30    Creating FahZoom Town - Part Four - Nice Play Park       18  June   2016  


Welcome to                Nice Play Park


Phase Four of

FahZoom Town
A Multi-Service Community





  Concept Summary 


Nice Play Park  is the
Play and Have fun, Portion of FahZoom Town.  

FahZoom Town consists of
five independent, intimately-interconnected,
fully-functional, joy-enhancing,
social-service organizations.   

Because Nice Play Park is also one of
our major, for-profit businesses, 
It will also  be one of our
major source of funding.

It will have vacation facilities, tourist attractions,
bed and breakfast facilities, and much more.     

Every aspect of FahZoom town is designed to
also function in harmony with and
when appropriate be a part of
the other four aspects of FahZoom Town.  

For example, when part five
(Safe-Haven Rescue)  in completed,  
in an emergency
the facilities will be available and
will very quickly be turned into
an emergency rescue facility.   

The income from Nice Play Park will be used
to expand the sites capacity
to fulfill all five of it's missions. 

FahZoom Town is a We-The-People,
resident-owned comunity.

When you look carefully enough
to understand our vision,
you'll see that each of the five pieces
supports other four pieces.   
The potential here is awesome.

Keep in mind that we are building FahZoom Town
step by step, one small piece at a time.   
Nice Play Park is the fourth major part of FahZoom Town.
Our major focus will NOT be on Nice Play Park
until parts  one, two, and three are functioning.      








  Page Content 


Concept Summary  

The Context In Which We Create Nice Play Park    

The Physical Possibilities      








  The Context In Which We Create

Nice Play Park   



FahZoom Town is the home and headquarters of
five independent, intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.   

We are Creating FahZoom Town by applying
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
to Source/ Creator God-Goddess's
Multi-Dimensional, Cosmic  Holograph.

It is also being built as a role model
for other groups to emulate. 

The Five Partners:   

1)    Consciousness expansion  Training Program:  
This portion of our vision that is designed to.  
introduce people to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
It's designed to show you who and what you are.   
Our Training program is presently functioning
by way of the Internet and by telephone.        

2)   FahZoom Town Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods  
This portion of our project is an expansion of part one.
It provides several additional aspects
of our over all project, such as managing the property,
providing organic fruits, vegetables
and other food products for
all FahZoom Town residents,
and much more. 

3)   Hemp Farming and Hemp Product Production   
(This is hemp, not Marijuana) 
When hemp production becomes legal again,
we will be in a product producer in a brand new
multi-billion-dollar industry.  
The profit potential here is awesome.  

4)   Nice Play Park 
is the EducationEntertainmentVacation
Play and Have fun, Portion of FahZoom Town.  

5)   Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA
is the physical, take-action and
the emergency services portion of FahZoom Town.  
It has been created and is being built
to update, modernize, and/or re-create all four aspects of
a complete and fully functional  
Emergency Services System:  

                  Disaster Prevention,           
                        Emergency Preparedness,  
                              Emergency Rescue,           
                                    Follow-Up / Rebuild. 

Why Create Safe-Haven Rescue?   
Because piece #1 Disaster Prevention
is completely missing and
because piece #4 Follow-up/ Rebuild
is very poorly poorly managed.   

Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is still in
its gestation phase.   

The five together are known as FahZoom Town.     







  The Physical Possibilities 



Several of the things we build for Nice Play Park
will already be constructed in at least a partial form.  

For example, the first structure we will add to the site
will be large pre-fabricated structure.  
It will be site's workshop, and have the required
machinery, tools, equipment, and supplies  
By the time we get to creating Nice Play Park,
that facility will be fully functional.

Food Services and overnight facilities:   
Food and shelter is job one.  
We will already have created
a basic kitchen facility as part of phase two.  
This will be expanded for phase four.  

We will already  have started converting
forty-foot shipping containers into compact living units.  
This, too,  will be expanded for phase four.    

High quality, temporary rooms
similar to hotel / motel rooms
can serve several intentions.  
So can a first class restaurant.

Living Units:  
See Part Two Shipping Container Conversions
for the multiple services provided.  
We will also have hemp cement for construction material.

Sports Facilities:   
A Baseball field is definitely in order.  

Numerous simple-to-create sports facilities
can easily be created, such as sites for volley ball,
tennis, badminton, lawn bowling, and the like.  

One on the facilities that we strongly support
is an indoor, year around, Ice Skating rink.    

A second interest is an indoor swimming pool and
an outdoor swimming pool.  

Weight lifting and gymnastic facilities will also becreated.   
We will have a large trampoline.

An entertainment center is is also in order.  
Films. plays, theater and the like:  
Music hall for dancing. 

Tourist Attractions:    
We have designed a very unique
one-of-a-kind tourist attraction that will be built
on in FahZoom Town  
We will not disclose what it is until we build it.     

The Safe-Haven Rescue Team:  
These men and women will have talents
both in emergency and non emergency times.  

And Much More:  
The things listed here
are just what comes to mind in the moment.

Offer Your Suggestions:    
We welcome your ideas and suggestions.   Tell us:  
What we have overlooked.  
What  you like best.   
What  you like least.  
What  we can add to improve the quality of our service.  

A Place for You:   
If you can see a place for yourself
inside of this vision, concept, context,
you're welcome to join us. 

Remember, to Be Patient.   
Do NOT expect overnight magic.
Change usually occurs one bite at a time. 
Sometimes those bites are very big,
most are very small.       






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