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Lets take a closer look at
the fifth Dimension power
in and of and for

***   We see the incident, the happening
from side of the other person or other group.

***   We realize that not-forgiving hurts
only the one who cannot or will not forgive.

***   Your attitude about the other person
does not hurt them.
They may not even be aware of your attitude toward them.

If they are part of the Cabal Control System,
they may even welcome you negative feeling toward them.

Remember, the evil ones feed on the energy
that radiates from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing negative emotions.

Realize that your anger, hatred, etc.
is feeding evil and
is also pushing yourself toward
experiencing more to hate and be angry about.

Are you aware that your anger is supporting
the Cabal's effort to keep humanity
in its invisible prison of service to self~
at the expense of you and everyone else?

***   Your forgiveness DOES NOT release
the one who hurt you
from reviving the consequences of their behavior
Let God and The Universal Law of Returns
deal with those who hurt you

***   Another thing to consider is that
the person who hurt you may have been
so thoroughly mind-controlled
that they were merely acting
under the control of the programming
installed in their minds by by the evil ones.

***   The being who caused you pain,
is NOT his or her physical bad.
Remember, An Earth human are NOT his/ Her  physical body
We are eternal divine beings experiencing life in physical form.
If you do not forgive, you are stuck in 3rd. D Sheyitt and
you will remain stuck until you forgive.

***   And consider this.
Humanity at large has been secretly mind controlled
to express anger and hatred and to ignore forgiveness.

*   No matter what happened, it's history
     Let it go.  Why?
     Because we are not only forgiving the other person,
     most importantly, we are forgiving ourselves.

     Remember , we each live in a
     *  self-created,
     *  self-controlled
     *  multi-sensory,
     *  Holographic Universe.
     Our reality is a product of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
     expectation, the power of emotion, and what we will allow,
     *   Nobody else can create in our reality.

     The Bottom Line:
     What you think of as somebody outside of yourself,
     is merely your own  self created perception of them.
     You created them into your reality.   
     Your vibration attracted them to you.
     Your lack of forgiveness is vibrational chain
          keeping you stuck in your ugly past.

     See the section titled:
     The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships.

     Our minds can be tricked
     into creating things that serve the Cabal,   (service to self)
     into creating things that hurt ourselves,
     into creating things that hurt our family and friends,
     into creating thins that poison, or other wise damage our bodies
     into creating things that destroy our environment
     into creating things that destroy We-The-People  (Service to All)
     into creating thins that support the invisible prison
            that holds all of humanity in secret slavery
            by mind manipulation based upon
The three Hallmark LIES of god with out Llove 
                                        aka Artificial intelligence,  aka   AI
     Separation from God,
     Violent Competition

*    The person whom you choose not to forgive,
      you invited, him or her into your reality, .
      Do you falsely believe that they came uninvited?

     They came to match your vibration.
      "As You Vibrate, so You Experience"
     It is God's Law of Attraction
     bringing to you
     that which is likened onto itself.

     To invite Khold-Priki is to experience Khold-Priki
     in fear in all of fear's forms, pain, grief, misery and more.

*   How much more of your life's energy
     do you intend to squander, waste and seriously misuse.
     Your anger, your resentment, your only feed and prolong
     the presence of fake gods without Llove

*   You are just now beginning to wake up
     from an extended period of
     secret mind-control slavery.
     You are awakening into
     the world of Llove and Service to All.

*   Your lack of forgiveness is what you must give up.
     The vibrations of Llove and
     the vibrations of anger
     are mutually exclusive.
     Your mind cannot hold both vibrations
     at the same time
     The Universal Law of Like Vibrations says that 
     when you do not vibrate in harmony with
     Llove and  Service to all
     Entrance to 5thD. consciousness is denied.

     When you  commit yourself to learning Forgiveness,
     the doors peace, Llove, and abundance will open for you.
     Come this way please:

     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove  




C S 18-06-22




Here's a message from
The Goddess of Llove and FahZoom.
     FahZoom is Fifth Dimension word
     for Feel-Good-Feelings.

Here's the secret
(the missing piece of consciousness)
about forgiveness
that you may not yet understand.

All of us live in a self created Holographic Universe.
     Also see

There is really nothing that requires forgiving,
but for those who have not yet received the full truth,
here's the interim step:
Nobody other than you, yourself,
can create inside of your Universe.
That same principle applies to evey singl one of us.

You have been tricked into believing that
someone or something outside of yourself
is responsible for your what your are experiencing.
The evidence tells us that
there  only person that needs to be forgiven.
For each of us, that person is one's own self.
Remember the Master's words:
"Forgive them Father, they o not what they do."

There are no bad guys, only fellow God Beeingd
who have also been tricked into believing things
that are false.
False ideas arise from
an artificial intelligence
that has no power except trickery

It lacks connection with
to source/ Creator God-Goddess. 
There is nothing to be forgiven because
nobody intentional did anything
for which they need to be forgiven.

We are all made of Llove. 
There is nothing else.

We are All one being.
There is nothing else.
    Unity -- Single Divine Whole

There are only false beliefs
that stand between you and self-Llove
   Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon   The Invisible Prison  

Additional Reference:
*1    Listen to Abraham/Hickss describing
    The Magic Secret of Relationships
*2   Relationships or Fantasy trips

*3   Forgiveness
Forgiveness is one of the two
most powerful keys to manifesting your desires.
( Gratitude is the other)

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C S 18-06-22





Every day, think of something that that you have not yet forgiven,
particularly, something about yourself,
something that inspires or inspired you to feel bad.

And, in every situation in your daily life,
when something  inspires you to feel bad,
forgive everyone and everything
and particularly, forgive yourself.

Remember that this situating is your creation.
Everything in your life is your own creation.
What is the Buddha gift here?
What lesson is here for you to learn?

Feel the negative feelings coming to you for about a minute,
just long  enough to move through the experience.
Do NOT run away or burry the negativity in forgetfulness.
Realize that whatever is going on with someone else
is NOT about you.

See the negative energy coming to you as a grey cloud.
Send it down into the ground.
This grounds its electric charge and makes it powerless.

Ask yourself,
"Why are they doing whatever they are doing?"
Can you see  and can you feel the situation
from the other person's perspective.
If not, pretend you can.  
Imagine yourself to be empathetic.
Empathy is the first step in learning compassion
Compassing is the first step in experiencing Llove
Whatever the problem/challenge is
Llove is a major part of the answer.

Lack of self Llove is a major block to almost everything
Examine our page titled:
Worthy, Connected,  Llovable, and Enough

When you can Llove and forgive yourself, the struggle is over.

Be compassionate,  Be aware of the other person's  pain.   
Do not add to it by throwing negativity back at them

If you respond to the other person,
let your response be laced
*   with Llove
*   with  Compassion, and 
*   with Forgiveness.

When you are complete,
take a moment and
become fully aware of how you feel.
Notice how our body relaxes.
Notice the feeling and the sensations in your abdomen.

Remember to ground the negative energy, then.
Let it go.   Let it go.   Let it go.
And move your point of focus to something else.

Here are three thoughts that will definitely
change most people's mental  point of focus
*   Is it possible  that the big fish
     that Jonah spent three days in
      was an extra-terrestrial space ship?
*   Is it possible that the burning bush
     where Moses talked with God
     was a burning marijuana plant?
*   Is it possible there is something you don't already know?
    For example; Do you know the difference between
    sheyitt and apple butter?




C S 18-07-16




Within our social structure,
we each create our own personal variation
of our society's collective consciousness,
Our personal experiences are
self-created and self-managed.

Everything that is done to us,
comes to us because we vibrate in harmony
with that experience,
and as you will remember
vibrations attract like vibrations.
Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
and expectations are vibrations.
Vibrations attract Like Vibrations~

Because our lives are self-created
the only person that needs to be forgiven
is one's self
and even here, there is no need to forgive,
because on the divine level there are no mistakes,
only life's learning experiences.    




C S 18-06-22




We cannot reach 5d vibration
if we still carry 3d, low vibration energies l
like anger hate, revenge and the like.
On the Acceptable-Emotional-Level  scale,
you must come up to Satisfaction of Higher.

Lack of forgiveness does not affect the other person,
It ties you in 3d.   your stuck.  
To 5d, you can bring no old baggage.
By being unwilling to forgive
you hurt yourself and you hurt all of humanity.
Give it up.





13 April 2019




Forgiveness and appreciation are two of
the most powerful tools for changing your life.
While forgiveness focuses of cleaning up your past ,
appreciation focuses on enhancing the joys of your future.

The are aspects of gratitude.   Both are quite simple. 
First:   Appreciate everyone and everything,
even if it feels like Sheyitt.  
Consider the feel bad stuff as a wake up call,
inviting you to let go of your
old, obsolete beliefs, attitudes and habits

Second:   Appreciating what you already have
places your point of focus,
one or more steps above Emotional neutral.
Satisfaction  -- Living at the Emotional Level of
Satisfaction or Higher, at least one step avove emotional neutral

Point of focus:  The universal Law of thought tell us
we attract more of whatever we focus our attention on.

A Technique:
Past and future are accessibly only from here and now.
Everything you do is always here and now.
You are always a the center of wherever you are
     and wherever you go.
You are always here. 
The time is always now.

In you imagination celibate and
     feel grateful for something you desire.
Imagine how it came to you. 
Say thank you to that source.  
Feel what it feels like to be , do, have,
     express, and/or experience the  desire.
Know that you already have it.
Feel how good that feels
Say thank you in advance.
Know with absolute certainty that
your desire already exists in your pesent moment of here and now.


More on gratitude here:

Celebrate Success:    Nothing Succeeds Like success



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