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Dimension  Consciousness






.Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

Stop looking for a job.   Create one.
With your family, friends, and/or neighbors,
co-create a piece of the  new
Service to All Social structure.

The most useful and most productive physical thing you can do
is to participate in the new
Organic food,  Community Garden System.
This is 
What Humanity Desperately Needs,
    a community organic garden system and a national support
    network for feeding hundreds of millions of
     people three meals a day for their entire lives.
     *   This produces healthy food,
     *   Jobs for anybody willing to work,
     *   Money and/or 
Free Food for all participants,
     *   Ends dependency upon Cabal-criminal-controlled,
          corporation-produced food laced with poisons
          and devoid of nutrients.

Members of the We-The-People advisory Council
are in the planning stages of
Building a mutually supporting,  national  network of
Support  facilities for

Home and Community Garden-Support System, Organic Food Gardens.

This will be Joyful,    Useful,    Profitable,
a job if you're willing to work/play on a winning team
and,  at the same time, feed you family.

*   Get together with some of your local community residents
     and produce fresh,  healthy,   organic food
     for all who choose to participate.

*   Once your local garden group is established,
     the Nation Association
     will invite you to join the network and
     receive support in any of several ways.

*   We will construct at least one, 
    state-of-the-arts green house
     in each participating community's Garden center.

Here's where the money will come from

*   Decide how you can participate in a way that
     brings you joy and is an activity of service.

*   We intend to do this in every community where the people
     want our program of assistance and support
*   The Garden system and the people support each other.

The local team's garden will be owned and managed 
by the local group of We-The-People.
The local organic garden support facility will be 
part of a national supporting network.

Excess food will be shared with the needy
the remainder will be sold
with all profits belonging to the local people
who created the local gardens.

This could be the activity to connect you
to the Llove of your life in a real-life situation.
The Community Food Centers  will also have facilities
for non-work, social activities.

Compare meeting someone
     in a health, day-time environment
          as compared to  meeting someone
i             in a bar or a night club.

We are Creating a 
Community-Owned and Privately-Owned
Organic Garden System
and its national-network of support facilities
by,   of,   and   for   We-The-People

Each participating group will have a local support facility,
including greenhouses, training centers, free training,
meeting and exchange facilities, free tools, free seeds,
free supplies, and much more.

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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum  FahZoom