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TO   Dean Graziosi

RE:   You need me as
       your 5th D. Advisor Consultant

Thank you.  
May I show you how to expand
your already incredible  mastery
from serving hundreds of thousand
to serving hundreds of millions.?

You and Tony  are already far ahead of anyone  else
on the path into our new Service to ALL Social Structure.
By pivoting on what you are already doing
you are capable of much, much more.

You need me as your 5th-D. Advisor Consultant

Why.?   Because
There are several things that you don't yet know
that you'd be wise to learn.

I AM a    Visionary,   and a   Psychic,
*  I see what others don't   
See example.
*    I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer.    See example
*    I am a Teacher of Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness..
*    I wrote the first book ever published in
      Fifth-Dimension style and format.

The world is about to change dramatically.?  
  See example
Have you examined the future of money.?
Your point of focus tells me you haven't.
Well, I have and I've done so at the level of mastery.

May I show you how to
simply and easily pivot your present work into
well-paying jobs and  free food for millions of people.?

I/We await your reply.
Thank you.

Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'  aka   Aum  FahZoom

73  Dean Graziosi
Email to: .

Sent his message 3Jan 2021   Message reached the team

Have you examined current trends
(i.e.  the context we are in)
so that you will know what, why,  how, and  where,
present situations and circumstances are taking us.?

Life is never going back to what it was
It is up to us to create 
the  new service to All Social Structure

There are only two possibilities,
mindless slavery or
personal and collective freedom for all.

Have you examined where we are headed.?
What you are doing tells my you haven't.
Well, I have and I've don so at the level mastery.

WHY   Because
Like it or not,   
Believe it or not,   
Actively  or  passively,
your life is about to change dramatically.

Cosmic Transformations
 are taking us into
A World Without Money,

The assessment offered below
is just one example of
why you are wise enough 
to pay me $90,000 a month
for the next seven months while  I and my team
"Teach"  guide, direct,  walk with you ,
 and open doors for you in the  Mastery School
for  becoming Fifth Dimension Conscious.

It's time to take your own advice 

Let's compare
Where you are
Where you can be

Email to: .

Thinking persons universe
in a holograph

Like it or not,   
     Believe it or not,   
          Actively  or  passively,
            your life is about to change dramatically.
Cosmic Transformations
      are taking us into
               A World Without Money,

It's time to follow your own advice Pivot.

Death of Money

we are headed for life beyond money
Banking fraud

With regard o teaching people how to make money
your stand tall among the best.

the context has shifted dramatically
What used to work doesn't work any more.

It's time to "Pivot"  to turn and move in a new direction
What I want in return is NOT money,
Please connect me directly, person to person, with
Tony Robbins,   Foster Gamble,   Vishen Lakiani
Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez
and about five other very wealthy individuals.

Creat the superwealthy eam

USe your financial power before it disappears

However, you still have a few pieces missing.
May I share my expertise with you?

I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer
with 31 years of  experience in my field of expertise
and 25 years of training before that.
Check my believability and my credibility.

You Need Me As a Consultant/ Advisor

*   Because we are both  passionate about Feeding People
     and we are both masters of our craft
*   Because I/We have designed
     a food -growing and food-distribution system
     that  will be a significant expansion of your passion
     for providing food for people.

*   We'll start simple and expand
     as the interest in  having a healthy low cost food expands.
*   We've designed a prototype and found an ideal location

*   This system has the potential to eventually
     provide well paying jobs for millions
     and organic, healthy food for everyone.
    WE  want  YOU   as part of the team.

You need me as a Consultant/ Advisor
     Because I've learned  things
     that you don't yet know
     and you need to learn them.
     Don't  believe this, either.  
     Make me prove it.

*   Because I've developed a winning strategy
     that, when  applied,
     will completely eliminate all of the evil ones. 

*   Because I am a Visionary.
     I see things long before they become
     common knowledge.   See Example
*   Because I am a Fifth-Dimension
     Systems Designer.   See example

Don't believe me.  
Don't disbelieve me either.Make me prove it.
Examine an overview of
The Food System at:
Winning Strategy at:

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TLC-Life-Center .

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum  FahZoom