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14 Oct 19

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Updated    june  9  2020



All of us  want    Freedom,   Llove,   and   Abundance.
In order to get to that goal, to that objective,
we must first understand where we are right now.
It's not a pretty picture,
but it's essential to know.

Unless you are already familiar with
what I'm about to share with you,
your first reaction will be to
turn away from this crazy old fool. 
Because your mind has been programmed  
to repel anything unfamiliar
It's a  built in part of
the -secret control system
that I'm about to expose and share with you.  

Please do NOT believe me. 
Don't disbelieve me either. 
Temporarily, hold the information below
as an untested possibility.
as a Working Hypothesis
until you have had time to 
thoroughly examine the evidence.

<><><><>   <><><><>

Human Life Is NOT
What We Have Been Led to Believe It Is
By Those Who Claim to Know.

You, I, and everybody else have  been
(and most people still are)
making    critical,   irreversible,   life-altering   decisions
based upon false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information and in the absence of
vitally important,  missing information

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 9  2020


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August 2020

*   We are inside of an invisible, mind-control prison,
a prison made of lies, illusions, omissions, and false beliefs,
all exquisitely blended into a prison for your mind.

By imprisoning your mind, your body and your behavior
are also inside of the prison. 

 Fake-Humans control all major organization
on the entire Earth, including:
Political,   Social,    Religions,   Corporate,    Environmental
and anything else of any value for controlling humans.
They use mind-control / mind-manipulation /  Lies / 
Illusions / and much more

Deception  is a powerful and effective way
to have slaves for labor, for sex, for food,
for victims in their Satanic rituals , and
for anything the slave-masters want to have done. 
(YES.!  Human bodies are food for the evil ones)

We, you, me, all of us, we are inmates
inside of evil's invisible prison.
The enigma, the ultimate mystery, is
Who is in control?   Who is doing this and why?

What we do know is that we are waking up. 
We are becoming aware of the lies,
the illusions, the false beliefs
and most importantly
we are filling in the omissions,
the huge pieces of vital information
that have been kept hidden from
Earth-Humans for centuries. 

You may want to skip the details below
about the evil ones and move to an

On the other hand,
You may want to know what we are facing.
Your Choice.

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If you choose to  read the list below
do not dwell on this Sheyitt.
It's included here for those who need proof
that intentional destroyers  even exist. 

We'll fill in the omissions in a moment.
First you need to know that planet Earth
is infested with
swarms of deadly parasites.
The Parasites feed on human negative emotional energy
such as fear, anger, grief, misery, etc.

Fake-Humans         Fake-Humans
The parasites disguise themselves
to look just like ordinary humans,
but their consciousness is pure evil.

Here's their war plan, spoken in their own words:
*   "We wage secret and silent wars
     because they work.  
*   By the time our enemy realizes that
     it is being attacked,
     the war is all but over.  
     Our enemy has been defeated.  
*   By the time they wake up,
     it's way too late for them
     to do anything to stop us.   
*   We never openly attack.  
    We infiltrate.  
*   We secretly and silently
    destroy them from within. " 

What is important to understand is that
everything we see on a global 3D level —
*  Constant fighting and arguing,
*   the ongoing wars,      *   human rights atrocities,
* Suppression of opposing opinions
*   oppression,      *   loss of freedom,      *   surveillance,
*   corporate greed,    *   genetic modification,
*   fluoride in the water,    *   geo-engineering,
*   Poisons in our food,    *   Peddling fear and separation
*   chemtrails,     *   pharmaceuticals,*    vaccination fraud,
*   religious and political dogma/systems,    *   government domination,
*   Stifling freedom to protest.   Sex-slave trafficking,
*   Secret Satanic rituals in which children are raped and murdered,
*   sexual pathologies,    *   racism,  * Lies about everything,
*   mainstream media and entertainment are mind control tools,
*   Transhumanism/A.I.,and so much more
that we do not even yet know about.
ALL this is the creation of (or heavily influenced) by
occult forces that have been enslaving humanity
for thousands of years, using their puppet humans
to carry out their agenda in classic
divide & conquer fashion on un-seen levels
Source of much of the above list:

Everything that  our so-called leaders propose
sounds good on the surface,
but everything 
always  has  deadly hidden agendas
hidden beneath the rosy sounding lies they peddle  
Here are a few examples:

Cell phones, many given away free:
Cell phones are actually slow-death by radiation machines.
They are also human  tracking devices.  WI-FI

Smart Meters and the Like
More WI-FiI.    More mind-killing machines


You Are a Secretly Mind-Controlled,
Expendable Slave

You need to realize that those secretly in control
are running everything and
They NEVER do anything for anyone
other than themselves.
When they offer the people something,
there is ALWAYS  a hidden  agenda in it. 
It's done for themselves and NOT for the people.

We are herd animals to them.
merely like cows and sheep to be used
and then discard with the same concern
that they have for used toilet paper.

As long as we ignore what's going on,
we are their food.
They eat the negative energy
hat radiates from a human body
when the dweller in that body is experiencing
negative emotions, i.e. pain, anger grief, etc.
We are their wage slaves,,
the meat for their dinner table,
and victims for their satanic rituals.

When a human being realizes that he / she
is an  eternal, divine God-Being,
he  she can no longer be enslaved.


The Fukushima nuclear disaster is  a classic example of
something that initially sounds helpful but was actually
a setup for a future disaster
The controllers built three nuclear power plants
contiguous to each other (WRONG).
The built them right on the edge of the ocean, (WRONG)
with a completely inadequate surge barrier (WRONG)
to protect them from title waves.  

The criminal then set of a nuclear bomb off the coast
and  under the ocean
The resultant title wave destroyed all three power plants
at the same time.
Today (2020)  nine years after the bomb,
all three nuclear meltdowns are spilling spilling
tons of deadly contaminated water into the ocean. 

They receive numerous suggestion for
using dry ice (carbon dioxide)
as a coolant.   
That suggesting was completely ignored
and is still being ignored , today.  (WRONG)
The Cabal criminals who  created the the disaster
are still in charge of the clean up. (WRONG AGAIN)

In Japanese language SHIMA means JAPAN
Is the name simply Fukushims or is it

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GMO -- Murder at Your Dinner Table
GMO (Genetically modified Organisms)
*   Sold/Peddled to the public as
     an  agricultural revolution
    turns out to be a 
     Master-Minded,  Human-Killing System.
*   If you eat it, it alters your genetic make up.
*   Your grand children become steril.
*   Your family becomes EXTINCT.!

Fluoride in personal hygiene products,
Toothpaste, mouth wash, in our drinking water.
They are there to calcify the pineal gland
and prevent you from seeing the truth.


Poisons in our Food.
It's becoming more and more difficult
to purchase healthy food.
Read the Food content labels and     
in almost everything
you find things that have absolutely no place in being there.

Here are a few examples:   
* Fructose and High fructose corn syrup    * Gar gum
* Food colorings / Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 6 
*  Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
   aka      Artificial flavoring  
                Flavor enhancers
                 Hydrolized proten
                Autilized yeast extract
*   Diacetyl    aks  Natural flavors
* Food Preservatives  
      Sodium nitrate,        Carrageenan     Sodium Benzoate
* Trans Fat   Hydrogenated Oils
* Food thickeners   Xanthan Gum    Agar
* Yeast Extract
* Common types of artificial sweeteners include
     aspartame,    sucralose,   saccharin    newtraSweet
     Splenda         Equal   Acesulfame potassium   
     Advantame    Cyclamate    Neotame   Sacchari
     and acesulfame potassium.
     Check the link below for a description of these artificial swetners.

*  Instead, go for whole, unprocessed foods without added sugar,
     and sweeten them up with    Stevia,    Yacon syrup,
     monk fruit sweetener, or fresh, non-GMO fruit.


When  soy  was proven to be very unhealthy,
the controllers started putting Soy or Soy oil
in almost everything possible. 
They have even begun
replacing wheat in bread with Soy flour.
Soy in food is creating a huge health problem


We have offered a new approach to  growing food.
Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by, of, and for
So far we are being completely ignored

Look at the products with a long list of unnecessary ingredients.
The excess ingredients are there to hide the poisons.

Do you think all tis crap just happened by itself?
*   GMO altered food,
*   The poisons in our food,
*   The overwhelming amount of sugar or salt in everything,
*   The fluoride in our water,

WAKE   UP.!        WAKE   UP.!         WAKE   UP.!  
     Join our  5th-Dimension, 
               Organic Garden System

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5G Towers,
Peddled as as a speeded up communication system
turns out to be a blanket the area, deadly mind -killing system
Which very likely is contributing to
the severity of the Coronavirus.

Dangerous Humans
Evil's intention is domination and centralized control.
We are considered to be dangerous, farm animals.
They are scared shitless by our
becoming aware of our true nature.

The coronavirus
is their latest effort
to keeping humans uninformed, stupid,  mindless
and separate from each other.

Every possible destructive thing
that evil's  Cabal, Human slaves could imagine
for destruction  of humanity has been implemented.
They are now absolutely desperate because 
they now know that Prime Creator has stepped in
and all evil ones are being removed from Earth.  
Thus, they are extremely dangerous and have the attitude ,
"If I'm going down, I'm going do as much destruction
as I possibly can before I

Let Go of fear.   
This is part of a Cosmic Transformation
In the long-run, our success is  guaranteed.

While you are looking for your power,
we suggest that you  participate in
The First Lost Secret of Llove  and in the
Monthly Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.


New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (Full Length HD) - YouTube
39:52 Alex Jones' latest documentary shatters the hoax of the terrorism, revealing instead that government is history's greatest killer.

Now a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill billions with the superweapons it has created under a police state control grid and through the central banking warfare model it brought to life.

This documentary is another powerful tool in exposing the false threats used by the elite to control us-- powerful because it casts an even greater light on their own dangerous megalomaniacal quest for total power.

Here's another  reference that explains
their step-at-a-time take over of everything.
We suggest you read it now, 
because this type of information
is being systematically eliminated from the Internet.

Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed -
YouTube  20:14   2,29,045 views.   Posted online May 30, 2019
This is fascism in disguise.

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Now for an Overview-of-the-Missing-Pieces 

True-Nature-of-Earth-Humans    True-Nature-of-Earth-Humans

Here's what humans actually are:
You can find an extended discussion of this at:
Physics of Consciousness -- How the Universe Functions

We are Divine Beings.
     You and I and everyone else, are
     all part of a single, divine, unified whole.~

We are all 
  ***   Eternal   (timeless)  
    ***   Invisible   (to the human eyes),
      ***   Non-physical,
        ***   Multi-dimensional,
          ***   Self-aware,
            ***   Divine God-Beings   (having a)
              ***   Human experience   (in a)
                ***   Physical body,
                  ***   Here on Earth    (in a)
                    ***   Holographic Universe.
                      ***   We are also Great Creators.

Our individual consciousness is part of
our collective consciousness.  
Our holographic / physical experiences are all
observer-created   and   observer-controlled.

We are
extensions of
aspects of
sparks of
holographic images of 
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
Together and collectively, we are God.

Our Higher-Self  /  Our Soul-Self
On the soul level,
we each are a combination of
every life we have ever lived.

<><><><>   <><><><>


A few of us have escaped from the prison.
How did we escape?
First, by learning who and what we are,
then by focusing our attention on
guiding others out of their prisons of lies, illusions, etc.

We are here to guide you into  Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
Remember, the Fifth Dimension is not a physical place.
It's a state of consciousness, a state of being.

Cooperation and Single-Point-Focus
We have both of the two vitally needed components
for altering mass consciousness.
1)   Single-Point-Focus
     Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
 is where we practice    Collective, Single-Point-Focus

2)   Mutual Cooperation
         Humans will begin to live lives of
         Peace,  Joy,   Llove,   and   Abundance for All
         as soon as we choose to cooperate with each other
         and to collectively focus our attention on a single goal.

If you continue to walk around in fear, mindlessly
with your head  still up our ass,
Billions of us will be murdered before the war is over.

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     that the the criminal bankers
     do not want you to know.

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*1   The principles  of Universal Spiritually
     Universal Spirituality is a way of looking at
     the source of creation
     as an impersonal consciousness
     that transcends human understanding

*2   The Physics of Consciousness
     Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
     Reality has two sides,   One physical       
     and  One non physical.

     The non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
     There's  NO  Woo-Woo.       It's  NOT  Crazy.
     It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans do  not yet understand.

     Non-physical consciousness follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.

and on

*3   The Rules of Reality  
     Rules of Reality are miscellaneous
     rules, concepts and principles about reality
     that you'd be wise to know.       For example,
     *   The Universal Law of Correspondence and
     *   The Universal Law of Context.

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*   We acknowledge everyone's
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*   TLC-Life-Center is based on
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*   Our goals include creating
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*   The concept that became
     what is now known as TLC-Life-Center
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     was officially recognized as a non-profit organization
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*   Whatever the question is, 
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