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How to Play
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C S 18-06-22



We each have the power and the ability
to Control of our own lives.

      By controlling what we think about,
      By controlling our thoughts,  
            we control how we feel.
            we control our vibrational frequency.
By controlling our vibrational frequency,
      we each control what comes to us
      be it things, situations, and/or experiences.
     In other words,
       What we think about,
       What we feel, and
       What we experience
       Always match.

Bottom Line: 
We each have the power and the potential
to control of our own lives.
Like it or not,
our thoughts and our emotions
are what directs each of us
into our own future experiences.

Our feelings are our guidance mechanism.
If you feel bad, you are taking your life
in the direction of more pain,
more misery, and more 3d-sheyitt~
If you are feeling good, you are taking your life
in the direction of more joy, more Llove, and more abundance.

You must stop telling your old, unwanted stories.
Have you been tell feel-bad stories:
with your vibrations,
with your heart,
with your emotions
with your behavior,
with your beliefs,
with what you expect,
with mind chatter about your past,
with your own version of victim consciousness,
with what you are afraid of,
with your perception of what you are experiencing
      in your external world.
It's time to start telling a different story.

The Satisfaction Technique  (described below)
is a fast and simple way to take back control
of what you manifest.    

Hold-a-Positive-Vibrational-Momentum   .

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C S 18-06-22





When we do whatever we do for the joy of doing it,
We have succeeded in letting go of
our attachment to the result.
We already have joy far Above Emotional Neutral and thus
the Universe bring us more to be joyful about.

Compare this with doing for the sake of creating a result.
When we do whatever we do while looking for the a result,
we do not have the result.
We are focused on  the absence of what we want and thus,
the Universe bring us more not having..

To create something, we begin by imagining
how good we will feel
when we have our intention manifested

We don't pretend that we have something we don't  have
That would get into the question of lies and believability.
Instead, we skip this mental conflict by imagining
what the feel good feelings will feel like .
We are just pretending.
we know we are pretending, thus,
we have avoided the potential, mental conflict

We simply imagine how good we will feel
when we have our intention manifested











C S 18-06-22



Remember, we are a thought and emotion-creation machines.
Unless we are asleep,
our thought-creation machine in on.
We cannot shut it off.
It is the nature of what humans are.
Our only real job is to keep our creation mechanism
vibrating on the positive / joy side of life.

When we keep your mind moving gently
in the mental state of satisfaction and contentment for 17 seconds
the universe adds another similar thought.

See this link for a full description of
The Seventeen Seconds Technique:
Keep our satisfaction and contentment mental state moving
for four 17-seconds-thoughts
and the universe steps in and
adds universal power to  our thoughts.
17 seconds   34 seconds   51 seconds   67 seconds.
At 67 seconds we have
a powerful positive momentum
moving our thought in the direction of
physical manifestation.

We keep the thoughts general, soft, and easy and
     feel the associated emotions
      as distinct from hard and specifics.
When we are Contented, Relaxed, At Ease, with  Peace of Mind,
     there's not much push to go anywhere or do anything,
     Just be!   Relax, Allow, I am mellow.


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C S 18-06-22

Some Examples



I feel at ease here.
I know the future, joy-filled expressions of myself:
       (Robert Cote'    aka    Aum FahZoom)
I am satisfied with: myself, with ________ , and with _______ .

After each statement we, add: 
. . . and that feels really, really good,   (or  . . . and that feels good.)
   Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  

Avoid being in a hurry.
The power is in  the feelings.
Words point our feeling in a particular direction.
Float on the joy side of the feelings and just be.

Think of some of the things that are satisfactory.
My chair is comfortable.
The room temperature is just right.
It's quiet and peaceful here.
My beverage tastes good.
There is great love for me everywhere.

Look for things about which
    it's easy to feel satisfied.
What is the most satisfying thing
     I can think about right now?

Today is a nice day.   Think about what's nice about today.
My timing is good.  
I do tings by feel good-feelings and by inspirations.
I am reasonably intelligent.
Inspiration is opening itself to me now.
I trust my ability.
I trust the Laws of the Universe.
See the section below (Llove-Vibrations)
     for more general soft thoughts.

The color of the curtains is fine.   I'm satisfied with that.
      The Curtains look pretty.  
      I am grateful for the beauty in my life
I like the chair I'm siting in.      I'm satisfied with that. 
     It feels good,   I really appreciate my nice chair.
I know that I am Llovable, Worthy, and Deserving
     and that feels really really good

Find ten thing about which you are satisfied
Find ten more.
Now, how do you feel? 
Express gratitude for your peace of mind,
     for your peacefulness, and relaxation regarding ________ .
     And then say:
      This feels really, really good       or         This  feels Good.
For more examples ,
see the next section below    Llove-Vibrations

Hold-a-Positive-Vibrational-Momentum     .


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C S 18-06-22

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C S 18-06-22

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Feel with the intention of feeling good,
not for some specific results.

What if what you want isn't coming,
but something better is coming?

Source will provide you with everything you choose
and you 'll find your fulfillment is even
better than you asked for.

We don't really ask because we are God-Beings.
We are children of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
we are, like our parents, we are  Great Creators.
We simply think our intentions into being as physical matter
in God' Cosmic Hologroph.

The solution is in our personal vortex
waiting for us to vibrate in harmony with that solution.  
We begin by vibrating at the level of satisfaction or Higher.
The same is true about our desires that are not yet manifested.