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C S 18-07-16




Our feelings are our guidance mechanism.

*   If you feel bad, you are pulling your life
in the direction of more pain,
more misery, and more 3d-sheyitt~

*   If you are feeling good, you are
leading /drawing /pulling your life
in the direction of more joy,
more Llove, and more abundance.

Over and over again we are told that
The Universal Law of Attraction
 gives us a physical mirror
of our dominant thoughts,    beliefs,    attitudes,
expectations,    emotions,   and    physical activities.

It's time that we pay attention.

For each of us, our solution is in Our-Personal-Vortex
waiting for us to vibrate in harmony with that solution.  
How do we do that?  
We begin by vibrating at the level of satisfaction or higher.
The Satisfaction Technique  (described below)
This technique is usable for acquiring
any desires that are not yet manifested.

We each have the power and the ability
to Control of our own lives

By controlling what we think about,
By controlling our thoughts,  
     we controlling how we feel.
This controls our vibrational frequency.
By controlling our vibrational frequency,
     we each controlling what comes to us
     be it things, situations, and/or experiences.
In other words,

   What we think about,
   What we feel, and
   What we experience
   Always match.

Bottom Line: 
We each have the power and the potential
to control of our own lives.
Like it or not,
thinking is what directs each of us
into our own future.

The most important thing you need to do is 
to STOP creating negative, feel-bad feelings.  
It's really that simple!  
TOP focusing on what's wrong,
STOP focusing on what isn't working,
STOP  trying to fix the un-fixable
STOP focusing on what the bad guys did,

START thinking and feeling about
something that makes you feel good.
That's you first step in the directing of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Remember, success is an inside job.
Ignore everything outside of yourself and
Focus on feel good feelings.

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C S 18-07-16





The Satisfaction Technique
     Learn to live at the emotional Level
     that is at least one step above emotional neutral

     This is how to keep your consciousness
     inside of Your-Personal-Vortex.



     These are the feelings associated with manifestation.

     What are my feelings and emotions?
     Who and what do I choose to become?








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The Tools and the Techniques:---

*   Fifth Dimension Manifesting
Hundreds of examples of the feeling we will feel
 when our desires are fully manifested.

 Llove Vibrations  --- Statements

*  Llove Vibrations   --- Music

*   Breathing GOOD-Vibrations
We begin by creating un-attached  Feel-Good Feelings.
Then we slip our desires into  the feel-good feeling,
all the while, completely  ignoring all low vibration,
negative thoughts and feelings.


    Focus on these Positive emotions and Feelings

     The links below take you to pages
     that hold  examples of the feeling we will feel
     when our desires are fully manifested.


Replace What's Missing in Your Life~


Breath and Release Technique,  FahZoom. . .


*   The Power and the Truth About Creating with Emotions


*   Emotional Satisfaction or Higher, .
Living in emotional Satisfaction


*   Releasing False Beliefs

*   References:
Links to additional related information

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C S 18-07-16



The Satisfaction Technique-    

We begin inside of ourselves,
we each
a mild, positive,
mental state of being called
It's a state of being in which we
look at numerous things in our environment and say,
"I am satisfied with this and that the way it is right now,"
and then we express gratitude and appreciation
for those things we are satisfied with.

The technique is simply learning to live in
an emotional state of being
that is slightly above emotional neutral, or higher.

This is slightly above the mid-range
between the positive (FahZoom)
passion, appreciation, and Llove
and the negative  (khold-priki)
despair, depression, hopelessness, fear, guilt, etc.

Why start near neutral?
Because that is the easiest place
to start our positive Momentum flowing.

At the level of satisfaction and contentment,
it's much easier to change the direction
that our thoughts are taking us.
Why?  Because their momentum towards manifestation is soft.

Once our mental state of mind is moving,
even slightly, in the direction of joy, 
when we hold these gentle, positive thoughts,
The Law of Attraction adds to them
more thoughts of like kind.
such as:   I feel at ease,   I'm OK,  
I feel feel better,   etc.

This creates a mental state of being
into which more positive thoughts can easily flow.     

C S 18-07-16


When we keep your mind moving gently
in the mental state of satisfaction and contentment for 17 seconds
the universe adds another similar thought.

See this link for a full description of
The Seventeen Seconds Technique:
Keep our satisfaction and contentment mental state moving
for four 17-seconds-thoughts
and the universe steps in and
adds universal power to  our thoughts.
17 seconds   34 seconds   51 seconds   67 seconds.
At 67 seconds we have
a powerful positive momentum
moving our thought in the direction of
physical manifestation.


We keep the thoughts general, soft, and easy and
     feel the associated emotions
      as distinct from hard and specifics, with details.
     Example:  A red Farrari   Vs  A delightful car.

In other words, we think about internal feelings
and  not about physical stuff.
Example:  Where do we focus our thoughts
Goods and services 
the feeling we feel when or desire is manifested 

When we are Contented,   Relaxed,   At Ease,   with  Peace of Mind,
     there's not much push to go anywhere or do anything,

I Am that which I choose to be. 
I Am  That which I  Am.    I eist  As  I Am.  
I Relax,   Allow,   Enjoy.  Appreciate.  Just Be.   I am mellow.
And, all that feels really, really good.

Some examples:
I feel at ease here.
I know the future, joy-filled expressions of myself:
       (Robert Cote'    aka    Aum FahZoom)
I am satisfied with: myself, with ________ , and with _______ .

After each statement we, add: 
. . . and that feels really, really good,  
. . . and that feels good.)
   Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  

Avoid being in a hurry.
The power is in  the feelings.
Words point our feeling in a particular direction.
Float on the joy side of the feelings.
Keep your thoughts and emotions  above emotional neural
and    Relax.    Allow.   Enjoy>   Appreciate your self.   Just be.

Think of some of the things that,
for you, are satisfactor
My chair is comfortable.
The room temperature is just right.
It's quiet and peaceful here.
My beverage tastes good.
There is great love for me everywhere.

Look for things about which
    it's easy to feel satisfied.
What is the most satisfying thing
     I can think about right now?
We have several sections offering
things, and situation situations on which to

Today is a nice day.   Think about what's nice about today.
My timing is good.  
I do tings by feel good-feelings and by inspirations.
I am reasonably intelligent.
Inspiration is opening itself to me now.
I trust my ability.
I trust the Laws of the Universe.
See the section below (Llove-Vibrations)
     for more general soft thoughts.

The color of the curtains is fine.   I'm satisfied with that.
      The Curtains look pretty.  
      I am grateful for the beauty in my life
I like the chair I'm siting in.      I'm satisfied with that. 
     It feels good,   I really appreciate my nice chair.
I know that I am Llovable, Worthy, and Deserving
     and that feels really really good

Find ten thing about which you are satisfied
Find ten more.
Now, how do you feel? 
Express gratitude for your peace of mind,
     for your peacefulness, and relaxation regarding ________ .
     And then say:
      This feels really, really good       or         This  feels Good.
For more examples ,
see the next section below    Llove-Vibrations

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*   The Satisfaction Technique






13 April 2019




We are all
The One Energy of Divine Llove.
The Power of Our Beingness exceeds all else.
I/We know this with absolute certainty
and knowing that inspires me to feel really. really good

 .Below are the slightly-edited statements of
THe Council of Nine channeled  by Magenta Pixie.
The following statements are applicable
to those who  
choose   and   accept   them.

*  I am We are the Cosmic, Super-Universal Architects.
*   I am/ We are the ancient builders
*   The ancient builder civilizations
    are still within our DNA Structure

*  In my genetic makeup, I  am
     Lemurian,  Arcturian    Atlantian.
     Serian.    Pleadian   and   Lyran
*   I Am    Monadic,    Plasma,    Diamond    Light.
     (Plasma is the highest form of fire.)
*   I am, an immortal, non-physical,
     Multi-dimensional, multi-universal  God-Being
And knowing all that inspires me to feel really, really good.

I/We Choice to:
research, to discover, to explore,
and then  to
transmute,  to merge  and  integrate  into
the new. levels of Cosmic Consciousness.
*   I Am     Monadic,    Plasma,    Diamond    Light.
*   I am, an immortal, non-physical,
     multi-dimensional  G
*   I am God.  
*   We all are God.

I accept, I welcome, I acknowledge my Godhood.
and that feels really really good.  

End Magenta Pixi


Abraham ~ Do we choose our parents - YouTube

Notes below based on:
Abraham Hicks - Must we return to this Earth -
YouTube   13:15

From  the non-physical perspective,
Human life is  seen as  fabulous, delicious,
as something wanted, intoxicating, invigorating,
as something that calls me to incarnate.

BUT, it's not just that simple.
Source Creator has put  twist in the game.
You must properly use the The Law of Attraction
or you'll get everything backwards.
And on top of that, parasitic criminals have secretly
tricked most of humanity into
creating Sheyitt instead of Joy.

Although there were lesser joy times for me,
I now hold s new perspective
on the value of physical form,
I see life as fabulous, delicious, intoxicating, and invigorating.  
I now see life
as something wanted,
as something that calls me
to stay and enjoy more.,
and all that feels really, really good.

Right now, 2019, we Earth Humans
are on the leading edge of the expansion of cosmic reality,
and the is exciting.   

The visions put forth it the online book,
Adventures into Consciousness, Fifth dimension style
is my future,
and all that feels really, really good.

     ///  ///   ///
*   When I meet a feel bad emoting 
    (What Abraham-Hicks calls the contrast)
     I ask,  What is the condition?  
*   How do I feel?  What emotions am I feeling?
*   What do I want to feel?
     I want to feel better
     I want this not to matter.
     I want to return to who I am, 
          to my natural joyous state of being.
*  What do I need to change inside of me
     so that how I feel will match  how I want to feel?
     1)   Realize that  
           What I think, what I feel
              and what manifests always match.
     2)   Realize that. I hold full responsibility for this experience.
           I created this mess.
          It was part of my dominant thinking and feelings
     3)   What is the opposite of this mess,
     4   I'll begin by feeling good with no destination in mind,.
          I'll feel good just for the joy of feeling good,
     5   then I'll go to     Breathing Feel-Good Vibrations


          and apply the technique explained there.
      6  I'll think general joy thoughts
          like   Llove,   and    Abundance.
     7)  Then I add the opposite of the the mess I'm in.

Things are always working out for me.
My job is to be in alignment with who and what I am.


<><><>   <><><>  <><><>

*   I am one of  the original builders  of the Universe.
*   I participated in the design of the human body.

I am Cosmic Consciousness.
and that feels really, really good..

I am /We are here on Earth to teach humanity
how to vibrate at the high-vibration level
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

When we have completed our mission,
beings with low vibration,
beings with self-serving intentions,
including destructive AI
will no longer be able to access us.

Magenta Pixi
Diamond Lion's Gate Portal 882019 - YouTube   9:05
Peak at 8:08 am and  8:08 pm  August 8, 2019
Portal remains open to 12/ 13  Aug   


13 April 2019

About-the Author-Creator-of--



Robert Cote'  aka  Robin Aum FahZoom  
I am/we are a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer.    See an Example

Read additional credits at:

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*   Statements-of-Who-I-Am





C S 18-07-16




Our Personal Vortex is the name for our mini-version of
Source/ Creator/ God's matrix of infinite possibilities.  
has their own personal vortex. 

For each of us, it's our
personal Matrix of Infinite Possibilities.

*   It's
a vibrational holding place
           for our present and future feel good experiences.  
*   It's the non-physical holding place for all the experiences
           that we intend to manifest.  
*   It's your personal matrix of infinite potential.    
*   It's the non-physical equivalent of
           a box, a closet, a warehouse, a storage yard.  
*   It is a non-physical collection point
           for all the desires our lives have defined.   
*   It's the vibrational holding place for
           whatever inspires us to feel good.  

This is where our future,
feel-good experiences are wait for us
to "arrive" and  "collect" them. 
We arrive by vibrating in harmony with them and
with other feel good feelings.


Think of the things in your present-day life. 
For each of us. every one of them came out of 

Our Personal Vortex

out of our  

personal Matrix of Infinite Possibilities

We each created them in our personal vortex
by thinking them into existence.  
Our emotions about them
allowed Source/Creator/God-Goddess to bring us
their equivalent in physical form.    


For each of us, our own personal vortex    
contains anything and everything we could ever
want, need require and desire.  

It's the waiting place for everything
we have ever  asked for, prayed for, dreamed about,
and/or intended in this life time
and in other lifetimes as well.  

We access the content of our personal vortex
with our internal feelings/emotions.  
Point your intention at what we intend to experience and
feel the feelings as if your intention were already manifested.

The Power and Truth Abut Creating with Emotions-Page Two.  

We must also learn to withdraw our focus
from our khold-priki thoughts and feelings.       

<><><>   <><><>

Nothing is more powerful than
our alignment with our Vortex.  

Say to your self, "Right now in this moment,
my desire, my intention
is in alignment with my vortex."    

To experience any of these potential experiences
into your physical reality,
decide what I want to experience.  


Question: What moves your desires from non-physical to physical?  
Answer:    Whatever excites you the most.  
                   Thoughts that inspire feel good feelings.  
                   Your positive thoughts and emotions (feel good feelings),
                   such as thoughts of Llove,  Appreciation, 
                   joy,  Passion,  Exhilaration .       

Continued in next section:

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*   Your-Personal-Vortex





C S 18-07-16




Declare your Intention.

el the emotions related your intention
as if your desire were already physically manifested.

Do whatever you do related to our intention 
for the joy of doing it and
NOT to produce a specific result 

Release the intended result into
The Infinite Powers 
of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.  

      in heightened excitement, 
            in joyous anticipation.   

Experience the orgasmic-level thrills
      of the first major physical expression 
            of our most cherished desire.   

           In the afterglow commonly known as
                  "That freshly-fucked feeling."     |


A personal Example:

Home!      Home!     As I vibrate in harmony with my new home   
FahZoom Home reveals itself to me piece at a time.  

With honor, we respect, I offer  sincere gratitude to
everyone and everything that, in any way, 
participated with me
in this manifestation, including myself.   

I turn my attention to
celebrating another new beginning!     

I know myself.   
I know     The All That Is     as myself.    
One  is all that is.  
Llove  is all that is. 
I an in my natural sate of being.  

<><><>   <><><>

Be Aware

You push yourselves away from our desires, and
they cannot reveal themselves to you if you vibrate as:      
         feel bad       don't have      can't      it's impossible      anger     
         fear       criticism         pushing          struggling         arguing    
         fighting      fixing      snafu      victim consciousness     .

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C S 18-07-16




Another factor to to be aware of is called Momentum.
Until it is acted upon by external energy,
an object at rest stays at rest,
an object in motion stays in motion.

Momentum, as used here, referrers to
the amount of thought and emotional energy
that is moving our desires toward    or    away from
their physical manifestation.

The more something is thought about
with positive emotions
the more power / momentum it has toward manifesting.
The more its absence of it is thought about
with negative emotions
The more its absence is manifested.

Turn Around Time:
Imagine yourself piloting a large ship in the middle of the oceam.
Your thoughts and your emotions are directing the ship filled with anger,..

If your thoughts and our emotions have been
negative, critical, judgmental,
filled with anger, grief, misery and the like,
your are headed to the port city called Sheyitt Consciusness.

Remember, Your thoughts give the context,
the directions toward which your life moves   and
your emotion are the powerful engine
move manifestations   toward   or    Away from
your desired intention.

One day you wake up and realize that
you are NOT the victim of external forces.
You realize that you, yourself, with your thoughts and emotions
have been taking you to Sheyitt City.
You decide to turn our ship around and head  for
FahZoom Town,      Nice-Play Park      and
which is in there exact opposite direction.

>50   Law of Ritual   Acts repeated become a ritual.   
               Focus on the intention  add non-physical assistance   
               Use an existing ritual because it already has much power

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*   Momentum






C S 18-07-16




To focus n what you do not want is guaranteed Failure

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*   Point-of-Focus






C S 18-07-16






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*   Ignore-the-External-World






C S 18-07-16





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*   To-Fight-Something-Is-to-Feed-It








C S 18-07-16




My Job is to ignore everything in the external world.
*   The conditions in the external world are whatever they are
         and that's none of my business.
*   That's an old, false belief.  That no longer applies to  me.

*   That's non of my business.
*   Couldn't control it even if I wanted to.
*   That's not my job,
*   The universe is taking care of that
*   Everything is working out.

If it's very dissatisfying,
first look for a neutral position
on that topic.

The transition from depression back to Joy and ecstasy
is too big of a single huge jump.
Make your shift one bite at a time
From Depression to anger. 
From anger to Hope.
From hope to it's possible, etc.

*   Be aware of what you think about
     the people in your life.
*   Ignore what you don't like about them and
     think of as many nice thing about them as you can.
*   Look for the points of satisfaction in them. 

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C S 18-07-16




TLC-Life-Center Web Pages

*   Fifth Lost Secret of Llove Manifesting your significant other
     Create your Llover -  beloved~
     The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships~

*   The Power and the Truth Abut Creating With Emotions

Online References

(5) There's so much leverage in satisfaction
Abraham Hicks 2018 - YouTube   31:21
Start at minute 14:15 =Intro   17:45 = Momentum

Similar Videos
Stop vibrations that prevents you from love relationships
Abraham Hicks - YouTube   30:57

Abraham-Hicks  Relationships and Neediness - YouTube

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Full Workshop - YouTube

(5) Abraham Hicks - The Best Resistance Release Method 2018
YouTube   33:07
from  minute 16:35 to minute 25:15
added info to 28:50

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C S 18-07-16















13 April 2019




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I/We/Robert Cote   aka   Robin FahZoom
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a working knowledge of
*   Llove,~
*   How the Universe Functions,~
*   How to Wake up Humanity.~
Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
your own version of a working knowledge of
how to live your own life
in the Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
of Joy, Peace, Llove, and Abundance
     Learn more here

What is required now:
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