






  The Most Basic Facts of Life 




  The Unity of Everything  


Everything is all part of a single unified whole.  
The properties of the universe:  
*   Non-material,  Non-physical  
*   Dynamic  
*   Self-Aware 
*   Intelligent   

The Universe is pure abstract potential.  
The Universe is pure intelligence.  
We experience the Universes as vibrations,  as waves.  

We highly recommend viewing the YouTube video titled:
"It's Wake Up Time - We Are All One"    


Please note, beginning at minute  6:15  and going to minute12:20 on the video, a masterful description of unity by Dr. John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist and PhD in Physics and Consciousness.    






  Humans Are Eternal God-Beings 



Here's What Is Real:  

You are much more than a  physical body  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.    

We are each an
   ***   Eternal  
      ***   Invisible  
(to the human eyes)
         ***   Non-physical
            ***   Multi-dimensional 
              ***   Self-aware
                  ***   Dynamic
 (mobile / alive)
                      ***   Divine being
  (having a)
                         ***   Human experience   (in a)
                            ***   Physical body
                               ***   Here on Earth 
(in an invisible)
                                  ***   Mind-Control Prison  (in a)
                                     ***  Holographic Universe.  


Here's What IS NOT Real:  

Just about everything you've been taught.  

Life is not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

The only thing between
you and knowing yourself as an intimate integrated
aspect, piece, spark of Source/Creator/God-Goddess

are your false beliefs about who and what you are.  

Once you see the external world
from the new, multi-dimensional perspective,
your life will improve dramatically. 






  We Live in a Holographic Universe   



What is a Holographic Universe?    It'a something that gives the impression of being physically real but it is actualy. 

The evidence-based Universe in which we live, move, and experience our lives is
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Universal  Holograph. 

It's made of energy - energy controlled by consciousness.  
You and every other human being are part of that consciousness. 

We actually are Divine beings creating our personal experiences in
an observer-created reality of infinite possibilities.   

Our individual consciousness functions within the context of human collective consciousness.   Our Holographic experiences are all observer-created  and  observer controlled. 




When we compare our traditional,
Newtonian-based perspectives of the Universe
with the present day evidence-based view, 
we find that they are literally worlds apart. 

Newton's perspective is totally third dimension.  
The Newtonian world is a material-based reality.  
It says that the Universe is like a huge machine made of separate parts.  

The evidence tells us that Newton was wrong.  
The Universe is not made of physical stuff.   












 More -- How the Universe Functions












Universal Laws RARE Life altering concepts MUST SEE  

1   The law of one  Unity   Everything is energy  

2   Everything vibrates at its own family if vibratins 

3  Law of Action  Do what feels right in each moment 

4 Correspondence 

5 Cause and effect 

6  Law of compensation As you give out is how you get back  

7  Law of attraction 

8 Perpetual transformation of energy  

9  Gestation  Divine timeing   thoughts are like seeds  

10 Relativity   challenges we experience  Perception  Everyone sees the samething differently

<>11  polarity     What we focus on expands 

<>12    rhythm  

<>13  Beleif What we beklieve eventually becomes our reality.  
                 "jesus"   It is done ont you as our believe

<>14 Gender   



<>1  Law of Harmony

<>2  Reincarnation

<>3   wisdom  

<>4   Grace  

<>5   Soul Evolution  Every failure is a success inthat it vbrings me closer to my eventual success.   Celebrate every success.   

<>6  Budhi Satve   one who comes back to assist others.

<>7  Vibratinal  Attainment 

<>8  Law of free will  

<>9 The Law of One

<>10  Law of manifestation 
              Everything begins with a thought.  
                  Thoughts create beliefs.   Beliefs manifest. 

<>11  Law of allowing.   Alow all to be as it is   Conscious detachment

<>12  Gratitude  

<>13    Fellowship   Co-creation amplifies the power of creation 

<>14  What we resist, we become attached to  

<>15    Law of Attraction   I attract that which I am and that which I focus on

<>16    Law ofReflection   Everything outside of myself is a mirror of what is inside of myself

<>17    Law of unconditional Llove   Accept all as it is

<>18   Law of Magnetic Affinity    Astrology affects 

<>19   Law of Abundance

<>20   Divine order     Fear is the problem   Llove is the anser  

<>21   Law of Attitude  

<>22   Law of Threes

<>23   Law of Association   Diet and exercise

<>24   Law of Commitment

<>25   Law of Dissonence   when attitudes and belietfs conflict    When  attitudes and behavior differ

<>26   Law of experience   new information replace old experiences  The minddoes not distinguish between a fantasy and a physical experience

<>27   Fearful Confrontation

<>28   Law of Group Consciousness    beta endorphins    100th monkey 

<>29   Law of Personal Return   What you put out is what you get back 

<>30   Law of Activity    Action follows thought  Motive  intend desire

<>31   Denial  Refuse to live up toyour potential

<>32   New beginning Everything changes

<>33   Law of compensation   no victims     Attitude comes back 

<>34   Law of psychometric influence    Contact influences contactee long after contact is over

<>35   Law of Totality  Individual and whole 

<>36   Law of Dominant Desires manifest   Dominant emotions control

<>37   Duality  

<>38    Law of self destruction   One must continueto grow to challenge oneself  or stagnate and die   Energy must move into the new

<>39  Environmental manifestation    Express my self image  

<>40   Law of restrictions    limited only by    ----  Must work from Cause not from effect

<>41   Law of Self Worth     I have only what I feel worthy of Having.   Self Llove is the key.

<>42   Law of Growth   one is alway either growing ordying

<>43   Law of self truth    What I believe dominates my life.

<>44   Law of sumarized experiences    I am al that I have ever experienced.

<>45   Law of belief   If I believe it, Ican have it.  Cannot hurt others in the process

<>46   Law of Darmic direction    3-Service  4  Creativity  5  Science  
6 Philosophy   7 Government

<>47   Law of purifying action   Generosity  Moral Restraint  
                        Meditation   -- concentration oo Insight

<>48   karmic excepts

<>49  Law of release  Let go of what no longer serves self    Release th past to receive the new

 <>50   Law ofRitual   acts repeated become a ritual  focus on the intention  add non-physical assistence    Use an existing ritual because it already has much power

















W The Ability to receive   <><><><><><><>








  Kaizen Versus Innovation 



Kaizen is taking many small steps toward ones goal
with integration time in between the steps.   

Innovation is  making a huge step all at once. 

Kaizen works.   Innovation usually fails.  

To learn more on this topic, go to  







  What's Missing in Our New Fifth Dimension Society 



When we reach full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
life will be dramatically different. 
Here are a few of the things that you'll find missing
when we reach our new destination.    


Crime Control:   There is None!   None is needed.  
There is no crime.   no criminals,.  no prisons,
no courts to judge you.
no lawyers to steal your wealth.  
How can that be? 
Because at level of understanding,
no one would even consider violating somebody else.  
When you realize that we are all God-Beings,
the though of violating anybody or anything is absurd.  
Everything you could ever require or desire is yours already yours. 
There are no enemies.   There are no bad guys. 

You will also realize that there is nothing outside of yourself
that you did not put there by you own thoughts,
beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. 
You will realize that everyone and everything is all part of
a single unified whole.    

Money:   When you realize that you are a great creator, and
that we live in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,
you'll understand that you can create anything you choose
without money and without asking anyone else's permission. 

Religion:   You are a God-Being.   You are a spark, piece,
aspect, of Source/ Creator/ God-goddess.  
Religion is a false, third dimension construct
designed to manipulate your mind and
thereby control your behavior. 
Rather than worship something outside of yourself,
to honor, respect an appreciation are the watchwords. 
To honor, respect and appreciation is the 5D attitude
toward our fellow God-Beings.

Poverty:     You are a Divine creator in a Holographic Universe.  
Everything you could ever require or desire is yours already. 

Sickness and Disease:    In full 5D, there are no mosquitos, house flies, poisonous insects,
poisonous snakes  poisonous plants and the like.   

Sexual Frustration:   I'll guarantee that you have absolutely no idea
of sexual joy you can experience
when you live at the level of Fifth Dimension consciousness. 

Ignorance and Stupidity:  In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you have access to all knowledge
.   It's called Cosmic Consciousness. 

Environmental Destruction:    The thought of
intentional causing destructing is absurd.  
There is no littering, no graffiti,
no street gangs of drug peddling hoodlums.   

<><><>   <><><><>

If any of this is confusing to your,
we recommend that you learn more about
Who and What You Are and about
Source/ Creator. God-Goddess's Holographic Universe.    







  The Observer Affects That Which Is Observed 



Although this principle everywhere,
it's rarely give proper consideration.  

Sub Atomic Physics: 
It was first brought to our attention
by those studying sub-atomic physics.  

Intentional manifesting:
Observing is a critical factor in
the art/ science of intentional creating.  
As intentional creators,
we declare our attention into existence
in the non-physical world, but
it will not manifest unless we witness or creation. 
We witness by imagining our declaration
as if it were already physically real.   

Mind Control:  
On the sinister side, the Cabal criminal
have used this principle for centuries.  
When a human being believes that
he or she is being watched, this changes his or her behavior.  
In recent years, several scientific studies
have proven this to be true. 
Reference:   http://galacticconnection.com/the-matrix-of-control-beyond-its-3d-manifestation/   












W <><><><><><><>














W The human population has been mind controlled for about the past 30,000 years by the most sophisticated the most technically advanced technology of mind control that the universe has ever seen.  The people of the United Sates have been the primary target of the beings in charge of controlling humans.   <>

Everything has been designed to create as many problems as possible.  
Our job is to find those things and replace them.  
For example, the ink in cash register receipts
is designed to fade and become unreadable. 

Another example<><

(o)>   Maps - South-Oriented Maps   provides a much more direct connection
                                                             to where you are.    













W <><><><><><><>













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