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Testing a Simplified way
to Use Marijuana
to Cure Cancer

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Page Summary      

Rick Simpson -  A Real Cancer Cure   

Simplified MJ Medicine Preparation Process

The Supporting Evidence

The Significance of Success     

Please Test the New MJ, Med, Prep Process    




Page Summary  


Each generation takes what is  new to them and
evolves it into something better,
simpler, more effective, et cetera. 

Henry Ford's motor car, 
Wright brothers airplane,
Robert Fulton's steam engine, 
Steve Jobs     home computer.  
Rick Simpson's marijuana cures cancer, 

We all know the evolution of the first four examples,
but the evolution of the marijuana cancer cure
is still in the very beginning stages.

Rick Simpson's cancer cure involved
extracting THC from marijuana buds and
ingesting thrice-daily small  amounts of oil to cure cancer.  

It's time to evolve this into
something equally as effective and
much simpler to access and use.  
That's what this page is about to show you.      

Page Summary




Rick Simpson   

Marijuana Cures Cancer   

Rick Simpson was one of the first people
to publically demonstrate that marijuana oil cures cancer.  
Rick Simpson has provided medical marijuana
in the form of hemp oil (aka marijuana oil/ Hash oil/ hashish)
to hundreds of people.   
Those  who used the oil as suggested became cancer free.  
Although being outside the medical establishment,
he proved beyond a shadow of  doubt that  
Marijuana Oil (THC) Cures Cancer!    

When he attempted to show his discovery to the world,
instead of being welcomed, he was harassed
by the Canadian government.  
Because the present-day medical profession and
the drug industry make billions of dollars each year
treating cancer patients.  
They don't want a cure, particularly a cure that
they can't patent and peddle to make money.  

There are three additional reasons
about which, the general public is completely unaware.  
Their first reason is to
take money away from the people
Their second reason is to
intentionally produce human suffering

and their third second is to
reduce the human population

Please don't believe this. 
Don't disbelieve it either.   
Check the evidence

In further research, Mr. Simpson discovered that
in the 1970's  researchers discovered that THC,
the psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana, cures cancer.   

The study was intentionally hidden away and
further research was cancelled. 
This is why marijuana research has been banned
by our Cabal-controlled government      

Readers are encouraged to
view his film

"Run from the Cure." 

See the list of additional documentaries
in the Endnotes and footnotes.    

Rick Simpson Discovers Cancer Cure 




A Simplified
                          Preparation Process  


The Old Way:   
When you watch the Rick Simpson video
"Run from the Cure," 
You will soon see that converting marijuana buds
into oil is tedious and involved process.  

As a test, I bought all the supplies and equipment,
and on my back patio,
I produced a small amount of  marijuana oil 
(aka  hash oil/ hashish).  

My conclusion  was this process
was NOT something
that most people would go through,
or even could go through. 
The costs,
the time,
the potential fire danger, 
the exposure to spying eyes,
all say this is not for me.

Watch this video and you'll see why
making the oil  yourself is just not practical
         Hemp Oil Dosage Information - Written by Rick Simpson

Since I didn't and don't have cancer,
I simple set the entire process aside. 

The New Way:
A week or so later, while on
a Marijuana-inspired spiritual Journey,
Lady MJ (The Goddess Of Marijuana)
put this message into my mind. 

      You don't need to separate the oil
      from the buds.  
      Just eat the buds. 

This makes perfect sense. 
According to Rick Simpson,
the marijuana cure mission
calls for ingesting a small amount of THC
three times a day.  

Logic and common sense say:
The carrier you use  to ingest the THC
(oil,   edibles,   or directly in gelatin capsules) 
is unimportant.   
However, the truth of this hypothesis requires testing.   

I decided to ingest a small amount of THC
three times a day to see what affect it has on my health

I'm 76 years old and in reasonably good health.  
I began on the 11th of July, 2o17.  
Today is 21 July, so it's way too soon to see any results.  

The transformation process described by Rick Simpson
takes two to three months.  
The only thing I can say at this time is that I feel better.  
My body feels lighter, easier to move.

<><><>   <><><>

For my spiritual Journeys. I switched
from smoking to eating marijuana,
first by packing pieces of buds into gelatin capsules
and later into eating pre-made marijuana edibles. 

For me, this is a vast improvement over smoking. 
The affect lasts much longer.   
It's a steady state of being clearly connected to
the non-physical world. 
It is a very pleasant, highly-creative state of being.
Spiritual Journey  --  Opening one's consciousness
with the intention of experiencing  the non-physical aspect of life.    

Marijuana as a Spiritual Journey  

Simplified Marijuana Medicine PreperationProcee




The Significance of Success  


Assuming this hypothesis is correct:
      You don't need to separate the oil
      from the buds.  
     Just eat the buds

The Consequences are profound.  

Assuming this hypothesis is correct,
accessing marijuana as medicine
is dramatically simplified

This new process opens the door to healing
for people who would  otherwise 
die simply because they did not  have access
to the healing properties
of medical marijuana.   

The Significance of Success




Please Test the New MJ Medicine Preparation  Process  


To be certain that  this hypothesis is correct,
      You don't need to separate the oil
      from the buds.  
     Just eat the buds.
we require confirmation form others.

I trust The Laws of the Universe.  
I trust myself.  
I trust Lady MJ when she communicates with me.  
I trust the 3d Evidence.   
I trust logic and common sense. 
All of this points to a new and simple way
to access medical marijuana. 

Please test this for yourself and
let us know what response you experience.  
Contact Us          

Please Test the New MJ, Med, Prep Process




The Evidence  


Thanks to Marijuana,
Cancer Is No Longer

a Deadly Disease!
Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer
<><><>   <><><>

According to M K Ultra Whistle-Blower,
Cathy O'Brien, marijuana interferes with
mind-control programming   
Marijuana opens neuropath ways in the human brain.  
This makes it impossible for those in control
to maintain their mind-manipulation programming.  
Learn much more at:  





Endnotes and Footnotes7

<><><>   <><><>
Additional Videos regarding:   Marijuana Cures Cancer 
(It also cures much more)

Marijuana Cures Cancer

Does Cannabis Treat Cancer

Cannabis THC Cures Cancer, Not CBD - Rick Simpson Oil Interview          




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