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   Fifth Dimension  People to People Connection Services    



Looking for People of Like Mind 

People Who Share Our Commitment to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness  





5d Compatibility Is Becoming Critical  


The first thing you want to know
when connecting to another person,
regardless of your reason for connecting,
is Compatibility.   
What do the two of you have in common?    

Regardless of what type of relationship you are we seeking,
you need to understand that
the entire world is changing dramatically.  

The old, obsolete, dysfunctional,  Cabal-Criminal-controlled
world of service to self is rapidly dying. 
It's being replaced by joy-filled world of Service to All
Every person on the entire planet is facing two choices:    

Counseling Health and Healing
Products and Services






People who share
your commitment to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  




The purpose:
The purpose of this section is
to make connections to like-minded people.   

It does not matter what your other mutual interests are
as long as both people are committed
to reaching full Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Third D.  or Fifth D.    
I won't overwhelm you with details. 
I'll just say that w
hen we compare
third dimension connections and relationships 
with Fifth Dimension connections and relationships,
the differences are vast and
the two perspectives  are grossly incompatible.  

If you are interested, you can find
the details on page two
Compare Third D to Fifth D.     


Ways to Find Others of Like Mind:   
Again, the possibilities are only limited
by our imaginations. 
Here are some options to consider:      

***    Add a brief statement about yourself
on your half-page ad on our website.   

***    Create a private or a published page (or pages)
about yourself on your own website.  

***   Create a video about yourself. 
Make mutual Connections between 
your half-page ad on our website 
to your personal and/or business website.   

Connections can be made in three ways.  
1)  Open:   Add contact information
in your statement about yourself
on our website. 

Add connecting links to the page about you
on your own website.  
Add connecting links to your video about your self

2)  Private:   Use our connections services.  
Those attracted by your message on our web site
send us an email.  We forward it to you. 

3)   Join us as we set up our new website  
5d Friends and Llovers Connected.
Our new website is in the very beginning stages becoming
a Fifth Dimension version of Facebook,
only we leave out all the corporate control
and the useless bullshit.           

Looking for People of Like Mind





Page Summary  








Page Content  


Page Summary><><><>  





What kind of Relationship am I Looking for> 


<About Myself  ><><>  

Are you interested in:
***   Social Networking  -- 
        Create Something Together  
        Online Games, such as Backgammon
***   Friends with Benefits   
***   Online Sex   Mutual Masturbation
***   In-person Sex   --   No sharing of Bodily fluids
***   In-person Sex   --   Sharing bodily fluids
***   5d Sex  Becoming multi-orgasmic   

***   Participating in re-establishing
       Planet Earth as a

       Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  

       Accessing the Living Library requires
       achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
       Candidate invited to participate with us
       will receiving intensive  training in
       how to become 5d multi-orgasmic.     







  Reformatted  18 June 2017  


Male Seeking Female  
Female Seeking Male
Name     George Grove
Your Date of Birth     Feb 23 1965
Email      ggrove
Password  Whisper5555

Fill in Questionnaire   <>  I'm Looking for:  
A woman who is good with children  
A woman who already has Children
Long term relationship
Pen friend
Casual Friendship
Online Friendship
Online flirting  

Choose Age Range of Person you are seeking
30 to 60

Does she have Children
Yes   No    NO Preference

Does She Want Children
Yes   No   No Preference   Not sure

Choose her height 
5' 1.5   to  5:87

Choose her weight
60    130

Body Type
A few extra pounds
Big and Beautiful

Does she Drink Alcohol?   
No preference

Does She Smoke
No Never
No preference

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
Questions about yourself:  

Where do You Live?


6'00"   183 cm

Your Body Weight
A few Extra Pounds
Big and Beautiful

YourMarital Status
Not Married

How many children do you have?
None   1   2   3   4   5  More

Do YOU want more children
Yes   No 

What is your formal Education Level
High school  not completed   
High School Completed
Some College
College Degree
Advanced degree

What Is Your Religious preference
Not Religioius
Universal Spirituality

Do you Drink Alcohol?   

Beer   Wine  Hard liquor

Do you Smoke?
No Never

Describe yourself:

Favorite Passtime

Add Photo











   Fifth Dimension 

People to People Connection Services  

Looking for People of Like Mind  



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