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Everything is energy.  
Energy is controlled by consciousness   
Humans are part of the universal controlling Consciousness.  

Feelings (not thoughts) are the power players
in human experiences.  
(Thoughts merely point the energy in a particular direction.) 

Your feelings create vibrations.  
Your feelings attract like vibrations. 
Your life is a reflection of your vibrations.  
This is called your state of being.     





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Understanding Feelings    

Human Vibrational Energy   <> <> <> <> <>





Understanding Feelings  


By our basic, instinctive nature,
we move toward feel-good feelings (fahzoom) and
we move away from feel-bad feelings (kohld-priki).  
We respond to external events
with internal feelings.  
We respond by doing, having,
expressing, and experiencing physical things
that will spark our internal feelings.  
The bottom line is that feelings inside or us
are the core of who and what we are.  

The overwhelming circumstantial evidence,
the physical evidence, and
the Christian Bible all tells us that
we are eternal non-physical beings
having a human experience.  
Science is finding more and more evidence
that is in perfect harmony with
the belief that we are eternal non-physical beings
having a human experience. 

Humans on planet Earth are actually
multi-dimensional  beings.  
There's the physical body and
there's the non-physical God-Being
residing in the body for this lifetime.  
We refer to the non-physical part as me, as
the I Am, as the god-self within.

Our bodies create physical sensations
as a result of what we see, hear,
taste, smell, and touch,
and as a result of what we experience or
witness in the external world.   
These sensation trigger internal feelings.  
These internal states-of-being
are clearly distinct from physical sensations.  

Feelings are created inside of ourselves. 
Feelings are expression of yours mine,
and everybody else's state of being.  
States of being have two basic forms: 
feel good / feel bad.  
We label these internal feelings as Emotions.   
Sensations are what the body experiences. 
 Emotions are expressions of our state of being.   
They are the non-physical aspect and experiences
the God-Being living inside of a physical body.   

Everything we as humans
do, have, express, and experiences
in the physical world is done
to create internal feelings - internal states of being.  

When you are self-aware, you'll notice that there is duality, one part is you being conscious of yourself, and the other is your mental state of being.   The state of being,the feeling part of you becomes aware of a duality: such as  Like / Don't like  or   Ugly /Pretty   or   Delicious /This is to taste as skunk is to smell.  

We label things as:  bad or good,  right wrong.   We judge things in all kinds of ways.   Sometimes our measure of feelings get's reversed (cross-wired)(hooked up backwards) so we mislabel what's going on inside of ourselves.  

We put an intellectual mental \ left brain label on who we are is so we can talk about our feelings instead of having to feel that part we call bad, or wrong.   Remember, we're talking about feeling-bad-inside, feelings as distinct from physical sensations such as in "scraped my knee " 

Feelings are also at the core of your natural state of being as a co-creator with Creator/God.   Feelings are the power that drives our "creative engine."   Think of yourself as a ship navigating through a multi-dimensional ocean.   Your thoughts are the steering wheel, your emotions/feeling are the engine - the power that move you wherever your thoughts direct. 

Thus the secret of transformation is to focus on shifting the thoughts and feeling inside one's own self and not going "out there" somewhere to fix something in the external world.   If you are afraid of something such as the fear of making a mistake and making things worse, work on the fear.  Work on the feelings.   Work inside yourself.   If and when you solve the inner problem, the external problem will solve itself.  

And one other critical factor, Nature, the Universe, Creator/God does not fix things.  He/She/It creates ,and the new creations simply replaces the old.

Avoiding the Macho Trap:   Because feelings are considered the antitheses of macho, many males tend to hide and deny their feeling.  If and when you do this, you literally deny who and what you are.  

Self-Sabotage:   Did you set yourself up to fail -to lose- to create this or that problem?   If and when something is going on in your life that you'd prefer not to experience, look back and ask, how did I set myself up for this __(whatever)___ .   How did/does this serve me.   Do I still want or need this.   Do I choose to create this again, or am I ready to move on?  

Choice:   If you choose to change, you have to choose who you intend to be.   Keep in mind that you've spent year getting to where you are today.   Be patient.   Miracles may not show up immediately until you are a little more experienced.   Choices are made in the here and now moment.   Keep choosing who you intend to be.   Commitment is about the future.  

And you make that commitment in here andNow.





Humans as  Vibrational Energy



Everything is vibration.   Like vibrations attract each other.   Like vibrations empower each other.    Every vibration causes all harmonious vibrations to vibrate.   Human can and do create vibrations:

"Masauro Emoto's research demonstrates that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas, and music affect the molecular structure of water;   the very same water that comprises over 80% of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet."    

If you intend to create something in your reality, change your internal frequency to match the vibration frequency of that which your are intending.  

Remember, you are not creating something new by manipulating matter in the 3rd dimensional physical world.   It's not about fighting the unwanted.   It's not about changing anything.  Allow whatever is to be as it is.  

Third dimension reality is perfect just as it is and for the purposes it serves   It's just incomplete.   There's much more.   If the difference between what is (3d) and what can be (5d) were symbolically measured as distance, they'd be light years apart.   

Simply bring your consciousness into the realization that human non-physical thoughts and emotions are the creators.   Create, in your mind, whatever you choose.   How? 

Reach beyond that which you previously believed to be real onto "A grander Truth in a Higher Level of Consciousness," 

Vibrate at its frequency.  
Vibrate your thoughts, feelings, words, ideas to match you intentions.   Visualize it.  
Feel it.  
Intend it.  
Declare it to be so.  
Witness it in your mind as already manifested. 
Step into the context in which your intention is your experiential reality.  

What  Controls  Our Experiences of Reality?   

Self image   
What we will or will not allow into our reality  
What you fear          

Whose in Charge?   

What changes my physical world?   I do.  
What changes your physical world?   You do. 
You cannot create in my world.    I cannot create in your world.  

I can trick you into vibrating in harmony with what I want,
while ignoring what you want.  
That's exactly what's been happening on planet Earth
for centuries.  

Today, Noveber 2016, that reality is rapidly changing.  I is disappearing.   It is being replaced by Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

Ref:    Holographic Beings in a Holographic Universe.    





Khold Priki  and  Fahzoom


Fahzoom   is a combination of
the elixir of anticipation,
the peak experience, itself, and
the satisfaction, the fulfillment,
thepeace of mind, and contentment
that follows a Faahzzuumm experience. <

Life requires that we make room for
those things and experiences
that we'd prefer not to have in our lives.  
We call the feeling and negative emotions
that result form these thoughts and experiences as "kopriki."  





The Basic Laws


You've undoubtedly heard that both the Universal Laws and the findings of sub-atomic physics indicate that there is no such thing as physical matter, that everything is energy.   Both the universal laws and the laws of science tell us that everything attracts that which is like itself.   For example, when a pianists, pushes down the damper foot peddle and strikes a single key, such as "middle-c," every other c string on the piano begins to vibrate in response.  

The laws also tell us that differences can be measured in terms of the rate of vibration.   For example a sounds a colors are functions of their rate of vibration.  

Your thoughts and your feeling are also vibrations.   They, too are a function of their rates of vibration.  They, too, attract that which is like themselves.   Thus, you can logically think of your experiences as a function of the rates of vibration of your thoughts and feelings.   To take this to the next step,  you can change your experiences by changing the rates of vibration of your thoughts and feelings (emotions).   How do we do that?   By changing what we think about and by changing our emotions (your feelings) regarding what we think about. 





Cycle Breakers


As a child you learned a set of beliefs
and developed a set of habit patterns.  
From the Universal perspective,
both your beliefs and your habit patterns
are simply vibrations in the context called (__ad your name here__).  

Your experiences, your problems,
and their solutions are also vibrations.  
So, instead of looking out in the physical world
for the causes and solutions to your problems,
consider looking inside yourself
to find the vibrational patterns
that are both the problem and the solution.  

If you've read the page on this website called Cycle Breakers,
you're familiar with the concept of
 interrupting dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  

One of the techniques offered there
is about taping on nine acupressure point
on your face and body while speaking
words that change your mental vibration. 
 It took you years to get to where you are,
allow yourself time to change.   be patient with yourself.
 Make changes one step at a time.  
Use the Kiazen approach.    





The Next step


This concept has been expanded upon considerably by  ---  Jennifer McClain   Carol Look at   Here a summary of her expanded steps integrated into other aspects of personal transformation and the expansion of consciousness.  

Your very first step is to slow down and relax.   Take several deep breaths.   Allow your body to relax.   The sky isn't falling, and even if it did, you are an eternal cosmic being and not a physical human body.   The original cycle-breaker technique tapped only the edge of the hands.   This expanded version taps on eight additional acupressure points.   The original cycle breaker technique was designed only to break that unwanted thought pattern.  The expanded version speaks to the three aspects listed below.

1)  Tap the nine acupressure point in the sequence listed below.  Speak out loud a set of words about self-acceptance. 

2)  Tap the nine acupressure point in the sequence listed below.  Speak out loud a set of words acknowledging and accepting what is.

3)  Tap the nine acupressure point in the sequence listed below.   Speak out loud a set of words about the opposite of what the problem was and about who you chose to be.   

The acupressure point to tap are:  

On the edge of your hand between your little finger and your wrist,  

On your forehead, in the middle just above your eyes,  

On the side of your head near the eyes,  

Under your eyes,  

Under your nose, 

Under your mouth, 

On the top center of your chest, 

On the side of your chest, 

On the top center of your head, 

Stop and take a deep breath.





An Example


This process is designed to change your vibration regarding whatever topic you choose to focus on.   Here's an example: 

A Specific Problem:   I'm afraid to do speak to my boss at work about his belittling attitude toward me and the other women because I'm afraid that I'll make things worse.   

There are no specific sets of words to use.   Speak whatever words come to your mind in the moment    

Self acceptance:  I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself exactly as I am.   I always stay in a loving joyous state of mind regardless or what's going on in my life.   Think of and speak several things you like/love/appreciate about yourself:   I am   ______     I am  _____   I'm really good at ____.   I love doing ____    I remember when I did ____ .   I'm going to do that again.   Think about the things you love and appreciate in the world around you.  

Appreciation:  Appreciate what is.   Think of who you are, what you have. your skills and talents, your relationships, our material possessions, and be grateful for everything.  When you encounter experiences and things that you'd prefer not to have in your life, look for the Buddha gift in them,   Look for the blessings in disguise.

What Is:   I've noticed that I very commonly do not speak up or take action  because I'm afraid that I'll make things worse.   I've missed several opportunities out of fear.   This was a useful tool for protecting myself when I was a little child.   Now that I'm a adult, I can let go of that old habit.   It's ok, to do dumb things, and to make mistakes.  I'm perfectly lovable just the way I am, I just got stuck in a pattern of fear and self rejection.  If someone rejects me, that's their problem not mine.  "What they think of me is none of my business."   

The opposite:   What will I have to give up, by choosing my new way of being?   Fear of losing something may be a significant block that requires examination.   The fear may not be rationale or reasonable, however, the inner subconscious self may still be functioning on old, obsolete beliefs.  

Trust the Universe.   Use the Theta process to integrate:   It's safe to be the new me.   I know how to live without my old habits.   I know what it feels like to be, do, hzve, express and/or experience  _____ .>

Who I choose to be:   (I'm not looking at these words as a goal, but rather as my new state of being  --  a state of being that already exists inside of me.   My goal is not to have a goal, but rather to become (be) the goal.   "Who do I choose to be in this moment?"   Remember that life in not a goal, such as getting into Christian heaven.   It's a constant journey of self discovery and creation.

I wonder what "magic" will occur when I speak up.   Now that the old fear is replaced by love, I have Creator/God on my side.   I'm getting excited because I now have the ability to make my life much more fun.   I'm now an active player in my life not just an observes.   I really appreciate ___ being a grump because I now know how not to be.   I'm now taking care of myself first, not to be better than others but rather to be an equally important person   

I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself exactly as I am.   I always stay in a loving joyous state of mind regardless or what's going on in my life.   Here are some of the things you like/love/appreciate about myself:   I am   ______     I am  _____   I'm really good at ____.   I love doing ____    I remember when I did ____ .   I'm going to do that again.     

The Advantages:   One of the advantages of this  technique is that it brings in several way to speak into your inner being.   This increases the power or your intentions.   1) your creative, positive imagination comes into play,  2) Speaking words out loud,  3)  Hearing yourself speak,   4) taping acupressure point is a physical activity.   If you write out a list things you like/love/appreciate about yourself, that brings in a visual and a physical activity.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that it commonly takes about three weeks to install a new habit pattern, so stay with your new pattern for at least twenty-one days.    >





Notes and References


Also see:   The Vibrating Universe  

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