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Service to All 






What Is Service to All?  


Service to All
is the opposite of
the Cabal-controlled,
third dimension world of
service to self at the expense of
everyone else and everything else.   

This is a lifestyle in which everyone realizes
that they are God-Beings and Great creators
having a human experience
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
holographic universe

Service to All is a life-style in which
everybody focuses on
what excites them the most and on
what brings them their greatest joy
while holding the highest level of integrity
in everything they think, feel, and do.  

Those of us living the lifestyle of Service to All
honor Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Prime Directive, 
Thou Shall NOT Violate.   

Most of us want to live in freedom, Llove, and abundance
while being of service to others.  
When we all live in this lifestyle, 
there will be infinite abundance for all     

We have a complete page describing this concept:

Define Service to All



Below, we have listed some People we have found
Who Demonstrate  Service to All.  

Most of these people provide 5d products and/or
service and/or offer seminars
for which they receive money. 
In addition, they publish significant
portions of their work on the Internet. 

Anybody who chooses to do so
can listen/ watch at no cost to the listener/ viewer.






Rev. Robert Cote'   aka  Robin FahZoom    

Rev. Robert is a 5d healer, counselor, and  consultant.  
He is the creator of the
Cosmic Awareness Training Program.
And the connection service pages
 you are presently reading
Fifth Dimension 
 People to People Connection Services.    

The online portion of
The Cosmic Awareness training Program
is open and available to all.  
His counseling, consulting and training services
are available to those who have question. 

The program is a synthesis, a combination, and a blend 
of everything form everywhere regarding 
freeing one's self from  
3d dimension deception
and shifting into  
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

See his website at:        






Esther Hicks  --  Abraham:  

If you are new to self awareness training,
this is an excellent place  to start.     




R. F. 

  Matrix Energetics   


Richard Bartlett and Mellissa Joy provide
the most profound training in
the practical application of cosmic awareness
you'll find anywhere.  

Instant physical healing
is just one part of what they offer:  

Matrix Energetics   Richard Bartlett   &   Melissa Joy

Matrix Energetics





Lee Carroll  Kryon:                                                                          Kryon   
A great source of information on topics
that I have not found anywhere else.   

For example, all most all the online information
regarding  DNA and the innate(smart body)
comes via Lee Carroll and Kryon.   






David Icke :   
David Icke is one of the pioneers
in the cosmic awakening process. 

We are all indebted to him for exposing the Cabal and
the off-planet beings that control the Cabal.     






Bentinho Massaro:  
An  incredibly thorough coverage
of a wide variety of consciousness topics
and learning techniques.        




R. F. 

  Freedom and Sovereignty  


Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

If you really are serious about knowing how to
restore the Republic and your freedom
you need to put some effort into knowing
how our freedoms have been
and still are being robbed from us.

We've been tricked into secret slavery by fraud,
lack of full disclosure, (Lies of Omission)     
deception, threat, duress, coercion, and
intimidation every day of our lives.

This  has been going on in The United states for over 100 years.
The criminals have hijacked our government, our wealth,
and our heritage for their own gain and with evil intentions. 

Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,  
Page Two  The Invisible Prison

Our Situation Report   By Anna Von Reitz






Magenta Pixie  
Magenta is a strong advocate of
the 5d concept Service to All.  

She walks her talk by making over 500
YouTube audio or audio-video recording
available on her website.         





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