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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play
Life-on-Earth  Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  

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Llove-Is No Longer
Four-Letter Word





C S 18-07-16

A few thing we know about Llove    



Llove is a unification force.
Llove is the Universal energy that
draws everything to everything else.

On Earth, it's most powerful form is
the strong  Desire to
connect with
and stay connected with another
Earth-Human,  God-Being.

Llove is the wanting to belong with
and be part of God.

Llove is  realizing that 
I Am  and we all are
a part, piece, aspect of,
and a  Vanguard for

Llove's team leaders are
*   Prime Creator-Goddess, Herself,
*   Lady Gaia,   aka   Sacred Mother Earth,
*  Lady MJ,     aka   The Goddess of Marijuana,
    (See Marijuana Meditation)
*  Mysty Crystal   Llove Ambassador of
    The Essassani-Civilization.

My job, Your Job, Our job, Everybody's Job
is to be an Ambassador for Llove
in its Earth-Human forms.
We are each free t choose our own way to Llove.

Here's how most of us  do our job:
be, do, have, express
and experience Llove
in the way we know and choose
and in the ways to Llove
about which, we are still learning..

We also know that still grander aspects of Llove
will one day blend with us.
this is part of the surprise, joy
and delight of our experiences with Llove.

Earth Humans are so much fun to play with.
We  are inspired to become our own version of Llove.

When we get lost  or confused,
We simply request assistance
and Clarity arrives.

Frequently, we group-share our experiences at
playing the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

We also do this Monthly, at
Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove.   
Welcome Home.
It is our pleasure to show you the  way to
The Prime Llove-Secret.

All this is Step one in transforming, shifting,
and changing ourselves
and our our world into it's New  Fifth Dimension  
Service to All~ Way of Living and being.

And one other thing. 
In the Fifth Dimension
We have a new way to Spell  Llove.
When you read the next section below,
you will realize why
Llove is no longer a four letter word.

Many of of us are now wearing
T-shirts, hats, and/or  lapel pins
that spell Llove with two ells.

When people ask why the new spelling,
We share with them  the address of the
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove  




C S 18-06-22





Llove is way. . .  way too big
to be   a 
four-letter word.  

It has the biggest meaning
in all of creation.  
We spell Llove with two ells,
like Lloyd is spelled with two ells.  
We also spell Llove with a capital  L.  
No longer hanging with shady company,
Llove is now a five letter word,
like sweet, and sunny,
like happy and honey.  

We are Llove's new team,
Compassion, Joy. and Sharing.
We connect everyone to everything nice.
Our favorite flavor is multi-orgasmic spice.  
Llove Is Now   A Five-Letter Word.

So, here's what's happening:
We (Earth-Humans, collectively)
are creating a New Normal.
It's a Service to All Social Structure.
We welcome your participation.

If you choose to play,
your job is to go back to your younger self
to yourself as a young child and play
            show and tell
"Llove Is Now a Five-Letter Word.

Print and give others a card
with the above message on it

Print t-shirts with Llove on it
Signifying that
"I have awakened."
to the fifth dimension  world called Llove.

On the front of your bikini
Print  Llove with a big O.
Let the "O" be suggestive, but not too extreme. 

We are offering two, FREE  one-hour
Coaching and counseling sessions
everyone who sends us a donation of of $300 or more.

We offer a 15% Finder's Fee
to anyone who brings us a donation of $10,000 or more.


In the audio version:
find us online at T L C 3 3 3 dot com.

Do you Llove your children?  
If the Universal Law of Correspondence is correct,
then, God Lloves you.

///   ///   ///
Updated April 2017     Oct 2018
Author:   Robert Cote' 

Llove has two growing children: 
Llike,   and   Allow.

Llove Llike   and   Allow?  




C S 18-06-22

528 Htz-The-Vibrations-of-Llove   



528 Htz.   The Vibration of Llove.
The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attraction Part 1 - YouTube

*   Music is the universal language.
*   Llove is the Universal Healer.
*   Water is the Universal Solvent.

Ahh in FahZoom is 528 Hz.  (528cycles per second) 
528 Hz. is he frequency of Llove
This vibrational frequency is at the core of everything
528 Hz. is the frequency of sunlight

Green grass and chlorophyll vibrate at 528 Hz.
Color green is the center  of the rainbow vibrates at 528
Did you notice that there 5, 280 feet in a mile.
528 part of the geometry of the pyramids in Egypt.
528  is core to pi  the golden mean,  fibinachi numbers.

For more nortes from this video:  


.    528_Htz-The-Vibrations-of-Llove





C S 18-06-22




Ask yourself
How hard is it of live a life of Llove?
Is it some kind of grungy chore?
Perhaps you think Llove can hurt you..
Is that why you stay away?
Or maybe you've been tricked into believing
a set of lies~ that keep you from
seeing Llove for what it is.

Join us at  The Satisfaction or Higher Club
Where we Create and Share experiences with 
Emotions of Satisfaction or Higher~

///   ///   ///

Here are all the pieces joined in joyful harmony
The choir is  singing.
The orchestra is playing .
the life being played  on and at center stage
is you and me.

Service to All is the name of our play.
Act one is to experience the
three main energies in Love
Giving and Sharing and Receiving.

Physical stuff is made of Consciousness
Consciousness is NOT made out of physical stuff
Like an artist can create a picture,
but the picture cannot create  the artist
One is source for the other.  

The Creator
that which The Creator creates
are vastly different

You and I are the theater's Creators.
Sacred Mother Earth is our Hostess,
Meditation opens the doors
Marijuans Meditation knocks the wallls down
Lady MJ Is our hostess
Seven Lost Lost Secrets of Llove
nocks the block out from under the Lie of
Separation from God

Mysty Crystal   Is  
Llove Ambassador representing
The Essassani-Civilization.

Many joy circles are so high and or
so intense that rest periods are also both a satisfying.
and a very pleasant part of the ride on ecstasy's  waves.

In and out are the physical movements
On  and off are the electro-energetic sensations.

In 5d, Significant truths were reversed or completely ignored. 
Separation from God  is an example of a  truth -reversal 
The Significant Teachings of Jesus  (i.e. "You are Gods")
are examples of the  completely  ignored.     





C S 18-06-22

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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

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C S 18-06-22

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