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The Art of Becoming is a life-long path
to destination after destination.

There are thousands of steps along the way
to whatever destinations we choose to reach.
I enjoy each step. 
Here are some of the words I use to describe my journey
*  My journey is  a joyful  dance among  several sates of being.
*   Some of them are    Filled with fun,    exciting,   
     Delicious,    Delightful,
*   Some are  grand adventures  winding, twisting, tuning
     and filled with joyous surprises.
*   Some filled with  Ease,   Comfort,
     and times of rest and Relaxation,

     and enjoying the moments of feeling fulfilled.
*   Each success is followed by thoughts of celebration.
    Some celebrations are mild acknowledgments,
     others are party-time celebrations,
and all of them feel really, really good.

I have chosen to be, and  now  I am
a Master at t he Art of Becoming,
I say that because everything is always changing,
we (each of us) is always changing, evolving,
becoming more than we were before.

I enjoying the journey.
Feeling joy speeds up, expands, and enhances
my joyful manifestations.

I live in three cycles of Joy.
*1   Anticipation - Joyful Expectations.
*2   The joys of experiencing my
     in-the-moment,  joyful manifestations.
*3   The after affects   /   The expanded Self.
      Each cycle creates a new normal.

     *3a   The short-term afterglow.
              Examples:   Sex - That freshly-fucked feeling,
              Your next breath,    Food,   Sleep.
              These experiences are infinitely repeatable.
              Their joy enhancement always calls for more.

     *3b   The New Normal   Long-term effect.
              New things i.e.  New shoes,  New Car,  New Home.
              New experiences,
              New talents/ abilities.
With each New Normal I feel more self-satisfaction,
more Joy-fun-Llove-FahZoom than before.
I am happier, more contented, more satisfied with my life.

I am Grateful
I appreciate what I Am, Who I am, What I Have,
I appreciate my freedom my to
be, do, have, express, and experiences
Anything I choose.

We-i   Appreciate the Positive.  (All the aspects of my life.)
We-i   Ignore the negative.  
We-i   Ignore the sheyitt~filled stuff external world.
We-i   Allow what is to be as it is.
We-i   Enjoy the here and Now.
We-i   Accept myself as I am.
          Here Now is the zero-point for my next act
          in The Art of Becomming.
We-I   Llove myself and everyone else.
We-I   Celebrate every success,
           Even the small, everyday tasks when completed.

I live my life at the level of Satisfaction or Higher.

My Joys range
from Satisfaction / Contentment,
to Excitement,
to  Orgasmic,
to Beyond Orgasmic.

The joy, the fun, the satisfaction,
is in the journey, NOT in the destination.
The destination are great moments to enjoy and celebrate,
however, in a reactively shor time,
we will be saying, thank you and asking what's next.

Enjoy the process of becoming. 
Why?   Because there is no beginning. 
There is no end. 
Everything is always changing. 
Imagine yourself in the process of becoming.
Why?   Because nothing stays the same
The process of change
is one of the few basic things that never ghanges

Here's some of what never change:
Things may be different in a different universe,
but regarding where we are,
here are the basic Rules o Reality:
*   You exist.   I exist.   We all exist.
*   Everything is part of a single unified whole,
     a oneness a singularity.
*   You get back what you give out
*   Everything is constantly changing.
For more rules and for detailed explanations go to
     The Physics of Consciousness~  (How the Universe Functions)
     Also see:
    Rules of Reality
     22 Major Laws and Principles

     ///   ///   ///

How do you climb a mountain?  One step at a time. 
How do you eat an elephant. 
We don't, but if we did, it would be one bite at a time.
We are always in the process of becoming.

Each step is a success.
Celebrate each step.
Celebrate every success.
Why celebrate?
Because  focusing on success
brings more successes to celebrate.

Remember, most of the joy, most of the fun,
most of the satisfaction
is in the journey, NOT at the destination

I begin my adventure with a  thought, an idea..
Once I have created my desire and set an intention,
then, my job is to get out of the way and let it show up.
One technique is to
Ask,   Why do I want what I want?
This moves my point of focus
away from my creation and
into the joys I will fee when my ides ai manifested
It leaves the Universe free move my creation
into its manifested form without my interference.
When action iscalled for, that action comes from inspiration.

Often, we want it better  or    we want it now?
If we will savor the process as we go,
when we get there, the destination will be better
than our original wanting.

Motives are  always internal.
Everything we want is wanted
because we think having it or doing it will make us feel better
Everything we do is done  
because we think doing it will make us feel better.

The Joy is in the Journey
Abraham Hicks 2018 Satisfied and Single Relationships
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