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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play
Life-on-Earth  Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

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The First

Living Book



14 Oct 19

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*   Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     is the first book ever published in

*   It replace the dead, third dimension book format

*   It is The-Living-Library-of-Fifth Dimension-Consciousness

The moment a 3rd D. book leaves the author's hands
on way to the publisher,
it is fixed, immobile, and dead.   
It can no longer be adjusted, updated, and corrected.
No new information can ever be added.
It is dead.   DEAD!   DEAD!

In sharp contrast,
a book in 5d style and format is ALIVE!  
It's as alive as its Author-Creator.
It's changeable, renewable, dynamic.  
It can be adjusted, adapted,
updated, and corrected
as new information becomes available.    

Are you aware  that
"Adventures In 5d Consciousness"

is the First Book   Ever Published in
in Fifth Dimension Style and Format?
This book is as alive, as its author.
It's  dynamic, ever growing and ever changing.

The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites 
are alive, dynamic, ever-changing, and ever-growing.  
There is no end to creativity, to growth, to expansion
and to the content of this book.

Consider the Topic of References.
A 3rd D. book has references to other 3rd D. books.
If you want to read the reference book,
you must go somewhere, and find the other book
before you can access its information.

In our 5th D. book, to find the additional information,
you click the link and listen to the expert on your topic
as he or she tells / explains to you what you intend to learn.    


TLC-Life-Center's five seemingly simple websites are guides,
taking viewers from
Awareness to Wisdom to Self-Mastery.  

The TLC-Life-Center's Cosmic Awareness training Program,
including our Family of Websites,
offers you huge amounts of information,
numerous, new truths, thousands of references
all in a 5 D. style and format.   
Our websites offer paths to awakening that  far exceeds
the capacity of physical books.

The information pages provided
on these websites hold  
The Core Truths
required for us to become 
Free Sovereign Human Beings.


The information is backed up with
undeniable evidence.

Also notice that all words and symbols
are clear and easy o read,  12-point type or larger
with high contrast between the words and the background.

For those who have questions,
one-on-one, personal
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services
are available. 

This priceless gift of awareness exposes viewers
to the multi-dimensional nature of humanity.
Its thoroughness, its ease of understanding,
its simplicity, its massive comprehension
are way beyond the capacity 
of other information sources.

And one other note:  
When the original author exits physical form,  
the book remains in the hands of
those with equal talent and so,
the book continue to be alive and dynamic
until the usefulness of offering information
in book formats
has expired.     

Here's Our Challenge:
     If you can show us a better path
     to Truth, Freedom, and Joy,
     show it to us.  
     We'll take it!
      If you can show or tell us anything simpler,
      faster, or more fun, we're listening!. 

Follow any of the links~ 
on this page or  here~ and here.~ and here.
If you're wise, you'll soon see and
you'll also experience
The TLC-Life-Center Team has to offer. 

Also become aware of our
Teaching Style - 5d Teaching Style

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*   Section Title:     The-First-Living-Book



F.R. 18-03-09

Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness

Thank you,     

Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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