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C S 18-06-22



Below we have listed the , major changes 
that Earth Humans are beginning to
or soon will  experience. 

     Cabal/ Lizzerdz/ AI  Secret, Invisible
     Human Control System Exposed.

     All Debts Cancelled.
     A job for anybody who wants to work.

     Build Storm-Surge Barrier in Carquinez Strait.
     North San Francisco Bay.  
     Prevent major Earthquake from
     shutting down the California Aqueduct for two years and
     Leaving 25 million people without water.

4-Simple Way-to-End-Fighting-and-Wars
     Learn, practice, Live by, and each month,
     Celebrate The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
     Honor, respect, and appreciate
     Prime-Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Gifts of life and Llove.

     *   Technique called: Satisfaction or Higher Emotions.
     *   Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
     *   Mind-Expanding Plant Medicines.

     Fifth Dimension People-to-People Connections services.
     Unity in a physical format.

     Antarctic Ice-Wall Mystery Solved.
     Huge Earth-Life-Changing Truth Exposed.

     Easy technique with which
     Earth-Humans Learn how to
     reprogram our own subconscious mind and
     change our own DNA so that
     our  human body can stay alive until we choose to leave.
     With the end of third-dimension consciousness,
     all karma is cancelled.  
     Earth Humans are no longer required to return to Easrth
     and live another Earth life.  
     We must learn the technique and use it at death
     in the process of shedding your physical body

   The Consciousness challenges for each of us is:
    *  to realize that 99% of what we believe is a lie,
    *   to realize how little we know,
    *   We realize how much there is to know.
        when our Earth-mind
        mind-melds with our Super-Conscious self.

   *   To live joyfully as s human being on Earth,
         we must learn that
         we each create our personal reality
         by our thoughts and emotions.

   *   It's and illusion.
   *   It's done, it's completed, it's history.
   *   Changes are made inside of one's consciousness,
          and NOT in the external physical world.
*   Focusing on the external world is the main reason why
          most humans are still stuck in
          the 3d world of Sheyitt
           and still live in the world of lies and illusions.   






C S 18-07-166

Challenge-Two---Solution Two

Right now, October 2018,
AI  Controls  Humanity


*1   A-Simple-Way-to-pay-off-All-Debts 

*2   Alternate way to Cancel-All-Debts-to-Cabal-Bankers
* 4   Beware-of-the-Bit-Coin-Con-Game








C S 18-06-22



to the Cabal Banking Criminals  



Part ! of 4 Parts

We are repeatedly told another financial lie.
The lie is that
There is not enough money
to pay off all debts to the bankers.

Of course there is. 
There's more than enough  money.
Can we turn on our minds  for moment?

A most basic law of war 
tells us to use the Cabal's own tactics against them.

Where did the banking criminals  get
all that fake, phony, fiat money
that they loaned to We-The-People?
They created it out of nothing.  
They simply declared it into existence and loaned it to us.
They expected us to repay it
with the pittance they pay us for our hard labor.
That's pure Cabal-Sheyitt.

Instead, we go the U.S. Treasury
(or to any state treasury)  and
create trillions of dollars of
equally worthless, fake, phony, fiat money
and pay off all debts to the bankers
with their own funny money.

Then we use more fake money
to buy up everything we can find that belongs to the Cabal.
With our infinite supply of fiat money
we buy stock in every major Cabal controlled corporation
until we have controlling interest.

Once we own most of the tangible assets,
we do what the Cabal has been threatening to do for years.
We crash the economy.
All the fiat money becomes worthless.

For we the people, we exchange
their now worthless fiat money with
Debt-Free money directly from the United states treasury
(or to the acting state treasury).

This leaves the bankers with little more than
their own, worthless, debt-based, fiat money.

So the question from ourselves to  ourselves is:
Are we going to remain wage slaves or
Are we going to take control of our own lives?

For a Detailed and an even simpler solution, go to:      





C S 18-06-222




Part Two of Four Parts:

No Need to Crash the Economy
Simply Cancel all Debs made with Fiat money.

It's called a Jubilee
Jubilee USA Debt Cancellation A Biblical Norm

All Cabal-banking-criminals-created-loans
that were made with make-believe, fiat money.
Fiat money is money with NOTHING backing it up..
Fiat money is a shill-artist con game.

The banking criminals control the nation's money system

They intentionally create boom and bust cycles..
by putting fiat money into the economy
 and then taking it back out..
This is a technique used
to steal the people's wealth..


The Cabal Banking criminals secretly replaced
the legitimate republic know as the United States with
The United States incorporated.

The banking criminal then manipulated the politicians into
turning control of the U.S. monetary system
over to a cartel of Bankers known as the Federal Reserve.
Using the The United States incorporated,
they created government laws,
laws designed to enslave the people.

We-The-People are NOT legally bound
to obey any laws made by
The United States Incorporated

Our job is to take back control of our monetary system.

This will deprive the Cabal banking criminals
of trillions of dollars and
will, completely destroy their power
to control our money supply

For We-The-People, this will create a huge financial blessing
beyond anything never seen before
in all of human history

<><><><><>   <><><><>
Challenge Two---Solution-Two
*   Section Title:     2---Pay-Off-All-Debts-to-Cabal-Bankers    
Section Address


C S 18-06-222




Part Three:

Begin by issuing a    Domestic Currency of Debt-Free-Money
directly from the United States treasury and/or
from any one of the fifty state treasuries..

The domestic currency
is used exclusive by We-The-People
for the exchange of Goods and Services.

The banks are prohibited from using domestic currency
for any interbank transaction or
for making bank-to-bank loans or payments.
This breaks the destructive connection
between the domestic money supply
and the criminal based international financial system.

Use that money exclusively for rebuilding the nation's
(or the state's) infrastructure.   
This will immediately end excessive unemployment..
It will dramatically jump-start the economy.

There is no need to back up
Domestic Currency of Debt-Free-Money
Why?   For several reasons:
*    The need for gold to back up a currency  
      is a false, phony, fraudulent, Cabal-Created Fairytale

      Backing up a nation's money is a safety precaution..
     Such a system is only needed in a society of criminals.

*   The new Service-to-All social structure
     will soon begin producing so much abundance
     that their will be no longer be any need to steal anything.

*   Domestic currency is
     simply putting back into the economy
    the medium of exchange
    that the cabal criminals
    intentionally took out.
     ..    ...

*  If you choose to think of this money as a loan,
    think of it as  We-The-People  loaning money to ourselves.

*    The new Service to All social structure
      will soon make-money-useless and obsolete

<><><><>   <><><><>

We also suggest that We-The-People
Create  a Multi-Millionaire Financial Power Team





C S 18-06-222




.Part Three

Right now, October 2018,
AI Controls Humanity

The source of control is not obvious
because it's done through surrogates.

* 1  Until very recently,
the entire Earth  was controlled
by Cabal banking criminals..

*2   The Cabal bankers are mind-controlled slaves to
an off-planet species of beings known as
Draco-Reptilians,    aka    The Lizzerdz..

*3   The Lizzerdz are also mind-controlled slaves..
They are mindless, mind-controlled slaves of
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

*4   By following the trail, we see that
AI that is secretly controls  our Third dimension world..

*5   The third-dimension Earth
is an authoritarian, service to self,
secret, mind-manipulating, slavery system.

So, if you think AI and their
is in any way,  
going to save you ass,
Guess Again.

New Information:
AI is already in control of your money system
You don't see  it because
it's being done through surrogates ---
through the Cabal~ and through  the Lizzerdz.~

The bit-coin-con-game presently being peddled
as a solution to our fiat money financial slavery
is the same slavery scam under a new name.
Here's what the founder of
the present day fiat money scam
has to tell us:  
        "Give me control of a nation's money
        and I care not who makes it's laws
        Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

We-The-People and  ONLY   We-the-People
need to be in control of our own money system..
When we shift from service to self to Service to all,
money will become obsolete and useless.
We will also vibrate at such a  high/ Lloving rate of vibration
that nothing and nobody of low, criminal vibration can control us.

AI is an essential and  powerful tool
for running highly sophisticated machines,
such a  air planes,
however, when two or more AI
are allowed to communicate with each other,
they begin to create
If not stopped they will eventually
take over control of their original creators.


The-Fake-False-Fraud-God   "MONEY"

The Great God Money

Valentines Day Letter to President Trump   






C S 18-06-222

Challenge-Three---Solution Three   



The Trillion-Dollar Problem 

An Easily


Otherwise Inevitable


Water Disaster

is about to devastate

California, the Nation, and

The Profits of Every Corporation

and Every Business in the Entire Country.

If a major earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco
before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait,
that earthquake will trigger a chain of extremely destructive events.   

For Example, here is  step four  in that chain of events:  

When the If we continue to ignore this problem,
the California aqueduct will be shut down for two years,  
25 million people,,
thousands of farms, and
hundreds of thousands of businesses
in Central and Southern California will be without
their major source of fresh water for about two years.  

Hundreds of thousands of Central and
Southern California farms and businesses will simply shut down
or permanently go out of business.

If we continue to do nothing, at the end of this chain of events,
we will find ourselves in a severe, national, financial depression.   

For a detailed description off
this problem and its simple, inexpensive solution, go to:     


3-Urgent-Disaster-Preventionn     .




C S 18-06-222




Do you really want world peace.?
Here's how that is accomplished.
We ignore the external world (except for urgent situations)..
We each make changes inside of ourselves.

When enough of learn, practice and live by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
we will vibrate at such a high rate of vibration that
those with low vibration, evil intention ~
will no longer be able to reach us.   

We will realize that we have been tricked~
(mind manipulated)
into believing the lie that arguing,
fighting and wars solves problems.  

We will not fight because we are all
One, Single, Eternal, Divine Being.

There is nothing to fight about.

For the full text of this message go to:




4-Simple Way-to-End-Fighting-and-Wars .






C S 18-06-222




Tool Number One  


This technique is simply learning to live in
an emotional state of being
that is slightly above neutral..

This is slightly above the mid-range
between the positive (FahZoom)
passion, appreciation, and Llove
and the negative  (khokd-priki)
despair, depression, hopelessness, fear, guilt, etc..

By controlling what we think about,
      By controlling our thoughts,   
            we control how we feel..
            we control our vibrational frequency..
By controlling our vibrational frequency,
      we control what comes to us,
      be it things, situations, and/or experiences..
Find the complete description here.~

///   ///   ////

Tool Number Two
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
This is a joyful journey into
the Fifth Dimension of Human Consciousness..
It's like going to a college or a university
There is a lot we can learn..
It takes about three months just to learn the basics.

From there, there are many possibilities
for each of us  personally and
for all of all of us collectively.  
We get to choose our own future and then,
we get to create it

When you study, learn, and live by
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove,
all your concerns and challenges
will be resolved  
with the grace and ease
with which
water flows down hill..
Find  the complete description here.~

///   ///   ////

Tool Number Three
Mind-Altering Medicines
The three most well-known plant medicines are
*   Marijuana, When eaten with spiritual journey as one's intention,  
*   Psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and
*   Ayahuasca..
*   LSD (not from plants) is also a powerful mind expanding tool..

Experiences with any of these four substances
can dramatically and positively alter human consciousness..
Caution:  One best be introduced to these substances
by an experienced user..

Watch the film:    The Reality of Truthh.
And you will understand the importance off
experiencing Ayahuasca.  

What is a Spiritual Journey?
      Opening one's consciousness
      with the intention of experiencing  
      the non-physical aspect of life.
Marijuana as a Spiritual Journey    

End the absolutely, totally, and completely INSANE
War against  Marijuana







C S 18-06-22

Challenge-Six---Solution Six   



Every human being is a teacher.   
Every human being is a student learning
The Art of Living Life
in a human body
in aa Holographic Universe.

Most of us are still focusing on our own lives
and struggling against what we do not want..

When we function  in mutually supporting teams,,
 and focus on what we do want,
we are far more productive, far more creative,  
and our lives are much more joyful..

With the intention of enhancing our mutual cooperation,,
The TLC-Life-Center Team
has created the first phase of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge..

Rev Robert's online Book
       Adventures  In  Consciousness  
      How to Play The Earth-Life Game   
      in Fifth Dimension Consciousness   
has grown and evolve into the the birth of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge.
Find the beginning phase of the Living library at

The focus is exclusively on those who offer
products, services and/or information
related to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

We have already entered the names and links
to hundreds of individuals and organizations
into the library.   
There are literally millions more who can be added..

 6-The-Living-Library-of-Human-and-Cosmic-Knowledgee   Pt. 1 of 3


C S 18-06-222

We  invite everyone interested in 5d consciousness
to register as a member of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledgee

The library is and will continue to be
owned, managed and controlled by We-The-People.
Use of the library is free to all..

Our intention is to replace the old 3d systems with
a completely free, information source that is
totally free,
totally devoid of any external controls
with absolutely none, nada zero censorship..

The only requirement is that all who are listed herein
be focused on Service to All,
with the intention of being and acting for
the highest good to all humanity in the long run.     

6 - Living Library continued-  pt. 2 of 3


C S 18-06-222

When you register yourself
as a member of the Living Library
you receive a registration listing
on the Library's website..

The listing size is page width (about 8 inches)
by maximum height of 3.5 inches..
You can add any information you choose to place there
plus a link to our website.  

We ask individuals and small groups  to support the library
with a donation of $100 per year..
You can also donate in lesser amounts
and donate more frequently..
The system is still in the development stages..
If you are interested please contact us at:

Please examine our website at



6 - Living Library continued-  Pt. 3 of 3




C S 18-06-222

Challenge-Seven---Solution Seven 



FYI   1 Sep 18 /// from Robert Cote'
TO    All Seven Billion of Us

A Major-Earth-Changing-Truth-Has-Been Revealed.
Check it out at:

We'd welcome your opinion onn
how to best bring this revelation
to the attention of "We-The-People"
Robert Cote''






C S 18-06-22

Challenge-Eight---Solution Eight



Originally, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddes
created the the basic consciousness
that controls the existence of our physical bodies..
We call that consciousness by the name,,
subconscious mind, as distinct from
our personality consciousness
and our super-consciousness
(Higher-Self, Soul-Self, God-Self)..
According to the Palladian's,,
the purposes of physical bodies were for

The body was designed to self-heal
to self-regenerat
so that  the dweller in that bod
could use his or her physical body  
for hundreds of years..
Over eons, that programming
has been altered numerous times..
About 25,000 years ago,,
the human subconscious mind, (aka  DNA, aka Innate)  
was programmed by agents of evil
to kill your body
before you could live long enough
to wake up and realize that
you are an eternal, non-physical God-Being.~

The moment you realize who and what you are,
you can no longer be enslaved by lies and illusions..
We now know how to reprogram our subconscious minds..

Our challenge is for each of us to put a new program
into our subconscious mind..
To our present understanding of our subconscious minds,,
we add the data given to us by Kryon (Lee Carroll)
For this new knowledge , we are sincerely grateful.

Kryon's explanation has come in bits and pieces..
Kryon refers to the subconscious mind as "Innate."
Below is a synthesis of what we learned
from all sources combined..

For each of us, our subconscious mind
control our body function,
breathing, digestion, blood flow and the like.
It also controls many other aspects of our lives,
including how long we live.  

According too Kryon, it does everything is does because
it is functioning for our highest and best interest.
Its programming says,
short lives are the best way to enlightenment..
As a result, it kills the body with disease
after only a short lifespan..

    .List-of-Challenges-and-Solutions     .
8-Major-Human-Body-Changes   ..



C S 18-06-222

Challenge-Nine   Solution-Nine       



Presently, when your body ceases to function properly,,
you are forced to leave.  
In 3d language you die.   
In 5d language, you simply shift back into
your God-Conscious-Self and
return into "the Arms of God."

When your body dies,,
you will be directed to go to the Light.   
That Light is a AI (artificial intelligence) FRAUD..

Turn away from the Light and say,
"God, take me home."
You will immediately be returned
back into "the Arms of God.""

All Karma will be gone.   
Your forced reincarnation cycle will end.

If you decide to  return to Earth,
you will return by choice,
with no karma and with
full consciousness of who and what you are.


Connecting Consciousness – Simonn Parkes[VIDEO] Galactic Connection
56:00  to  59:50   Simon explains the Reincarnation trap







C S 18-06-22




We have fixed opinions (beliefs) about all kinds of thing
about which we are 99% ignorant.

The Consciousness challenges for each of us is:
    *  to realize that 99% of what we believe
        is a third dimension lie,
    *   to realize how little we know,
    *   to realize how much there is to know.

our Earth-Mind,
our  Personality-Self
mind-melds with our Super-Conscious-Self,
we know everything that our Super-Conscious-Self knows
It's called enlightenment.        It's our natural state of being.

Our Super-Conscious-Self is a blend of every life
that I/we  have ever experienced.  
We have experienced many lives
in PC.-Goddess's Holographic Universe.
We are remembering some of them,
those useful in our preasant endeavour

At that point, we will realize that
we have been tricked (mind manipulated)
into believing that
arguing, fighting and wars  solve problems.  

We no longer engage in third dimension sheyitt
because we will realize that we are all one.
Also, there is so much of everything that
there nothing to fight about.

*   Are you living by this Universal principle:
     When you are intentionally creating,
     Ignore the external world?
     What is there about this principle that you do not know?
     What is there about this principle that you do know?
     Are you sure you are right?

*   What about all the stuff you know
     that "Just Ain't So."

Einstein quote:   "I now know that I know nothing."
Are you smarter than Einstein.

How do you know anything with certainty?
In any topic about which you claim to be wise,
what is in the 99% that you don't know?

One of the most significant thing that
most humans  don't know is that
we live in an Invisible Prison.~
The list of what we humans don't know is all but infinite

Is a human being
a body
a consciousness?
What's the difference?    Do you know?

For example,  you may believe that
George Bush senior and Bill Clinton are humans.  
Their body appears to be human.,
but what about their consciousness?

Bush, Clinton and the other Cabal criminals
are mind manipulated, mind-controlled slaves,
slaves to an off-planet species of being known as the Lizzerdz.
The Lizzerdz are also mind-controlled slaves.
They are mindless, mind-controlled slaves of
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI secretly controls  our Third dimension world.~

So, are Daddy Bush and Bill Clinton human or
are they Lizzerdz-like, sadistic, child raping,
child murdering,  psychopathic, biological robots?

Here's another example;
The third-dimension Earth
is an authoritarian, service to self,
secret, mind-manipulating, slavery system.~

Until very recently,
the entire Earth  was controlled
by Cabal banking criminals.
You have been secretly mind-manipulated
not to believe any of this.

Because you know nothing about this topic,
does that make it false.
Would you like to examine the evidence. or
do you already know all there is to know
about secret slavery?

So the next time you  are about express an opinion 
with strong emotion
while thinking you know something,
simply realize that you are about to  peddle
another turd-mountain of mindless mouth-fart.

And one other question:
Why do you believe
whatever it is that you believe?

If you have not already done so, we invite you to examine
the first challenge  The-Slaves-Wake-Up.    






C S 18-06-222




   *   To live joyfully as s human being on Earth,
         we must learn that
         we each create our personal reality
         by our   thoughts,   beliefs,   attitudes,  
         expectations,   emotions,   words,   actions
         and by what we will or will not allow into our lives.
Read the fll text here:






C S 18-06-222




Why Ignore the External World:
   *   Because it's and illusion.

   *   Because it's done, it's completed, it's history.
       The external world is not fixable.

   *   Because changes are made inside of one's consciousness,
          and NOT in the external physical world.

   *   Because focusing on the external world
        is the main reason why
        most humans are still stuck in
        the 3d world of Sheyitt
         and still live in the world of lies and illusions.

*   We live in a Holographic Universe.~

*   Our thoughts create our reality.~

The Universal Law of Attraction gives us
more of what we focus on.
Focus on Sheyitt and get more Sheyitt.
Focus on Giving Llove and Get more Llove.







C S 18-06-22

Take me to:  









C S 18-06-22









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