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Matrix Energetics  --  Richard Bartlett    
5-Star  * * * * * Rating

Matrix Energetics Waking up in the Matrix Seminar 

Assessment by Robin FahZoom:  
Richard is expressing the attributes that Jesus said we had: 
Anything I can do you can do and more.  John 14:12    

Humans are God-Beings and Great Creators.  
We live, move, and express our being  as humans
in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  

He teaches others to do as he does  <><><><><

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
Matrix Energetics Waking up in the Matrix Seminar


Dr. Richard Bartlett-Matrix Energetics-How You Can Manifest Infinite Possibilities      

M-Joy Interview Series Part 2 ~ Unlocking Your True Authentic Self     

See page   CC-doing-what-jesus-did.html










  Matrix Energetics Online   --  Section two    


Dr. Houston Vetter: The Adventure of Shifting, Transforming and Getting What You WantÖAll From The Torsion Field of The Heart

Melissa Joy Speaks with Dr. Claude Swanson on his Synchronized Universe Model and How It Pertains To Matrix Energetics

EMEX17 (Set 1)

EMEX17 (Set 2) 17:45  2 point at minute 40 to minute 58  

EMEX17 (Set 3)

EMEX17 (Set 4)

EMEX17 (Set 5)

EMEX17 (Set 6)  Describes:    Two-Point.

EMEX17 (Set 7) 


Matrix Energetics: The Art & Science of Transformation - A Consciousness Technology








  Era of Peace   
Patricia Cota-Robles
August 21, 2017

During this rare Eclipse Series, August 7-21, 2017,
the NEW 5th-Dimensional patterns for Godís Infinite Abundance
and Eternal Peace have been God Victoriously encoded
in the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth.  
These vitally important frequencies of Light
are flowing to Earth from the Realms of Cause and
are now available for everyone who is willing to
reach up in consciousness and magnetize them into
their everyday life experiences.  

As this Golden Light bathes the Earth
the obsolete patterns of poverty
are being pushed to the surface to be healed and
transmuted back into Light.   
The Company of Heaven has given us an Activity of Light
that will greatly accelerate our ability to
transmute the painful conditions we inadvertently created
through poverty consciousness.  
This residue of our fears-based egoís belief in lack and limitation
has led to not only the dire poverty
that is plaguing the masses of Humanity,
but also the obscene levels of greed and corruption
we are witnessing around the World.   

Transmuting poverty consciousness is a critical step
in paving the way so the new patterns of Eternal Peace
and Godís Infinite Abundance can be magnetized
through our Heart Flames into our everyday life experiences.    
In addition to transmuting our own poverty consciousness,
you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity
have the ability to serve as surrogates
on behalf of the masses of Humanity
who are unaware of this monumental opportunity.   
If you have the Heart Call to do so, please join with me now
and together we will greatly accelerate the process of
manifesting Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace on Earth.  

The Solar Eclipse we are experiencing today, August 21, 2017, will
exponentially expand this Activity of Light
and it will build in momentum for years to come
every time you have the Heart Call to empower
this Gift from On High during your meditations
and with your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

And we beginÖ

A Clarion Call from our Father-Mother God
is now ringing through the Cosmos.    
In response, the I AM Presence of every person on Earth
and the entire Company of Heaven
are standing in readiness to assist in this Holy Endeavor.  

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with
the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child
belonging to or serving the Earth at this time.    
What I invoke for myself this Sacred and Holy Day
I invoke for every person on Earth in perfect alignment with
his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.  

My I AM Presence now takes full dominion of
my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.  
As this occurs, my I AM Presence recalibrates
and brings into balance the right and left hemispheres of my brain.   

The fragmented pathways in my brain,
previously prevented me from communicating with
the multidimensional aspects of my own Divinity
and the Company of Heaven.  

This is now  reconnected.   
This Healing process activates my spiritual brain centers
and restores them to their full Divine Potential.   

As these centers within my brain are reactivated,
the Light flowing through them from
the Heart and Mind of my Father-Mother God
awakens the dormant DNA structures within my body.   

This allows my DNA to receive higher frequencies
of Divine Light than I have ever experienced.  

My DNA is a shimmering, waveform configuration that is now being modified by the Golden Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, thoughtforms and emotions associated with the newly encoded archetypes and the Divine Matrix of Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. These patterns are now pulsating within the Mental and Emotional Strata of Mother Earth awaiting the opportunity to tangibly manifest in the lives of Awakening Humanity.  

During this Cosmic Moment, my I AM Presence
and the Company of Heaven
are imprinting the genetic codes for Godís
Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace within my DNA.   

These patterns are igniting every cell in my body
and lifting me into alignment with
the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.   

The 5th-Dimensional Crystalline patterns
of Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace
are flowing through my Heart Flame
and being secured within the nucleus of
every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of my Earthly Bodies.   

A reactivation and initiation into multifaceted awareness
is occurring within me.    I step through the doorway
into multidimensional reality and
I AM empowered with even more rarified frequencies of my own Divinity.

In this Realm I recognize, and I AM willing to release and
let go of, attachments and behavior patterns
that are based in poverty consciousness.    
These are the obsolete beliefs of my fallen human ego
that have trapped me in the painful illusions
of lack and limitation for Lifetimes.   

Through the multifaceted and multidimensional aspects of my Divinity,
 I now release all patterns I have ever empowered in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that reflect a consciousness less than Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. The obsolete beliefs of my fallen human ego are cast into the most intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame of Godís Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow. Instantaneously, the patterns of poverty consciousness are transmuted cause, core, effect, record and memory back into their original perfection.  

I now ACCEPT and KNOW that
my I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven
will intensify this Activity of Light daily and hourly, moment by moment,
with every breath I take until
Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace
are a manifest reality in the lives and experiences
of every person on Earth.  

This is the time of my new beginning.   
From this moment forth,
I will empower my Divine Potential
as a Beloved Son or Daughter of God
with every thought, feeling, word and action I express.  

I AM Divine Integrity
I AM Illumined Truth  
I AM Trustworthy and Honest  
I AM Divine Love, I AM Oneness, I AM Reverence for ALL Life    
I AM Worthy & Deserving of Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace  
I NOW Consecrate my Life Force to be the Open Door through which the Golden Light and the NEWLY encoded patterns of Godís Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace will perpetually
flow to bless ALL Life on Earth.    

And so it is. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.  
God Bless You,    
Patricia Cota-Robles   

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Thank You.   
©2017 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles    








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