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Declaration of

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To release and break all contracts
with the forces of darkness, 
(forces of evil)  (evil beings and their minions)
use The Declaration of Contract Revocation below.

This declaration of Sovereignty
creates a positive personal shift for those of us
who consciously and intentionally cancel
all false contracts with the forces of darkness.
It is our personal Declaration of Sovereignty.

In the name of   I Am That I Am,
In the name of   The Divine Soul Present that I Am,
In the name of   All Ascended Beings of Light,
In the name of   The Galactic Confederation,
In the name of   The Galactic Center,
In the name of   All That Is, Ever Was, and Eveer Will Be,

I hereby decree and command that
all my past, present and future contracts and agreements
made between  any part of my being   and   the dark forces

are hereby declared to be null and void.

All these contracts and agreements and all their consequences
are now completely erased from my reality.

I am now free.
All the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.
I am a free sovereign being of light
from now until eternity.
So be it and so it is in Light.
Signed this 27th day of December, 2018
Robert Earnest Cote'   
Robin Aum FahZoom

Source of this Contract Revocation:
Ending the Contract System
[VIDEO] Galactic Connection   11:13
Minute 7:40   intro to contract.    
Minute 9:52  The Contract written above.
   ///   ///

Birth Certificate:
All agreements regarding my birth certificate
are false and fraud because at birth
I was NOT old enough to make a conscious legal contract.
Thus, the birth certificate, the birth contract
holds no power.
As so stated above, 
the birth certificate contract
and all other contracts
made by me with the forced of darkness
are null and void.
   ///   ///

Declaration of Freedom and Sovereignty

Notice how the choice of wording can make a huge difference.
The Universe does NOT respond to  the opposite of an idea
Example 1:
The Universe's  response to
Declaration of independence (Declaration of NOT-dependence)
as if one said  Declaration of Dependence.

Example 2:
The Universe's  response to
Don't Drink and Drive
as if one said   Drink and Drive.

   ///   ///
For the full text of this message, go to
Declaration of Sovereignty~    




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Declaration of Freedom and Sovereignty  

TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation
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We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal
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