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Meet Lady MJ       

The Two Possibilities      

Compare Spiritual  or Recreational Use    

Eating or Smoking Marijuana     


Evolution of Mind-Opening Medicines   




  May I have the honor of
Introducing You to Lady MJ  


Most people think of Marijuana as
just a plant the contains mind altering chemicals.  
Smokers get to experience
a few minutes of FahZoom (feel-good feelings)
and play in the physical world. 
For most people, that's all there is to it.   

Few realize that what, on the physical level,
appears to be just another plant,
is actually the physical form of
a non-physical, eternal Goddess
who is playing a major role
in the evolution of humanity. 

Among other things,
Lady MJ, is the leading lady
in the process of opening human consciousness
into the non-physical world of spirit. 

She gives us the only  Mind-Opening Medicine
that has the power to break the Cabal's
mind-control programming.  

And if that is not enough for you,
Marijuana Cures Cancer. 

She, Lady MJ,
The Goddess of Marijuana,
is to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
as  Jesus is to Christianity.

We Bless her.  
We Llove her.  
Honor her. 
Appreciate her and now
We let her speak for herself.
<><><>   <><><>  

Thank You, Robin Aum FahZoom,
for such an eye-opening introduction.

I give humans a new consciousness
in that my users can know it's OK
to experience the non-physical side of reality.  

I give humans "permission" to imagine
More accurately, I inspire humans to
give themselves permission to imagine,
to think for themselves,
to open their minds to Vistas Deluxe. 

I inspire you to give yourself  permission     
to examine yourself,
to feel really good about yourself,
to experience being yourself,
to pleasure yourself, to Llove yourself
to have fun.    

Most of you believe that its a big deal to
connect to the non-physical world.  
It isn't.   You do it all the time.  

For example, in every waking moment,
your emotions are clear messages to you
from the non-physical world. your God-Self
There's also  your Smart Body, aka Innate   and
your programmed mind,    your subconscious mind.   

Every time you think, speak, or do anything,
you get a message from
the non-physical side of reality. 
The message is
This feels good 
This feel bad. 

If you come to me with spiritual intentions,
I will show you the world where everyone
Knows, understands and live by
The Seven Lost Secret's of Llove.

Simply smoke or preferably ingest my physical form.  
Sit quietly and ask Source/ Goddess
to connect you to me.  
Then simply tell  me what you'd like to
see and/or hear, smell, taste.  
Also notice that your sense of touch
is greatly amplified.    


Lady Gaia (the Goddess of Earth) is my mother. 
The God of Hemp is my brother.  

It is my pleasure to work/ play with AhhHom FahZoom. 
(Aum FahZoom is Robert Cote's  5d spiritual name)

Together, we enhance each other's capacity
to help humans to give themselves permission
to be themselves,
to be, know and experience themselves
as God-Beings in physical form.  

We are the counterpoint to Cabal Evil.  
We are here as messengers of
Llove, Compassion, Gratitude,  and Wisdom.   

We both know who and what we are.  
We both Llove being who we are
and doing what we do.  
We give permission to ourselves to be as we are and
show humans how to do likewise.  


Remember, we cannot give
without experiences of like vibrations
coming back to you.  

Giving, no mater what form it tikes,
is like mouth to mouth kissing
and genital to genital contact. 
You cannot give without receiving. 

God is in you.   You are in God.  
The time is always now.  
It's time to start enjoying
who and what you are.  

And one final note for today. 
You cannot experience Llove unless
you already are Llove.   

Namaste for now,    Lady MJ    

Lady MJ





The Two Possibilities   



Recreational use:  
      Smoke a joint and do whatever you normally do. 
      Get a buzz for a few minutes.   That's about it.

<><><>   <><><> 

Marijuana as a Spiritual Journey
      Eat a dose of marijuana in its edible form.  
      Sit quietly in silent prayer and meditation.  (no music)  
      Direct Source/ Creator God-Goddess
            to connect you to your own 
            and to your greatest passion.  

Connect to the spirit
of something that bring you joy,
such as horses, cooking, mountain climbing,
writing stories, music, or whatever. 
Here's one possibility. 

connect to
your body-consciousness

Remember, you are, by intention, connecting to
the non-physical part of reality.  
This is the world of thoughts, feelings,
imagination, fantasy, joy, feel-good feelings.   
It can be anything that excites you.  

Here's an Example:   
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
it is commanded / directed
that you connect me to
the Spirit (God-Goddess) of 

Llove, please show me
Your Beauty,
Your Truth,
Your Passion and
Your Joy.    

Llove is
*   Non-Material,        * Non-Physical  
*   Dynamic,                 *  Always in Motion  
*   Self-Aware               *   Intelligent   
*   Omni-Present,  
*   Non-linear,  
*   Always now.  

Ask to see, hear, feel, and experience
aspects of Llove

"Goddess, please guide me
to use my talent and my passion
in the spirit of
service to all.   
Thank you.   So be it and so it is."     


In declaring this intention, you  enter
the invisible portion of the universe.  

Wait about sixty to ninety minutes
until the MJ takes affect.  
During the initial waiting time, 
focus on your breathing and on

whatever makes you feel really, really good.    

Once the MJ takes effect,
have an imaginary conversation with _____.   

Ask to be shown pictures.  
Ask to feel feeling.  
Ask to witness or participate in joy-filled experiences.  

Relax!   Allow!   Enjoy!  Just be!    

The Two  Possibilities





Compare Recreational MJ Use


An MJ, Spiritual Journey 



As you can already see,
there is a vast difference between
the two possible uses of marijuana.   

Here are some comparative analogies:  

Recreational MJ Use is:  

Third Dimension consciousness,  
A few moments of escape from 
the invisib
le, cabal criminal, mind-controlled prison,
in which most of the prisoners do not yet know
that they are in prison.  
The prison is invisible to the inmates.  
It's made of lies, incredibly sophisticated illusions,
intentional deceptions, mind manipulation, and false beliefs.  

Spiritual Journey is:   

Fifth Dimension Consciousness  
You are a God-Being Having a human experience.    


Recreational MJ Use Is Like:  

Solitary Masturbation   

Spiritual Journey Is Like:   

The Lingam Yoni Dance
with extended and multiple orgasm and you
Cuming with lingam and yoni intimately intertwined.   


Recreational MJ Use Is Like:  

Seeing a photograph of  the Grand Canyon

Spiritual Journey Is Like:   

Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon
taking in its immensity and its beauty.   


Recreational MJ Use Is Like:  

Every day, ordinary, garden-variety sex  <><><>s.  

Spiritual Journey Is Like:   

Sex while high on LSD   


Recreational MJ Use Is Like:  

Going to a fine restaurant and eating only the menu.   

Spiritual Journey Is Like:   

Being the guest of honor at a multi course
dinner gathering in your honor   


I speaker these words from an experiential knowing.    

Compare MJ  recreational Use  with MJ  as a sacred Journey




  Eating or Smoking Marijuana 



There are some significant distinctions
between smoking and eating marijuana.  


Smoking  Marijuana:
***   Smoking includes coughing and gagging on the smoke.  

***   The affect shows up very quickly.  

***   A smoking high lasts only a short time.  

***   The smell of MJ smoke
               broadcasts your activities to anybody nearby.  


Eating Marijuana:
***   Completely avoid the foul taste
              and the gagging and coughing.   

***  Marijuana can be ingested in numerous forms,
              many of which are very tasty.  

       You can also ingest MJ directly
by putting it into gelatin capsules. 

***   The high takes about 90 minutes to show up,

***   The main high lasts about two hours.  
               A lingering high lasts several hours.   

***   Ingesting about one half of  a  dose
after two hours extends the main high
for another two hours.  

***   You can ingest MJ without any one around you
         knowing what you are doing.   

***   When you combine eating MJ and
         intend a connection to Source/ Creator,
         the information you receive can be profound.  
         See the examples on page one.  

Eating ot Smoking Marijuana




  Marijuana and Sex 


If you require strong stimulation to reach orgasm, 
marijuana in not your best choice
for sex while in an altered sate of mind.  

If sexual ecstasy is your goal,
LSD is by far the best choice that I have found.  


If your intention is to reach multi-orgasmic sexual ecstasy
on the spiritual level, marijuana works well. 
We explain the process in detail as part of
our Fifth Dimension Awareness Training Program.   

Marijuana And Sex







Whatever the third dimension leaders tell us
is almost always the opposite of the truth.  
Here's an example.  

We are told that if you use a mind-altering substance,
such as marijuana, LSD, etc,
you could later have a flash back and
experience the affect of the substance again
without taking more of the original substance.  
We were told that this was a bad thing and therefore
don't use mind altering substances.  

The first truth is that Mind-expanding medicines
like marijuana, LSD,
psilocybin, and  Ayahuasca
opens users to the non physical side of reality. 
When you access the non physical world,
you soon realize that
the Third Dimension is a huge Cabal-controlled lie..   

The second truth is that Marijuana, LSD, Psilocybin, et cetera
are like training wheels on a bicycle.  
The goal of their use is to be able to
access these non-physical states of consciousness
without the aid of anything else
other than your stated intention. 

Remember, you are a God Being
with incredible powers of manifestation and
other talents that you do not yet understand.       .





The Evolution of Mind-Opening Medicines   


Lady MJ speaks to us about
the evolution of Mind Opening Medicines:  

When humans view Mind-Opening Medicines   (MOMs)
from the 3d perspective,
their properties seem amazing.  

From 5d Consciousness,
Mind-Opening Medicines are seen as
part to the physics of consciousness.  

These substances are to consciousness as
training wheels are to young child's first bicycle.  
As you remember more and more of who and what humans are, 
the need for outside-the-self assistance diminishes
and then is set aside as your true nature becomes obvious.  

The aspect of human power still largely unrecognized
is the power of your internal,
natural human sexual energy. 

A powerful aspect of Llove is connections. 
Everyone is attracted to and pulled
to beings of like vibrations. 
The ultimate, at least from
the limited human perspective,
is the connection of shared, orgasmic energy.   

With proper training and practice,
humans can enter the orgasmic state and
swim  there as long as they choose. 

An analogy is entering a swimming pool and
playing there as long as one chooses.  

Orgasm is our ticket into
Source? Creator/ God-Goddess's
Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  

<><><>   <><><>
And one other thing:
Start referring to Marijuana as Mind-Opening Medicine.  
Use the symbolic Acronym  MOMs.  

The word "Mom"  has huge, positive emotional power. 
Us it as one of your tools to get the DEA criminals off your backs
Put the link-word  MOMs   on your websites
on the same line you ad twitter and face book.  

Blessings Be Marijuana Is Free 
Lady MJ

The Evolution of Mind-Opening Medicimes




The Evidence  


Thanks to Marijuana,
Cancer Is No Longer

a Deadly Disease!
Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer

<><><>   <><><>

According to M K Ultra Whistle-Blower,
Cathy O'Brien, marijuana interferes with
mind-control programming   
Marijuana opens neuropath ways in the human brain.  
This makes it impossible for those in control
to maintain their mind-manipulation programming.  
Learn much more at:  









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As a
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