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Dimension  Consciousness







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Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness


Do you want more Llove in your life.?
The way to get more Llove in your life is to
learn, practice qnd live by:
The First Universal Law of Llove:
     The Way to Receive Llove
          is to focus your attention on
               Giving Llove

*   It's    Simple,     Direct,    Easy,    Fun to do,  
     and    Extremely Powerful.

*   It's powerful because it activates
     <>  The Universal Law of Returns,
     <>  The Universal Law of Thought, and
     <>  The Universal Law of Attraction.
      All of that focused on you receiving more Llove.

*   It's the best way to begin knowing and experiencing
      who and what you really are
     Start right NOW.!

*   It's a major shift in human consciousness
      and the first step in eliminating
     *   Sheyitt Consciousness
     *   Third-dimension service to Self 
     *   All the Cabal Criminals,  including,
          *   The genetically- altered human known as the Cabal
          *   Their off planet beings known as the Lizzerdz
          *   The Evil IA who indirectly control almost everything.
The First Lost Secret of
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove      ....
Also See the Sixth Lost Secret of Llove.
the Sixth Lost Secret First Lost Secret
explains how to put the First Lost Secret into Action.

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