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Our Phoenix Is Rising

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Welcome to








The TLC-Life-Center

We Speak as   The Power of Truth.   




For The Greatest Truths

and for Exposure of 

The Greatest Lies 

About What's Going On,

Come to this Website

at Least Once per Week. 

There are so many major changes
going on that we cannot deliver
these messages fast enough
to keep up with
the changes.   

We can no longer outreach to you. 
If you want to know
what we've learned,
you must come to us.     

What to Expect Here:   

The Truth.   
The Full Truth. 
Lies exposed for what they are.

We DO NOT pull our punches.  
If you are such a candy ass
that you can't face the full truth,
then go away and don't come back.  

If we expose an evidence-based truth 
and, with closed mind,
you say that's impossible, 
we don't give a damn
what you believe or don't believe.  

We are no longer going to stand idle
and do nothing while waiting for you
to get your head out of the sand.   

Thousands of our children
are still being kidnapped, raped,
tortured, and ritually murdered
in satanic blood-drinking rituals.  

We are systematically being poisoned
by Cabal-controlled food producers.   

Our environment has been destroyed almost beyond repair.

And some still expect us to wait for
you to get your head out of your ass.  

NO!      NO MORE!   
Enough Is Enough!  

We have awakened into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
We are moving on! 

This is your final call
You either wake up and come with us
or die along with the Cabal.  







  Why Are We Here?  



Here's Why We Are Here::  

The TLC-Life-Center websites are a
"How to . . .."  Training Manual
for freeing humanity from
the third dimension mind control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in a secret prison.   

The prison is invisible to the inmates.   
It's made off lies, incredibly sophisticated illusions,
intentional deceptions, mind manipulation, and false beliefs


Let us  introduce you to the most profound changes
in Science, in Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.

Conscious Christianity
A Fresh Look into
The Teachings of Jesus

Conscious Science   
A Fresh Look into
The Scientific Evidence




I'm referring to the world of
God Consciousness

that Jesus told us about: 

Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 
Psalms 82:6 <>
John_10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23   

He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.

This heralds the marriages among 
all human perceptions
about The Nature of Reality,
religious, secular,  and otherwise.

Together, we'll
experience everything 
from the perspective known as
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Welcome to
      Conscious  Awareness  2017



      Secular / Scientific  

Let us  introduce you to
What the Evidence tells us.

The secret Cabal criminals
who secretly control
our government 
have tricked you into
believing and teaching lies,
lies that are still believed
by million of peoples. 

As a result,
unexposed lies
are still controlling our lives 
and severely damaging
our children. 

It's time to
clean that up now.    
It's time to wake up to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

Our job, now, is to get rid of
our false beliefs and join 
Conscious Awareness   2017.




All the pieces are finally in place.  
Our job is to show you how everything fits together
in divine right order, from both
New Conscious Christianity approach
and the
Secular/ Science approach.


We have a
Special Invitation
for you at. 


For a follow-up on both of
the above perspectives please begin at:   


We are taking ourselves and each other
into a very different world.   

Let us introduce you to   Who and What You Are....      

You'll be further guided from there.     







Let's Go Exploring



Fifth Dimension Consciousness  /  Fifth Dimension Sex

<><><>   <><><>   

How to open your third eye and
see the world in ways you've never seen before:     

<><><>   <><><> 

All Home Loans Cancelled          
Cabal Criminal Bankers Defeated   

<><><>    <><><>  

If this is your first introduction into the major positive changes
that are blessing all of humanity, you probably will not believe us.    

<><><>   <><><>       

For the basic factors related to your journey
into  Fifth Dimension Consciousness   (Cosmic Awareness)   

<><><>   <><><>>

For a Summary Overview of The Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality.    


For More Blog Listings







Defective Leadership

   Defective Leadership 


The level of ignorant, mindlessness
by our otherwise, intelligent leaders
has exceeded our capacity to just allow
the ignorant to wallow in their ignorance.  
Today the price of remaining ignorant is way too high. 

Our so-called leaders (politicians, bureaucrats, etc.)
are attempting to make major changes
without knowing were we are going |
or how to get there.  
They have no idea what the new
Fifth Dimension Consciousness is and
the internal changes that precede
any meaningful changes.  

They continue to fight with each other to see
who will control the people.  
They have no idea that top-down control is
old, obsolete, third dimension thinking.  

They fail to understand that
in the new, Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the people are in charge of their own lives
and answer only to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

Those who think that they are in control
will soon have only two choices, 
Go away completely or become servants of the people. 

As things stand now, We-The-People,
individually and collectively
must make the journey ahead of them.  
We must each be our own, personal leader.  
Our intention is to let the truth show us the way.  
All are invited to participate, including you.  

Keep in mind that each of us
is a master in at least one one area of life and
an absolute idiot in several other areas.    






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Robert E.. Coté  Creator and Director      


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