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Relationships or Fantasy trips   







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***   Male power is castrated by female criticism. 
***   When criticized men withdraw support from women.   
***   This leads to more criticism.  

        This destructive spiral is only one of
        a multitude of mistakes that women make.  

Objective of this Message:  
***   To wake up millions of our fellow humans
        who are still basing their personal relationships
         on  third Dimension Consciousness.   

***   To introduce the  sleep walking humans to
         Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

***   To get millions of people
         to reassess their personal lives and particularly
         their relationship with their significant other:  

Two Un-Asked and Un-Answered Questions:  
***   Why Do I Believe What I  believe?~  

***   What Will Sensuality and Sexuality  Be Like when    
        I Know Who & What I Am?

Author:   Rev. Robert Cote'       

Date Written:    8 Nov 2016   Updated May 2017 

Producer:   TLC-life-Life- Center's 
                       Cosmic Awareness Training Center  







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Page  Summary    
Compare Third D to Fifth D 
Your Reputation 

A Wife's Biggest Mistake    <><>











Here is a little known fact about
unique  way you experience
              your significant other.   

Every human is potentially everything from the worst to the best.  
You get to choose what part of your significant other's "everything"
that you choose to experience in your reality.  

Your perception of your significant other
has nothing to do with your significant other.
Trying to change him or her is irrelevant. 
It's completely unnecessary.  
Actually, it's highly counter-productive.   

So, don't try to change anybody else.  
Instead make the changes inside of yourself.  
hange your perception of them 

Simply withdraw your focus from the part of him or her
that you don't like and
focus on the part that you do like.  

When you hold this properly in your own personal Vortex-Zone,~
you'll begin to experience your partner
as you would like him or her to be.   

Abraham (through Esther Hicks)
expressed this principle eloquently.  
Find it on YouTube: 
Go to minute nine in the twelve minute recording:


<><><>   <><><>

This same principle applies to everything in your life,
your home, your job, your finances, etc.   
You can use this technique
and eventually experience anything and everything
as you choose it to be, do, have, express and/or experience.  

Now imagine you and your significant other both
practicing the above described process.  
Each of you changes your perception of the other.  

What will be the result?  
I can tell you from personal experience
My wife and I both practice this principle and
we have a delightful relationship.       







Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 

Third D.  
In third D, relationships exist in a context
that is obsolete, dysfunctional,
and based on lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

Social structures are secretly controlled
by cabal criminals. 
Education is based on  the illusion of
separation from God,
separation from nature, and
separation from our fellow humans. 

The common belief is that  
God either does not exist
or that he is an angry, fickle vengeful, violent,
mass-murdering  super human being
who lives in the sky. 

Consciousness is right-brained mental, all head,
no heart, no feelings, no emotions.
God is masculine and rules by threats of violence.
Emotions are for women and weaklings.  

Women have three roles,
sexual services, creating babies,
and being servants to men. 

Sex is physical experience only,  
filled with shame, guild, and fear.  

Money or lack of money rules most peoples lives. 
People believe in secrecy, scarcity  and service to self.  

What one wants is impossible,
what is (present circumstances) suck,
someone else is in control, and
life can't be any other way. 
Most people are not even aware that they hold these beliefs.

To most people, all this is considered to be normal.  
In 3d consciousness,
connections with other people are weak 
and relationships are usually short-lived.  

Most relationships that last are dysfunctional at best
and often either boring or pain-producing. 
Sex is often completely absent. 


Fifth D.   
The first, and most obvious difference is that in 5d
we relate to each other as fellow God-Beings.   

We wakeup to and soon  realize our true nature.  
We are nonphysical, eternal God-Beings
having a human experience on Earth
in physical bodies in a Holographic Universe

Separation is an illusion.          
Everyone and everything and everyone
are all part of a single, unified being.  

Everything is consciousness
expressing itself as vibrating energy.  

We, as seemingly (but really not)separate beings,
experience ourselves in physical form in
Source/ Creator/ Gods-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph

Everything exists in the context of Llove.  
We realize that
humans are inherently kind, compassionate, 
Lloving and generous beings.~  

The heart rules everything.  
This is particularly obvious
in human-to-human relationships.  

Sex becomes a mystical, spiritual divine experience
of two God-Bings experiencing each other
as one single unified being.     

Once we realize that we are God-Beings,
abundance quickly becomes infinite. 
Scarcity and money disappear. 
Rulers, politicians, and lawyers  become all but extinct.
External control become unnecessary.  
Freedom is boundless and so are humans.  


If a human in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
attempts to create a close, personal relationship
with a person still living in
third dimension consciousness,
failure is inevitable.  

Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 
Copy at:    k-5d-2-ppc-about-ppc-services.html




Your Reputation Arrives Before You Do   


We each become known
by what we say and what we do.  

Here's the key rule in creating new relationship.  

Applying The Law of Correspondence:  
Here's a way you can intentionally
use the Law of Correspondence
to understand other people.  
Carefully watch those people with whom
you are planning to create a relationship.  
Regardless of the nature of the relationship,
be it business, friend, or lover: 

Whatever you see them doing elsewhere,
whatever you see them doing to someone else,
sooner or later,
given the means, the motive, the opportunity,
and sufficient incentive,
they'll be doing the same thing to you.
    <><><    .







    A Wife's Biggest Mistake    



Here's one of the Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality.  

What you think about with emotion
is what you create more of in your future.  

For example, if you bitch, moan and complain,
the universe gives you
more to bitch, moan and complain about.  

If you bitch, moan, and complain about your husband,
what does the universal law tell you about
your future with your husband?   Sheyit.

If you focus on what you believe
to be wrong about with husband,
what does the universal law say about
your future with your husband?     Sheyit.  

The universal laws are consistent
they always work the same way every time.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Here's another universal gem that you might want to consider:  

The Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion
This law tells us that sentient beings moved toward
that which brings pleasure, 
(feel-good feelings) (fahzoom)
and they move away from
that which brings them pain
(feel-bad feelings) (khold-priki).   

Now, ask and answer this question: 
Are my thoughts, words and behavior
attracting my husband to me or
are they pushing him away.    

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>                        Commitment      Commitment   

Are you ready for another universal principle?   

Your Thoughts, Attitudes, and Behavior  
Are amplified by the Non-physical World:

When you regularly focus on a particular topic
for an extended period of time
with thoughts, beliefs, words, expectations, and/or actions,
the universe comes in to assist, to amplify,
and to speed up the physical manifesting of that point of focus.    

Concerning all acts of bitching, complaining and fault finding,
there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which
kills countless relationships:   

When bitching, complaining and fault finding
become a habit, then the Universe (Source/ Creator)
steps in and assist the bitcher, complainer, and fault finder.   

All sorts of things occur to amplify the problem
that would never otherwise have occurred.   
A whole stream of events issues from
the thoughts, words, and behavior,
raising to the wife's detriment and leading to separation.    

All manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings
and material problems arise, which no woman
could have dreamt would have come her way.   

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion steps in.   
The husband leaves the relationship
The former wife finds herself alone
with nobody around to complain about.  
She may maintain her absentee anger, or
find someone new to bitch, complain and find fault with. 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

Collective Consciousness:  
When you regularly and frequently
bitch, complain and find fault, 
you align yourself with the collective consciousness
of those of like mind.  

Abraham-Hicks calls this Momentum.
Momentum is a collection of universal energy
(on any topic) 
moving human physical experiences
in a particular direction.  
Momentum is directly related to Timelines.

This is also  The Law or Returns in action:
What you put out is what you get back,
For more on how this law works,
see the first of the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

When you regularly and frequently
bitch, complain and find fault, 
ou bring to yourself similar currents of
revolting  and unhealthy thoughts
from the collective consciousness including
like images, like thoughts, and like behavior.
These amplify the negative affect of your behavior, and
moves your consciousness in a feel bad direction.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Downhill Spiral:      
Here's still one more universal truth
that you'd be wise  to consider,  

Bitching, complaining, and fault finding
sets up a circle of repetition that spirals down hill
until the relationship  self-destructs.   
**   The woman bitches, complains, and/or finds fault.   
**   The man withdraws care and attention.  
**    This gives the woman more to bitch, complain
        and find fault about.   
**   The man withdraws even more.  
**   The cycle repeats itself all the way to separation/ divorce. 

The former wife blames the former husband for leaving her.  
Instead of seeing and resolving
her half of the marital problem,
the woman seeks someone or something else to blame.
She steps deeper into victim consciousness.
She focuses on blame and condemnation.  
All too often, she, herself, becomes
the target for her anger,
causing physical problems like arthritis.    

Whatever you  have been bitching, complaining
and fault-finding about,  STOP IT ! 
Bitching, complaining and fault finding
has demonic power, and black magic in it!  
Not only that, it also feeds the Lizzerdz.     

Authors' Note
If you think I'm picking on women, your right.    I am.    
But don't bother condemning me for being wrong or being a bigot.  
You would only add evidence supporting my observation.  

And one final comment: 
Although you find this to be somewhat of a surprise, 
I'm not interested in hearing your opinion
about what is wrong with me.

And don't simply judge me as a male chauvinist pig
because the overwhelming evidence points to the conclusion
that men, in many ways, are much worse than women.

I'm not here as a fault-finder, either.  
My job is expanding everybody's self awareness,
including my own.    

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

P.S.   Thanks for one third of the inspiration and wording
for this article goes to W. H. Murray

of the Scottish Himalayan Expedition 1916. 



 A Wife' Biggest Mistake    





 How to Lose the Man in Your Life


When he has spent hours in a task,
come to where he is finishing up his work.  
Instead of expressing gratitude
and complementing him and his work,
point out something in what he did was less than ideal.  
Tell him  by words and by implication
that he's defective/ wrong,
or that he has wasted so much tine.  
Another bonus here is to tell him
how good so and so' husband did this or that.  

When he suggests something,
point out all the reasons why it's a bad idea. 
Remember to spew anger at him
every time he does something that you don't like 

While riding in the car when he's driving, 
be sure to give him instructions, and
remember to point out anything
that could be considered wrong. 

Bring up the Long-Gone Past
Another wonderfully effective technique
is to bitch about something he did a long time ago,
something  that has nothing to do with
what is going on in the moment.   
Remember to never let go of anything
that you can complain about.  

If he's busy, accuse him
of not listening to you requests/demands.  
Keep making him wrong about something.  
If he walks away, follow him, and keep bitching.   

Whenever he does something that displeases you,
claim that he doesn't love you.  

This is a incredibly powerful loser's technique. 
It's so out the moment, and off the topic of discussion
that it is a marvelous confusion-creator
and a powerful Llove destroyer.  

Complain to your friends about him.  
This is much more powerful when you
complain to others while he is present. 
Complain about him to anybody who will listen.   
You can add even more power to your losers game
by praising someone else's husband.

Audio   Kinesthetic   Visual:   
Which ever mode of communication
is dominant in him,  
use one of the other two modes
when communicating with him.  

For example, if he's visually dominant
or kinesthetic dominant,
speak to him in words from somewhere
where he can't see you
such as be in a different room from him.   

Start a Conversation out of Context:  
Just start talking about something
in which he has no interest.
Don't get his attention first and
don't bother to see in he's involved in something
that has a strong hold on his attention.  

Whenever he is engrossed in something,
interrupt him with trivia. 
or example, if he's an adamant sports fan
start an irrelevant conversation in a critical time in
whatever game he is watching.  

Be persistent:   
Never forgive him for anything.  
keep looking for things to complain about.   
Even though he's heard it several dozens times,
keep complaining about the same thing over and over and over  again. 

Remember, if you are bent on to destroying your relationship,
nothing is more powerful than commitment.  










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