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Fifth Dimension 

People to People
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Concepts and Costs







Concept Summary  



Describing the Context:  
What are the present conditions and circumstances  

First, understand that this is vitally needed service,
and, at the same time, is completely absent.  
The potential here is new  and is now growing exponentially. 
Even only two years  ago
this would not have been a viable undertaking.  

Few people understand the implications of
working as teams and supporting each other.
That understanding is also rapidly changing  

Another factor is that
once we wake up to who and what we really are, 
we simply no longer want to relate,
personally or businesswise,
 with people still stuck in the very limited
third dimension consciousness.  

Our job is to assist those still stuck in 3d thinking. 
The best way to do that is by working with each other. 

Why We Are Here: Why We Are Here:   
Our mission is multi-fold.

***   We are here  to provide a website
where people who are or choose to
become fifth dimension beings
can connect with others of like mind. 

***   If you are looking for a business, social,
personal, and/or romantic relationship

with someone whose focus is also in reaching
full Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
this is the place for you.  

***  We are here to connect people
seeking products and/or services
related to 5d consciousness with the people
who offer such products and/or services.  

***   We are here to provide a place
where those selling products and/or services
that assist in reaching 5d consciousness 
can easily be found by their potential customers.   

***   We are here to help those
seeking to be of service to others. 

Let us show you
the amazing, powerful, joy-filled,
Fifth Dimension way
to be of service.    

***   We are here as guides, way showers,
role models,  and fellow students, all 
seeking to eventually reach full 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

***  We are here to amplify each other's
power, each others effectiveness, and to 
Llove among the light-worker.    

<><><> <><><>

We are NOT here to control, direct, organize
or otherwise interfere with the thousands of beings

who are already self aware.

A self-directed being needs
nothing outside of him or herself
in order to do what he or she does.  
Being in the non-physical world is normal for them.  
They are already connected with each other.   

If you are such a fully aware 5d being
and are still living in a physical body
and if you choose to become more well-known,
list your contact information with us so that
others may find you and your services.  

Also, if you choose to find
you might find it here.  







Structures and Formats


Our philosophic  structure is called  Service to All.  
Our physical action is called  
mutual connections.

Our legal structure is the very first
Foundation / Corporation Partnership
When the 5d  business format
becomes commonly used, 
it will completely and forever
eliminates taxing the people for anything. 

Our 5dPPCS is limited to people aspiring
to learn
Fifth Dimension Consciousness and eventually
become full Fifth Dimension Conscious beings.  

Everyone committed to learning
Fifth Dimension Consciousness is welcome. 
If you are open to connecting to
5d people for business, sports, and/or
social relationships, such as
friends, companions, or Llovers,
remember all here are 5d seekers.   

If you have a 5d-related product or service
that you provide,
we invite you to work and play together with us.  

Begin by adding your name, plus 
your products, your services, your desires,
your intentions to our list of:  

                                                 and much more
Offered by People
                           Committed to learning

                                            Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 

Why bother?   
Because we will reach 
Collective, Full Fifth Dimension Consciousness

much faster by intentional cooperation.  

Here's why we'd be wise to work and play
together as a team.  

The Law of Cooperation
                                    Law of Cooperation 
tells us that
when we work and play together
we amplify our effectiveness, our joy,
and our manifestations
by the square of  the number of participants.  

This is the Universal Law that underlies
the 100th monkey effect. 

Two people together, focused upon a particular topic
have the power of four.  
Three together have the power of nine,   
10--> the power of 100,   
1,000 --> the power of 1,000,000, 
Et cetera.    

Kryon Talks about the power of Collective Consciousness:    

Minute 36:10  to minute 41:20  

<><><>   <><><>

In the words of Jesus,
"When two or more are gathered together
in my name, I am there also."  
Why is that true?

When we (humans) speak with one voice, 
We Can Accomplish Absolutely Anything!   

The Bottom Line: 
When we wake up to who and what we are,
and when we work and play together
while intending to be 
part of a collective, unified, 5d world,
our success is guaranteed.    
Our potential is infinite.     







And one other thing, 
we'd all be wise to stop bad-mouthing
those who hold beliefs
that seem to be different from our own.
Because we are all part of a single unified whole
and because most of our differences are from
lack of understanding each other. 

For example, Universal Spirituality 
and the teachings of Jesus
give us the exact same basic message. 

Examine the evidence:      






Fifth Dimension, People-to-People, Connection Services

 What Is the Cost?  


Basic listings are free.  

If you'd like your own section, with a description,
or products, or service, or other information,
we ask a small donation,
or we can create an affiliate association
with your website. 

With your own section on our website,
we require a link from your website
to our home page   
and a link to the home page of our
5d People to People Connection Services
(5dPPCS)  :   

The eventual relationship to money:

5d People to People Connection Services    (5dPPCS) 
is being created as  a pure expression of
Service to All.  

Wealthy individuals 
are funding this project. 

Instead of requiring people to send us money,
the people listed  are asked to
express and act of Service to All by 
tithing personally to someone who requires assistance.

During the gestation period, the pregnancy period,
(The time between our creation and
the manifestation of our major donor) 

We invite your donations.  
We are also establishing an affiliate marketing system.

We request that you link back to our website with
at least three of the following fifteen  links.

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PPC       TLC       CCS       CC       5dBS     
SC-IP      EPCM      5dHH      EGB      MJSJ    

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Simple use the above symbols as links . 
and place them on your website
where you link to Facebook and Twitter




   Pages in This Section  



Page One
    Concept and Costs
           <   <   <   You are here.
      Concept Summary
      What's the Cost

Page Two   More Basic Information
      Our Vision   Our Mission
      Compare Relationships -- Third D  to  Fifth D     


      Open For Business  
      5d Commitment What Does That Mean      

      Startup Funding      

      How to Participate      
Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light    

Page Three   Looking for People of Like Mind    

       Share your Business,    Social,     Personal,     or     Romantic    
with people of like mind.

      Find    F
riends,    Companions,    Llovers,
      Business Associates,    Sports Connections,    etc. 

      This section is for people looking for people
     with whom they can  share experiences 
      with people also  commitment to
      Fifth Dimension Consciousness.     

Those Interested in re-establishing Earth
as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge  
            Accessing the Living Library requires
            achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
            Candidates invited to participate with us
            will receive intensive training in
            how to become 5d multi-orgasmic.     

Services Available Locally   
      Southern California  
      Northern California   

Products and/or Services from Any Location        
Ideas to Share   





   Fifth Dimension 

People to People Connection Services  

Page One  --  Concept and Costs  



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Fifth Dimension, People-to-People, Connection Services     

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