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An Interview With 

Rev. Robert Cote'

First Minister of Conscious Christianity      





Page Summary  

On this page, we  offer a transcript
of an interview with Rev. Robert Cote',
First Minister of Conscious  Christianity.  

Clear communication requires that
we speak common language.  
This is critical when conversing
about emotional topics, such as
religion and spirituality.

Before  we start, let's define
some of the
possibly confusing words.




  Definitions of Terms Used 



5d                Refers to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
3d                Refers to Third Dimension Consciousness      

       Refers to  that which you have already created
                      in the world of Spirit where God lives ,
                      but is not yet manifested
                      in your personal, physical reality. 

Conscious Christianity
       Refers to that branch of Christianity
                      that actually follows the Teachings of Jesus

            Before we can have an intelligent conversation
                       about God, we must first
                       define what we mean by the word God.  

Robert Cote'   Rev. Cote' is blessed with the ability
                       to communicate with beings
                       in the non-physical portion of reality.  
                       This is commonly referred to as channeling. 
                        His 5d name is  Counselor Robin FahZoom.  





The Interview  

Truth Seeker's Question
What is the Truth?  
Where do we find it?  
Is there anybody we can ask? 
They must be someone we can trust.   

Rev. Robert Cote's  Answer
In the secular / scientific world,
and in the world of Universal Spirituality
we define the truth as 
what  the evidence tells us.  
Many people base their primary beliefs
upon their religion. 

From the perspective of religion,
about 2,5 billion people, worldwide,
believe in Christianity. 
About 70% of Americans
follow some form of Christianity.

So, for this discussion,
we'll base our truth primarily on  
what  the evidence tells us and
on The Teachings of Jesus. 

That's not to ignore other religions,
because all religions have the same basic message, 
Llove and Compassion. 
I choose to focus primarily on American population
and on that with which I am most familiar.    

Truth Seeker: 
What about the Christian Bible?  
Can we trust the Christian Bible?  
Can we believe the teachings of Jesus?   

Rev. Cote':
Of Course!  
If you can't trust Jesus and the Bible
who can you trust?  

However, we must make a clear distinction between
what is actually in the Christian Bible,
such as The Teachings of Jesus and
what the people have been led to believe.  

Truth Seeker:  
Like What? 
Is there a Difference?   

Rev. Cote.   
There's a huge difference!  
The secret societies that control
what is taught as Christian theology
have ordered priests to ignore  major Biblical passages
and to insert fairytales that have no biblical basis.   

The teaching of Jesus are the best example of
ignoring major, life-changing truths.  
Original sin and the rapture are not in  the bible.  
There's mountains more, but
they are way too involved to discuss here
and doing so would take us way off topic. 

Let me share with you a major universal principle
and then, if your turn your mind on, 
you can, all by yourself,  come up with
some previously hidden truths. 

<><><>   <><><>

This brings me back to your first question. 
Who can we trust? 

Trust yourself.   
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has opened the door to the truth. 
Jesus teaches what the truth is, and now, 
we must do our part.  

Truth Seeker:  
What part is that?    

Rev. Cote':  
Our job is to learn the truth,
To live by the truth. 
To choose choice. 
To choose freedom. 
To think for ourselves.   

We are at crossroads of human evolution,
a choice point, a zero point,
a point where some of us are creating
a brand new free will universe.  

Do you want to play? 
You can choose to play in a free choice universe
or stay a slave to your past

I have chosen to play in the world of truth and beauty,
the world into which  Jesus invited us.   
I choose life, freedom, imagination,
choice and joy beyond joy.   

Humanity has been invited to create
a new free-will Universe. 
You are invited.   

Do you recall theses words, 
"Many are called, but few are chosen?"   (Matthew 22:14)

Truth Seeker:  
Yes, but that doesn't make any sense to me. 
Why does God leave most of us behind? 

Rev. Cote':  
She doesn't.  

Truth Seeker:  
She?  You call God "She."  
Are you to being a smart ass   

Rev Cote': 
No, I'm neither a smart or a dumb ass.
I intentionally said she in order to
push your button
to trigger a  reaction in you,
and by your reaction, I can see that
I obviously succeeded.  

Truth Seeker:  

Rev Cote: 
To open your mind to new ways of thinking.
Source/ Creator is everything and
can be related to as masculine and/or feminine.
In Fifth Dimension Consciousness
we use the feminine because
feminine is the aspect of  Source/ Creator 
that humans most easily relate to. 

Your response is the normal
separation-consciousness thinking.
You imagined a God out there some where ,
separate from you 
doing the choosing.  
Realize that you are a God-Being with
the freewill to choose or not choose.  

In  a free will universe,
it is the invited who do the choosing

When offered freedom,
most choose to remain as mind-controlled slaves.  
Many (all) are called (invited) few are aware enough to choose.    

<><><>   <><>>

Truth Seeker:  
That's a refreshing perspective thank you.

Rev. Cote':  
That is simply an example of Conscious  Christianity.

Truth Seeker:  
Please define Conscious Christianity.

Rev. Cote':
Conscious Christianity is that branch of Christianity
that combines head and heart.   
We encourage people to think for themselves, 
to question everything,
to imagine what their ideal world will look like.   

Our prime role model is The Teachings of Jesus.  
Not Jesus as a personality, different from us,
but Jesus as a  fellow God-Being
who has already mastered the art of living on Earth
as an awakened God-Being.   

What he teaches is what we are here to learn. 
It's actually we are not learning something new. 
It's a matter of remembering
who and what we already are.  
We are all Eternal God Beings with
amazing God-powers that we already have,
but have temporarily forgotten.  

Conscious Christianity simply
follows The Teachings of Jesus

Please remember, Jesus is a fellow God-Being
who mastered the art to being a God-Being.  

And one other thing.  
Jesus is not returning because he never left.  

Truth Seeker:
Why do you say that? 

Rev. Cote':  
Because we are all aspects, pieces, parts, sparks
of an eternal, non-physical divine whole,
a unity of one complete, eternal, divine being.  

We call that being by several names,
i.e. God,   The All,    Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, etc. 

According to Jesus
we are inside of God and
God and Jesus are inside of us.  
I'll share some scriptures with you in a moment
and this will become clear.

We have been falsely taught
that we are separate  from God
and that we are, inherently evil sinners.

We are actually God-Beings and Master Creators.   
We have been tricked into believing lies.

Truth Seeker:  
Tell me another truth from Conscious Christianity.

Rev. Cote':
OK.   Let's look at some Biblical passages.  
Take a few minutes to read these scriptures.  
Then,  we'll continue our conversation.   

Interview 1 of 4




Interview 2 or 4 Biblical Passages


John 8:31-32                                                                       John 8:31-32  
"Jesus said to the people who believed in him,
You are truly my disciples.
If you remain faithful to my teachings,
you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.”

Notice that Jesus is saying
it is what I teach you and
not me as a personality
that will set you free.     

John 14:12                                                                    John14:12 
"Verily, verily, I say unto you,
He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall
he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do;
because I go unto my Father."    

Commonly Paraphrased as:   
"Anything I can do, you can do and more."  

Why have Christian leaders
ignored this clear message?  
Because from the days of Jesus until very recently, 
people who did as Jesus would have done
were murdered, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of.   

Genesis 11:6                                                                           Genesis 11:6     
"And the Lord said, 'Behold the people are one,  and
they have all one language; and
this is only the beginning of what they will do: and
now nothing will be restrained from them
which they have determined to do."

In this passage, think of "one language"  
as the language (the words, the beliefs)
that Jesus spoke to us.   

When we express His message through our hearts,
we have the capacity to create with and for each other,
anything and everything we could ever
want, need, require , or desire.

Isaiah 41:23                                                                        Isaiah 41:23 
"Shew [show] the things that are to come hereafter,
that we may know that ye [are] gods:
yea, do good, or do evil,
that we may be dismayed, and behold [it] together."

Psalms 8:28                                                                   Psalms 8:28 
"I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you
[are] children of the most High." 

        You are a child of God. 
        What does that tell you?  

John 14;20                                                                       John 14;20    
"On that day you will realize that I am in my Father,
and you are in me, and I am in you." 

This is the Conscious Christianity version of
the universal principle of the unity of everything.     

Luke 17:21                                                                       Luke 17:21 

"Behold, the kingdom of God is within you."    

Luke 8:48  
"Your faith has made you whole."  

Remember, your power of creation as a God-being,
is not in you physical activities.  
Physical activity is merely a follow up
to your non-physical power
to create by intention and declaration.  

When your realize that Life on Earth is a only
holographic representation of Life on Earth. 
In and of itself, physical stuff in not real.  
It's a self-created, self-controllable
multi-sensory perception of physical life.    

John 1:1                                                                              John 1:1  
"In the beginning was the word, and
the word was with God,
and the word was God.  
[the Word]  was with God in the beginning.  
Through him 
[the Word]  all things were made;
without him 
[the Word]  nothing was made that was made."

Humans create by thought.
(Words are physical expressions of
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations.  
We live in a Thinking Person's Universe.)   

Matthew 9:29  
"According to your faith, so be it onto you."   

John 10:34-35                                                                    John 10:34-35
"Jesus said to them,
is it not so written in your law you are gods?  
If he called them gods because the word of God
was with them and the scripture cannot be broken."   

Matthew 25:40                                                            Matthew 25:40 
"What you do onto the least of mine, you do onto me."

In this passage, where is God?    

Mark 10:27
"...with God all things are possible."  

Jesus said you are god.  
If that's true, what can you do?  
It means that when you wake up and
realize that you are a God-Being,
you can do anything Jesus did.    And more!    

Matthew 17:20
". . . If you have faith as small as a mustard seed,
you can say to this mountain,
'Move from here to there,' and it will move.  
Nothing will be impossible to you."    

Luke 11:9  
"Ask and I say to you,
Ask and it shall be given,
seek, and you shall find,
knock and the door will be opened to you."  

Do you know how to ask, seek, or knock?   
Jesus said,  
"By their fruits you shall know them." 
Look at your life. 
What do your fruits tell you about yourself?    

Ecclesiastes 3:19  

"For that which befalls the sons of men
befalls beasts; even one thing befalls them:
as the one does, so does the other;
yea, they have all one breath;
so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast:
for all [is] vanity."  

What is the "one breath"   Genesis 2:7  says it's
the God-given  "breath of life."      What is life?   

Genesis 1:26-27  (Paraphrased)
And God said let us make man in our image, 
after our likeness and let them have dominion
over all the Earth and over everything upon the Earth.  
God created man in his [own] image. . .  

Several biblical passages, such as John 14:12, 
("Anything I can do, you can do and more.")  and
The Universal Law of Thought indicate that
it's far  more likely that
God created man
with the capacity to be God-like
in behavior and in ability
and not (as our distant ancestors were led to believe)
to be God-like  in physical form.    

        You are a child of God. 
        What does that tell you?  

What kind of god would create a child to be
a powerless, inherently-evil sinner?   

Would you murder your child
and then call your murder an act of Llove?  

Say gullible really slowly and notice that                              gullible  
when you also listen very carefully,
it sounds like orange.  
But, don't bother to say it,
because if you are like most people,
you probably don't know how to listen correctly.     

Matthew 18:20             Matthew 18:20       

"When two or more are gathered in my name,
I am there also."   

Where will God and Jesus be on day
75 million homeowners (plus their families)
all speak with one voice and say:  

We are no longer giving our money to
the Cabal banking criminals. 
We hereby cancel our fraudulent home loan mortgage.  

All 75 million of us 
are keeping an average of about
$1,780 every month,
for ourselves, for our families, and
for those who require a helping hand.   

"That amounts to about a 130 billion dollar economic stimulus
in the economy
every month.  
You will start a
that will provide
financial abundance for everyone

and, at the same time,
completely destroy
the Cabal banking criminals."

Matthew 6:5-6   (Paraphrased)
When you pray, go into your closet and pray privately, and
God will reward you openly.   

Once you realize that you are a god,
you can pray anywhere.
When you go to your house of worship
you'll go there to share times of joy with each other,
to honor, to respect , to appreciate
ourselves, each other,
Sacred Mother Earth, and
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess.   

Matthew 17:15-16                                                       Matthew 17:15-16 

"Beware of false prophets,
which come to you in sheep's clothing,
but  inwardly they are ravening wolves.  
Ye shall know them by their fruits.”    

John8:32                                                           John8:32     
Know the truth and the truth will set you free.     

Proverbs 3:5     
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

1 Thessalonians 5 :21
". . . test everything; hold fast what is good."

Luke 23:34                                                                        Luke 23:34    
"Then Jesus said, 'Forgive them, Father, 
they know not what they do'.”

Genesis 2:7                                                                       Genesis 2:7     
"And the Lord God formed man
out of the dust of the ground and
breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and
man became a living soul."

Ecclesiastes 11:5                                                 Ecclesiastes 11:5   
"As you do not know how the spirit comes to
the bones in the womb of the woman with child,
so you do not know the work of God who makes everything.” 

Job 33:4                                                                                Job 33:4   
"The Spirit of God has made me, and
the breath of the Almighty has given me life."  

John 3:13                                                                       John 3:13 
"And no one hath ascended into heaven,
but he that [has not first] descended out of heaven,
[even] the Son of man, who is [now] in heaven."  

This passage says that
we existed before we came to Earth. 
What is the definition of Reincarnation?   

For additional Biblical references, please go to:          

Interview 2 of 4  Biblical Passages



Interview  3 of4

Rev. Cote'   
What do
Genesis 2:7,        Job 33:4,    and    Ecclesiastes 11:5 
tell you about your relationship
to your physical body?  

Truth Seeker:   
They tell me that there is a difference between
who and what I really am
my physical body.   

They tell me that I am NOT my physical body.         
(Reference:   Physical Versus Spirit)   

Rev. Cote'   
Now, take in the following passages
and hold them in your heart. 

 Genesis 11:6  
i.e. We are all one people. 
By working together we can accomplish
absolutely anything.    

John 14:12 
"Anything I [God/Jesus] can do, you can do and more." 

Luke 17:21 
"Behold, the kingdom of God is within you."   

John 10:34, 35 
Isaiah 41:23   
"I, and all other human beings, are Gods in  physical form."     

Genesis 1:26-27  
"God created man in his own image."  

Ecclesiastes 3:19
"Man and Nature are intimately interconnected." 

Matthew 18:20  
"When two or more are gathered in my name,
I am there also."  

Now, here you are holding that delightful and powerful  mix
of Biblical and universal truths in your heart while
enfolded in the arms of none other than God, Herself.  

Sit quietly for a few minutes and think about
your intimate relationship with God,
with Sacred Mother Earth,
and with your fellow travelers
on spaceship Earth.  

Look into a mirror and say, 
"I am a God in a physical form.  
I know this is true because the Bible tells me so."  

Say it again.   Say it with feelings.  
Say it as if you meant it.
"I am a God in a physical form.  
I know this is true because the Bible tells me so."  

Stay with this idea  for at least three minutes.  

Resist the temptation to discount who and what
Jesus and the Christian Bible tell you about yourself.  

After three minutes  ask yourself: 
Who am I?   What Am I?  
Why Do I believe what I believe?
If I cooperate with others, what can we accomplish?  
Now, please take these Biblical scriptures and
re-state them in your own words.  

Truth Seeker:
Restating the Biblical scriptures in my own words, I say:  
   I am a God in a physical form. 
   I am a spirit being and not a physical body.
   I can personally contact 
      The Creator of All That Is 
      at any time. 
   I can find both God and Jesus within myself.  
   I can do anything that Jesus did and more.  
   God, nature, and I are intimately inter-connected.   
   I can recognize the liars and the thieves by what they produce.  
   The truth brings freedom.  
     Secrecy and lies bring slavery
     (This includes lies of omission).  

   All humans  are all one people.  We are all God's Children.  
     We are all Gods in physical form.   We are all one.  
     Being separate from God is an illusion.

   By working together, God, my fellow humans, and
     I can accomplish absolutely anything.  

   As a God-Being in physical form, I can be, do, have, express,
     and experience anything I choose.  
     I do so by consciously
     and intentionally  giving directions to the Universal Energy 
     of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 
     I give those directions by my thoughts,
     beliefs, attitudes, words, and actions. 

   I know this is true because the Bible tells me so.  

Interview 3 of 4

Interview 4 of 4

Rev. Cote'   
Thank you, I couldn't have said it better, myself.  
Now I have three important questions for you.   

Truth Seeker  
Then, please ask.

Rev. Cote'   
Does any of what you've just paraphrased
directly out of the Christian Bible sound, look, or
make you feel as if you are:   
or  a groveling-in-the-mud,  inherently-evil  sinner 
who's destiny is to burn in hell forever
unless you are obedient to an angry, intolerant, 
violent,  vengeful, easily-displeased,
mass-murdering, super-human-being
sitting on a throne somewhere above the clouds
that surround planet Earth? 

Truth Seeker   
Definitely not.   

Rev. Cote'   
Did anything you just said indicate
that you must belong to a particular church to find God?

Truth Seeker   

Rev. Cote'   
Did anything you just said indicate
that you are inherently evil?

Truth Seeker

Rev. Cote'   
As a reporter who writes human interest stories
you've talked rather intimately with several hundred people
from all walks of life.   Is that true?

Truth Seeker
Yes.  I've conducted over 2,000 interviews.  

Rev. Cote'   
Then, you must know that the inherently evil story
just doesn't match common human behavior.   

Truth Seeker   
You are correct.   It doesn't.  

Rev. Cote'   
Of course, there are ignorant, mentally-dysfunctional
and/or desperate people who do evil things,
but what about the average person?  

Truth Seeker
They are kind, loving, and generous.   

Rev. Cote'   
How many times have you heard about people
risking their lives to save the life of a stranger?  
How many times have you heard people say something like, 
"I want to make the world a better place." 
"How can I help?" 
"I want to make a contribution to society."? 

Truth Seeker  
Too many times to even count. 

Rev. Cote'   
Then, why are most Christians
taught to perceive themselves be church-dependent,
groveling-in-the-mud, inherently-evil sinners
who are separate from God, separate from nature and
separate from each other?

Truth Seeker  
Because they have been sold a bill of goods
by those who have a vested interest in
keeping them in the role of servants and cash cows.    

Rev. Cote'   
And the sheep, with mindless obedience,
have accepted the non-Bible-supported illusions
that the Christian leaders tell them
as if it were the "Absolute, Gospel Truth."   

Truth Seeker   
So you're telling me that those
who refuse to think for themselves
are not living according to the Christian Bible,
but are instead, being deceived and misled 
by false profits? 

Rev. Cote'    
Yes!   By the wolves in sheep's clothing.   
And please remember,
I'm not telling you this.  
The evidence is!   

         Editor's Note: 
         Please keep in mind the priests and ministers
         who actually preach to the people
         are not trying to deceive us. 
         They are simply following
         the policy directives
         (the silent orders) 
         that come to them from the very top,
         secret controllers of Christianity.    

For centuries, to do otherwise
has been too dangerous   .    
Only very recently has it been safe
to openly and publically acknowledge and
declare the messages offered in this document. 

Truth Seeker  
Anything else?   

Rev. Cote'   
Yes.    Have you ever seen or heard any evidence anywhere
that indicates that Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
(The Source of the Universe) 
wants, needs, or desires to be worshipped?  

Truth Seeker  
Respected, honored and appreciated, Yes,
but worshipped?  No!

Rev. Cote'  
So let me leave you with this one Divine Truth:  

The universal laws are consistent
they always work the same way for everyone, every time.   

Interview  # 4 of 4     .




More Interview Sections    


See the Outtakes from the Interview
for additional sections that were
left out of the above, published interview.  






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Rev. Cote': 
OK.   Let's look at patterns of behavior.
"How you do anything is how you do everything.
This is an aspect of the Law of Correspondence.   
Let me say this in another way.  

Before you get involved in any kind of relationship
with another human being,
be it business, personal , or romantic,
notice their behavior and keep this fact in mind:  

Whatever you see this person doing to someone else,
sooner or later, given the means,
the motive and the opportunity,
they will be doing the same thing to you.



The Teachings of Jesus and Universal Spirituality
Are Based on the Same Principles<><>  


Rev. Cote'  
Those who believed in Universal Spirituality
were led to believe that the Christian religion
was for fools and idiots.  

Those who believed in Christianity
were told that Universal Spirituality was demonic.   
Both of these stories are

When we examine the Teachings of Jesus,
we find that separation is an illusion 
(i.e.  a false flag designed to create problems).  

Truth Seeker  
Isn't that  like fighting over what constitutes a  million.  
One says it's ten hundred thousand.  
The other says it's a thousand thousand.  

Rev. Cote'  
Yes, each side is saying the same thing. 
The difference is in the wording and not in
the Llove, caring and compassion
which fills both perspectives.    

People of both sides were taught to
fear, hate, and ridicule
the people on the other side.  

Truth Seeker  
Why?   Why lie?

The intention of the Cabal is to keep humans
as cash cows,  servants, sex slaves,
and victims for their satanic rituals. 

We were lied to. 
We were told that we were separate from God
We were told that we were separate from nature,
We were also told that we were separate from our fellow humans.  
The truth is the exact opposite.

Truth Seeker:  
How did those secretly in control
get these two identical perspectives to fight each other.  

Rev. Cote'  
With lies, lies of commission
and lies of omission.  

This is a minor example of Cabal control technique called,
Let's You and Him Fight. 

Truth Seeker  
What's that?  

Rev. Cote'   
The Cabal hire petty criminals to pretend
that they support one side of a controversial issue 
and hate the other side.  

The Cabal Criminals hire a second set of petty criminal
to support the second side and hate the first side. 

Then, they get their two sets of criminals
to start a fight and randomly destroy things.  
Then each side declare that the destructing 
was caused by those on the other side.  

The Mindless people get sucked into the evil energy
and that can lead up to anything including major wars.

As you can see by the biblical evidence,
the Leaders of  Christianity have been
tricked, bribed, blackmailed, or forced
to teach a distorted and deceptive version
of Christianity
that is not supported by the Bible.  

Truth Seeker  
What's the difference between
lies of commission and lies of omission?

Rev. Cote' 
A lie of commission is to
intentionally tell a false story. 
A lie of omission is to
leave out a vital piece of the truth.
Ignoring The Teachings of Jesus is a lie of omission.

Here's an example of a lie of commission. 
Roman Catholic and other  Christian leaders
have declared  that an individual human life
begins at conception.  

The false, un-provable,
bible-denying story they peddle
declares that every time
a human egg and sperm unite,
God steps in and by an
instantaneous, supernatural, transcendental magic act
He (God)  creates a brand new,
never-before-existing human being
who live only once on Earth and then
goes to heaven or hell forever.

This defies both the scientific evidence and
the principles of Universal Spirituality
It also denies and defies the Christian Bible.  
Examine these passages and decide who is correct
the church leaders or the Christian Bible: 
Genesis 2:7
Ecclesiastes 11:5
Job 33:4 
John 3:13

A huge percentage of the religious followers
are simply mindless followers. Why? 
Only because they have been programmed from birth 
regarding what to think and
punished when they do think.  

They are fellow God beings like everyone else,
but they are so thoroughly mind controlled
that they do not have the capacity
to wakeup in this life time. 
That's perfectly OK. 
They are just on a different path back to God.   

How would Jesus answer this question? 
Know the truth and the truth
would free the mind-controlled humans.