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False Fear Debunked

The Truth About
and Heavily Promoted
Future Financial Collapse 


It's Another Cabal Criminal Fraud







  Concept Summary  


This fear story is pure cabal propaganda.  
It's designed delay their (the cabal's)
pending and inevitable demise. 

When we examine what is going on
in the United States financial system and
in the world's financial system
from Fifth-Dimension Consciousness,
we see a completely different picture.


Let me begin with one simple fact of financial life: 
There is one and only one thing that is the core cause of 
ALL the nation's major financial problems!  

The cabal criminal bankers have intentionally
withdrawn a huge portion of the money supply
out of the nation's economy.  

The easy solution is to
simply replace the missing money with
debt-free money directly from
the United States Treasury. 

This can be done without any inflation and
even without gold or silver to back up the money
issued from the United States Treasury. 

Other nations would follow our example.  
The entire transition would be accomplished with grace and ease. 
Every nation's economy and the entire world's economy
would flourish to levels previously thought to be impossible. 

The process is not a disaster to be feared. 
It is simply a transition from an old system to a new system. 
The establishment calls this  the Global Financial Reset.  

Concept Summary






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Concept Summary    

The Financial Transformation    

How Does Fear Fit into This?    

The Much-Feared Changes   
      Are Actually Huge Benefits  

Prevent the California Water Disaster
      From triggering a national economic disaster    

Additional Benefits  

The Collapse of the Cabal   







  The Financial Transformation 



What is about to happen is NOT a disaster,
it's a Global Financial Reset
In simple words, this means that
our money system is being upgraded.  

In symbolic terms, it's like replacing a gravel-surfaced road
with a super highway.   
It's like moving from a tin shack to a
modern, fully furnished twenty room mansion  
The differences are incredible profound.  
See the section below titled,  
The Much-Feared Changes  Are Actually Huge Benefits. 

The old, obsolete, criminal-controlled,
debt-based financial-swindle system
is being replaced by a debt-free,
people-owned financial system. 


You can count on one thing from those in control   

Their invisible control is accomplished
by lies, incredibly sophisticated illusions,
false beliefs, and mind-manipulation,  
by fear, violence, and financial desperation. 

New Leadership:  
Another major factor that is being overlooked is that,
in the past, all major changes
(political, social, economic, religious, environmental)
occurred under the control of the cabal criminals.  

They were secretly in charge when whenever crisis occued.  
They actually created the crisis and
they were still in charge when it ended.   

We are presently (April 2017) in the middle of  
cosmic-level changes.  
When this time of great change is over,
We-The-People will be in the controlling positions.  
The cabal will be completely absent.  

Our future is
Llove, freedom, joy and abundance for al

The Financial transformation 





  How Does Fear Fit into This



Fear serves the criminals in two ways. 
First, fear is energy.  
Fear energy serves the off-plant beings
who have controlled the cabal criminal organizations
that have controlled the human population
for thousands of years. 

Fear is to them like food is to humans.   
These beings live on the energy
radiated from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing fear, anger, pain
or any other low vibration emotional energy. 

Second, the Cabal and their controllers
do not want a financial collapse.  
Because it would expose their fake fear of a collapse.  
There would simply be an immediate shift into
debt-free money issued directly from
the United States Treasury.  
Humans will simply replace
the fake worthless, fiat money
with treasury notes.   
This would completely end Cabal control.  

The Cabal story claiming that this
cannot be done without gold or silver
to back up the currency is another lie.  
Our present, Cabal-controlled monetary system
has absolutely nothing backing it.  

The only reason that We-The-People have no money
is because the criminal Cabal that runs the Federal reserve
have taken the money from the peoples banking system
and put it into the vaults of
the multi-billion-dollar banking cartels.  

The solution is to replace the missing money.  
The missing money can easily be put back into the economy,
using debt-free money
issued directly from the U.S. Treasury.  
It doesNOT need backed up by gold or silver,  

As soon as this happens,
the economy everywhere will soon
be producing so much abundance that
everybody can live in peace, freedom and abundance. 

Another way that fear serves the criminals is that
it keeps people from welcoming the Global Financial Reset.  
Fear is simply a Cabal delay tactic.  

How does Fear fit into This? 





  The Much Feared Changes
Are Actually Huge Benefits 



The only ones that have anything to lose
by these changes are the criminals. 
Here are some examples: 

All Debts Cancelled.  
All debts to banks and other professional loan-shark
organizations will be cancelled.  

Home loans - Canceled!  
Auto loans -
Student Loans
Credit card loans-
Pay-day loans -
Pay-day loans - Canceled!     


Huge Economic Stimulation
Debt cancellation will end
the home foreclosure crisis.  

What will be the result? 
It will create the ultimate economic stimulus package!  
75 million homeowners will have an average of $1,780 each
to spend each month for goods and service.  
That's about a 133 billion dollars economic  stimulus package
inserted into the economy each and every month.  

The home foreclosure problem will be stopped dead in its tracks.  
The so-called toxic bank assets will simply disappear.  

The results will show up in a matter of days not years.  
It will cause zero inflation.  
It will cost the taxpayers zero dollars.  
It will dramatically stimulate the economy.  


Rebuilding the Nations Infrastructure

The End of the Unemployment problem

Debt-free money will immediately be applied to
rebuilding the nations infrastructure.  
This will directly put hundreds of thousands of people to work. 
The supporting business will also begin to boom.  
This, in turn, will stimulate the entire economy.  


End the National Debt:  
Interest on the National debt
is costing the American taxpayers
over 400 billion dollars annually.  
The Global Financial Reset will
permanently and forever end the National Debt.  


There are about twenty more
major financial benefits that will come with
the Global Financial Reset.  
Perhaps we'll have time to list then later.


Below we've listed one major, additional  result,
preventing the California Water and Economic Disaster.   

The Much-Feared result  
Home Foreclosures data from From Site 53





  Prevent a California Water Disaster
  from Triggering a National Economic Disaster


A major earthquake in or near San Francisco will trigger a series of negative events and result in devastation the likes of which we have never seen before.   The economic and social ramifications are national in scope.

Debt free Money issued directly from the United States treasury
will be used to pay for an incredibly simple solution, the building of a storm surge barrier and thus, prevent this disaster from occurring.  
For the truth on this:  

The Ultimate Worthy Cause

UWC - The Ultimate Worthy Cause   

UWC - Area Description     

UWC - Maps-Drawing-Pictures    

UWC - Supporting Evidence  








  Additional Benefits 



The Demise of the Cabal:  
The most obvious and the greatest benefit will be that
the people will be free from control and domination
by sick, psychopathic, child-molesting criminals.    

Rebuilding the Environment  

No more wars  

Building a Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry.   

Ending the Insane War Against Marijuana.  

The end of Monsanto and GMO Foods  

And literally dozens of additional benefits.  


The Bottom Line:  
Instead of fearing the coming change
as if it would be a disaster,
our job is to see and welcome the coming changes
as a major Financial Transformation.   .  






  The Collapse of the Cabal



The Cabal Criminals
have controlled humanity for centuries.   
At the present time (April 2017),
they are being systematically eliminated.  

For an excellent article describing
how the cabal criminals controlled humanity for centuries
and about their demise of
we recommend  reading 
The dissolution of the False Light Construct
by  David Manning. 





False Fear Debunked -
The truth about
the heavily promoted
future financial collapse:
It's another cabal criminal fraud.



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