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Life Is Not
What You
Have Been Led
to Believe It Is
by Those Who
Claim to Know.!

Seek the Truth  +   Speak the Truth  +   Live the truth  =  Be Free





Welcome to

Adventures into
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

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14 Oct 19

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You are about to read
The  How To. . . book   About
the Incredible,  Earth-Human  Journey
from Invisible,   Unconscious-Prison    for our minds.
 to  Freedom,  Llove Abundance, Joy, and fifth-dimension sex.

The profundity of what we are doing
is on par with
Adding a New Color to the Rainbow




CHAPTER  ONE                 (Learn)       START HERE.  

*   We are in a  (used to be secret)  war
    for the control of human consciousness.

*   We are losing the war
    <>   We have NO United Front,  no voice.
           NOBODY is speaking for We-The-People.
    <>    We have NO united / coordinated activities,
    <>   We do NOT support each other,
    <>   We have NO single point of focus,
    <>   Most people are for waiting for
          someone else to do their job for them,
     <>  We
FALSELY believe that thousands  of us
          who are presently working alone
          can solve our problems
          and master our challenges.
     <>   And for several other reasons.
     <>   As long as this continues,
          WE ARE LOSERS

*   The TLC-Life-Center Team has
     Discovered,   Uncovered,   Developed
     and is now applying a NEW winning strategy.

*   We have everything required to win this war
     with one exception
     What's missing is YOU.!


We are creating several teams ,
all of whom must be taking independent action,
all at the same time. 
The teams will coordinate with each other
by way of the We-The-Peoples-Advisory-Council.

Chose the topic that is of the most interest to you
and start connecting with others
who have similar interests.

Then,  begin figuring what your are going to do
and how your are going o do it.
On each topic, our web sites provides basic information.
It maters not where you live.
The internet makes all of us neighbors.

Even if you have no idea  about what you are doing,
You are still  valuable member of We-The-People.

Learn more of the Winning Strategy at:

<><><><>   <><><><>
Section Title:    .Creating-a-Winning-Strategy.     .....
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CHAPTER  TWO                 Immediate Action


The Winning Strategy is
 anything that you can think/ express/ do
that moves yourself and others
toward our new Service to All Social Structure.



CHAPTER  THREE       Immediate   Action       

*   Our mission is to Free humanity from
     evil's secret mind control prison.

*   The strategy we are offering is by far
     the fastest path to human freedom.

*   These chapters describes our opening salvo of challenges
     designed to put the the evil ones on the defensive..

*   We have several, powerful
      pieces of scientific evidence
     that have been either ignored
     or kept hidden from We-The-People.

*   We have everything required to succeed
     with one exception.
     We Need YOU

Learn the full truth at:

The Torus Research sam at:  



CHAPTER  FOUR               Know Your Adversary
SITUATION  UPDATE - January  2021
We strongly advise you to
become aware of
 what the evil ones are doing to us Right Now.




CHAPTER  FIVE                    Action     Begin Today 
Distinguish between the general public and
the people who  are actively seeking
truth and well-being for everybody
Our job here is to create a system that supports
Truth-Seekers / Light-Workers,
Find full details at







We-The-People have spoken.
I shall repeat the request here:

We-The-People of plant Earth
speak to our galactic brothers and sisters.
We-The-People of Planet Earth

You have offered and given assistance to the criminals
who still run what's left of our social structure.
They function in complete service to SELF.
Why do you claim you have offered
service to the people of planet earth.?
YOU HAVE NOT offered assistance to We-The-People.!

You claim that you can only assist
when you are requested to do so.
Well, you are hereby officially requested to
directly help We-The-People of planet Earth.

We are no longer waiting for you.
We shall proceed on our own.
When we arrive at Galactic Headquarters,
to use your own ancient vernacular language,
Heads are going to role.
So, either get your representatives here, NOW.!
or start looking for something else to do,
Because, if your present macho behavior continues,

And one other thing,
Earth women are going to make the first contact .
Earth women  and our Galactic sisters shall open the door
and then, we will all melt the walls with Llove.

Remember , fighting is for those who are ignorant  regarding
the Laws of the Universe     and    the Rules of Reality.
If you are uninformed, we can teach you.

If you continue to hide from us, you will soon face
the very painful and difficult karmic-consequences of
the grief, misery, and deaths  you continue to allow.


A week or so after posting the above request  16 Jan 2021

Since this official request from the leaders of
the We-the-People's Advisory council
in early January of 2021,
evidence appears to indicates that
our requests have been heard and
response is beginning to show up.

If there is something you, as part of We-The-People, need
that our  Galactic brothers and sisters
can guide and/or assist us with,
(They will not do our job fro us.!)
go outside at 9:pm (your time)
and speak to those in the cloaked star ships near Earth
and literally ask for what you need.

We request your assistance in freeing humanity
from the mind-control  prison  of the evil ones.  

We  say to the evil ones,
leave our presence or
experience the consequences of
what you have done to us. 

Leave us here on Earth with and for each other.

Our work/play is for the betterment of
all humans and other life forms
anywhere in the entire galaxy.

This author's personal request: 
Please teach/ guide/ instruct me More and More abut LLove.

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*   Section title:     .We-The-People-Request-Galactic-Assistance.     .....
*   Section Address:     .     .....





CHAPTER  SIX              Learn/  Practice/ Action
The First-Lost-Secret of the Seven Lost secrets of Llove
It's by far the most important thing
you can learn  ( remember)
in your entire life.

It's only 13 words:
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention on

               Giving Llove

Here are some of the benefits, some of
 the p
ositive attributes of practicing Giving Llove
*   Interpersonal and Social Coherence is dramatically enhanced.
*   Cooperation  and mutual support increases significantly.
*   Our attitude becomes more positive.
*    We have an enhanced sense of well-being.
*  We are more able to self-regulate our emotional reactions
     to the external situation and circumstances.
*   People are more energetic
     because the are work/playing from inspiration
     and not form duty or for money.
*   Stress and anxiety becomes dramatically reduced.
*   Negative thinking loses its hold on our minds.
*   Depression (being stuck in a negative thought cycle)
     becomes a thing of the past.
*   Enthusiasm becomes the inspiration for action.
*   There is an increased willingness to participate.
*   We realize from experience that
     giving is also an act of receiving.
     Sharing orgasms is an example of this.
*   We recognize the power of gratitude.
*   We sleep better, WE feel better/healthier.
*   We feel better.   W feel more positive.
*   Accuracy increases because action comes from 
     conscious thinking prior to taking action.
*   Creativity is dramatically enhanced.
*   We see how we fit into life in a bigger picture.
*   We see how seemingly separate thing
    are actually intimately interconnected
*   We realize that the combined energy of creation =
     is equal to the square of the number of players
*   we have a n enhanced sense  of
     Self-Worth and Self confidence
*   We have a sense of belonging   there is a place for me.





CHAPTER  SEVEN          Learn & Practice
Single-Point-Focus                   Focus--Single-Point-Focus
Our combined thought-power
is about to play a leading role in
creating Joy   Llove   Abundance for All.
Learn More:    




CHAPTER  EIGHT          Learn
Learn the True Nature of Earth-Humans
Life is not what you have been
led to believe it is by those who claim o know.
Learning What and Who You really Are
 will open ALL doors for you.    




CHAPTER  NINE          Action         It's Party time.   
Monthly, Full-Moon-Celebrations of Life and Llove

This is where we demonstrate our

It's also the starting point of our
Education  IN  Entertainment  Program




CHAPTER  TEN        (Learn)    

Its Cosmic purpose is to bring financial balance to the world
To End the Six Major Banking Frauds .
This, in turn, will result in the end  of the Cabal criminals
and their fraudulent banking system

 Coronavirus --- What Is Its Cosmic Purpose?





CHAPTER   11 11-11    
The best defense is a good offence.


Read the true/fiction story about
how the people on planet Rosetta
defeated the evil 1%. 

*  They avoided direct confrontations
*   They blended tires and ice-picks.
*    The Result ?    Read the story..

Situation Update:

We no longer need to focus  our
Fifth-Dimension strategy for eliminating the evil ones.
Our job, now, is to shift our focus onto
* taking care of ourselves,
*  To be of service to each other~,
*   and build the New Service to All Social Structure~. .....  

Here' an overview of what has occurred:
In 2018, President Trump's
aggressive actions against the cabal
appeared to fade into nothing.
We  assumed that he had been compromised
by the evil ones and his actions against the Cabal suppressed.

In the absence of anything else, and
in the face of an aggressive, anti-truth campaign,
The TLC-Life-Center Team put together a
Fifth-Dimension plan to eliminate the Cabal.
The above story about
Ice-Picks  and Creative Imagination
was part of that plan.

President Trump continued to give us
the impression that he was doing nothing.
On January 20,2021, when his  secret plan
became public knowledge.

We now hear a very different story:
The U.S. military had secretly infiltrated
the U.S. voting system and witnessed
massive vote-counting fraud.
President Trump actually won the presidential election
by a wide margin.

As the evidence now discloses,
President Trump's  team  and the U.S. military
working in close harmony,
had set up the entire Criminal Cabal Network
for a great fall.
See the evidence here:

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CHAPTER  TWELVE     (Learn  and  Action)
     Bank-Fraud.....            Death-of-Money         

We are entering te Age of Abundance
Abundance eliminates Scarcity.
Without scarcity, money becomes useless
Money goes the way Corner phone booths
and drive in theaters

*   Both scarcity and money are coming to an end
     This is    Inevitable    Unavoidable     Coming Soon

*   Six, Major Banking Frauds Exposed -- EXPOSED

*   The Decline and Death of Money



              Power of Wealth.....

*   Image a hundred or more, very wealthy,
     high-integrity people.
     Imagine them combining their power and influence and
     all committed to and focused on the same specific goal.
     with in the framework of benefits for everyone

*   Imagine  a unified team of Truth-Seekers and
     a one hundred and fifty thousand ordinary people
     all focused on with the wealthy on that same  goal.
*   See Chapter  7  The Power of Collective Focus

Learn how that will function at:



CHAPTER  FOUTEEN        (Action)

Community Garden and Social Center
 Home and Community-grown, Organic Food, 
*   Physical Structures:  Food and Social Center,  
     Meeting Hall,     Recreational Center,   Greenhouses,
*     National-Level  support Network

We create a mutually supporting national network of
Local Community Organic Garden Support Systems
It has huge major benefits.
For example, these centers will be focal points for the
New, Service -to ALL Social Structure .....    

Find Full details at:




C S 18-06-22




We are NOT simply creating Food Gardens,
we are creating a new way of life
for ourselves and for each other.

Technology and human awareness have grown
to the point where
are now capable of creating our own,
Sovereign, Service to All Social Structure. 

The local Community Organic Garden Centers
are the focal point in the creation of
our new Fifth Dimension,  Service to ALL Social Structure,

The introduction to what the
Local Community Food-Garden-Centers
Represent in our Lives: c
ontinues at:   .....




People-to-People     People-to-People

The free Internet is no longer free.
Information regarding anything that conflicts with
the Cabal Criminal Agenda is being removed from the Internet.

Unless you know their address,
Light-workers/ truth-seekers can no lonerbe found.

When you examine our websites, you'll see that
hundreds of our references  have been
intentionally removed by the
Cabal banking criminals
To see what we are dealing with, also see there two pages:
*   Banking Fraud

*   Situation Update --

To counter this
, we do not fight the existing system.
We replace it by building a new system.

We have designed the replacement,
 a Free, People-to-People
Communications and Connections System
restricted to only those creating
the New Service-to-ALL Social Structure.
or those providing required products and/or services valuable to our new system.

We simply ignore and leave behind
the old, service to self system.




CHAPTER  SIXTEEN           Urgent Action     
How to prevent an Easily Preventable,
Otherwise Inevitable Trillion-Dollar Disaster

Resolve,  Fulfill and Complete The Ultimate Worthy Cause.....




CHAPTER  SEVENTEEN        Free Energy
Create a support team for We-the-People  accessing Free Energy.
The technology already exists..
Our team's job is to get this system to the People.




This virus is the Ultimate Cycle-Breaker
 We have found, discovered, uncovered
 and we now expose    to you   and    for you:
The  GOOD SIDE    The  GOD-SIDE  of the Coronavirus:




CHAPTER  NINETEEN     (Learn)      
Are you prepared?   If not, start today.



Sex-Sells     Sex-Sells

 Sex Sells
Have-I-Got-a-Deal-For-You !

CHAPTER  TWENTY     Learn      Action

With an opening line like, "Have I Got a Deal For You !",
the first questions that an intelligent person would ask are:
Is this a joke?    Is this guy crazy?
Is this guy some kind of con artist?
Is it possible that there is something legitimate here?




CHAPTER  TWENTY-ONE     Learn  &   Contact Us for Assistance.
Host / Guide / Coach / Mentor

Robert Cote', aka   Aum FahZoom
I am / We are your host/guide / and
fellow traveler into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness,  .........



Chapter Twenty-Two



We take you now into
the world of creative imagination
and give you a true to life fairytale.

Our story is about
how a sweet, teenage girl
with   Innocence,   Elegance,    and    Beauty,
became the woman of wisdom
who inspired  the English people to
to take back their freedom.

The sterile,  service-to-self, English hierarchy
was no match for her Llove.
The hierarchy did not topple,
it simply faded into insignificance.

Here is a sample of her words
to the people of England:

"I accept your request that I be your queen.
However, I refuse to be queen of England.
I offer myself to be
queen of England's  We-The-People.
I am here to serve you. 
I rule nothing and nobody.
I simply inspire.
I am your role model because
Anything I can do, you can do and more."

"I say this because we are all
one complete whole.
We are a unity of Llove.
Let us express ourselves
,    with,    and   for   each other
by living, learning, and practicing
The First Universal Law of Llove:
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention on
               Giving Llove


I am seeking a three person team of co-writers,
(preferably female).
Together we will turn this fairy tale
into inspiration for the world's future princesses.

Story Synopsis: / Outline / Overview

Princess Diana / Queen Diana
The first, Sixth-Dimension,   Llove Goddess
To enter physical form on Planet Earth....

notes to use to write the sstory essence

*   Princess Diana learns about
    the fist Universal Principle of Llove

*   In a dream she is told that she has a choice to make
     regarding her marriage to Prince Charles.
Upon awakening one morning ,
she realizes that
she  can continue the rivalry with Carmella and everybody stays miserable
She decides to seek an unconventional  alternative.
openly acknowledge everything
 the Charles/ Carmella Love and let whateverhappens happen

Use th line in he Crown where th Quens sisterexpane what going on

*  The arrangements are simply liad open 
 and Carmella carmella  reciprocate. 
they bring charles into the discussin
Charles realizes tat he has lived his entire lifea
as a mindcontrolled slsve of Cabal prigramnf
 and all decide to open their interrrtwining Llove relationships
relations  to public knowledge and be happy regardless ofpublic opinion

 Queen elisabeth becomes ill snd decides to step down..
Charlesbcomes king of England
He realizes he can never be as opular as Diana. and Diana says to the people
I shall be queen of We-The-People of England

In a series of programs, she teaches the rules of reality
and the physics of Consciousness

Bring in monthly ful-Moon celebrations ofLlove.
This is the first expression of Fifth-Dimension education / entertainment.

Riding a vey different time Lin
TEach 5D perspective on Sex

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.     .....





Find Additional Chapters at:





Can you help.?
Will you help
Robert Cote' aka   Aum  FahZoom
Thank you.




The First-22-Book-Chapters
Listed Alphabetically 

22   Alternate Princess Diana Story
12   Bank-Fraud Death-of-Money   Learn / Action 
Cabal-Elimination    Action
10   Coronavirus-Purpose  Learn
18    Coronavirus    Learn the Truth
  Bank-Fraud..... Learn  Action
08   Earth-Humans-True-Nature   Learn
07   Focus--Single-Point-Focus  Learn / Apply
 Food  -- Organic Community Gardens    Action
 Free Energy      Action
09   Full-Moon-Celebrations   Learn /Apply/Action
14   Gardens  -- Organic Community Gardens
11   Ice Picks    Learn /Action
06   Llove- First-Lost-Secret
05   Mutual-Support   Action
People-to-People--Communication/Connection  System  Action
 Power of Wealth.....
Robert-Cote'-Host / Guide / Coach / Mentor    Learn
20   Sex-Sells     Learn / Enjoy
Situation-Update    Learn
01    Strategy--Create-Winning-Strategy     Learn
Ultimate-Worthy-Cause    Urgent Action
 Wealth--The Power of Wealth.....

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