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The Most Profound Changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.





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The Teachings of Jesus
Tell Us That 
Humans are God-Beings

The Scientific Evidence
Tells Us That
Humans are God-Beings






We are referring to the world of
God Consciousness

that Jesus told us about: 

Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23       Also see   
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

He also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12.   For Conscious Christianity, please continue reading below on this page.



      Secular / Scientific  

Let us  introduce you to
What the Evidence tells us.

The secret Cabal criminals 
tricked us into believing and
teaching lies that are still believed. 

As a result, unexposed lies
are still severely damaging
us and our children. 

It's time to clean that up now.    
It's time to wake up. 

For those who are primarily
secular and scientific, 
please go to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   




What-We-Really-Need-to Know  


All we need to know:

Realize that life is not what we have been
led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  
Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon   Page Two  The Invisible Prison

Realize that
The Teachings of Jesus
and the
secular, scientific principles
underlying Universal Spirituality

are both based on the exact same basic principles.   

Universal Spirituality

The teachings of Jesus are
The Truth That Will Set Us Free.  
John 8:31-32

We are much more than physical bodies.  
We are eternal God-Beings.    
Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23     
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>

We have The Power of God
in everything we are and
in everything we do  John 14:12.  

Realize that we are all here together.   
We are all brothers and sisters in a single unified whole.  
Everything is intimately connected to and
is a part of everything else.
Unity   ---  Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole      

Our faith (faith in God, Jesus, and ourselves)
can heal our physical bodies.
Heal by Faith (by belief)

We have an entire web page that explains everything
about healing by your faith and your belief.
Fifth Dimension  --  5d Vortex of Health and Healing         

Realize that we have been tricked
into believing self-destructive lies.
Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon   Page Two  The Invisible Prison 

Ninth,   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in
and is getting rid of the evil ones
and clean up the mess. 
Cosmic Transformation of Human Consciousness       

Our jobs are:  
To learn the truth,  (links above)
To heal our own bodies,   (links above
Be of service to ourselves and each other.   
Service to All    Replaces    Service to Self

Learn the Five Great Truths: 

We are Worthy, Connected,  Llovable,  Enough,
and we are God-Beings.

The Gospels of Thomas~ were intentionally
edited out of the Christian Bible.  
Study them.  
They speak The Physics of Consciousness.~

The first message we give ourselves is
to be Christians with both head and heart. 
We are each The One
who interpret the Teachings of Jesus.
We are God-Beings.
No one cannot interpret for somebody else.
That's Conscious Christianity.

<><><>   <><><>

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove. . .

Robert Cote'
First Minister of Conscious Christianity

The Most Profound Changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.     
5d Counselor  &  Truth  Speaker

Aum FahZoom.

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F.R. 18-03-09


We have a page  designed to expose
the true nature of The Roman Catholic Church
Billions of Earth-Humans are unquestioning believers

when we examine the evidence,
what do we find.?

  ..     .....






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God Is Inside of EVERY human Being
Kryon 2018 - Going Back to Get the Future - YouTube  47:31
Listen to minute 02:09 to minute 10:00

Jesus told us we are Gods.
Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23      

The oldest, known  Earth religion,
 Hinduism tells us God is inside of us.
Jesus of Christianity says God is inside of us.
Christian theology says:
God is     All Present,    All Knowing,     All Powerful
God is inside of every human being

Jesus tells us that anything he did
we can do and more.    John 14:12
Every Major teacher on all of human history
has given us the same message: God is inside of us.
Kryon, in the above channeling, tells us still again,
God is inside of you.
What does it take for you to
get your head our of your ass and 
wake up to the truth

Jesus told us:  God and He (Jesus)  are inside of you. 
Jesus was and still is is one expression of
Christ/God Consciousness.
You are another expression of God
You are fist and foremost God-Consciousness.
Your divine nature naturally expresses itself as Llove.
Find yourself in the First of the
Seven Lost Secrets of LLove


Kryon - Special Invitation 2017    

HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!) - YouTube

The Gospel of Thomas (Law of Attraction) - YouTube 47:54






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