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Page One    Concept and Costs  
Page Two   More Basic Information
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Looking For People of Like Mind
      People who share your commitment
      to Fifth Dimension Consciousness    

Personal Relationships

Use Victoria Heart as a role model

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Page One    Concept and Costs  

Page Two   More Basic Information

Page Three   People to People links             <--   <--   <--   You are here.   
          Looking for People of Like Mind
            People-to-People links among
            those who shares your commitment to
            Fifth Dimension Consciousness.     
             business, social, personal,
            or romantic relationship 
Friends  Companions, Llovers,
            business associates, Sports connections etc. 

Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge
For those Interested in re-establishing Earth
as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  
            Accessing the Living Library requires
            achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
            Candidate invited to participate with us
            will receiving intensive  training in
            how to become 5d multi-orgasmic.     







Earth was originally designed to become
a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge
It was intended to become
the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy.  

The process was derailed when the  
Earth was hijacked, taken over by
off-planet parasitic beings who use 
by force, deception, violence, and
every other kind of demonic activity imaginable.  

They literally destroyed everything
they could possibly destroy.  

They enslaved the human population
in an invisible prison.  

As part of the in-process Cosmic Transformation,  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in and
is removing the parasites and,
with the help of humans 
(God-Beings like you and me)
She is re-activating the Living Library. 

Those interested in participating in this process
are directed to our page titled:
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services.    
This will explain the over all process involved
and take you to the specific page related directly to
The Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.   

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Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Wisdom





   Fifth Dimension 

People to People Connection Services  

Page Three  --  Links and Connections  



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