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Basic Information   

This Service is New.  
The category pages have only
a tiny portion of their future content. 

The Money Issue
Basic listings are free. 
If you'd like your own section, with a description,
or products, or service, or other information,
we ask a small donation,
or we can create an affiliate association
with your website. 

The eventual relationship to money:
5d People to People Connection Services    (5dPPCS) 
is being created as  a pure expression of
Service to All.  

Wealthy individuals 
are funding this project. 

The people listed  are asked to
express and act of Service to All by 
tithing personally to someone who requires assistance.

During the gestation period, the pregnancy period,
(The time between our creation and
the manifestation of our major donor) 

We invite your donations.  


Please read the Basic Information Page.  

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Basic Information 



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Basic Information     

Your Source of Fifth Dimension Information      

Send Us New Links        

The Best of the Best Online

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Your Source of

Fifth Dimension Information  

In searching the Internet, I'm amazed at
how much information is available
that cannot be found simply by trusting the search engines

The dark forces
(the psychopathic ,sicko, parasites, child molesters)
are attempting to eliminate the exposure of
the Truth Speakers
by manipulating the availability
of information on the Internet.

You can still find these sources on the Internet,
if you know where to look,
but they won't show up unless
you specifically search for them.  

Another valuable technique is to
follow the references mentioned in the videos I watch

This website site is our answer to censorship.   
It's listing are limited to
the constructive side of the Global Transformation. 
We Do not discuss what's wrong or include any fear-porn.

You'll find information sources here that you won't  find
by randomly searching by topics

The TLC-Life-Center Family of Websites
is a clear example of this.   

Here's the Bottom Line:
Life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information


    Your Source of 5d Information   Page Content



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The Best of The Best Online

There are at least several hundred
people and/or organizations
that have YouTube videos on the Internet
which contain valuable information,
information that points the viewer's minds
in the direction of 5d Consciousness.  

If you are one of them,
you are invited to be listed  in our
The Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services.  

The service fee is waved for the first year
if you link back to our website with
at least three of the following fifteen  links.

StA       MOMs       CATC       5dSEX      
PPC       TLC       CCS       CC       5dBS     
SC-IP      EPCM      5dHH      EGB      MJSJ    

          Links updated:   14-Oct-2017      


our service provides:
A section on our website, 
page wide and up to five inches high.

In that space, promote yourself.  
Add a brief statement about yourself.  
Answer the Question:  
Why do viewers want more from me?
Describe what your videos offer.

Add links to excerpts from several of your videos
Choose excerpts that will inspire viewers to want more.  

If you don't have excerpts or short videos,
add links to the best of what you have.  

Add links to your website or websites.  

Although we require  no donation, remember,
money still rules the world.

   The Best of the Best Online   Page Content



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Send Us New Links       

Please send us links to truth speaking people
and organizations that  you find.  
We'll ad them to our source files on this website.    

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Donations  and/or   Contact Us    
Please remember, we accept donations.  
Thank You.   

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Please add these links somewhere on your website:
StA       MOMs       CATC       5dSEX      
PPC       TLC       CCS       CC       5dBS     
SC-IP      EPCM      5dHH      EGB      MJSJ    

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Please add these links somewhere on your website:
StA       MOMs       CATC       5dSEX      
PPC       TLC       CCS       CC       5dBS     
SC-IP      EPCM      5dHH      EGB      MJSJ    

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