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How to

Prepare Yourself for

Life After

The Death of Money

Welcome to

The Living Library of

Human and Cosmic Knowledge

and to

The Beyond-Money Training Center

This page tells you how to
prepare yourself
for the time when money becomes
obsolete, worthless, and useless


how to secure your present wealth
according to your own
and your family's best interest

and  at
the same time
be of service to all of humanity.






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C S 18-07-16

The Decline, Demise, and Death of Money 



When I say, "Prepare for the Demise of Money."
with a disbelieving voice you say,
"Are  you  crAzy?  That's  impoSSible."

We respond with:
*   How do you know what is possible 
     and what is not possible?

Answer the question, right now. 
Stop reading and answer the question.
 How do you know what is possible 
     and what is not possible?

I know our perspective sounds crazy
to those who think that they already know
everything that they need to know,
what if we are right?
*   Before airplanes, it was NOT possible for humans to fly.
*   Before the Internet, instant  communication
    across the world was NOT possible.
*   It used to be NOT possible for a human
     to run a mile in four minutes or less.
*   Until relatively recently, most people believed that
      humans were alone in the Universe.
*   The Cabal, criminal control system has programmed our
        minds with literally thousands of
        lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

May I share evidence-based information with you that
that will prove that the death of money is correct?

What we express on our websites
as evidence-based truth is backed up
*   By Quantum Physics,
*   By the tenants of Universal Spirituality,
*   By The Teachings of Jesus,
*   By The Physics of Consciousness,
*   By thousands of spiritual teachers for thousands of years,
*   By my own 57 years of physical, experiential evidence,
*   By  every other Galactic Civilization.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of artifacts
       that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
       that intelligent life exists in other parts of the Universe
*  By Statistical Probability,
         The odds are billions to one in favor of
        the existence of other intelligent life forms,
*  By simple common sense
*   By  God-Goddess, Herself, 
          aka   The Prime Creator
          aka   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

If the demise of money still  challenges your beliefs,
please read our section on
Believability at  ;

Check my qualifications  aka    My believability:
I am a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer.   
See Example
I have spent the past 57 years
studying and researching

*   The Physics of Consciousness
*   The Nature of Reality  (Cosmology)
The Grand Truth
The Teachings of Jesus.
The Truth About Money
*   And much more.

I worked and studied part time for 25 years and 
full time since July 4, 1989.
I have a wealth of evidence based information
on our family of websites
much of which, you won't find anywhere else.

Here's just one example of
our ground-breaking discoveries and creations:
The Win-Win, Foundation-Corporation-Business-Partnership~
      Read a Summary / Overview at:

The Library is now open.  
Find the front door at:
Find the beginner's pool at

The First Lost Secret
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

We-The-People directly and collectively own
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge.
There are NO government agencies involved.
There are NO bankers or money-lenders involved.

Are Free Sovereign 
Fifth Dimension~
The Cabal criminals no longer own us.

To learn what services will be provided
for those who choose to have
a residence/ business/ safe-home
in the area near the Living library,
see the section below titled:

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C S 18-06-22


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The-Financial-Power-Team-of-We-The-People .. ..


These messages have a new page

          *   Message-to-Everybody
*   Your-Personal-Invitation

          *   Message-to-the-Very-Wealthy
          *   Message-for-Those-Who-Work-for-Money
          *   Message-to-Light-Workers

How to-Prepare Yourself  for life after the death of money.
Proper-Preparation Minimizes  Withdrawal Symptoms   
   Service to All Social Social Structure


The Future of Money  

Facilities and Services-That-The-Living Library-Will Provide  
Check the Potential

The Trump Card
Our Purpose - Our Reason for Being
More About The Living Library

You Are Invited
Where Are We - What Is the Next Step   



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C S 18-06-22





        Prepare yourself for
       The time when money no longer exists.

Participate with us in
Master Plan for Waking Up Humanity.
*   Because it's simple.     It's easy.    It's fun.
*   Because everybody wins.
*   Because all of humanity will reap huge benefits.
*   Because your participation will speed up the process.
*   Because very soon, we will all be free and
     Nobody will ever have to work for money again.

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Section title:   





C S 18-06-22





The death of Money is simply one of
Twelve Major Trends/Shifts/Changes
that are in process right now.,

*   Each change is significantly affecting and amplifying
     the effects of all of the other changes.
*   There are also many secret changes
going on.
     For example, here's a recently disclosed secret:
          The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.

*   Together, these changes are taking
     Earth-humans into a joy-filled, abundance-filled ,
      Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~

As more and more of us become aware of
How The Universe Actually Functions,
money is simply becoming obsolete  and
step by step, it's fading into history.
It's going the way of the typewriter
and street corner phone booths.
Service to self is being replaced
by a better people-to people
mutual support system known as Service to

Are you aware that other galactic civilizations
do not need or use money?

If we just pushed your
That's Impossible Button,
See the next section below.

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*   Section Title:    Major-Trends-Shifts-Changes-Everywhere
*   Section Address:






C S 18-06-22




Please don't believe anything you read
on any of our websites.  
Don't disbelieve it either.

If you are wise, you will examine the evidence
before you draw your conclusions.
Remember, regardless of what you believe or don't believe,
reality is whatever reality is.

We recommend that you begin with
The Freedom / Slavery Test.

You probably believe you are free.  
Are you really free?
Most humans still live in the Cabal-created
invisible, belief prison.
We all have been mind-manipulated
into a system of secret slavery.
Many of us do
not yet know it.  

Do you dare to take
The Freedom/Slavery Test?

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*   Section Title:   Believability





C S 18-06-22




It's incredibly simple,
Begin by learning and practicing
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
You will be guided further, from there.

How Fast will the changes occur?
That depends on all of us.
More players equals a faster change.

Does that lead us to
a new social structure
where there's no need for money?

YES !   But not directly,  

The First Lost Secret of Llove 
The First Domino
in a series of now inevitable and unavoidable steps
that lead into a world of so much abundance that
money simply becomes Useless, Worthless,
Dead, and Gone, FOREVER.!

It's easy.   Its Simple.    It's fun. 
Let us introduce you to how it's accomplished.
It's a team effort and it's so simple that
until you understand
How the Universe Functions,
it will sound way too simple and way too good to be true.

For each of us, our job is to:

*1   Learn The First Lost Secret of Llove.

*2   Learn the absolute best way to be of service to others.
*3   Give Llove in any of thousands of ways.
*4   Be open to receiving Llove.  
       Because every giver requires a receiver,
       You will soon find yourself on the receiving end
       of an incredible amount of abundance.
*5   Be grateful for everything you already
       are, have, do, and experience.
       Gratitude brings more to be grateful for.
*6   Llove yourself.
        I am Worthy,  Deserving,   Connected,   Llovable
        I am Enough.

*7   Love everybody else.
*8   Forgive yourself and forgive everybody else.

       Forgiving is one of the Universe's most powerful tools.
*9   Keep your thoughts at least one step above emotional neutral.
*10   Relax.
*11   Have fun.
*12   Allow what is to be as it is.

Just follow the twelve suggestions listed above.
Follow your feelings.
Trust that you will be guided from there.

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*   Section Title: 





C S 18-06-22




As we begin caring and sharing with each other, 
*   The amount of abundance grows,

*   People begin looking out for each other's well-being.
*   People become happier and more productive.
     We produce more with less effort.
*   People begin to tithe a portion of their productivity
     to the collective well being of all.
*   People unemployed or under employed
     begin offering their services
     to projects designed for the well being of all.

*   Those who actually studied, learned and began practicing
     The First Lost Secret of Llove
      begin to realize that they have been lied to
     about almost everything.
*   More and more people wake up and realize
    The truth about the nature of reality.
*   People begin learning the additional Lost Secrets of Llove.
    The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
      **  First Lost Secrets of Llove             (website)
The First Lost Secret of Llove    (web page)
      **  Second-Lost-Secret-of-Llove~
             Creating a Day to Honor and to Celebrate Life and Llove
             Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
             Ways to Celebrate Llove
      **  Third Lost Secrets of Llove
      **  Fourth Lost Secret of Llove
             About Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
             Creating Llove-Day Parties
             The Invitations
      **  Fifth Lost Secret of Llove
      **  Sixth Lost Secret of Llove
      **  Seventh Lost Secret of Llove~

*   Every time someone gives Llove
     there must also be receivers of Llove.

The Result:
*   Prices begin to fall.
*   Joy and Happiness expands drastically.

More on this in a moment.
Let's look at what happens to the money system.

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*   Section Title    How-Do-Things-Change   





C S 18-06-22




The money will come to us
with the assistance of

The Very Wealthy People's Financial-Power Team.
described in the section below.

*   The present, monetary system
     contains trillions of debt-based, fiat dollars.
*   Fiat dollars (like the money in your wallet)
     is fake/fraud/make-believe money
     that has been declared into existence
     by the Cabal criminals
     who control our money system.
*   All fiat money was created out of nothing
     and declared to have value.
*   It stole it's value from
     the money that was already in circulation
     in the economy.
     This criminal activity causes Inflation.
     Prices do not rise.
     The value of the existing fiat money decreases.

*   When the highly-over-inflated
     monetary system finally crashes, 
     those trillions of make-believe dollars
     are going to become useless, worthless
     and dead, Dead, DEAD.!
*   That money is still valuable today,
     but after the crash . . .     Poof.
     It's value is gone.   Gone.    GONE !

*   Between now and then, billions of dollars
     can be accessible to
We the People.
*  When the very wealthy realize
     what is about to happen to their money
     some of them will donate a portion of their wealth
     that will soon become worthless.
We-The-People will then use that money
     to create our new
Service to All Social Structure.

<><><>   <><><>  <><><>  

We invite you, now, to become aware of how
the energy called money plays inside of
The Physics of Consciousness.
Also examine this from the
Universal Spirituality perspwctive,    

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Where-Will-the-Money-Come-From
Through The Very Wealthy People's Power Team

Section Address

<>  ///








Financial power will come to We-The-People
with the assistance o
f the members of
The Very Wealthy People's Financial-Power Team.
These are very wealthy people who have mastered
the art of making money
without selling themselves into 
service of the Cabal Criminals.

When they work together,
the team combines:
*   Their financial power,
*   Their wealth building talents,
*   Their years of life experiences,
*   Their celebrity status,
*   Their believability,
*   Their power to convince others,
*   Their ability to connect with anyone, anywhere,
*   Their ability, as a team, to do what
      none of them can do alone..
*   Their mission is to produce
     major benefits for
     benefits that none of them can produce alone.

They will be major players in building the
new, Service-to-All Social Structure.
most of them will  donate a portion of
their money that will become worthless~
if not used before our present
criminal-controlled economy crashes.

How to Create Unstoppable,
Financial Power-Team:
Imagine dozens, perhaps hundreds,  of very wealthy people
all focusing on fulfilling, solving completing
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.
This otherwise inevitable disaster
would be dealt with post haste

Our Invitation to the Very Wealthy:
All of you who are very wealthy
are Masters of Creation.

Are you aware that 

you are presently using
only a tiny fraction of your potential?
How many people are you impacting?
Regardless of what number comes to mind,
you're thinking and your activities are way too small.

You are invited to:
     become part of
     a team of very wealthy people.
*   Your team-mission is to combine
     <>   your financial power,
     <>   your wealth building talents,
     <>   your ability to co-create with
          anyone anywhere, and
     <>   your ability, as a team,
          to do what none of you can do alone.

*   Your mission is to produce
     major benefits for We-The-People.

*   Let us show you just one simple example  of
      how awesome your collective impact can be.
*   When you choose to be part of this team,
     your first, team-mission will be
    to prevent an otherwise inevitable, trillion-dollar disaster.
*   The expected financial cost is about 25 million dollars.

*   When you see to it that this project is completed,
     you will directly impact 25 Million people.
*     Indirectly you'll impact the entire population
     of the United States.
     That's over 300 million more.
*   To see what else you are ignoring,
     and the numerous way to be of service
     to millions and/or billions at a time
     read our

*   Of course, keep doing what you Llove to do,
     keep doing what made you a multi-millionaire,
     but if you stop there,
     you will miss the grandest opportunity
     that humanity has ever seen.

*   Examine money from the perspective of
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness
*   Understand that the entire concept of
     teaching people how to make money is
     *   based on a lie,
     *   based on a false concept,
     *   based on the
belief in scarcity.
*   Scarcity is a false creation of the Cabal criminals.
*   The truth is:   Humans are Great Creators.
     We create, first by and with our cnsciousne3ess

*   Please also realize that
     the entire concept of money is based on
     The Lie called Separation,
          Separation from God,
          Separation from Nature, and
          Separation from each other

Now that you have completed your
Wake Up and
become fully of service
Read our message to you at:

And remember,
*   If you ignore this opportunity to be of service
    you will be throwing away
your opportunity to play a leading role
     in the transformation of the entire human civilization.
*   2021 is becoming the time of
     the grandest, most profound transformation
     that humanity has ever seen.

><><><>   <><><><>

*   Section Title:     .
The-Financial-Power-Team-of-We-The-People     ...   

*   Section Address:  
.        ......   






C S 18-06-22

What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money  1 of 4 



First understand that the entire concept of Money
is a huge Cabal  LIE.  
It's based o several other lies,
like Separation and Scarcity, and Violent Competition.
The Six Great Lies and one Amazing Truth

Regarding the information we share with you on this page,
Don't believe it.   Don't disbelieve it either.
 Hold  it as a working hypotheses
until you have had the opportunity to
examine the evidence. for yourself.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Here's How this money system Works:
*   The present,  monetary system
     contains trillions of debt-based, fiat dollars.
*   Fiat dollars (like the money in your wallet)
     is fake/fraud money
     simply declared into existence
     by the criminals who control our money system.
     Fiat dollars are presently valuable
     only because people believe them to have value.
*   When the highly-over-inflated
     monetary system  finally crashes, 
     those trillions of make-believe dollars
     are going to become useless, worthless
     and dead, Dead, DEAD
*   That money is still valuable today,
     but after the crash . . .     Puff ! 
     It's  value is gone.   Gone.    GONE !

Our current financial system functions with fiat money.
Fiat money is fake money, money based entirely on
the promises made by a cartel of
Satan-worshiping, pathological liars
commonly known as the Cabal.~
They set up the phony, fiat  money system.
as a tool to control the people and steal most of the wealth.

The reason nation's economy goes through
cycles of prosperity and then
sever recessions  and a depressions
for one basic reason only.
*   The criminals flood the economy with fake, fiat money
     and the economy booms.
*   Then the Criminal bankers pull the money back
     out and the economy crashes (recession /Depression)
*    At the recession / depression end of the cycle
     the criminal buy everything at rock bottom, fire-sale prices.
*   Once they milked as much wealth as they can from the people,
     they start the cycle all over again.

*   This cycle is  NOT something that happens to us.
*   It is intentional manipulation of
     the most fundamental, most basic law of economics, called
     Supply / Demand / Price.

*   All that is required
     to permanently and forever end this scam
     is to replace the missing money.
     with debt-free money issued directly from
     The United States Treasury..
*   It's really that simple.

*   The same thing can be done at the state level
     using the state's treasury.

*   References:  
     Inflation   and   Eisenhower's Inflation Mystery Speech
     The Inflation Scam.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
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*   Section Title;     What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money   1 of 4 

C S 18-06-22

What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money      2 of 4



As the new Service to All Social System
begins to grow more rapidly
the old system will either crash or fade away.
It will be replaced with a new debt-free, money system.
The boom and bust system will be gone.
the Cabal banking criminals will also be gone.
All debts payable to the banking criminals will be cancelled.
Full Story:

When the false, debt-based fiat money supply
is replaced by debt-free money
issued directly from the United States Treasury,
the new Service to All system
will begin  to show up big time.
The economy will recover and begin to boom.
There will be  no Cabal banking criminals
to pull the money back out of the economy
and produce another bust / recession / Depression
The booming economy will produce  so much wealth that
the value of money will fall and eventually die completely.

Between today and the time when
the value of the old money simply disappears,
those of us leading the shift into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

have a profound and unique opportunity
to  use the excess, otherwise un-usable money
from the very wealthy people
to fund the creation of the new
Service to All Social Structure.
*  Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

The significance here is that
we are using excess money
money that is quite literally,
unusable by the owner him/herself.
That money will simply disappear if left used.
The very wealthy can
*   Do nothing.   Let their millions or billions of dollars
     turn into nothing.  
*   Give it to the Cabal  criminals~
     and share their fate, their future of
     thousand of years of pain and  misery,
*   give it to
We The People, directly,
     such as  funding
The Ultimate worth Cause
     or   by way of
     We-The-People's Advisory Council
    We will use that money for the benefit of each other.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
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*   Section Title;     What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money    2 of 4  

C S 18-06-22

What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money      3 of 4 



We've been asked, "How do you plan to  kill money?"
We don't kill anything.  
We are teams of Great Creators
creating in a Holographic Universe.

Actually you can't kill money or anything else.
To attempt  to kill something
is to focus your attention upon it.
"Where thought goes, energy flows."
In thinking about something,
you give it your life force and make it stronger.

We are simply going to allow it to die
by focusing on  giving Llove
and thereby creating so much abundance
that money's value will fade and then die.
We ignore it and focus on creating abundance
by way of giving and sharing  Llove.

Our Cooperation and our creativity
will produce so much wealth that
the value of money will decrease to the level of
worthless, useless, and obsolete.

We are in the process of eliminating scarcity.   
with scarcity gone, money becomes useless
because  everything is free.
It's a metamorphosis
of our social structure

We are each cells in the new social structure.
We are growing our new social structure, cell by cell,
Collectively we become
the new service to All Social structure
It's a part of the
Fifth Dimension of Collective consciousness
Its profoundness is at the level of
Adding a New Color to the Rainbow.

Join us in
Adventures into the Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Find our
Easy Entry Door
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

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*   Section Title;     What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money   3 of 4 


C S 18-06-22

What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money      4 of 4



As these change occur
money will follow the same pathway as food:
With food
     Use it,       Eat it    or      Give it away   before it rots.
With the old Fiat money:  
    Use it    or   give it away    before it becomes worthless.

When the very wealthy realize that
they are siting on fake money that will soon become worthless,
many will direct their excess money
into rebuilding the nations infrastructure
and other worthwhile causes

We-The-People's Advisory Council
will use that money we receive  for the benefit of each other.

We'll begin with four, major uses:
*1   To fund
The Ultimate and Urgent Worthy Cause.
          See the letter we are sending
          to the very wealthy on this topic:


**2  To establish the first  fully functional, physical working base
     to accommodate
><><>    A  training, education, and planning center
                    for any and all who aspire
                     to reach Fifth Dimension Consciousness,~
><><>   The mini-prototype for the  network of
                     support facilities for local community grown
                     organic food gardens.

***3   To produce a global-level system for
     Monthly Full Moon Celebration of Life and Llove~

****4   To oversee the creation of a  new food  production system.
     Local Community  Organic Food Garden Centers

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
Reference           The-Secret-of-Oz
Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11 - YouTube  
This is an excellent documentary explaining
how the banking criminals manipulate the money supply
to steal the people's wealth and
and in so doing, they control our behavior.

The following is quote from the text below the video.
(slightly edited for ease of reading):

"The world economy is doomed to spiral downwards
until we do two things:
     *  outlaw government borrowing;
     *   outlaw fractional reserve lending.
Banks should only be allowed to lend out money they actually have.
Nations do not have to run up a "National Debt".

It's not what backs the money,
it's who controls its quantity."

AND   The Financial Fraud Continues
Here's an update from November 29, 2019

The US Federal Reserve creates free money
for those whom they declare to be creditworthy.
          (i.e. the super wealthy 1%
         and their friends and their Cabal moinions)
This artificially increases the wealth of the wealthy.

It's fairytale wealth created by worthless money.
The newly inserted money obtains it's value
by stealing the value from the already existing money supply.
This technique  steals the wealth of the poor, and  causes inflation.
     (i.e. Inflation means that the value of money decreases.)

Symbolically speaking, it's like cooking a pot of soup for  six people
and ten people show up for dinner
Everybody gets less soup

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*   Section Title;     What-Will-Happen-to-All-the-Money  4 of 4  





C S 18-06-22




Many of the very wealthy are storing major portions of the wealth
in the form of money or in other forms
whose value is based on money,
like bonds, stocks, and mortgage loans

We are looking at literally
trillions of dollars that will simply disappear
if we fail to inspire some of the very wealthy people
do donate some of their excess, otherwise  unusable money
to projects that will benefit We-The-People.

We are offering a connection service
We will connect those who need funding
with those who have excess money
that will soon become worthless.

Do you have
*   a worthy cause, 
*   a need to fund your project or service,
*   an infra structure in your community in need of upgrading,
*   or anything else that will benefit We-The-People.
If so, send us a very brief description

We'll post your message on a new website 
designed for this project..
This will connect wealth donors  with worthy causes.

Join with us.   Be part of the team
that provides the coordination / connections services.
As one of our team members,
you will be among the first to say,
"I never ever have to work for money again."

Your immediate job is to find the first
open-minded  multi-millionaire.
Invite him  (or her)  to be
Our First, Financial Donor

Below on this page, we  offer suggestions on

Your job is to inspire a very wealthy person
to give some of his / her excess money to you, and/or
to The We-The-People's Advisory Council
and/or to directly support
some other worthy 5th Dimension cause.

Remember, this is excess  money that he or she  cannot
and otherwise will not ever use
before the death of money arrives.
Once this door is opened,
Others will soon begin to
understand the significance of
The Death of Money,
will be flooded with billions of dollars
that We-The-People  can use to create our new
Service to All social structures.

*   For ideas and suggestions
     on how to access the very wealthy people., go to:

This page describes the entire concept.
Our address is:

REMEMBER, If and when  you find a major donor
you will never ever have to work for money again.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
*   Section Title    





C S 18-06-22




You are also invited and encourage you to
join with us each month
at the time of the full moon.
Share at least an hour or two with us each month when we 
honor God's gifts of Life and Llove
and as we celebrate Llove

This is where The power of We-The-People
becomes obvious to everybody who has eyes that see
and ears that hear.

The power of collective human consciousness
Has been proven time and time again.
Check the evidence and then come back here.


It's now time to put our collective power into action.
When we choose to cooperate and
and focus on a single topic,
We-The-People  will become invincible.

3rd-d-Consciusness People
 *   still believe the fairytale
     that physical action causes changes.
*   They still believe is Separation,, Scarcity ,
     and violent competition.
*   They still believe that
     the most sophisticated violence wins
     and thus collect the scarce resources

5th-d-Consciusness People

*   realize that life in what appears to be physical reality
     is actually life in
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's    Cosmic Holograph.
*   5th-d consciousness people realize
everything in 3rd-d- is result, none of it is cause.
*   5th-d people know and understand that
     Consciousness is king
     Consciousness is first cause of
     everything that we experience as  physical

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

*   Section Title:  
*   Section Address:





C S 18-06-22



Outreach messages are now on a new page

*    First-Outreach-Message-to-All
*   The Living  Library  Winner's  Circle (On its own page)


Messages-to-the-Very-Wealthy                       The-Very-Wealthy
*    First-Message-to-the-Very-Wealthy
*   Second-Message-to-the-Very-Wealthy
*   Third-Message-to-the-Very-Wealthy

Message-to-Employees-of-the-Very-Wealthy          Employees

Message-to-Those-Who-Work-for-Money        Work-for-Money  

Message-to-Light-Workers                                    Light-Workers

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*   Section Title:  Outreach-Messages     





C S 18-06-22

For Life After the Death of Money   



Are you prepared for the time when money
becomes obsolete, worthless, and useless?

Do you know how to secure your present wealth
according to your own
and your family's best interest?

If you are wealthy, do you know what to do with
This is the money you own/control
that is more than you  could possibly ever use
for yourself or your family.

Are you are a multi-millionaire?
Are you still working for money?
What are you going to do with your next million dollars?
Do you know who you will be
and what you will do
after money becomes
obsolete, worthless, and useless?

On the sections below and
on the pages linked to herein below
we provide information and personal assistance
in your quest to
find and choose your own answers
to the above questions.

You can also see where
at least one portion of humanity is going  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
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*   Section Title:   Are-You-Prepared
*   Section Address:    







C S 18-06-22


Minimizes  Withdrawal  Symptoms    



Almost all of us are passionate about something.
Often our passion become our addiction.
For example, I am/ We are  passionate about
mastering  and sharing
the art of Living in
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
I am addicted to my passion.

Many men and a few women
are addicted to making large amounts of money.
Are you aware that
making large amounts of money
snorting cocaine
both have the same affect in the human brain.
Both produce large amounts of dopamine.
Dopamine is the human body's Feel-Good-Feelings chemical.

Are you a money and profit dopamine addict?
When the death of money arrives,
your addiction/withdrawal symptoms could be devastating
We suggest that you prepare yourself.
Let us assist your in becoming prepared

><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
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*   Section Title:  
     Proper-Preparation Minimizes  Withdrawal Symptoms      





C S 18-06-22




Human society is in the process of shifting into 
a Service to All Social Structure
    Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

As this transition evolves we will go through
the inevitable process of creating so much wealth that
money will become, obsolete, worthless and useless.

On this page, we will suggest ways  to prepare yourself
for your life in a world without money.
We suggest ways to protect your present assets, 
particularly if you have excess wealth.

Our goal is teach you how to function
in your own best interest
in your family's best interest
and at the same time
be of service to all of humanity.

><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
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*   Section Title:  The-New-Economics      .   





C S 18-06-22




In order for each of us to decide
what actions are in our own best interest,
we need to understand the Context~ in which we find ourselves.

We are on, in, and part of the leading edge
of at least twelve major trends.
Below, we have listed
these in-process changes.

To successfully plan your personal  and collective future,
all of these trends must be considered collectively . 
Why?  Because each trend
is speeding up and affecting/altering the changes
in all the other trends.

The legalizing of Hemp.  
     Right now, today, a multi-billion dollar hemp industry
     is being born in the United States.
     Hemp, The Hidden Goldmine~

The Legalizing of marijuana for recreational use.
     Right now, today, a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry
     is being born in the United States.
     Marijuana Sanity

*2B  Powerful men in the financial elite,
       like former U.S. Speaker of the House, John Boehner,
       have abandoned the Cabal and
       are now focusing on self interest,
       Because powerful money interests s are now pushing for
       the legalization of recreational marijuana
        expect it to be legal relatively or unexpectedly soon.

       The legalizing of Marijuana will empower
       the efforts to legalize  all
       the plant-created, mind pant medicines,
        such as  magic mushrooms, peyote, Ayahuasca, etc, 
        along with LSD
        Are you aware that LSD is
         the most versatile mind expanding medicine 
        on the entire planet. 
        LSD is also the world's most powerful
Sexual Joy Enhancer.

*2C  Imagine the affect that hundreds of millions
     of NEW  users of mind-altering, plant medicines
     will have on Collective Human Consciousness,
     particularly when people learn to
Combine the use of Plant medicines and Meditation~

     The widespread use of the mind-altering medicines
      will trigger a huge, rapid jump in Human Consciousness. 
      See *3, below  --  The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening
      People are waking up and realizing: 
    <>  That separation  from
        God, Nature and Each other is a huge lie.

     <>  Humans are realizing that:
         I am, you are, we all are
         parts, pieces, aspects, extensions of
         One, Single, Whole, Complete, Unified, Divine Singularity
         that we commonly call God.
         (Source/Creator/ God-Goddess)

     <> Humans are now realizing that they, themselves,
         are actually
eternal non-physica Divine Beings


      <>  Humans are now realizing that they, themselves,
Great Creators

     <>   Humans are now realizing that we all
 live, breathe, and are experiencing our being
          inside of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.

     <>  People are waking up and realizing:
hat there is no place we must go  and
          nothing we must be, become, or do
          in the external,  physical world.
      <>  Cosmic Transformation is internal.  
           It's a change in Consciousness.

           It's happening within each one of us, right now. 
           Everything you learn about Llove, your true nature,
           expands our collective consciousness and
           opens another door into
           Fifth Dimension Consciousness for all of us.

       <>  If you want to DO SOMETHING,
            prepare yourself for a world without money.
            Here is where to begin:
            Learn, Llove, Live-by,
            Practice, Teach, and Celebrate
            The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  

*4  The End of the Criminal Cabal
      The Cabal Criminal Bankers ~
      are in the process of being
      systematically removed from their positions of power
      by the combined efforts of President Trump and Q- Anon.
      This will allow We-The -People to
      begin rebuilding The American Dream.
      Watch the Q-Anon video on this topic
      The Great Awakening~  aka  Q  The Plan to Save the World

*5   A Service to All Social Structure
     is already beginning to replace
     the Cabal criminally controlled third dimension
rvice to self social structure.

*6  The Greatest trend of them all.
     The Cosmic, God-led, Transformation / Shift
     into  Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     aka  the shift from The Age of Pisces   into  
     The Age of Aquarius

    The Goddess ofAquarius is here now, knocking  our mind's door.
     Are you listening? 
     I AM.!   We Are.!
     We have already invited her in.
     She brought The Master's Plan for
      a fifth dimension, Service to All Social structure.
      It's available online right now.
     See the above trend # 5

     We recommend that  you begin with the easy path
     to the fifth dimension Consciousness
     by learning and practicing 
     The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
This is a
False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
a major, false beliefs about our life on Earth.


*8   Physically, the entire solar system
and even the universe, itself
is Changing al around us.
Two examples: 
*   The Sun is now white.   It used to be yellow.
*   There are now twelve new cloud formations
     that did not exist until recent years

*9   Cosmic Disclosure
     Public acknowledgement of
     other Galactic civilizations is imminent and Galactic-Disclosuree

*10   Humanity realizing its Secret Slavery
Deception -- The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon  
                The Invisible Prison

*11   We are being exposed to huge jumps in technology,
    such as free energy and  to free water
     pulled directly out of the air.
     Galactic Disclosure

*12   Humanity is realizing that we are all
     Part of and intimately interconnected with
     one giant being of infinite consciousness.
     Religion calls this God.
     Science call this Unity.


*13  Let Us Show You How to prepare Yourself
     for life in a world where
     there is so much wealth that
     money becomes obsolete, worthless, and useless. 
     (See the next section , below.)   

><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
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*   Section Title:  






C S 18-06-22

*7   The-Future-of-Money  

How to Prepare for Life After
The Decline, Demise, and Death of Money



TO:  All Open-Minded People, Particularly, Wealthy Individuals.

RE:   What are you going to do
     before, when, and after
     money becomes obsolete, worthless, and useless?

For credibility, believability, and
the strong evidence of the reality of this change,
see the section titled.:

I Assure you that
Life in NOT what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.
There are mountains / Universes  of information
that you do NOT yet know.

If you are wise, you will look at all the trends
and then begin reassessing your life and
making the changes you choose to make.

Before the demise, decline, and death of money,
what are you going to do with your excess wealth
in order to:
     E.   Cash in on the above major trends
           and make more money while money is still valuable.
     D.   to prepare a physically safe and secure home
           for yourself and your family in a safe location
           away from ocean coastlines, and away from
           cities and other metropolitan areas.
     C.   Be able to continue doing what you are now doing
           in the Colorado Living Library area
           where you are close to like-minded people,
           or in some other area of your choosing
     B.   Use your excess/unused- money
           for humanitarian purposes
            before it becomes useless.    
     A   Please direct a portion of
          your excess/unused- money  into the creation of
              The Library,
                   The Training Centers, and
                      The Celebration Facility of
The Living library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge.

Contact us at    

Please support the next step in our creation process:

Local Community  Organic Food Gardens
Phase One
*   A National Coordination,
     and Support System
     for local, home  gardeners,
*   Privately owned gardens  
     Plus: community-gardens,
    with at least two state-of -the arts greenhouses
     in each participating location,
     all owned collectively by garden members.

*   Free, gardening education,
     Free  home-site garden  planning, 
     Free guidance, and assistance, when necessary
     Free tools,  Free supplies,  Free seeds, etc.

*   Food distribution centers will have
     Free and low-cost food for member
     Excess food for sale to the local community

*   Healthy food,    Feed your family,
*   Jobs for those willing to work,
*   This will grow into a 
     Food-Production     and Food-Distribution system.
Phase Two:
*   Huge, Paradise Food Gardens
      in  Southern California and Southern Texas,  
*   We are entering an essential and a very profitable industry.
*   All  created  by, and  for
*   100% of the profits belong to We-The-People.
*   Apply for a job today.

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Section Title Index for
Site 30:    Adventures in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
*  Website  Home Page:
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*   Page Title
:    The Living Library
                         of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
*   Section Title:  






C S 18-07-16




Since the desire for money is presently a powerful motivator
the desire for money
plays a major role in our Fifth Dimension media  strategy.

We avoid paying media professionals
to inform the the world about our mission.
Instead, we hire well known people
in a Fifth Dimension version of
a common, 3rd-dimension, publicity tool,
People's minds are strongly influenced by
 what well-known and well-respected people
say about almost everything

Here's Our Offer
We pay 33,000  dollars to the first seven well know people
in exchange  for their taking the time and effort
to analyze/ assess our  Our-Mission 
(33,000 Dollars for a Few hours of research.)

*    We offer the
evidence basics at
      and suggest other independent sources of information.
We ask:
 *  Give us an honest evaluation of
     what the overwhelming evidence tells you,
*   Announce your findings/conclusions to all of your followers,
*   Publish your finding, your evaluation/ endorsement
      on your own website
     in an easy to find location,
*   Add a link to one or more our websites
     Our home website is

Our-Mission                                        Our-Mission
We teach how to reach
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

*  The guide our followers through:
     the Demise and Death of Money

*  We teach our followers
     how to prepare themselves for
     Life in a World Without Money

*   We guide (teach)  people how to live joy-filled  lives
     that are and in perfect alignment with
     The Physics of Consciousness.

*   We guide  people into realizing
     Who and What they are.

Remember Our prime first mission is:
to fulfill and resolve
Ultimate Worthy Cause

The 33K payment is payable after the 25 million is donated
to fulfill and resolve
Ultimate Worthy Cause    

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
Section Title:    



C S 18-07-16




1,000,000    To the person who connects us to the first donor
1,000,000    To the  TLC-Life-Center's Creation Team
   165,000     For research costs related to  endorsers.
                     Up to five at $33,000 each
         ? ? ?    All cost for one year related to a combined 
                     Home Office  /  Project Coordination Center
                     in a single family home
                     in West San Fernando Valley,
                     Los Angeles County, Calif. USA
         ? ? ?    One small hybrid car  and one SUV
22,000,000+    Over 22  million dollars
                    will go to fulfilling the ultimate worthy Cause.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
Section Title:    Where-Will-the-25-Million-Go    





C S 18-06-22




In the United states, the safest place we know of is in Colorado.
At this time, the best choice for our first community
is west, or southwest of Denver.

We are inviting you and other masters of their trade 
to create their own  safe haven facility contiguous to or close to ours.
Why are you invited? 
*   because your mindset  (your consciousness)
is already strongly oriented in  Fifth Dimension Consciousness
and to the new Service to All social structure

*   Because by working in cooperation
     we will produce and create huge mounts of money
    All of which will belong to the product producers like you
     and to We-The-People.
    See our unique business structure:
  The Win-Win, Foundation-Corporation-Business-Partnership~
    Read a Summary / Overview at:

*   Because we will share
     many of the facilities and benefits such as 
     Organic Community Farms and Gardens.
     Organic food will be available free
          to all Living Library participants.
*   Because we will have extensive on site
      fifth dimension education and training programs.
*   Because the resort-style  portion of our facility
     will will accommodate large groups for several-day events.
*   Because will have recoding studios , high tech equipment,
     and technical staff capable of creating anything required.
*   Because we will build Nice Play Park  -- 
     a resort-style entertainment, education,  and Communication center.

*  Because The Living Library will house the first global center for
     Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove and Life.
     People around the world will be able to
     connect with us live, via the internet
     and participate  the simultaneous unity of human  consciousness.

*   Because The Living Library will also be the home base of
     The Fifth Dimension People-to-People Connection Services.
     5th-D. People to People Connection Services

*   and much more.

See The Description of FahZoom Town
and its seven districts/ points of focus:
1)   Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center.
2)   FahZoom Town Farms and Organic Food Gardens.
3a)   Hemp farming and producing hemp products.
3b)   Marijuana farming and producing marijuana products.
4)   Nice Play Park --  Our resort and recreation facility.
5)   Colorado Safe-Haven Rescue,  (Health care and Emergency Services)
7)   Humans-Join-the-Galactic-Community.

We invite you to expand your mastery
and to participate in  in building humanity's
new level of consciousness~
and the new social structure~

Please remember that
what we offer is way outside the box of
normal, third dimension,  human thinking.
If we challenge your beliefs,
please read our section on believability.

Are you preparing for The New Normal?
We are, but if you are not, we invite you to be part of
a network of very powerful,  mutually supporting  teams
that are  going to set the ways
for other to follow, if they so choose.

This shift into Service to All is beyond a trend.
It is a cosmic certainty.
If this concept challenge your beliefs,
please read our section on believability 
before reading more in this message







C S 18-06-22





The Living Library Township Area
      we will locate the first
     Celebration Center for
     Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove and Life.

*  Entertainment / Party / Celebration Center
     People around the world will be able to
     connect with us live, via the internet
     and participate, each month,
     in the simultaneous unity of human  consciousness.

Description of the Celebration Structure:
Image a high tech, third dimension, entertainment lounge.
That is the seed we used in creating
The Fifth Dimensions Coconsciousness Versions of
an  entertainment center

The Living Library's Entertainment Facility:
It's an entertainment plaza.
It's in the center of FahZoom Town,
It's the heart chakra of FahZoom  Township

Inside , the primary stage is in the center of everything.
The guest tables and chairs, surround the stage.
Six more stages circle the guest tables
forming the six points of a   -----  geometric structure. 
Surrounding this is circle o rooms
each with a duplicate if the central theater

Live performers are on center stage. 
All other stages  are
Holographic representations of the center stage
Viewers see the stage as if it had
the common, green-screen background
showing whatever scene is appropriate.

Food services  are on  the levels below,
lounges and vision rooms on the levels above
Private hotel-style 5d overnight rooms above that
The pyramid structure's top levels are
Designed not yet reviled
____  they include vowing areas of the external environment

All of this is enclosed inside of
a pyramid shaped exterior structure.

Horse trails lead from the central area
into mountains to a resort facility.
Guests usually stay two nights and
then return to the central  library area.
Others less inclined to experience nature
take a high tech version of
a horse trail ride
to the resort facility.

Robert Cote' is the executive designer of
the Living Library' first Celebration Center
If you'd choose to offer designs for consideration,
please contact us.
The designers who choose to participate will design the plaza..

We offer a basic design.  If you have other basic structure ideas
pleas share your ideas with
Contact us

All that the TLC Team has created,
belongs to the portion of 
who freely choose to
learn, Llove, live by, teach, practice, and celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

As a walker of my talk,
all of the intellectual property that  I/we have  created,
for the Living Library
I/we now  freely give as our (Gift of LLove) participation in
The First Lost Secret in
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
So Be It.   and so it is
We/I,   Robert Cote'  and  Aum FahZoom.







C S 18-06-22




*   Check our websites.  
*   Examine the evidence.
*   Choose how to best use your new information.

For Your Safety and Assurance:
Ask for volunteers from your staff to examine our websites.
We will have regularly scheduled group discussions
In which  I will respond to questions.
We'll play for up to  three weeks,
Then, your volunteers can give you their opinion
regarding our program.

Ask them if they now have more vital information
about Life, Llove, Sensuality, and Money
than they have had before they cruised around in
the first ever Fifth Dimension style book.
Adventures in Consciousness, Fifth Dimension Style.    

When you are ready, we will guide you
regarding how you can prepare yourself,
your family and your business
for life after the death, demise, fall, and departure of Money.

When you see the value of our training program,
Our team  will become  personal advisors to you
regarding the future of money and
anything else you choose to talk about.

What we ask for in exchange is that you  partially fund
the  creation of our first, physical  training center in Bolder, Colorado.

To learn about or Colorado,
Fifth-Dimension Design Center at

Thank You, 
Robert Cote'
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Trainer and Consultant

You can contact me at







C S 18-07-16




Our purpose is to build We-The-People's
first Living Library and Training Center.  
We are physically located  in an area that is
bigger and Much Grander than a community
We are the leaders an the path into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

YOU are invited.  
Don't join us.   Simply become one of us

We are We-The-People.  
We are Sacred Mother Earth's Children
We are each also a Child of the Universe.

*   We ar
e here to co create the new
Service to All Social Structure.
Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

*   We are here to Learn Self Llove
     while living in physical form.
     We are God-Beings --   All Humans are God-Beings

     Collectively, we are a single, living unit of God-Consciousness
     called Earth Humanity.

     Llove Yourself,   Llove your neighbor.  Llove God,
     Llove each and  Llove all with the same intensity.
     Why?   Because all three are one and the same thing.
     All three re part of the same being
The Unity of Everything
     Everything is part of a Single Divine Whole

*   We are here to master the Seven-Lost Secrets of Llove.
     "When you study, learn, and live by
      The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove,
      all your concerns and challenges will be resolved 
      with the grace and ease with which
      water flows down hill."

*   We are here for Friendship, Companionship, Caring, Sharing
     Llove, Joy,
Sensual-Ecstasy, and beyond.

*   We are here for collective, in-person co-creation  experiences.

If you choose to be associated with or
choose to become an active part of
fulfilling the purposes of Earth Humanity,
You are Invited. 

Come as individuals, partners, Llovers,  groups
teams, families. friends, clubs, co-workers, and the like.
Just show up, either in physical form or
in spirit (your non-physical form)

Think of
The Colorado-based, Fifth Dimension Design Center
as a Community of 5d designers and creators.

It is our physical gathering center
for the discovery and dissemination of
Fifth Dimension Education and Information.
It's not a building.  
It's bigger that a community.
It's a new state of being.   It's The Nwew Normal

We are the designers, designing  and
actively creating our collective 
New Normal,
a Service to All Social Structure.
     Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

   ///   ///

Remember, Awakening Is a Process.
No matter how much we think we know,
all of us still have major pieces of information missing    







C S 18-06-22



One of the contexts~ in which we live is called
Some of us are now  consciously playing
a real-life-version/variation of "The Card Game"
In The Hall of Records,   in   The Science of  The Care Game, .
in the game of Poker," we find an example. of a Trump Card.
A Trump Card  beats everything else.
It often comes as a surprise, to those against which it's used.

Our post card about "The Death of Money"
It's Humanity's Trump Card.
It's We-The-People's Trump Card.
We even planed to have our name on the card,
(invisible to the casual observer).
See a picture of both the front and the back of -the card below.

We created a letter-sized post card 
(Yellow Card stock   H = 4."   W = 9.25")
and using the US Post office,
we sent these cards to a multitude of
key locations and destinations.

We used the Open-Information format
in  order to make a public issue out of 
the previously ignored and
now inevitable and unavoidable
Decline, Demise, and Death of Money.

The  Death of Money
will be one of the most dramatic components
in the shift from 3d, secret slavery
to 5d, open freedom and abundance for all.

When people go to our website, they will see how this shift
is bring used as a powerful tool for We-The-People.    




                                                                                First Class Postage  
Prepare Yourself for
The Decline, the Demise and
The Death Of Money!
                                                                         Send To:

We challenge you prove us wrong.                                  (Name and Address here)
Why? Because in attempting
to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right.


Are You Prepared for The Decline, The Demise and
The Death Of Money? 

... --- ... You

May we help you prepare for the now  inevitable  and  unavoidable
Decline, Demise, and Death of Money?
Money is killed by
Learning The Truth About   What Humans Really Are.
Please share this message with POTUS.
Thank You,     (Signature Here)
Robert Cote'

C S 18-06-22



When we look back to see what we did in 2019 and in 2021
here's what we see:
We Killed  Money With Llove,
with the simple act of giving
Llove to everyone,
including giving Llove to ourselves.

Llove Is the Ultimate Weapon of War
With Llove, we defeated all three of
evil's weapons of War,
(i,e, Separation,  Scarcity, and Violence)
We do not usually think of Llove s a weapon, however,
when facing the potential of being attacked,
Llove is the ultimate, unbeatable weapon. 

You can see and feel the The Joy-Lifting Process at:

Here's  the path we took.

We learned how to use Llove as our weapon.
We escaped from the third-dimension, Invisible-Prison.

by  remembering our true nature.
We took the The path of Truth and Beauty
Truth is Beauty-Ten, both inside and out.
She comes  highly recommended, five star  *****
Find the God-Goddesses of Truth and Beauty at:
Welcome Home.!     ~






C S 18-06-22






We are creating the fist
We-The-People's Information Coordination Center..
We are doing this because it is required to be done
and because nobody else is doing it.

The name  of the library is:
The Living Library Of Human and Cosmic Knowledge.
The physical Center is in Colorado, USA,
in the area west and south west of Denver.
Why choose this area?
*   With regard to natural disasters,
     it's one of the safest areas in the United Sates,
*   Several major 5d players are already there.
     i.e.  David Wilcock,  Bentinho Massaro,  Corry Goode,
     Alec Collier, and many more.
*   Denver Airport is one of the major hubs
     of the (used to be secret)  underground
     tunnel and transportation system.
*   The evidence points to the conclusion that
     the Cabal had planned for Denver to become
       the new Capital of the United States  (North America).
*   Recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado . 
     This opens the door for
     multi billion dollar hemp and marijuana industries

The Living Library Of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
belongs to We-The-People of Planet Earth.
It is our Center for Fifth Dimension Education and Information.
It's much bigger than a building.  
It's bigger than a Community
Physically, it's a wide  area in Southern Colorado.
The Living Library's Celebration Facility
The Life and Llove celebration  center
is the core building complex

On the non-physical side of reality,
it's an aspect of consciousness, It' a Biological Library.

For example, your DNA and your soul-Self
contain a wealth of information.
You contain knowledge that cannot simply be recorded
in book or in a non-biological physical computer.
We, by conscious intent, choose to be
an openly active  part of the Living Library.
all living organisms are part of theLiving Library

It is / we are  a community of like-minded people
focused on creating a new, Service to All Social Structure
based on Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Some of us choose to
know, understand, Llove, live, learn,
practice, demonstrate, teach and celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.