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When I first started examining
religion and philosophy, in the late 1960's
The only thing that I knew about what was called "God"
was what the Catholic Church had taught me.  

Since then much additional knowledge
has become available. 
"God" is still the ultimate mystery, however,
much of how that mystery relates to human life
is now known.

On this page, I'll share my insights from 
over 45 years of study and research on this topic. 

In this document, We'll use the word    "Source. . ."  
 when referring to Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.          







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Page Summary      

Defining the Word God        

Are You Inside or Outside of God      <><><>







Defining the Word  God">



Before you can have an intelligent discussion
about anything relating to “God”,
you must first tell us what do you mean
when you say "God?"

Are you referring to a fickle, angry, vengeful, needy,
mass-murdering super-human being
who tortured and killed his son
as an expression of love and
who lives in the sky above the Earth?   


Are you referring to that mysterious
Universal Consciousness which appears to be
the source of everything?   

I won't bore you expressing here a more complete description
of the ridiculous and absurd characteristics
of what is commonly called God
by the Western religions,  however,
if you choose to read the list,
I've included it as a footnote to this document.  

I've also included in the footnote the
Universal Spirituality definition of Source...     








Two Perspectives of God  



God as defined by the Cabal Criminals   
who secretly (behind the scenes)
control the Roman Catholic Church.
      God is an angry fickle, mass-murdering, super-human being
      who lives in the sky above planet Earth.  

It (the Cabal fraud-god)
      intentionally created humanity as inherently evil.
      It then murdered Jesus as
its way of
      fixing/ compensating for its intentional act of
      creating everyone inherently evil.
      Then, It  called
its murder an act of Llove.  

went on to declare that anyone who questioned
      this ridiculous lie
      would be condemned to suffer  and burn in Hell forever.

<><><>   <><><>

The Real Source/ Creator/ God- Goddess

is the infinite, non-physical source of
the holographic expressions of reality.  

We know  Source as consciousness,
expressing itself as infinite Llove and
manifesting  aspects of itself as Vibrations
in Source's own self-created Holograph Reality.   







Are You Inside or Outside of God?


The next most important factor to consider
is to answer these two questions:  

Are you inside of God     or   
 are you outside of God? 

Are you separate from god    or 
are you an intimate, integral part of God?  

False, third dimension consciousness teaches people that
humans are outside of and separate from God.  
The evidence tells us that the opposite is true 

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A fresh Look Into the Christian Bible 








Who and What Are You?   

Where Are You?



We are Consciousness.  
Everything is Consciousness. 
Consciousness is the basis of everything. 

We are Gods. 
We are individuated aspects of Source. . .  
We are non-physical, Eternal Divine Beings temporarily living on Earth.  
Earth is part of Source's  Holographic Universe.     

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TLC-Life-Center is a meta-religion, inside-of-God,
spiritually focused organization that
transcends churchianity and religiosity.  
We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal connection
to Source/Creator/God.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and Enlightened Consciousness for all   



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   Do I believe in God?



Before I can answer your question,
"Do I believe in God?",
I need to know what you mean
when you say the word, "God."


The False Face of God:   

Are you talking about a fickle, angry, jealous, easily displeased,
wrathful,  vindictive, vengeful, super-human being
sitting on a throne somewhere overhead in the sky?  

Are you talking about a god who 
(for reasons that completely escape human understanding
and with what seems like arbitrary unpredictability) 
heaps great good fortune onto some,
horrendous misery onto others, and
pretty much ignores everyone else?  

Are you talking about:
A God who steps outside the laws of the universe and
       does anything he chooses,  including acts of magic,  
A God who grants special favors to those who 
       bribe him with prayers and adoration,   
A God who
destroys someone's life
      in a momentary fit of anger? 

Are you talking about a god with an ego so great
      that he demands our worship and a self-image so small
      that he demands our obedience --
a god so weak that he needs our help to punish the unfaithful --
a god so weird  that he murdered his own son
      as an expression of love   --
a god so angry, hypocritical, and unforgiving
      that he preaches forgiveness and, at the same time,
      is still punishing people today
      because a long- dead ancestor (Eve) ate "fruit"
      from a forbidden tree -- 
a god so ridiculous that he abandons and
condemns to never-never land
literally billions of humans simply because
they never got sprinkled with or immersed in
water by the correct holly man?   

Are you talking about a needy, self-centered, brooding god
who offers free will and then demands obedience
to a set confusing and self-conflicting rules
that are impossible to comply with?  

Are you talking about a masculine god
     who created women as sex slaves and servants -- 
a god so small he can fit inside of a single religion or
     into a single sacred text --
a god who demands that we murder people 
     simply because they believe in a different religion?   

Are you talking about The Great God Money,  
the most revered deity on the planet today?  

If that's your definition of God, then the answer is NO!   
I don't believe anything which fits the above description
could possibly be God.  

I'd sooner believe that the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny
were living in my attic and
having an affair with Miss America. 


The Faceless Face of God:   

When you ask, "Do you believe in God?"

Are you are talking about the source of all creation,  
a source and a consciousness that   
transcends human understanding?  

Are you talking about the sum total of all that is,   
the ever-flowing essence of everything,    
the central cause of all creation, 
from the minutest to the greatest, 
the source of everything we are and  
everything we experience?  

Are you talking about "An Infinite Source" 
who/which/that  neither rewards nor punishes,  
God that has created a set of invisible laws,  
laws that are as immutable as the law of gravity,
laws that we each can intentionally use
to create our own personal experiences,  
 or ignore at our own peril?  

Are you talking about a "God" that is unknown and unknowable,  
a God that expresses itself in a mysterious form of consciousness,  
a "God" that expresses itself as freedom, love, joy, and beauty,  
a god that manifests itself as the sum total of
everything we are aware of in
what we call the physical universe?  

Are you talking about a "God" that manifests itself
in each of us as whatever we choose
by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, and actions,  
a God that allows us complete freedom
to unconsciously create pain and misery or
to consciously create love, joy, and beauty
in what we call the physical world?  

Are you talking about a God that
we are each an intimate part of, 
a God which is that mysterious part of ourselves
we refer to when we say "I' of "me,"  

If that's your definition of God, then the answer is










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