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Decision-Maker's Guide to Consensus        






The Bottom Line:   
The Bottom line in consensus is: 
How do we find accord, harmony,
consent, unity, agreement, or
thoughtful compromise given:  

1)   The presently existing situation and circumstances, 

2)   The desires, wishes, needs, requirement, and beliefs
       of those affected by the decision,

3)   The probable results of
       the various options currently available,  

4)   The proposal's long-term environmental,
       political and social impact, 

5)   The present state of technology, 

6)   The present social and political climate,  

7)   The lever of awareness (knowledge of the evidence)  of the general public.  

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What course of action will produce
the greatest long-term good
for the greatest number
with the least costs, the costs being measured in terms of:

1)    Loss of individual freedom, 

2)    Environmental destruction

3)    Loss of life  (human, animal and plant),   

4)    Physical damage --  injurers to people and property

5)    The creation of grief, misery and suffering, 

6)    The re-direction and consumption of goods and services,  

7)    The consumption, depletion and/or destruction
of non-renewable resources,

8)    The re-direction and consumption of time and effort, 

9)    Money and financial resources consumed?

The creators of consensus are also deciding
for all who have no voice or vote in making the decision. 
With such a array of factors to consider,
it's so much easier to just close our minds and
do whatever our leaders tell us to do.  


A Guide For Making Decisions

To actually make a decision under such circumstances,
requires more than blind obedience or a logical brain.  
Although the mind is an important factor,
it's not the only place to seek an answer.  

The ideal is to make decisions
with a combination of head and heart  
to make decisions that are agreed upon
by most people to be in the best interest
of the greatest number and at the same time
minimizes the cost listed above.   

When the heart enters into the decision making process, 
The Great God Money becomes our partner,
not our dictator.  
Money is no longer the only factor on the table. 
The decision also becomes a personal,
 internally focused choice
where everything is thrown into a symbolic blender,
and  where, after a thorough mix, 
love, joy, and freedom float to the top
and guide the decision.

Consensus Is Vital for Human Survival:    

Considering the present, incredibly-miserable living conditions
of over half the human population
and the rapidly-arriving environmental disasters,
consensus is vital simply for survival.   

Humans spend about fifty percent of
their time, money and resources
in a futile attempt to dominate, control, or destroy
other people for one or the other of two reasons.  

The first category is to dominate, control, or destroy
those who have different religious beliefs,
and second, 
is fighting over limited resources such as food and water.   

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