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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play
Life-on-Earth  Game  
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C S 18-07-16



Also see: and Galactic-Disclosuree

The first step in introducing humanity to
our galactic brothers and sisters
is to introduce humans to themselves.

The fastest, simplest, easiest to learn way
Who and What Humans Are
is to examine, study, and focus on
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~

You are  becoming Self-Aware
Once you understand, who and what you are,
you'll not afraid of
making contact with other galactic civilizations.

///   ///   ///   ///

First Contact should be
calm, soft, non-threatening,
and as safe as possible.

We recommend that first person-to-person contact
be made by a small group of Earth-Human  females
and a small group human females
from one or more of the cosmic civilizations.

Keep the contact brief.  Film the event. 
Inform the politicians and the military
that this event is a contact with
representatives of We-The-People,  ONLY.

The contacted will not return
if this location is in any way Damaged. or
if films or anything else are taken from the contact site
by those who claim to be in control.

This event is a contact with
representatives of We-The-People,  ONLY.

We ask the non-Earth females  to describe their lives.  
We ask them to show us pictures of
their homes and their children.

We recommend that first contact
be made at remote sight in the United States.
Stay  far away from political centers
such as Washington DC. and stay away from any military bases

An Ideal setting would be 
the Eceti Ranch in Washington state.

James Gilliland   Eceti     
ECETI2018 [at] GMAIL [dot] COM    
ECETI Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
At the first contact,
arrangements will be made
for further contact with
additional representatives of We-The-People.

///   ///  ///

If you have additional ideas and/or suggestion,
we'd welcome your opinion regarding
how to best bring this revelation
to the attention of "We-The-People" 


C S 18-06-22



Expose humanity to Galactic Civilizations
by exposing them to Llove
instead of exposing them to space ships and weapons of war.

This gives people
something to be thankful for
instead of something to fear.
Also,  a self-aware person
is not afraid of beings from other Galactic Civilizations.

Women are far better than men as first contactees.
Begin by showing humanity pictures of
non-Earth, human mothers playing games with their children.
Then offer holographic images.

Follow that with mothers to mothers contact.
Next bring in children and invite the children
to meet the children form other galactic civilizations.
Expand the connections from there.

Remember, this is contact with
representatives of We-The-People,  ONLY.




C S 18-06-22

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