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Recommended Films, Video's, and More



There are countless films, videos, recorded seminars,
websites, webpages, books and the like
that support the Shift into Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

Once set up, this list will contain thousands of entries and
link to every aspect related to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

A few samples/ examples are included below.         






The 12 Universal Laws Change your Life Forever  

The Law of One   The Law of Unity:  
      Everything is connected to and
      is a n intimate part of everything else.  
      Everything affects everything else.    

The Law of Vibration:
      Match the vibrational frequency of
      that which you desire and
      the Universe will present it to you, (provide it for you.)

Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything
The Pleiadians, are an incredible extraterrestrial race
that most resemble humans






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Ideas to Share


   Concept Overview


Do you have an idea that you think others may find useful.   
Are you are willing to share it.   ><





Interview Shows Online


   Inspiration Nation - Get ready to Shine  


There are numerous Interview programs available free online. 
Here's one of them

Interview Example:  

MUST WATCH before 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE! - Manifest Positive Change in Your Life | Michael Lennox








   Concept Overview  


There are numerous shareware programs available free online. 
Some of them are included here.  

Open Office:  
      The major difference from  Microsoft Word is that 
      Open Office is FREE!      Free!      Free!  
      It belongs to We-The-People.  

Word Press     
For Building you own website:






Health and Healing Tips


   Concept Overview


<> <> <>

<> <> <>><><




Technical Advice   


    Concept Overview  


Some aspects of concept are applicable at local only,
and other aspects are functional
regardless of your location.   

How often have have you encountered
a computer-related technical problem
that was simple to solve if you knew
which buttons to push and
in which order to push them?  

Or, in setting up or using your new computer system,
you felt overwhelmed.   

After hours of frustration you paid big bucks
for technician to solve the problem.  

What if there were someone local to you
that would willingly assist you in solving 
the relatively simple problems, or someone
who by phone or email can assist you
from a distant location.  

Once again the key to success is connection.  
Are you aware that  connections
are a form of Llove in action<><>  


This concept is also applicable to other human needs,
such how to getting help in learning
how to use your new cell phone,
how to change a faucet washer, etc.






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