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Fifth Dimension 

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Concept Summary  

5d Connections     
Find a Fifth Dimension Llover 
5d Light Workers Connect to each other 
5d Cosmic Aware Human Connection Services
5d Light and Llove Human to human Connections 
Find Fifth Dimension Product and Service providers  
Fifth Dimension, People-to-People, Connection Services

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Why We Are Here:   
Our mission is multi fold.  

***   We are here  to provide a website
where people who are or choose to
become fifth dimension beings
can connect with others of like mind. 

***  We are here to connect those
seeking products or services
related to 5d consciousness with those
who offer  such products or services.  

***   We are here to provide a place
where those selling products or services
that assist in reaching 5d consciousness 
can easily be found by their potential customers.   

***   We are here to help those
seeking to be of service to others. 

Let is show you
the amazing, powerful, joy-filled,
Fifth Dimension way
to be of service.    

***   We are here as guides, way showers,
role models,  and fellow students, all 
seeking to eventually reach full 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

***   If you are looking for a business, social,
personal, or romantic relationship with someone
whose focus is in reaching
full Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
be aware that everyone here is 5d focused.  

***  We are here to amplify each other's
power, each others effectiveness, and to 
spread Llove among the light-worker.  .  

<><><> <><><>

We are NOT here to control, direct, organize
or otherwise interfere with the thousands of beings

who are already self aware.

A self-directed being needs
nothing outside of him or her self
in order to do what he or she does.  
Bing in the non-physical world is normal for them.  
They are already connected with each other.   

If you are such a fully aware 5d being
and are still living in a physical body
and if you choose to become more well-known,
list your contact information with us so that
others may find you and your services.  

Also, if you choose to find
you might find it here.  

<><><>   <><><> 

Our physical structure is called  Service to All.  
Our physical action is called  mutual connections.

This service is limited to human aspirating
to learn Fifth Dimension Consciousness and eventually
become full Fifth Dimension Conscious beings.  

Everyone committed to learning
Fifth Dimension Consciousness is welcome. 
If you are open to connecting to
5d friend, companions, or Llovers,
remember all here are 5d seekers.   

If you have a 5d-related product or service
that you provide,
we invite you to work and play together with us.  

Begin by adding your name, plus 
your products, your services, your desires,
your intentions to our list of:  

                                                 and much more
Offered by People
                           Committed to learning

                                            Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 

Why bother?   
Because we will reach 
Collective, Full Fifth Dimension Consciousness

much faster by intentional cooperation.  

Here's why we'd be wise to work and play
together as a team.  

The Law of Cooperation
                                    Law of Cooperation 
tells us that
when we work and play together
we amplify our effectiveness, our Joy,
and our manifestations
by the square of  the number of participants.  

This is the Universal Law that underlies
the 100th monkey affect. 

Two people together, focused upon a particular topic
have the power of four.  
Three together have the power of nine,   
10--> the power of 100,   
1,000 --> the power of 1,000,000, 
Et cetera.    

Kryon Talks about the power of collective Consciousness:    

Minute 36:10  to minute 41:20  

<><><>   <><><>

In the words of Jesus,
"When two or more are gathered together
in my name, I am there also."  
Why is that true?

When we (humans) speak with one voice, 
We Can Accomplish Absolutely Anything!   

Do you recall John 1:1 in he Christian Bible?  

The Bottom Line: 
If and when we work and play together
while intending to be part of
a collective, unified, 5d world,

our success is guaranteed. 

<><><>   <><><>

And one other thing, 
we'd all be wise to stop bad-mouthing
those who hold beliefs
that seem to be different from our own.
Because we are all part of a single unified whole
and because most of our differences are from
lack of understanding each other. 

For example, Universal Spirituality 
and the teachings of Jesus
give us the exact same basic message. 

Examine the evidence:      






   Page Content


Concept Summary        

What's the Cost       


Open For Business  


5d Commitment What Does That Mean      

Startup Funding      

How to Participate    

Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light    


Looking for  Friends   
      who shares
      your commitment to
      Fifth Dimension Consciousness.     

Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge         

Services Restricted by Location   

Southern California     

Products and/or Services-Any Location        

Ideas to Share   

Footnotes and References   

Page Content



  What's the Cost?  


Because this is a brand new service,
We have a special offer.  
The first 100 listings are free.  

All we require is a link from your website
to our home page   
or this page:
preferably to both.  

The first-year cost to have a advertising block
on our website is $120.     
If you place this image  MOMs   on your website
in the lines where you add Facebook and Twitter,
your cost is only $30 for the first year.     







Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has opened the door for us
to create a world of Llove, Freedom, Joy,
and abundance for all.  

Those presently in control of 
money,  politics, and religion
are stuck in  obsolete, dysfunctional,
third dimension consciousness. 
The only thing they know is service to self.  

It's up to those of us who are committed to
the Fifth Dimension concept of Service to All
to lead the changes.  

We can best accomplish this mission
by working together as teams.  

The door to freedom and abundance
is open for business. 
You are invited in. 





    Open For Business        


Path to Success:  
Find a human need that is unfulfilled.  

Fill that need with honesty, integrity, 
and Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
Here is an example of 5d service:

Are you committed to manifesting
Fifth Dimension Consciousness?  
Are you a product or service provider? 

If so, you are invited to add your name and
your product and service to our list of

Products and Services Offered by People Committed to
Manifesting Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Open for Business




   5d Commitment - What Does That Mean?


Commitment to becoming a Fifth Dimension being
means realizing that it's possible
for humanity to shift into a world of
peace, Llove, and abundance for all.  

When you commit yourself to
accessing full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you'll discover that: 

**   Life is not what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

**   Fifth Dimension level of reality
requires letting go of
who you believe you are.  

**   Staying conscious to your intention
is our first challenge.        

**   Be responsible for your own life.
**   Stay in full integrity.  
**   Stop complaining, criticizing, or trying to change others.  
**   Allow the external world to be as it is.  
**   As much as you can, choose to stay in a joyful state of mind.     

**   Relax.  Be patient. 
Everything occurs in divine right timing.  

**   Take time for yourself.  
Practice breathing consciously.
Meditate daily. 
Living in the  Fifth Dimension 
is actually a lot of fun.  

5d Commitment - What does That Mean




   Start-Up Funding   


I've started this project with as close to nothing
as one can get and still be functional.


The Three things I Do Have:  

I have  an absolute commitment that this
Fifth Dimension Light & Love Connection Services
is going to be profoundly successful. 

I use the word successful
not in its third dimension meaning
that it's going to make a lot of money,
but in the sense that it's going to connect
thousands of self awareness seekers who,
otherwise would never know each other.  
It will also create far more than anything money can buy.


The second thing I have is
the TLC-Life-Center's
Cosmic-Awareness Training Program

I will exchange my counseling, coaching, and
my counseling services
for financial assistance, 
for tangible goods, 
for services, and/or
for your participation in building
5d-Light Worker Connections


The third thing I have is
a highly skilled
office-worker-trainer and assistant

who is willing to handle
the business aspect of this project
and also set up and manage
the connection services.  


What's needed now? 
Almost everything.  

What is most essential?  
Start up funding and
Technical Assistance.   

Please see our page titled:

Contact  /  Donate  /  Barter

Start up Funding




       How to Participate    


Here's the bottom line answer
to the question,
"How do I participate"?  

Whatever way works best for you.    

This concept, 
5d Light Worker Connections
new for us.  
Those of us who choose to participate
get to build its physical form
anyway we choose to do so.   

This page  (where you are right now) 
contains the basic vision of
5d Light Workers Connected  
as we see it at this time.  

As a participant, each of us will have his or her own listing
on the 5d community website.   
The listing will include basic information
about yourself and about
the products or services that you have to offer.  
Your listing  in the 5d community website
will include a link to your business and/or your personal website.   

We suggest that, on your own website,
you create a special page about yourself
and about your product or service.  
This gives you the freedom to include anything you choose.  





   Confirmation from 

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess  


The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light:     

On June 11, 2017, I find this
Magenta Pixie video on the Internet   

Her chanel from Spirit answers this question: 

"There are so many of you spiritual teachers,
leaders, way-showers, elders and adepts.  
Yet you all appear to be working alone,
and with your own agenda.   

Do you not think it is time for you all to get together
and be in contact with one another
so you can work as a team?  

The world is in a dire state and
you are all very much needed,
but how can you continue to help the planet
unless you join together as one?

There is, after all, strength in numbers.
You yourself have said “united you stand”,
so why then do you not stand united and come together?"

Magenta Pixie    





   The Concept Creator's

 Vision and  Mission



This project is much more than providing
the much needed service of
connecting 5d consciousness people
with others of like mind.  

We are also in the process of creating
the very first business to utilize the
Fifth Dimension,  Foundation / Corporation
Partnership business structure.  

TLC-Life-Center already exists and is
the NPO half o the partnership.  

The Corporate half of the partnership is
The 5d Cosmic Aware Humans Connection Services.

This is an
excellent,  new,  needed,  and 

The potential working titles at  this time are
5d Connections, 
5d Light Worker Connections,  
5d Light and Llove Human Connections  
5d Cosmic Aware Humans Connection Services.    

Everything  required in terms of technology and
the human technical skills put it together
to meet our needs already exist. 

There are no products to inventory or ship. 
The business is simple selling connection services.  
This service is limited to human who are aspirating
to learn Fifth Dimension consciousness and eventually
become full Fifth Dimension Conscious beings.  

This is an exponentially growing 
new market that did not even exist
last year at this time. 

When the hundredth monkey concept
hits human consciousness, 
literally millions of people will be seeking
the kind of information and guidance
that is offered on our connection services website.  

The 5d product and service providers will be
swamped with customers.    
5d Cosmic Aware Humans Connection Services websites will be standing ready to show them where to look.

This Cosmic Awareness Expansion Process 
is also a way to let potential clients  know about
TLC-Life-Center's  5d Counseling and Consulting Services.  

Our business functions within 5d consciousness.  
This gives us a huge advantage over 3d business.   
For clarity regarding why  this  is true
please go to     

This is just one step in a much grander vision. 
Like every aspect of human Earth-life,
creating 5d connections  is a process
that is being accomplished by taking one step at a time. 

We look around us and see
what resources we have available
and start from there 

If you intend to consciously journey
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we are looking for our additional team members. 
Contact us!    <><><>    

The Concept Creator's vVion and Mission



Looking for Friends   

who share
your commitment to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  




The purpose:
The purpose of this section is
to make connections to like-minded people.   

It does not matter what your other mutual interests are
as long as both people are committed
to reaching full Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Third D.  or Fifth D.    
I won't overwhelm you with details. 
I'll just say that w
hen we compare
third dimension connections and relationships 
with Fifth Dimension connections and relationships,
the differences are vast and
the relationships are grossly incompatible.  

If you are interested, you can find
the details in the footnotes
Compare Third D to Fifth D.     


Ways to Find Others of Like Mind:   
Again, the possibilities are only limited
by our imaginations. 
Here are some options to consider:      

***   Add a brief statement about yourself on our website.   
***   Create a private or a published page about yourself
         on your own website.  
***   Create a video about yourself.   

Connections can be made in three ways.  
1)  Open:   Add contact information
in your statement about yourself
on our website. 

Add connecting links to the page about you
on your own website.  
Add connecting links to your video about your self

2)  Private:   Use our connections services.  
Those attracted by your message on our web site
send us an email.  We forward it to you. 

3)   Set up a website   5d Friends and Llovers Connected.  
Make it into a Fifth Dimension version of Facebook,
only leave out all the corporate control
and the useless bullshit.           

Looking for Friends






Earth was originally designed to become
a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge. 
It was intended to become
the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy.  

The process was derailed.  
Earth was hijacked, taken over by
off-planet parasitic beings who
by force, deception, violence, and
every other kind of demonic activity imaginable,
they literally destroyed everything they could possibly destroy.  
They enslaved the human population
in an invisible prison.  

As part of the in-process Cosmic Transformation,  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in and
is removing the parasites and,
with the help of humans  (God-Beings like you and me)
is re-activating the Living Library. 

Those interested in participating in this process
are directed to our page titled:
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services.    
This will explain the over all process involved
and take you to the specific page related directly to
The Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.    <><>

    <><>   <><><>. 

Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Wisdom



  5d Connections
The 5d Vortex of Health and Healing  


As still another 5d Service to All,
We are creating   
a 5d version of a traditional
3d prayer and healing circle. 

irst understand that when you become
a full conscious being,
none of this is necessary,
however, those coming from deep inside of
Cabal-controlled 3d consciousness,
require a bridge from 3d to 5d.
this is one of those bridges.  

Our intention is to provide a connection
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's healing energy
with which the general public can feel comfortable.  
<><><>   <><><> 

Always On:
In 5d consciousness, there are timelines,
but time, as e know it, does not exist.  

Thus, you can say,
Our (yours, mine, and everybody's)
Health and Healing Circle 
is active 24/7.   

It's, always Connected,
always fully functional and fully functioning.  
It's always in effect.


Always Connected:  
Because we, ourselves,  are each
an  eternal, non-physical God being
we can NEVER  EVER be separate form God.   

We are inside of God.  
God is inside of each one of us,
both individually and collectively.   

Thus, we are NEVER ALONE!  
We have an absolute guaranteed connection to
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess  24/7.   

Always -Neutral 
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess 
is neutral about everything. 
Judgments like.  
Right and Wrong, Good and Bad
are human creations

God does the Healing:
BUT,  if you don't  ask you don't get. 
Actually you don't ask.  
You give direction to the universal energy
by a combination of your thoughts and your feelings. 

Why participate in the 5d Healing Circle? 
Because when we as humans
do anything is groups (two or more)
our power is amplified by
 the square of the number of people participating


The major Distinctions      

The Healing Process         



   The Three Major Distinctions 


Why How and why our 5d Health and Healing Circle
is more powerful and more more effective than
the traditional 3d prayer and healing circle.  

<><><>   <><><> 

The first distinction is that 5d pray
is NOT a request for something that isn't.  
It is a declaration of what is. 
This concept is based upon
the universal law which states:

Source/ Creator focuses only on what is
and does not acknowledge what isn't,
and does not acknowledge the opposite of an idea.  

For example, the message:
Don't Drink and Drive
is acknowledged as
Drink and Drive.    

A Prayer Example: 
God Bless America.

God bless America is separation language.  
It's ineffective and has no creation power.  
It's someone outside of God asking for
something that isn't from the anthropomorphic God
who lives in the sky.  

The empowered way to say this is
"God Blesses America, or
Blessings Be America, or
Blessed Be America.  

These are statements and declarations of what is.  
They're also statements of
what we expect will continue to be.  

God Blesses America.  
Does anybody doubt that America
is Blessed by Source/Creator/God?  
If you have even the slightest doubt,
go visit Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

God Bless America is a request for something that isn't. 
That statement has been spoken millions of time.  
Do we really need to ask again. 

If God is blessing America,
we don't ask again,
we say thank you.  
If God is not already blessing America,
another million requests are not going to change that.    

When you say
God Blesses America
this is an acknowledgment of what is, and
at that point gratitude and appreciation
are appropriate.  

Have you noticed that Jesus , when in prayer,
never asked for anything.  
He simply said thank you.  
We in 5d pray as Jesus did.  

<><><>   <><><>.

The Second Distinction
is that 5d people pray 
from inside of God, not form outside of God.  

People still living in Cabal controlled T
hird dimension Consciousness 
pray as outsiders,
as if Source/Creator/God were
"Out There-rrrrrr  Somewhere-rrrrr."  

We say things like "God Bless America."  
This statement has two major problems. 
First, it's a request instead of a declaration of what is
and second, it speaks to a God that is
outside of and separate from the person speaking.  
It's separation language.  
Thus, we have  come to believe ourselves to be
outsiders, outside of God.  

Is it even possible to be outside of God?   I
f you had a Christian upbringing, you've heard these words: 
"God is all powerful, all knowing, and all present."  
So ask yourself,
"How can I be separate from a God like that?"  

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in your living room.   Imagine yourself getting up, going outside, closing the door behind you, and then turning around, pounding on the door, and demanding to be let in.   Are you getting the picture, yet?

We believe ourselves to be outside knocking on the door.   That's total poppycock!  Nonsense!  Gibberish all mixed up!    One could almost call it blasphemy of Source/Creator/God.  

You and I, and everyone else, are all intimate, integral individuations of Source/Creator/God.   There is no such thing as separation.    Separation is simply one possible way to reverse-view the holograph we call human life.   (A visual holograph is visual structure in which each piece contains the whole thing.)  

We are each God-Beings who are temporarily playing the game called "Human Being on Earth."   You and I, and each and every one of us is a piece, a spark, an aspect, a three dimensional holograph of God.   We are each gods in physical form.   The more conscious we are, the more god-like our life becomes.

<><><>   <><><>

The Third Distinction
is one of perspective. 
Because the universal energy follows our thought process,
we actually create our own personal expereinces. 

When we are filled with fear and worry,
and are focused on a negative outcome,
we get a negative outcome.  
When we focus on a positive outcome,
we get a positive outcome. 

Steps in the 5d Creation/ Healing/
Shifting/ Transformation  Process:
3d Prayer is usually a focused on
what 3d people call a problems.   

5d people see Challenges.   -->> 
Opportunities  -->>  Possibilities  -->> 
Discoveries  -->>  New/Different  -->> 
Resolutions/ Solutions  -->> New Knowledge  -->> 
Wisdom  -->>   Appreciation/ Gratitude  -->> 
Celebrations  -->>  Growth/ Expansion  -->> 
Greater Self-Confidence  -->>  More Gratitude and Appreciation  -->>  Greater knowing that
we are all powerful God-Beings.  

If you intend to consciously journey
into Fifth Dimension consciousness,
we are looking for our additional team members. 
Contact us!    <><><>    


5d Connections -- Health and healing Circles     --  Three Distinctions

   The Healing Process   

The 5d Vortex of Health and Healing
is a non-physical "place"  (a vibration of consciousness). 

The vortex is a huge network of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
angels, divine masters and the like.    

Their mission is to assist humanity
in any way that humans ask.  

At any time, day or night,
that your are feeling less than Ideal,  
Sit quietly.  
Breathe deeply for a few breath cycles.

From your heart reach down and
feel the Llove that constantly rises into your body
from Mother Earth.   

Next from your heart, imagine
yourself reaching up into the heavens and say, 
"I declare myself to be connected to the real,
one and only, Source/Creator/ God/ Goddess."  

"Source/ Goddess please fill me and Llove and light
so that I know you are the real true God/Goddess."        

Do you recall these words:  
"According to your faith, so be it into you."
"Your faith has made you whole."   

Make you request in the following format:
   ____ Thank you for ___ .  
Your assistance is sincerely appreciated. 

(example:   "Jesus" thank you for healing my sore knee.")

FEEL your declaration as if it were fully manifested


Word Press



   Online Health and Healing Tips


<> <> <>

<> <> <>><><












Household Affairs Manager


We can Connect you to a

Household Affairs Manager     


Her service is assisting people in managing
their household affairs.  

Do you require assistance
in organizing your household  affairs.  

Has your-life partner gone to meet God?
Are your children grown and
now live some distance away?
Are you left to handle
your household affairs by yourself?  

Someone still has to make sure
that things like
the monthly bills get paid. 

She can assist in situations 
where you must research something, and/or
deal with an organization
that require complicated and confusing paperwork.
This is her area of expertise. 

Let's be clear .   
She is NOT a physical care giver.  
She does NOT clean houses! 
She does NOT work for any government agency
She is not associated in any way
with any government agency. 

She is a self-employed, independent person.  
Her expertise is in setting up a system
in which you can more easily take care of
your home, business-style affairs.  
She can also assist you  finding and arranging
for the services you require.  
She can handle the arrangement details.

She works in the West San Fernando Valley area
of Los Angeles CaliforServices-AnyLocationnia.  

Contact Us
We'll have her call you

Household Affairs Manager








Professional summary:  
I am a skilled and experienced Office-Worker Assistant.  
My job is not to brown nose the boss and bring him coffee. 

My skill is to help my fellow office workers accomplish tasks
that they don't know how to do. 

If a fellow worker needs information about something and doesn't know where to look, I'll find it for him-her.  

Internet researching is another place where I shine , <> <>

<> <> <>><><












Products and/or Services-Any Location   




To Be Touched And Healed by God's
Scalar Healing Energy  

Watch the Video,
Tom  Paladino
demonstrates Scalar Energy Instrument:    

Tom Paladino has developed a remote treatment process, using a scalar instrument, whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart.  He calls this a pathogenic cleanse. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens remotely; for instance, bacteria, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations, thus eliminating the causative agent of disease.   Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.  Do you have a pathogenic infection such as herpes, hepatitis C, lyme disease?  Try the 30 Day Remote Scalar Energy Session     




Technical Advice   


    Concept Overview  


Some aspects of concept are applicable at local only,
and other aspects are functional
regardless of your location.   

How often have have you encountered
a computer-related technical problem
that was simple to solve if you knew
which buttons to push and
in which order to push them?  

Or, in setting up or using your new computer system,
you felt overwhelmed.   

After hours of frustration you paid big bucks
for technician to solve the problem.  

What if there were someone local to you
that would willingly assist you in solving 
the relatively simple problems, or someone
who by phone or email can assist you
from a distant location.  

Once again the key to success is connection.  
Are you aware that  connections
are a form of Llove in action<><>  


This concept is also applicable to other human needs,
such how to getting help in learning
how to use your new cell phone,
how to change a faucet washer, etc.




Ideas to Share


   Concept Overview


Do you have an idea that you think others may find useful.   
Are you are willing to share it.   ><






Recommended Films, Video's, and More



There are countless films, videos, recorded seminars,
websites, webpages, books and the like
that support the Shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

Once set up, this list will contain thousands of entries and
link to every aspect related to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.       







   Concept Overview  


There are numerous shareware programs available free online.  <>. 






Define Service to All



Service to All
is the opposite of
the Cabal-controlled,
third dimension world of
service to self at the expense of
everyone else and everything else. 

Service to All is a life-style in which
everybody focuses on
what excites them the most and on
what brings them their greatest joy
while holding the highest level of integrity
in everything they think, feel, and do.  

This is a lifestyle in which everyone realizes
that they are God-Beings and Great creators
having a human experience
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
holographic universe

Those of us living the lifestyle of Service to All
honor Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Prime Directive, 
Thou Shall NOT Violate.   

Most of us want to live in freedom, Llove, and abundance
while being of service to others.  
When we all live in this lifestyle, 
there will be infinite abundance for all     

We have a complete page describing this concept:

Define Service to All

Leaders in Service to All  



Below, we have listed some People we have found
Who Demonstrate  Service to All.  

Most of these people provide 5d products and/or
service and/or offer siminars
for which they receive money. 
In addition, they publish significant
portions of their work on the Internet. 

Anybody who chooses to do so
can listen/ watch at no cost to the listener/ viewer.





Lee Carroll  Kryon:                                                                          Kryon   
A great source of information on topics
that I have not found anywhere else.   

For example, all most all the online information
regarding  the innate(smart body)
comes via Lee Carroll and Kryon.   







Esther Hicks  --  Abraham:  
If you are new to self awareness training,
this is an excellent place  to start.     






David Icke :   
David Icke is one of the pioneers
in the cosmic awakening process. 

We are all indebted to him for exposing the the Cabal and
the off-planet beings that control the Cabal.     






Bentinho Massaro:  
An  incredibly thorough coverage
of a wide variety of consciousness topics
and learning techniques.        






Magenta Pixie  
Magenta is a strong advocate of
the 5d concept Service to All.  

She walks her talk by making over 500
YouTube audio or audio-video recording
available on her website.         






Rev. Robert Cote'   aka  FahZoom    
Rev. Robert's online version
of his Cosmic Awareness Training Program
is available to all.  

His counseling, consulting and training services
are a synthesis, a combination, and a blend 
of everything form everywhere regarding 
freeing one's self from the
Cabal-controlled 3d prison

and attaining
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

See his website at:        





   Footnotes and References  

Defective Leadership     

5d-Light Worker Connections    

Compare Third D to Fifth D     



  Defective Leadership     


The level of
arrogant, mindlessness ignorance
on the part of our otherwise, intelligent leaders
has exceeded our capacity to just
allow the ignorant to wallow in
their ignorance.  

Today the price of remaining ignorant
is way too high. 

Those in leadership positions (politicians, bureaucrats, etc.)
are attempting to make major changes
without knowing where we are going
or how to get there.  

They have no idea  how the new
Fifth Dimension Consciousness functions.  

They have no idea that global-level, physical change
will come a result of changes
in human collective consciousness.  

They continue to fight with each other to see
who will control the people.  
They have no idea that top-down control is
old, obsolete, third dimension thinking.  

They fail to understand that
in the new, Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the people are in charge of their own lives
and answer only to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

Those who think that they are in control
will soon have only two choices, 
Go away completely or
become servants of the people     

As things stand now, We-The-People,
individually and collectively
must make the journey ahead of them.  
We must each be our own, personal leader.  
Our intention is to let the truth show us the way.  
All are invited to participate, including you.    


Add the list of Simple solutions +  Letter to Trump.   

Defective Leadership


5d-Light-Workers Connected:

The concept came to me in my
morning meditation on  June 8, 2017. 

Those of you familiar with how the universe works,
know that messages from Spirit come in bundles.  
Then we in physical form
must then, translate the message
into human communication. 

On June 11, 2017, I found this
Magenta Pixie video on the Internet   

The video was uploaded onto the www on June, 10,2017. 
She answers the question  below in her video:     

Published on Jun 10, 2017
The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light:     

"There are so many of you spiritual teachers,
channels, leaders, way-showers, elders and adepts.  
Yet you all appear to be working alone,
and with your own agenda.   
Do you not think it is time for you all to get together
and be in contact with one another
so you can work as a team?  
The world is in a dire state and
you are all very much needed,
but how can you continue to help the planet
unless you join together as one?
There is, after all, strength in numbers.
You yourself have said “united you stand”,
so why then do you not stand united and come together?"




Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 

Third D.  
In third D., relationships exist in a context
that is obsolete, dysfunctional,
and based on lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

Social structures are secretly controlled
|by cabal criminals. 
Education is based on  the illusion of
separation from God,
separation from nature, and
separation from our fellow humans. 

The common belief is that.  
God either does not exist
or that he is an angry, fickle vengeful, violent,
mass-murdering  super human being
who lives in the sky. 

Consciousness is right-brained mental, all head,
no heart, no feelings, no emotions.
God is masculine and rules by threats of violence.
Emotions are for women and weaklings.  

Women have three roles,
sexual services, creating babies,
and being servants to men. 
Sex is physical experience.  

Money or lack of money rules most peoples lives. 
People believe in secrecy, scarcity  and service to self.  

What one wants is impossible,
what is (present circumstances) suck,
someone else is in control and
life can't be any other way. 
Most people are not even aware that they hold these beliefs.

To most people, all this is considered to be normal.  
In 3d consciousness,
connections with other people are weak 
and relationships are usually short lived.  

Most relationships that last are dysfunctional at best
and often either boring or pain-producing. 
Sex is often completely absent. 


Fifth D.   
The first, and most obvious difference is that in 5d
we relate to each other as fellow God-Beings.   

We wakeup to and soon  realize our true nature.  
We are nonphysical, eternal God-Beings
having a human experience on Earth
in physical bodies in a Holographic Universe

Separation is an illusion.          
Everyone and everything and everyone
are all part of a single, unified being.  

Everything is consciousness
expressing itself as vibrating energy.  
We, as seemingly separate beings,
experience ourselves in physical form in
Source/ Creator/ Gods-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph

Everything exists in the context of Llove.  
We realize that humans
are inherently kind, compassionate, 
Lloving and generous beings.  

The heart rules everything.  
This is particularly obvious
in human-to-human relationships.  

Sex becomes a mystical, spiritual divine experience
of two God-Bings experiencing each other
as one single unified being.     

Once we realize that we are God-Beings,
abundance quickly becomes infinite. 
Scarcity and money disappear. 
Rulers, politicians and lawyers  become extinct
External control become unnecessary.  
Freedom is boundless and so are humans.  


If a human in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
attempts to create a close, personal relationship
with a person still living in
third dimension consciousness,
failure is inevitable.  





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