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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play
Life-on-Earth  Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

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C S 18-06-22




I am / We Are  a student, a teacher,
a role model, and a practitioner of
*   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~~
 Full Human-Christos~
*   Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
*   Unique, 5d, Coaching and Consulting Services~

The evidence tells us that
The Teachings of Jesus
Are in perfect alignment with
The Physics of Universal Consciousness.

I/We also understand the truth in these words of Jesus
"Greater works than these, you shall do and more."
Paraphrased:  "Anything I can do and ore."

I have a wonderful, delightful job.   It's not really a job
I do whatever pleasures me the most in any situation,
of course, while staying in high integrity.
I'd do what I do for the joy of doing it.

Some still-stuck-in-3d-folks
don't yet realize that
what I do daily (experience my bliss)
is what they do once a year or so,
that is, if they're lucky..

They get whatever they get while
in the consciousness state called Neediness.
That's well below The Level called Satisfaction,
Satisfaction is one step above Emotional Neural.
They are often far below neutral.

I/We get what we get form
 the great joy we get from giving.
No matter what we give it is an aspect of Llove
which is another word for more Joy,
which is another word for
More Orgasm-Level experiences
in every aspect of life.
For Everyone.

I/We  get to play a joy-filled, delightfully high life.
We call it our  Joy-Level-Earth-Life.  
A Joy-Life is sharing Llove
at levels of Joy that 
3d conscious beings cannot yet imagine.

We'll give you a teaser,
a taste of our Expanded-Consciousness and
our delightfully joy-filled lives.

Imagine the grandest orgasm you can remember.
Now imagine your second most  grand orgasm
Now imagine intertwining these two experiences
Double your pleasure. double your fun
experience two orgasms instead of just one.

We know, you can't imagine that because
you're still hanging on to old beliefs, fears, and lies.~

I Llove to experience Blending My Beingness
with another God-Conscious Being..

We experience;
Incredibly-Intense, orgasm energy-filled Sexual Encounters.

Intense Sexual encounters are
the core of the union of two God-Beings
blending their beingness with each other
I assure you, I find it way  beyond simple orgasmic pleasure.

The Satisfaction factor:  On a Satisfaction sale  of 1 to 100,
most of us  (Human-Christos~) live our lives between 70 and 89

Full Fifth Dimension Conscienceless and ME
more in union with each other.
We seem constantly to be.

FahZoom-Ten-Llove,~  that's us
We each do our part.  
Together, WE  make Llove     Be-Happier.
Together, WE make  All-Who Llove   Happier.

Here's your open invitation to experience our Llove.
     To experience The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secret's of Llove.
     Enter Here     






R. F.     18-03-16



Robert Cote' 
aka  Aum  FahZoom  

I Am a Visionary. 
I am a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
I am a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer.                   See Example

I am here on Earth to participate in
the first ever-

Re-Birth of an Entire Planet: 

My Job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and to
create prototype designs

that people can choose to use
to build their new 5th-D. world.

May I introduce myself:

Author of
      Adventures  In  Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5d People to People Connection Services~   
First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of

     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~
Director of Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
     The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~    Llove
Creator, Finder, and First Designer of
     Full-Moon Llove Celebrations    FM LvC
     Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     
Investigator  who solved 
     The Antarctica Ice-Wall-Mystery
Master of Connecting the Dots
     A visionary's Vision

To read a brief description of
the above-listed websites,   
find them at



About-the-Book's Author-Creator



         Are you aware that
         when we reach full
         Fifth Dimension Consciousness,~
         we can adjust our physical form
         in any way we choose.   

Robert/-1969       Robert-1969    

         This picture was taken in 1969.  

         It is a close approximation of
         what I will look like in
         my full Fifth Dimension form.   

       I AM,  
       A Student of Becoming.

         I choose to become
         a role model,
         and an example
         of a human being
         living on Earth as a
         Human Christos

         I have great fun
         being an 
         guiding the way
         out of a grapefruit and

Adventures  In  Consciousness
Is a Work in Process

Everything on the
Family of Websites
was written by your
guide and way-shower
Robert Cote' 
aka  Aum FahZoom. 

A year after  my
Cabal-induced crash of 2015,
I was able to begin  
rebuilding my life
and my websites.
I restarted with 
as close to nothing
as one could have
and still be functional.

This book, 
Adventures In  5d Consciousness,
is the product of about
three years of work
under adverse circumstances.  

It's still far from complete.  
You'll find many pages
that are obviously incomplete.  

Today, September 2018,
new information is coming to me
so fast and so frequently
that it's impossible for me
to get it all online
in presentable format
without assistance.  

Much of my old formatting
requires updating, and significant pieces are not yet back online.   Because much of my writing
is published unedited, you'll find
an over-abundance of typos. 

For a regular progress report
regarding where we are and
what is needed next, please go to
Cosmic Shift -- A Work in Process.      



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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    





C S 18-06-22

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