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Rev. Robert Cote'
Your Guide for
Your Spiritual Journey

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What is a Spiritual Journey?  


A spiritual Journey  is the act of
altering one's consciousness
with the intention of experiencing 
the non-physical aspect of life.   
This is commonly done with mind-expanding medicines
like  LSD,
psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and Ayahuasca.  

Marijuana, if used properly  is also
an excellent mind-expanding medicine

Many of my most profound  ideas came to me
while on a spiritual journey after ingesting
Mind-Expanding Medicines. 
Here are some examples:                                           some examples  

Ideas that came to my while
on a marijuana-enhanced Spiritual journey
***   The Foundation / Corporation Win-Win Business Structure,  
***    Conscious Christianity,  
***   The Ultimate worth cause 
***    FahZoom Town  

***   Community Gardens    
***   Poop Solution   aka   The Law of Diarrhea  
***   The Absolute best way you can help and be of service  
***   Simplified method of Using Marijuana to Cure Cancer
These are just my most profound visions. 
There's much more.
The universe is full of possibilities.  
Our job is to find them.  

Invite me to be your guide. 
Let's find our what profound visions
you can bring back to planet Earth.    


Most people smoke marijuana
to get away   from   something,
usually from painful aspects of life.   
The high is short-lived and they smoke more.  
Their focus is on their physical world. 

In dramatic contrast, a Spiritual Journey
is going   to  something,
going into the the non-physical part of you that we call
Higher self, Spirit, God.  

Before we go any further we need to
define the words we use, words  like God.<><>

What Is a Spiritual Journey?




  Definitions of Terms Used 



5d                Refers to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
3d                Refers to Third Dimension Consciousness      

       Refers to  that which you have already created
                      in the world of Spirit where God lives ,
                      but is not yet manifested
                      in your personal, physical reality. 

Conscious Christianity
       Refers to that branch of Christianity
                      that actually follows the Teachings of Jesus

            Before we can have an intelligent conversation
                       about God, we must first
                       define what we mean by the word God.  

Robert Cote'   Rev. Cote' is blessed with the ability
                       to communicate with beings
                       in the non-physical portion of reality.  
                       This is commonly referred to as channeling.  
                       His Fifth Dimension name is Robin  FahZoom.  







Remember your first Bicycle. 
Remember the training wheels.   
Remember when  you first rode without the training wheels.
Remember becoming a steady safe bicyclist.
Did you begin to be a master artist on your bicycle?  
Did you learn bicycle tricks like "wheelies?"

What if someone said to you,
"Why are you still using training wheels
in learning to ride you own consciousness?"  

Like the kids, master the art of bicycle riding .  
Now, you and Me/I together, we are are learn
how to take the training wheels
off of our minds,
off of our portion of Consciousness.

You are Consciousness.  
We All Are Consciousness
We are in Earth training camp
to learn,
to remember
how to control the content, and trajectory 
in your own mind/ consciousness
Here is one of your first lesions.

Life is NOT
what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to kno
You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.  
We now have the power to change that.  
By seeing a bigger picture of reality.       

Our website, 
opens doors to new opportunities
and to amazing realities
that previously we did not even know
that they existed.   

Now that we understand our mission, let's begin with
our own journey into 5d Consciousness.

Use Marijuana as training wheels
on our new, expanded  consciousness.

May I guide us on a journey together
using edible doses of Marijuana Medicine
Then riding our consciousness into
the land of Fifth Dimension Living.

What's it like living in a world
where everybody knows, understands,
and lives by all seven of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Remember, our mission is to learn that
what we do with Lady MJ's  assistance.
We can do with our own personal consciusness
with Her holding our hands

Here are three pathways to the answer to that question:
***   A Visionary's Vision~
***   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~
***   Journeys Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness~





Services Available 


Since the only mind altering substance
legally available to me
in the Cabal-controlled  United States
is Marijuana,
my services as a spiritual guide are
presently limited to two options -- 
marijuana here in California where MJ is legal, or
traveling with clients to a modern resort
in Costs Rica where an experienced guide
will share Ayahuasca with us. 

Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful spiritually enhancing
God-connecting substances on Earth.  

I first  experienced it in the late 1970's
with profound results.   

I presently have the opportunity to travel
to a modern resort in Costa Rica and again
"Meet the Goddess of Ayahuasca."  

Watch the film:   The Reality of Truth.,  
And you will understand the importance of
experiencing Ayahuasca. 

Services Available





If You'd Like to Experience Ayahuasca:

I am an experienced religious and spiritual counselor. 
I have extensive experience
with spiritual journeys aided by
Marijuana, LSD, and Magic Mushrooms.
I have also personally experience Ayahuasca. 

If you'd like to have an Ayahuasca experience,
I will prepare you for the experience and
travel with you to Costa Rica. 
We will both meet The Goddess Ayahuasca.  
You cover all expenses.    

Upon your return to your home,
I will also be available to assist you
during your integration time.

I will share with you TLC-Life-Center's
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness
Training Program.
This will assist you
in realizing, learning, and integrating
some major facts of life, facts
that are still unknown to most people. 

Contact Me.  

If You Would Like to Experience Ayahuasca




A Practical Alternative to Ayahuasca    


When you watch the film:  The Reality of Truth,
you will realized that
An Ayahuasca sacred journey and
a marijuana  sacred journey are  a perfect match.

Obviously, the Ayahuasca experience is more profound,
However, both can produce mind-opening, life-expanding insights.   

Ayahuasca  can also be life shocking experience,
particularly for those jumping up
from the cabal controlled 
third dimension perspective..  
It can be like learning to swim
by falling out of the boat. 
Some swim.   Some drown.

For most people, traveling to a foreign country
to experience Ayahuasca is simply not practical.  
The expense, the time, the physical risks,
passports, and the like ,
make such an adventure
far more than a simple walk in the park   

TLC-Life-Center offers a similar service,
offering to guide clients
on a spiritual journey using marijuana. 

Most people have no idea what  the non-physical world is. 
Those who have smoked MJ have no idea
what a spiritual journey is,
let alone, knowing how such
and experience is created,
or how to respond what may show up. 


I am an experienced counselor and consultant in 
The Teachings of Jesus portion of Christianity

I'm also blessed with a Fifth  Dimension Consciousness
I'm equally comfortable in both the physical
and the n0n-physical worlds. 
I am a bridge between the two

Practical Alternative to Ayahuasca


To learn what do I have to offer you, see
page two

As a
Sacred  Spiritual  Journey





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as a 5d




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Footnotes and References  


Mind-Opening Medicines

Why Are Mind-Opening Medicines,
Such as  Ayahuasca, Illegal?

If I just tell you the full truth,
you simply won't believe me,
and you will leave this website thinking I am
another lunatic peddling a fairytale.  

So, you have three choices:
***   Leave now, 

***   Go to this web page by David Icke-1
        and/or another page,  David Icke-2
         and risk getting blown away by the full truth
        all at one in one huge aha session.  

***   Examine the web pages listed below and
        learn the truth in a bite-at-at time format called Kaizen.   

1)   Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison

2)   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War  Page One

3)   Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.

4)   Lizzerdz Team Theory

This answer applies to all
Mind Opening Medicines
,   MOMs,
Marijuana,  LSD, Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) et cetera 

<><><>    <><>

Put the link-word  MOMs  
(Mind-Opening Medicine)
on your websites
on the same line where you ad
twitter and face book. 


Pre and Post Ayahuasca
Spiritual Consulting /Counseling Available

We prepare people for a meeting with
the Goddess of Ayahuasca  and
we provide follow-up guidance
once the person returns home.

I would like to connect with you and
with groups that offer Ayahuasca Sacred journey experiences.

Find us at: 

Cosmic-Awareness --   Consulting and Counseling Services 

Spiritual Journey  --  Altering one's consciousness
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Conscious Christianity    

Blessings Be
Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of Conscious Christianity     

Robin FahZoom.
5th Dimension  Counselor  &  Truth Speaker
for the greatest, most profound changes in
Consciousness and in Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked
The Reformation in 1517 

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Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of
Conscious Christianity 

Conscious Christianity is the 
greatest change in Human Consciousness
and in Christianity, since Martin Luther
sparked The Reformation in 151