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Fifth  Dimension  Consciousness

Creating-a Winning Strategy
Part Two

Single-Point Focus


If you have not already done so,
we recommend that you first read the page titled:
Creating a Winning Strategy

And pay particular attention to the section tiled
.Believability-Familiarity, and Fear of the Unknown.
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Viewing Problems  
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We are in the critical stages of
a war for the control of Human Consciousness.

At this point, in the war   (Nov 2020)
our eventual success, our eventual victory is now assured.
Unfortunately, at the very slow rate that human
are waking up and taking inspired actions,
the process could take several more years
and cause literally billions of needless deaths
and much, serious, irreversible, environmental damage..

The time delay leaves us with 
a major problem / a major  challenge
Most of the evil ones know that their defeat in now inevitable
and that  they, themselves, personally,
are about to face serious consequences of their evil actions.
Thus, they are desperate  and  extremely dangerous.

Because of  the Cabal criminals use
a Secret, Dual-Corporate Control System,
they are still capable of killing billions of us
and of doing serious, irreversible, environmental damage.

The bottom line:
The faster we get rid of them
the better off everyone will be.

By your actions, you will choose
one or the other of the two choices indicated below:

*    I choose to become a Team-Player.

*    I choose to practice the First Universal Law of Llove.
*    I choose to support and be supported by
     my fellow Truth-Seekers,
     (i.e.   light-workers / Self-Awareness-Seeker)
*   I choose to participate in one or more of
     National, Single-Point Focus Project.
*   I want to help, but I don't know what to do.

* I choose to continue playing
      the Cabal's do-nothing, loser's game
*   I choose  to continue to focus
     ONLY on my own short-term self interest.
*   I choose to Ignore the needs of  my fellow humans.


Please realize that your lack of participation
could result in
*   The death of serious damage to yourself.
    and  to  your family, 
*   Billions of your fellow humans could be mass murdered
*   Additional serious, irreversible, environmental damage
    will be done.    Of this there is NO question.
*   The continue rate of species extinction could
      get even worse.

*   How wealthy you are,
*   How smart you are,
*   How famous you are,
*   How major your prior contribution has been,
If you are NOT a committed Team Player

We are all in this together.


*   The Winning Strategy
   is explained below on this page

*   It's straight forward,  easy to implement
    and much of it is actually fun. 
     (NO struggle,   NO fighting,   NO violence)

*   We just have to wake up and
     and engage in some easy-to-do activities..

*   To reach the Fifth-Dimension world of
Llove, Freedom, Joy, and Abundance for All,
we must start doing what needs to be done.!

*   Remember this is a war of consciousness and
     is NOT about  physical fighting.

*   Everything in our new reality
     is dramatically different from what you are used to

*   When we focus on giving Llove to each other,
     the result will be the death of scarcity.
*   The end of scarcity will result in the end of money.
*  The end of money will result in
    the end of the Cabal Criminal Bankers.
*   The end of the Cabal will bring to  all of us
     Freedom, Joy, and Abundance for all.


A Truth Seeker's Realization
It is MYSELF, It is What and Who I Am
 that I have been searching for.

I am now exploring  the  infinite un-manifested potential
inside of my own consciousness..
See;   The Gaia videos on Abundance

*   Section Title:     .Humanity-Needs-You-as-a-Team-Player    .....    
*   Section Address:     ..     .

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Update   22 Feb 2021
Is President Trump actually
about to remove about 196,000  Cabal criminals
from their leadership positions
and from their control and enforcement positions
in every aspect of human life,?

If so, then, our winning strategy
must be re-designed
to fit into the new Context.~

We-The-People must begin by
learning the truth about
The True Nature of Reality~
and we must learn
What and Who  Earth Humans Really Are.~

We must also learn/remember,and use
our individual and our collective Powers of Creation

November, 4, 2020
The next paragraph, below,
 was the original begining
of this section:

President Trump's  Loser  Strategy:

Trump lost his battle
in this war with the evil-ones
because he ignored several essential pieces of
the, winning strategy..
Here are  four pieces of his loser-behavior;
*   Trump focused his attention on
     fighting the old instead on
     focusing on creating the new.
*   His behavior tells us that
     did not  How the Universe Functions.
*   He ignored the collective power of We-The-People.
*  He failed to challenge Internet censorship.

  outnumber the Cabal Criminals
by more than a million to one
 and yet, at every major turn,
We-The-People are
losing the battles
in the war for the control of Planet Earth.
(See  Evil's Tools  below on this page.)

Freedom for  Humanity is considered a fantasy
in the eyes of many humans, and many more
have no idea of what real freedom feels like and is.
Imagine a world of Peace, freedom, and abundance for all.
Can you imagine Abundance for All?   Can you feel it?  

      Evil's Tools
.     ...
*   GMO,  and dozens of other poisons in our food,
*   5G,   WI-FI,    and several other forms of radiation poisoning,
     5G,   WI-FI, etc.  are all POISON to your brain
*  Intentional, destructive, weather manipulation,
*   Internet freedom from censorship is about 90% GONE.
    Most Truth Speakers, including myself,
     have been wiped off the Internet search engines.
*   The mainstream media is constantly lying to us.
*   Spy cameras and spy microphones are everywhere.
*   Hierarchy of secret control: 
     AI (artificial intelligence) controls the evil off-planet beings
     Off-planet beings control the Cabal banking criminals.
     The Cabal, via governments and corporations, control the people
*   Every major organization has Cabal secret agents in it
     whose job is to do as much damage as possible
     without getting caught.
*   Major pieces of advanced technology
     are still being kept hidden from public use,
*   Intentionally created diseases such as AIDS
     and who knows what else.
*   Fraking for Gas (pumping toxic chemicals into the ground)
     is NOT being done for Gas,   It's being done to destroy
     the clean drinking water supply for humans.
*   The banking system is
     the longest lasting financial swindle in all of human history.
*   The Bankers completely own and control
    the production and distribution of our food.
*   The Coronavirus has
     all but completely destroyed our previous way of life
*   and much more.

WHY are we a bunch of losers????

Hundreds of thousands of us are working diligently
to free humanity from secret slavery.  
Unfortunately the efforts are scattered, and
most team-leaders are doing their own thing
and ignoring everybody else.

We are overpowered and being defeated by
Lack of Cooperation,  
*   The absence of mutual support,
*   We have NO planned strategy,
*   We have NO single point of focus
The vast majority of humanity
     still does not understand
     Who and What Humans Really Are.

If we are to survive as a free species,

We offer a

Four-Part Winner's Strategy

below on this page.

You have a choice to make RIGHT NOW.!
*1  Wake up and participate in
     <>   Team-Sharing,
     <>   Mutual Support,
     <>   Humanity's Strategy of Single Point Focus
     And  also  Learn What and who humans really are.
*2   Prepare yourself for  Death
      for a life of misery as just another dumb, mindless slave.


Please be aware that
We are in a galactic-level war for the control of human  consciousness, 
A war like none that Earth Humans have never seen before.
Also, look Here.

We know you are a master in your field of expertise.
Thank you for your wonderful work.,

However, if we continue loosing this war,
 your work will have the same value as used toilet paper.

The winning strategy is incredibly simple.
We do NOT fight
We do NOT attempt to control anything outside of ourselves

All we have to do is engage in activities that
raise our personal and collective vibration so high
that the evil ones cannot reach us
and in the process, we will create so much abundance
that scarcity will die and with it, 
money will die, dead, Dead.  DEAD.!.  
and be gone forever
With the end of money comes the end of the criminal Bankers
And with the end of the criminal bankers comes freedom for all
That, my friends, is the basis of the winning strategy.

*   Section Title:     .Present-Day-Losers-Strategy     .....    
.*   Section Address:     ..     ...














Members of We-The-People Advisory Council  
are dedicated to building the New Service to All Social Structure
We focus on four aspect of Unity-Consciousness
*1    Single-Point-of-Focus
*2   Creating-a-Light-Worker-Mutual-Support-System
*3   Food and a well-paying job for all participants.
      See the bigger picture at    Chapters     NINE,    TEN    &     TWELVE
Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
    by, of, and for


*4   Each month at the time of the FULL MOON,
      we gather together,
     we celebrate our successes,
     we educate each other,
      <>   We share our successes online
           via our global community network
    Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
...     .....




#  ONE


*   We invite everybody,
     (all  who chooses to join us)
     to direct their attention
     (their thought-energy)
      onto a single point of focus
     on one of our fve-part, Single-Point of-Focus, Winning Strategies.

*   Our points  of  focus is small enough that
     everybody can be an active player on the physical level,
*   And big enough to include ALL of HUMANITY   ......

In one of our five strategies,
we have chosen to resolve, complete, and overcome
a major challenge that has plagued humanity for centuries.  
The challenge is to provide
adequate food and water for everyone.
This problem/ challenge is now solvable..  

What makes it solvable now,
when it wasn't solvable previously?

*1   The mass expansion of human understanding of
       *  The Nature of Reality,
       *  What and Who Earth -Humans really are,
       *  The Natural, God-Given  Characteristics of Earth-Humans  -

*2   We have added the concept of Cooperation
*3   We have added Mutual Support of
       light-worker  team members
       regardless of what their team is focused on
*4   We have chosen five Single Points of Focus
       that until now have been completely ignored,  
 *5 We now have people talking to  everybody you know .
       and urging them to participate in this War of Consciousness

One of our five  Points of Focus Is
Food Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by,   of,   and   for  
We-The-People .
Learn more
below on this page  and at

<><><><>  1  <><><><>
*   Section Title:    .Single-Point-of-Focus.       .....
*   Section Address:     .     .......




The next, critical change is
A Light-Worker, Mutual Support System

Why support your fellow
truth-seekers / light-workers?

*   Because you and me  and all of our fellow light-workers
     are on the same team.
*   Because we are all working for the same goal.
     That goal is Freedom, Joy, 
      and Abundance or everyone.

*   Because your sharing will make their job easier.
*   Because every major accomplishment of humanity
     has been the result of a group endeavor.
*   Because nobody can succeed by themselves
*   Because your sharing will make everybody's job   much easier
*   Because your sharing will bring success much faster.

If your mother, father, sister, or brother, son, daughter
 asked for your guidance, your assistance or
asked to see your film,
or asked  to learn your technique,
would you charge them money?  
You might ask them to cover your out of pocket cost,
but otherwise, you'd willingly help them because
You are all part of the same family.
Guess what?
We are all part of the same family
the family called   Earth-Humanity.
By helping anyone anywhere,
Family , friend, or stranger, 
helping them is part of everyone achieving
 the common/mutual mission of everyone.

Your fellow light-workers
require a different treatment from
how you relate to the general public.

If you are financially well off,
can you afford to share what has been give to you,
such as your knowledge, your strategy/ your technique, and
some of whatever else you have in abundance.

Please share your good fortune
with your fellow light-workers
who are still struggling financially. or otherwise.
Whatever we create// produce
will contribute to ending Scarcity.
The end of scarcity will make money obsolete.
Its value will diminish and become worthless

Now, ask yourself,
What is to become of all my excess money?
I already own an abundance of physical stuff,
Houses,     land to grow food,       Gold/Silver
and a whole lot of personal property,
so personally, I and my family will be OK

What shall I do with the huge amount of cash 
and all those things I own
that are in the form of a promises to pay
like cash, stocks, bonds  401k accounts, and the like.

Thevalue in all that is simply going to disappear.  
All that super wealth will be WASTED.  
What a shame.
It's valuable today  and  it will soon be worthless.
Let's see, what could I do with
the portion of my wealth while it's still valuable,
but will soon become worthless?


Right now, ,November 2020,
The greatest gift you can give to humanity
is to provide
The TLC-Life-Center Team 
with an adequate home-office out of which
I/WE can do our job.

*  MY JOB:
     I am a Fifth-dimension Systems Designer.

     Your first job is to find or be the person
     who provides the space, the place
     for me to do my job.

A Personal Request for Technical Assistance     ..     ...

     Your Second Job is to
     Learn, Practice Express, teach,  and Live-by
     The First Universal Law of Llove
        The way to receive Llove
             is to focus your attention
                  on giving Llove.

<><><><>  2  <><><><>
*   Section Title:  ..    
    Creating-a-Light-Worker-Mutual-Support-System     .....
*   Section Address:    ..

///   ..... ..




*   We start small and rapidly expand.
*   We have a huge, potential work force of
      highly-skilled and talent people looking for a way
     to participate in the enhancing the well-Being of humanity.
*   The personal and collective rewards are profound.
*   In the process, we educate our children
     on how to take care of themselves and each other.
*   The goal is create local community gardens everywhere,   
*   The Gardens will provide food,  jobs,  an education system
     for everyone who actively participates in the program.
*   Each Community Garden is an independent expression of
     the entire network and its support system,
*   Safe     Sustainable     Organic    
*    Local-Community-Based, 
*   Nationally and Collectively supported
*   Each participating group will have  greenhouses,
     Distribution center for food and other items,
     Training facilities,     A Community Center
     Social Centers and much more.
*   Everything needed will be provided.
*   Labor comes from the people
*   Food and profits belong to the program builders.
*   Each local garden system
     is  an independent member of the supporting network.
*   The network is a big and as inclusive as we make it.   

*   Each garden center and its facilities
    will become the new center of the local community.
*   It will dramatically reduce and  then it will
     eliminate human dependency on the evil's control system.
*   The use to be controllers will have built for us
        <>   a delightful system of communication
        <>  the technology of free energy for all
        <>   An amazingly proficient transportation system

*   It will provide free and/or low-cost food for everyone
*   It will provide well paying jobs for anyone willing to work
*   It will provide significant financial returns
*   It will be the core of the new social structure.

*   Health food and clean water
     is an absolute essential ingredient for human life.
*   At this time, a huge portion of humanity have neither.

*   If you think we have that here in the United States,
     you are sadly and seriously mistaken.
    Examine the evidence:  
     Chapter TWELVE   Poisons in our food   .....

We have an extensive description
of this piece of our wining strategy.
Find it here:
Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by,   of,   and   for  
along with a powerful, collective, garden mutual support system

We have also discovered, uncovered,  found
a profoundly simple way to pay for the initial setups for
an extensive, national-level
Community Grader Support System

In the interim between now and the time when
money becomes obsolete, useless,  
dead,   Dad!   DEAD.!     And gone forever,
The business will be managed  using the Fifth-Dimension
Foundation-Corporation-Partnership Business Structure

Once the set ups is fully functioning ,
it will provide jobs and substantial income,
all of which will belong to We-The-People.

The  Garden, Support System is also
one of our two points of primary focus.
The second point of primary focus
is Part Four of our winning strategy
Full-Moon-Celebrations-of-Life-and-Llove     .....
See the description of this Strategy/Tactic
at number four, below on this page.

<><><><>  3  <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .Local-Community-Organic-Gardens     .....
**   Section Address:





* The monthly celebrations are the core of
our new combined Education-Entertainment System

With conscious awareness of whatand who we  aare,
we can counter-balance and then
cancel out AI's ability to control humans.
Our collective consciousness is more powerful than
AI  and its (used to be) Secret War to enslave all of

We will succeed when  we remember the truth about
what and who we humans are.   
We will then use our abilities 
and apply our innate, God-given talents to
create and to share with each other
the universal principles of 
Llove, Freedom,  Joy,   Abundance for Allmastery to our lives.

Each month we gather with friends and relatives
anywhere and everywhere.
We also celebrate life and Llove.  
at  each of the local communities Gardens' community Center.
We globally share our celebrations
via the internet so anyone can tune in to
other groups are celebrating.

Aspects, points of focus  during the celebrations
A---  The Healing Stone
      ( featuring Kurt Hach and his healing crystals.)
     We all send Love  energy into the crystals..
       Later reconnect with the stone and
      receive some of the collective, Llove energy.

B   Re-placing the -Crystal God-Sphere
     Before evil invaded Earth, 
     a Crystal God-Sphere  surround Sacred Mother  Earth
     Our joy is to re-grow that God-Crystal Globe.

US stands for all the people
living on the land area commonly know as
the United States of America,     aka    USA


Four-Part Success Strategy
On our logo, We see the horizon line below the word "We."
 and on the plains below,
we see images from various  communities
Every community has it's set own holographic images
that other members can tune into and experience. 
The communities have no boundaries 
because we are all work/playing in a cosmic Holograph.  

There are no external leaders needed..  
Each of us is the leader.
Each of us is the creator of our own version of
the mutual holograph.  
It's all there, every community is there,
we are simply tuning into a small piece of the All that Is.

We  each share some of our abundance.

The bottom line:
*   The focus on giving Llove to each other
     will result the death of scarcity.
     The end of scarcity will result in the end of money.
     Money will become useless, worthless, and then
     Completely dead, Dead> DEAD.!  and Gone Forever...

It's all part of the Cosmic-level shift
into the age of Llove and Abundance.

Astrologers refer to this as
the now eagerly anticipated
Age of Aquarius.

<><><><>  4  <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .Full-Moon-Celebrations-of-Life-and-Llove     .
*   Section Address:     .        ....




# Five

In their new, Documentary, film Thrive II,
Foster and  ----  Gamble,
tell us about a man in Africa who has discovered
*    A way: to tap into the FREE Energy of the Universe,
*    and he has developed the technology  for distributing
     the Free ENERGY  to all humanity.

Learn why this technology is another major Ticket to FREEDOM.
for We-The-People at:

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .Free-Energy-and-Its-Technology.     .....



Robert Cote'   
The Non-Physical Team

Aum FahZoom
Lady MJ

I, as the personality-self known as Robert Cote,
may be, in many areas,  ignorant  and uninformed, but
my non-physical friends are Cosmic in their Consciousness

In my field of expertise,
*  I am far better than almost everyone else.

*   I am a visionary,
*   I am Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer.
*   I know how to put all the pieces of life together
     to create a winning strategy.
Check my believability and my credentials.

What about you?
You may  be an expert in a  small pieces of reality,
but do you know how your expertise fits into
into the unified whole?  NO.
Well, I/we do.!  

*   My five websites offer an abundance of winning strategies
     on almost every aspect of human life.
*   We offer below on this page 
     four strategies for changing us
     from a bunch of rag-tag losers
     into  mutually-supporting networks of winning teams.

I willingly share my abundance of
      knowledge and wisdom with you.

If you have a better idea, lets hear it. 
If not, we expect your participation, beginning right now, today.

*   I suggest that we set up .
*   For Example  many truth speakers have been
     forced off the Internet and left with no source of income?
     Are you assisting any of them in any way?
*   Do you have a particular skill or technique?
     Are you sharing it with your fellow light-workers?
     or are you trying to sell it to them?
*   Are you supporting my work?
   See My Personal Request for Technical Assistance     ..... 





RE:   Is Anybody Listening?
_______ ,

Since we last connected,
I/We have discovered, uncovered,
and developed
a Winning Strategy
to eliminate the Cabal,   
the Lizzerdz   and
the evil AI that control everything.

Here's our outreach message:
RE:   Is Anybody Listening?
______ ,
Your work is wonderful,  BUT,
You can only hear yourself.

RE:   This is a 9 1 1-Call
       from We-The-People.

We are riding  
A Cosmic version of the Titanic.
Is Anybody Listening?

We are in a very-deadly war for
The Control of Human Consciousness
and for
The Control of Planet Earth.
Is Anybody Listening?

We have a  Winning Strategy
to resolve these problems / challenges.
Are you willing to listen.

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'   and    Aum  FahZoom

President Trump lost his battle
in this war with the evil-ones
because he ignored several essential pieces of
the, winning strategy..
Here are the four pieces of his loser-behavior;
*   He did not know the rules of reality
*   Trump focused his attention on
     fighting the old instead on
     focusing on creating the new.
*   His behavior tells us that
     did not  How the Universe Functions
*   He ignored the collective power of We-The-People.
*  He failed to challenge Internet scsnsorship.

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .Outreach-Message-December-2020.     .
                               Is Anybody Listening.?      
*   Section Address:     ..     .....



C S 18-06-22

Message-to-Foster Gamble 



The Winning Strategy
The  TLC-Life-Center-Team has
discovered, uncovered,
and developeda Winning Strategy
to eliminate the Cabal,    the Lizzerdz   and
the evil AI that control everything
All the funding you will ever need
is waiting for you to wake up and tap into it
May I show you a huge source of money, but
you must tap into it NOW,,
because when the present financial system crashes,
all that money will disappear.

Examine the evidence at:

Thank you.
Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Return to Page Content
*   Section title:     ..     .....
*   Section Address:     ..     .....




C S 18-06-22




Do you realize that there is a secret war going on
for the control of human consciousness
and for control of planet Earth.?
Examine the evidence at:

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section title:     ..     .....
*   Section Address:     ..     .....






*1   To All and everybody

RE   Imagine your personal Tomorrow.
Imagine how much more joy-filled
your life could be, can be, would be, and will be,
when you take a few minutes to learn even one
of the several, major truths about reality
that you do not yet know.
For example:  
Here are two easy, simple, joy-filled places to begin:
How to Be of Service  to Others

The best and easiest way
Create Joy and Llove for Yourself

The First Lost Secret of   
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Thank you.

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'

<><><><>  <><><><> <><><><<>   <><><><>  <><><><> <><><><<>

RE:  We Want You
We-The-People's Advisory Council
are putting together a network of mutually supporting  teams
consisting of   The Best,   The Brightest,  
The Most Talented people on the entire planet
and we would like you to be
a part of     or an advisor to
one or more of our success teams.

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'

<><><><>  <><><><> <><><><<>   <><><><>  <><><><> <><><><<>

Message-3     ..Message-3  ....

FROM:    Robert Cote'   
To           Foster Gamble
Add 5th Dimension Consciousness to your work.

I am offering you my services as a
     Fifth-Dimension Consciousness Advisor
*   Because I can show you how to
     dramatically  expand and  exponentially speed up
     the exposure of your Thrive  II documentary
*   Because we are both focused on the same mission, 
*    Because we are both masters
     in our respective fields of expertise.
*   Because we  are both exposing the Cabal corruption.
*   Because I know how to  dramatically speed up
    humanity's transition into  freedom.

I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer
with 31 years of  experience in my field of expertise
and 25 years of training before that.
Check my believability and my credibility.

I know how to dramatically enhance
whatever you and your teams are doing.
Let me prove my value.

*   My website is filled with examples
of why you need to  tap into my expertise.
(See an example of my creativity.)

What I want in return is NOT money,
Please connect me directly, person to person, with
Tony Robbins,   Dean Graziosi,   Vishen Lakiani
Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez
and about five other very wealthy individuals.

I am requesting that you and they join forces and
work as a single unified team on 
three,  critically important issues.   

Here's one of the three issues:: 
With your combined talents and power,
We-The-People can
solve,   resolve,   complete,   and   fulfill
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.   That cause is to
prevent an otherwise inevitable Trillion Dollar Disaster
from occurring in Central and Southern California.

Thank you. 
Please respond so that I know
you have received this message.

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'

Message-3A     Message-3A   _
FROM:    Robert Cote'   
To           Foster Gamble
RE:          Power of Collective Consciousness

Do you know how to
use the power of Collective human Consciousness
to completely eliminate the cabal criminal Bankers
in about three months?
You don't
Well,  I  DO.!
You need me as an associate advisor to your teams.!

Thank you. 
Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'

Find a copy of my first message to you HERE.

<><><><>   <><><>>



I/We bet you 
 an all-expenses-paid
week's vacation for two
to anywhere in the world

if you can prove us wrong.
Are  YOU  Listening, Now?

If you do not respond to  this message
We'll bring in our psychic investigation team
and find the  secret Cabal agent
hiding in your support team.
Evil's agent cannot hide from an aura reader.
His aura will will contain the colors  black or brown.


Let's make this even more interesting.
I/We have access to extensive,
scientifically proven evidences that
All the oceans in the entire planet Earth
are on a single flat plane.
Again, I/We challenge you to prove us wrong.
YOU  listening?

*1   Know your enemy 
       Steal, study, 
       and, when applicable,
        use your opponent's strategy against him.
*2   The power of collective,, human consciousness.
*3   Mutual support.
        Trump tried to win the war by himself.
        He never commanded his army of
       Truth-Seekers,     Light-Workers,
       and       Heart-Directed-Humans

        He had the power to direct his point of  focus
       We-The-people had and still have
            the Winning Technology
       Remember the first Principle of War is
            The side with the
            most advanced technology always wins.

Third dimension physical fighting is obsolete
Because the real power is
in the  powers of collective  Consciousness, 

We say that because the new would have simply
left AI, the Lizzerdz, and the Cabal
as only memories in our history encyclopedia.

Remember, this is a war of consciousness and
We-The-People outnumber the evil ones
more than a million to one.
Trump ignored a huge billion-people army,
The  We-The-People-Consciousness-Army
He had no winning strategy
Well, that was the.  This is now.
We are all on the team,
We are all in the same army. 
We are all  working toward the same goal
We can end the old by simply creating he new.

Here's the Winning Technology.
You are an essential part of the wining strategy,
You are a God-Being with incredible creative powers.
have you heard the age- old maxim,
"Know Thy Self."
Do you know yourself?
What and Who are you?
We-The-People are literally invincible
because we are God-Beings.

Our Suggestions for Everybody:
Learn and Practice the First of the Seven Lost Secret of Llove

*   Realise that the New Service to All Social Structre
     will produce so much wealth and Abundance
     that Scarcity will disappear.
     With Scacity gone, the need for money will also disappear..

*   Prepare yourself for Life After the Death of Money........
*   Learn  the Universal Law of Context (aka  the field).

***   What is most urgently needed:
         Issue # 1  
Growing Our Own Food.....
         Issue # 2  
Develop a Free Communion and Connection System....
         Issue # 3   Create and Activate a Mutual Support System.......

Remember,  Third-Dimension physicality is
literally Created inside of Fifth-Dimension Consciusness.

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     Full-Moon-Celebrations-of-Life-and-Llovee-and-Llove     .....
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TLC-Life-Center is based on:
*1   The winning 5-part strategy for defeating the evil ones,
 The principles of Universal Spiritually
The Physics of Consciousness
 The Rules of Reality
*5   The Real Truth About Money
*6   Several Truths you don't yet know about., For Example
*7   Director,   Robert  Aum   Cote" 
       holds 5th-D Consciousness, i.e. Cosmic Awareness,
       has 30 years of experience, and
       25 years of self-Awareness Training before that
      Robert is a Fifth-Dimension systems designer
      and author of
*   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove 
      *   Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness,
     *   An interview with the Devil,   and
     *    The Yoni-Dance book trilogy

Director Robert and The TLC-Life-Center Team has
discovered,  uncovered, and developed
a Winning Strategy to completely eliminate
the entire hierarchy of the evil ones, including
eliminating the Cabal, the Lizzerdz, and AI
*   We wrote the book and teach
    the 5th-D, training system called
      the Seven lost secrets of Llove.
*    We developed an 5th-D. business structure
    that when applied, will completely eliminate
    the need to tax anybody for anything.
*   We wrote the book  and teach students
     how to  experience
    Adventuress into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.
Director,   Robert  Aum   Cote'
     is a Fifth-Dimension systems designer

     and a teacher and a practionor of
     Fifth dimension Consciousness.
*   And way too much more to list here.

 The principles  of Universal Spiritually
     Universal Spirituality is a way of looking at
     the source of creation
     as an impersonal consciousness
     that transcends human understanding
     The Physics of Consciousness, 

     Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
     Reality has two sides,   One physical       
     and  One non physical.

     The non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
     There's  NO  Woo-Woo.       It's  NOT  Crazy.
     It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans do  not yet understand.

     Non-physical consciousness follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.
and on

The Rules of Reality
     Rules of Reality are miscellaneous
     rules, concepts and principles about reality
     that you'd be wise to know.       For example,
     *   The Universal Law of Correspondence and
     *   The Universal Law of Context.

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*   We acknowledge everyone's
     right to choose their own connection to
     be that by way of
     *   their own chosen religion,
     *   a direct, personal connection,
     *   or to ignore religion entirely.  

*   TLC-Life-Center is based on
     the three keys of creation:
     Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

*   Our goals include creating
     Personal freedom,
     Financial Freedom, and
     Enlightened Consciousness for all. 

*   The concept that became
     what is now known as TLC-Life-Center
     began in the fall of 1964 and
     was officially recognized as a non-profit organization
     Legally defined for religious  purposes on 11 May 1972.

*   Whatever the question is, 
     Llove is always part of the answer.

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I share some of my abundance.

Set up a light-worker, mutual support system

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Thrive-Response    ; 


RE:  I'm offering NOT asking
To turn down my offer  of assistance
without even examining what I am offering
is incredible stupid..
What I am offering is impossible to find anywhere else.
Also it's not your decision to make. 
Pass my message to Foster, NOW!

Each piece is actually rather simple.
Independently their power is close to  zero
If we are to survive as a free species,
the four factors must be applied together.
The Four pieces tgether Are a winning Strategy.

The same principle applies to Earth Humans
The power of our collective consciousness is awesome.
When applied, it can be the winning strategy in ANY conflict,
We must change our thinking habits  
and  engage in new, Mutually-Supporting Group Behaviors

     A war of consciousness is NOT won with
     low vibration ,third dimension  violence
It's won with God-level, Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     which is the first cause and prime controller of everything, 
     This is a     NON-violent
     War of Consciousness.
     If we work together, and only if we work together,
     We can create   Peace,   Joy,   Abundance for All.

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Please review our Winner's Strategy at:
Please advise us if  anything is
missing,  wrong, or needs
a rewrite or an  update..

In case you forgot,
YOU are on the team.

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