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Llove Is Not a  Four-Letter Word





Did you know that  Llove  is way too big
to be a four letter word?  

It's also has the biggest meaning in all of creation.  
I think we should spell it with two ells,
like Lloyd is spelled with two ells.  
Let's also spell it  "Llove,"  with a capital  L.  
That would make Llove a five letter word,
like sweet, and sugar,
like happy and honey.  

What do you think?  

Update April 2017,  
Llove has two growing children: 
Llike,   and   Allow.     

Author:   Rev. Robert Cote'  2009    www.TLC333.com 





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+++   Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

+++   Llove Is The Answer     

+++   Llove Is  

+++   .    <>  






  Llove Is The Answer 



The text below was inspired by
the message at the above website.  


Allow yourselves to relax and float  into
the center-most point of your being
where Llove shines brilliantly and resiliently
in every moment.  

You mostly remain unaware of
the Llove that resides within your beingness

because you have been secretly programmed
to be filled  doubts and anxieties.  

The Truth about who and what you are
is now available to you you.

+++   The Power of Our Natural State of Being  
            When we remember who you are,
            Our Natural State of Being will fill our lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything we could ever require or desire.      


+++   Creating with Emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds.  
We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  

              Everything we do, every action we take

              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better


+++   The Great In-Between  
              This page is designed to give you an intimate understanding
              of how you relate to everything, including     Source/ Creator,   
              Your Fellow God-Beings,     and      Yourself.    


At least once every day, remember to go deeply within.  
Sit quietly in silence, no music.  
Focus on your breathing.  
Become aware of how you feel and what you experience
in the pauses between the breaths,
particularly between the out-breath and the next in-breath 
This is absolutely essential for your well-being.

Do so with certainty that an abundance of Llove resides there.  
It is within you (Yes! it's within you)
awaiting your unconditional acceptance of it.  
Remember, You Are an Eternal God-Being
experiencing physical form.  

Llove is always inside of you waiting to be experienced
while you are in your physical form, but
It does not force or impose Itself on you.  

Love is infinitely powerful and infinitely gentle.  
That probably seems like a paradox to  you,
but  It Is The Truth,  because there is nothing else. 

Llove is always there.    Llove is the Answer!  
What was the question, again?

Llove only seems NOT to be present within you
because you have all, at some point in your life,
been led to believe that you are
defective, sinful, bad, and thus unworthy of Llove.  

It is your false beliefs that prevent you
from experiencing the Llove that you are ,
the God-Self that you  are.
Learn to believe and you will find the Llove within you.  

Release those invalid and insane beliefs,
remind yourself frequently that you
are indeed a beloved child of God,
living eternally within the divine embrace of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  

Dismiss all yourself-judgments.
your  negative emotion, and false expectation 
that weigh you down with
an absolutely false sense of worthlessness.    

Although this sounds like an all but impossible task,
our new levels of understanding
make this process much simpler.   

The Grand Truth     

The Power of Our Natural State of Being  .  

Creating with Emotions 

The Great In-Between 


You were created in the likeness of God and
with the creative powers of God.  
You are eternally perfect, and eternally infinitely loved.

You are a divine conduit through which Llove most strongly desires to flow.   Llove’s nature is to flow, but, because it will not impose or demand, it will flow through you when you allow it to do so     .






Llove Is 


Llove is 
*   Non-material,  Non-physical  
*   Dynamic  
*   Self-Aware 
*   Intelligent   
*   Omni-present 







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Think of God as a context called Llove.   
Hermetic principle called Gender 
Hermetic Principle called Correspondence.


For Male, orgasm is projecting self into the female. 
For Male, orgasm is perceived as an outward Flow  


My perception of a feminine orgasm is that it is an internal experience.  

The energy stays in the body.     <>