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Dimension  Consciousness






Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter  ELEVEN

Like it or not,   
     Believe it or not,   
          Actively  or  passively,
            your life is about to change dramatically.


    Because Cosmic Transformations

         are taking Humanity into

               A World Without Money

*   Are you
prepared for life in
     world without money.?
     If not, our websites can guide you
     If you like our assistance
     our services are available on a donation basis.

*   Are you aware that NO other civilization
     in the entire galaxy
     uses money.?

*   The truth about What and Who Earth-Humans are
     Kills the great lie called Scarcity.

*   The Death of Scarcity
     kills money in all of its forms

The Death of Money
     is inevitable and unavoidable

*   It's Coming Soon

*   Prepare yourself for the New Normal,
Freedom and Abundance for everyone

Examine Our Path to Freedom:

For an in depth examination of the Evidence:

Read the Outreach Message to Everyone:

Million-Dollar Message to You and to Employees of Wealthy People:
How to receive a  $1,000,000 finder's fee 

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