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Dimension  Consciousness




F.R. 18-03-09-31

Money's Big-Surprise  .

TO:  Tai Lopez,  Acknowledge Trend Master
RE;:   The Most Profound Money-Trend Ever


As a master at  teaching people
how to be ahead of the trends,
I/We request that you apply our mastery to
The Last Money-Trend, EVER.

Like it or not,   
     Believe it or not,   
          Actively  or  passively,
            your life and your relationship to money
                  is about to change dramatically.

   Because a combination of
      * Social Changes,
         *  Rapidly Advancing Technology,
            *  The awakening of Humanity.
                 *  Political Changes,  and
                    *  Massive Cosmic Transformations
                           are all taking humanity into
A World Without Money

*   When the present, service-to self, financial system crashes,
     at least hundreds of billions, probably trillions of dollars
     that are still valuable today will simply become
     worthless and dead, Dead,  DEAD.!.

*   Do you know the facts of life about money.?
*   Are you aware that the present debt-based,
    Cabal criminal-controlled, financial system
     is about o collapse..   Here's why:

*   Do you know what forms of financial wealth
     will become worthless.?
*   Do you know how and why much of your money
     will become worthless?
*   Do you know that the value  of some forms of money
     will simply disappear.?
*   Advanced technology and the newly awakening of humanity
     is causing scarcity is rapidly disappear.
     Distribution still sucks but scarcity , itself is disappearing
*   Are you prepared for Life After the Death of Money.?

The TLC-Life-Center Team  has
discovered,   , uncovered    and    devised   
a simple plan whereby literally billions of
these soon to be worthless dollars
can be used for the benefit of We-The-People.

This opportunity requires that we ACT NOW.!
because this opportunity is about to disappear.

How to obtain this money for use by We-The-Peple
before it becomes useless:

*   See the summary  at:

*   Learn the full story at:

*  Your job, IF you choose to play:

*   Death of Money / Overview  and
*   How to prepare your self for life after the death of money



F.R. 18-03-09

TLC-Life-Center .

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)
     Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom