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Cycle Breakers




  Concept Summary 



A cycle breaker is a technique used
to stop an old obsolete pattern from continuing.  
It is done NOT by fighting the old,
but by allowing the old to be as it is   
and focusing on the new. 

The Universal Law of Fighting tells us
"To fight something is to feed it.  
To fight something is to give
your universal energy of creation
and thereby
you strengthen its existence."

This page describes several techniques.  
I'll describe them as I use them.  
You may choose to adjust them
to fit your own feel-good feelings.  





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Concept Summary     

Combining Head and Heart          .<>








  Combining Head and Heart 



Sit quietly where you can be peaceful and still.  
Close your eyes.  

With your left hand, touch your chest,
      either with your fingertips or
      with the flat of your hand.  
Become aware of your hand on your chest.  

Place you right hand (use the flat of your hand)
on you stomach, just above your naval. 
This is the third chakra, your emotional center
Become aware of your hand on your stomach.  

Now focus on your breathing. 
Breath consciously. 
Breathe a little deeper that usual..  
Notice how you relax as you exhale,

Silently say (think) these words
one at a time as you exhale: 
I feel Appreciation,   
I feel Gratitude,   
I Care,   
I feel Compassion,  
I feel Peaceful,   
I am Contented,    
I am a giver and receiver of Llove.  

Notice how you feel as yo do this.  
Breathe in and as you exhale, say
the first of the four  of the feel-good-feeling sounds. 
The four sounds are:,
Aahhh. . .    Oohhh. . .    Uuhhh. . .    Oohhmmm.   

Take in another breath and as you exhale,
make the second sound. 
Repeat with sounds three and four.   

Become aware of the moments of stillness
between the out-breath and the next in-breath.  

These are the moments where / when you can
consciously access The Great In-Between
The Great In-Between is the part of you
that we commonly call
God, God-Self, Higher-Self, et cetera.     

Focus primarily on the pause after the exhale
and before the next inhale.  
Stay with this long enough
to get your own impression of
what you are experiencing,
then read our web page titled
The Great In-Between








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